Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk till dawn episode 8




🌻 Mr Whistler’s POV 🌻

“Good morning Sir” Tyler greeted as he walked into my office

“You never really told me how the visit to the school went yesterday”

“It went well Sir, we agreed to build some structures for the school” he said and I nodded

“Did Michael and James meet?”

“Yes Sir”


“They still have some cold blood between them, Michael promised to get revenge on James” he said and I laughed

“Michael is still a kid”

“But Sir, I think he meant what he said”

“What did James say?” I asked

“He didn’t say much”

“Let me ask you a question Tyler, which do you think is deadlier, a dog or a snake?”

“I think a snake Sir”

“It is a snake, a dog barks loudly before attacking you which makes you wary and prepared for the attack but you only hear the hiss of a snake after it has bitten you, that’s the difference between Michael and James and that’s why James is the only right heir for my company, he’s the only one that takes after me” I said

“But I don’t think James has any plans of coming back to the company Sir” Tyler said and I smiled

“You see Tyler, a fish that grew up in a pond and a fish that grew up in the sea, which do you think will be bigger?”

“The fish that grew up in the sea” he replied

“I sent James to the sea only to teach him to be strong, he will return to me on his own accord Tyler, when he has learnt his lesson” I said and he nodded

“I’ll take me then Sir, just call me if you need anything” he said and he turned to leave

“Aren’t you going to tell me about Andrea’s lookalike?” I asked and he stood shocked

“How did you….”

“You’ve being working by my side for years, I expect you to know that I always know the weaknesses of people around me so why did you hide it from me?”

“I’m sorry Sir but I didn’t think it was important, she’s just a lookalike of Andrea, she’s not Andrea”

“It’s not for you to decide which information is important for me to hear or not!” I yelled

“Am sorry Sir”

“Get out” I said and he bowed and walked out

“James” I muttered “You’ll learn your lesson soon enough”….

🌻 Julia’s POV 🌻

Today, I saw a side of Mr James Whistler that I didn’t know existed
I always thought of him as this crazy man but it feels there’s some dark side to him

I walked into the empty classroom where Mr James had taken Linda

“Linda” I called as I stood by the door and they both looked at me

“Julia, am sorry for the I spoke to you….”

“It’s fine Julia” I said and walked to her and held her hand

“I was at fault, I never really cared to know what’s wrong with you and am sorry but you should’ve told me Linda, you should’ve told me that those bastards were maltreating you and I’ll have dealt with them!” I said angrily and I heard Mr James laughed

“Is something funny?” I asked

“No, not really, Just that…. You said you’ll have dealt with them” he said and I nodded

“Of course”

“And what can you do?”

“Something you cannot” I said and I faced Linda

“Should I organize some people to beat them up?”

“What are you? A gangster?!” Mr James said and I looked at him again

“I’d like it if you stopped interrupting me Sir”

“Am interrupting cause you aren’t making any sense, if you carry out with your plans, you’ll only cause trouble, Linda said her uncle is registered as her legal guardian so there’s nothing we can do till she turns 18, and she said she’ll be turning 18 in 2 months, right Linda?”

“Yeah” Linda replied with a nod

“So she’ll have to stay in that hell of a house for the next two months?!” I asked

“Yeah, she’ll have to endure, we can’t take her away from their till she’s 18” Mr James said and I sighed

“I guess I’ll just have to warn them not to touch Linda in that period” I said

“I don’t like how that warning sounds” Mr James said and I smiled

“I’ll just be giving them a simple warning Mr James” I said and turned to Linda “I’ll accompany you home today”

“I…. I don’t think that’s a good idea Julia” Linda stuttered

“Don’t worry Linda trust me, now let’s go back to class” I said as I held her hand but Mr James stopped us

“Wait a minute” he said as he brought out a small piece of paper and wrote his contact and gave it to Linda

“I don’t really trust this vulgar friend of yours so if anything goes wrong during the warning, call me” he said to Linda

“Did you just call me vulgar?” I asked wide-eyed

“Should I have called you calm instead? Anyway I have to go, I’ll be having a class in 10 minutes” he said and walked out

“He’s so nice isn’t he?” Linda said with a smile and I looked at her

“Nice? More like creepy, let’s go” I said…..

🌻 James POV 🌻

“James!” Sarah called as she ran up to me


“It was a good thing you did there, stopping that girl from committing succide” she said

“Thanks” I said as I started walking and away and she stopped me

“Back then, at the rooftop, you said life is pain, you said you wake up everyday in pain and sometimes you just want to end it all, are you going through some kind of rough patch?”

“No, I just said that to convince her to not jump down, why?”

“Well, those words hit me cause am…..am going through a kind of rough patch too” she said

“Really? What’s wrong?”

“Ever felt like you are at a crossroad where each route you decide to take leads you to the edge of a cliff so all you can do is just stand at the crossroad to avoid falling off a cliff” she said

“I don’t really understand you Sarah, maybe we should go sit down somewhere and talk”

“No, I have a class soon so can I…. Can I come over to your place after school in the evening? Maybe around 6 or 7 pm?”

