Dwayne Miller episode 18 – 19

{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

THEME; Across My Window


Written By, Naomi Cindy B.


“Nana, I’m so sorry” Dwayne said, and Nana’s eyes widened once again.

So many live videos are going on already, and Dwayne kept kneeling.

“Oh…” Bianca said.

“My…” Carmen said.

“Gawd!” CeCe gasped, her eyes as wide as f**k.

“Ok fine, we never did doggy, and I take back what I said about you being a badass in guise of a saint. You’re Kim Nana, not one of my f**kmates. I’m sorry about your forehead and your knees, and I’m sorry about the food I wasted in the hospital” Dwayne said

“Someone wake me I’m dreaming!” Bianca gasped again.

“And also…” Dwayne looked Nana in the eye before talking.

“Thanks for taking me to the hospital on your back, sorry for being a jerk, I promise not to disturb you anymore” he said, and Nana kept blinking.

“So…..stop appearing in my dreams to push me off a cliff. Please” he said again.

“News headline please!” Carmen shouted.

“The hottest and the most popular guy in WSU just apologized to the new Korean girl on his expensive knees!, Like damn!” CeCe said.

“Not only the hottest and popular, the most egoistic and arrogant” Bianca said.

“I know, right?” Maxine smiled.

Dean came in that moment, and when he saw Dwayne on his knees…

“Holy cow!, Shit what’s going on here!” He shouted.

“Your bestie is definitely going insane” Martin replied, and Dean blinked.

Shane looked at Nana, and when he saw the shocked look is still on her face, he grabbed her hand.

“Let’s go if you have nothing to say to him” he said, and she looked at him.

He took her away from the cafeteria, leaving Dwayne on his knees.

Dwayne stood immediately, then he looked at all the surrounding students.

🗣️ Shocking!

🗣️ This is hotter than sexiest crew Monday!

🗣️ Hottest news of the week!

🗣️ Nana must be a witch!

🗣️ How the hell did that happen?

🗣️ Can’t believe he knelt for her with those expensive knees!

🗣️ Dwayne has surely gone mad!

🗣️ Still can’t believe it!

Honey walked to him and grabbed his hand, taking him out of the cafeteria.

“The blog is on fire!, Dwayne Miller’s apology is trending babes!” CeCe checked her phone.

The live videos got the most reactions for the week, and people are still reacting, though angry reactions are the most.

They’re showering Nana with hate comments, calling her names for making the school prince fall on his knees.






“Nana is trending fast, I swear Honey is not the most popular in this school anymore, mah baby is on fire!” Bianca shouted.

“I swear!, The more the haters, the more the fame!” CeCe laughed.

Bianca was still scrolling through the comments when she saw one different one.


Bianca checked the location of the person by clicking on his profile.

It’s