“Sure why not, you can come over” I said with a smile……

I took a cab home after school cause I was too tired to wait for the bus

I got home, took a shower and laid on the bed
What a rough day at the school today

My phone rang and I picked it up

🗨️ “I’ve been knocking outside since man, come open the door” Stefan said and I quickly stood up and went to open the door

“Did you put on a headphone?” He asked he walked in

“Sorry Stefan, I was dozing off”

“Too bad for you, go get dressed, we are going out” he said

“Going out?” I asked surprised

“Or rather, you are going out with Rachel, I’ve already booked a table for you at a classy restaurant and I’ve also told Rachel to meet you up there, she should be on her way there now so go get ready and make sure….”

“Slow down Stefan, what are you talking about, am not going anywhere with Rachel” I said

“Come on James, what is wrong with you?! Rachel has been by your side for so long, she has always supported you but you can’t do as much as take her out, not even once?”


“How can you be so ungrateful, I don’t blame Michael for still being so angry after all this years, you always disregard those who loves you, you…..”

“Fine I’ll go, I’ll go okay? I’ll go get dressed” I said and walked into my room

“Don’t wear those shabby clothes of yours, wear that blue suit I bought for you on your birthday!” Stefan yelled and I sighed

I dressed up in the blue suit and came out

“Happy now?”

“Woah, you look like a model” Stefan said and I scoffed

“Yeah right, anyway I have to be back before 6pm, am expecting someone”

“Woah, who’s coming? No one visits you except Rachel and I, so who?” Stefan asked

“A colleague at a work, she’s a teacher like me”

“It’s a she! Am surprised, you always cut off everyone especially ladies so why are you letting this lady visit you?”

“Cause she’s the reason I went to that school in the first place” I said and Stefan looked at me surprised

“She’s part of my plan Stefan so it’s very important that I come back early enough” I said and Stefan nodded

“You should get going now then, so you’ll be able to come back early and take my car” he said and he gave me his car keys “You have so much money with me, I don’t know why won’t at least buy a car”

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“The money I have with you are for something else, I’ve told you that several times” I said

“Fine, get going now, I’ll take a cab home myself” he said and I smiled

“Thanks Stefan, thanks to you I’ll be able to at least make Rachel happy for once”

“Now you are making sense, go”

I left the house with Stefan’s car and drove to the restaurant

I saw Rachel sitting alone in a table by the window and I went to meet her

“Did I keep you waiting for long?” I asked as I sat down in front of her

“No I just got here too” she said with a smile “By the way you look great”

“Really? I actually feel uncomfortable, I can’t remember the last time I wore a suit” I said and she chuckled

“You look gorgeous James”

“Thanks Rachel, you look amazing too” I said and I took the ordering pamphlet on the tablet

“Let’s order something” I said as look through pamphlet contemplating on what to order

“Rachel, what apple pie, it’s your fav…. Why are you staring at me like that?” I asked as I noticed how she was staring intently at me

“Nothing” she said with a smile “Just that this first time”

“First time of what?”

“First time you….” My phone started ringing and I had to interrupt Rachel

“Am sorry, gimme a minute” I said as I picked up the call


🗨️ “Mr James? Mr James it’s Linda”

“Linda? What’s wrong?”

🗨️ “It’s Julia, she caused trouble”

“I knew it! What did she do?”

🗨️ “She…. She kinda punched my uncle when she followed me home”

“Punched?!! Is that girl really a gangster?!”

🗨️ “My uncle called the cops and she was arrested, she’s in the police station Sir”

“What?! Which Police station?” I asked as I stood up and took the car keys

“Am sorry Rachel I gotta go, it’s really urgent” I said as I quickly rushed out of the restaurant to the car

I drove straight to the police station and met Julia inside a holding cell

“Mr James?!” She called surprised on seeing me

“Am here for her” I said to the cop in front of the counter

“Her? She beat up an old man, she’s charged with assault” the cop said

“Beat up? I only punched him in the face once and that weak old man fell to the ground, if I had really beaten him up, he’ll be in the mortuary” Julia said and I gave her that ‘Shut up’ look

“Am sorry Sir but this man that Julia punched, he’s not a good man, he maltreats his niece and almost made her commit succide, he should be the one to be put behind bars!”

“I have no idea what you are talking, all I know is that the lady over there beat up a man and that’s why she’s locked up” the cop said and I sighed

“Okay, I wanted to bail her, she’s granted bail right?”

“No she’s not, the victim refused to grant him bail”

“Victim?! That stupid is no victim, I am the victim, Linda is the victim!!” Julia yelled from the cell

“Just shut up Julia!” I said and she kept quiet

“So what if am able to convince this so called victim, will she be granted bail?”

“Yes, if you are able to convince him”

“Okay, okay, I guess I have to go to Linda’s place then” I said

“There’s no need for that” someone said and I turned to look

“Michael?! What are you doing here?”

“Am representing dear Linda’s uncle” he said with a smirk

“How do you know about all of this?”

“I promised that I’ll be the one to take that girl away from you this time around, did you think I was joking? Well in case you did, I got her locked up so you know am serious” he said and I looked at him surprised

“You got her locked up?”

“Well, not really but am kinda behind everything, I heard about what happened in your school today, how you heroically saved a girl from committing succide”

“How did you…..”

“Know about it? Are you kidding me James? I threatened you and you think I won’t have any informants in your school? Am a businessman James and I always act on my words” he said

“You just sounded like Dad”

“Really? Well you shouldn’t be surprised, I spent more time with him than I’ve spent with you so am bound to take after him” Michael said and I nodded

“So what did you do?”

“I followed up and maybe it was luck but everything played right into my hands. I learnt that Julia here punched Linda’s uncle so she was detained, so I met Linda’s uncle and gave him some money not to release Julia till I say so and the man was happy to oblige, so there won’t be any bail for your dear Julia or should I say Andrea’s lookalike!”

“I can’t believe this! You feud is with me, why the hell are punishing someone else because of me, if you want to arrest someone, arrest me!!” I yelled

“No, I know you’ll suffer me seeing her inside there while you are outside and that’s what I want, for you to suffer”

“Okay, if you won’t release her, then at least put me there with her” I said and he shook his head

“So you can keep each other’s company, no I’ll pass” Michael said and I went to the cop

“Put me inside the cell with her, am submitting myself for arrest!”

“We can’t arrest you Sir, you haven’t committed any crime” the cop said

“Aren’t you so pathetic James, begging to be arrested, you…..” Before he could say anything else, I punched him on his face and I faced the cop

“I think this should count as assault right?” I said and he came down from the counter

“You are crazy James, how dare you hit me?!” Michael roared

“No, you are the crazy one Michael, trying to hurt an innocent person because of me, you are crazy!” I yelled


“Shut up, am not done talking!!” I yelled and he flinched

“You have being the one ranting about and I kept quiet because I know I’ve done you wrong but I won’t tolerate it if you hurt anyone because of me, I won’t!”

“And what about me?!” He yelled “You hurt me, you left me for death because of that little Andrea of yours! And now you preaching that I shouldn’t hurt anyone because of you?” He scoffed and then faced the cop

“You saw him right? Lock him up with that girl since he so much wants to be locked up and you should know James, I won’t be letting you leave that cell anytime soon” Michael said and walked out and I was locked up with Julia

“Are you some kind of thug or gangster Julia?! How could you punch Linda’s Uncle? Were you out of your mind?!”

“You really don’t have the right to tell me that considering the fact that you also punched that young good-looking guy who seemed to be your brother just to get locked up too, you are really the one out of your mind Mr James” Julia said and I sighed

“You said you were only going to warn him, why did you punch him?”

“Well the warning got a little messy” she said with a smirk

“Are you always so vulgar and outspoken?”

“I don’t know about vulgar but I guess I am outspoken, that shrewd old man hurt my friend, it will be a stain to my reputation if I let him go free cause I am known for always protecting my friends” she said and I smiled

“Well look where that protecting got you”

“This is not a big deal, you’ll get me out of here” she said


“Well, you got yourself locked up with me so you must have a plan, you aren’t foolish enough to get yourself locked up without a plan are you?”

“Well….. I have no plan” I said

“Oh my God! You are foolish, how are we ever going leave here now and that brother of yours said he won’t be letting us go anytime soon” she said looking worried and I chuckled

“Is something funny?” She asked

“No, nothing, what about your parents? Do they know you are here?”

“Of course not, they’ll be raining hell on me now if they knew that am here, I was entitled to one call before being arrested so I called them and told them I’ll be sleeping over at a friend’s place” she said and I nodded

“You are a good liar”

“All teens are good liars” she replied

There was some moments of silence before she spoke again

“By the way, where were you coming from dressed like that? You look a runaway model with your messy hair and beautiful suit” she said and I laughed

“I want out with my friend”

“A lady?” She asked and I nodded “Then you should’ve just said you went on a date”

“It’s not a date” I said

“It’s a date”

“It’s a date Julia”

“See?! You just said it yourself” she said as she laughed

“No no, that was a mistake”

“Who cares, you agreed it was a date” she said amidst laughter and I smiled

“I got to see a new side of you today, never knew you could be so protective of your friends and I also didn’t know you could laugh” I said and she chuckled

“Well that makes the two of us cause I also got to see a new side of you today”

“Really? When?”

“At the rooftop in school, when you were all serious and you yelled ‘Life is pain!!” she said imitating everything I said and I couldn’t stop laughing

“When you said that, you looked like someone that has went through a lot in life, someone that has experienced a big heartbreak and it made me feel sad for you” she said and I kept quiet

“Anyway, the suit really suits you, it’s seems really expensive and if you wear it frequently, it will raise your status above everyone else in school” she said

“Nah, I prefer my cheap tops and shorts, I happier wearing that than wearing this expensive suit” I said and she nodded

“You are right, wear your cheap clothes if you are happy with it, after all what’s classy if you aren’t happy” she said with a smile and my heart skipped a beat as I stared at her and memories of Andrea rushed in


“Do you want to come to my party instead? Since you aren’t really anticipating yours” she said

“Nah, am sure my party will definitely be more classy than yours” I said

“What’s classy if you aren’t happy?” She asked and I just stared at her….


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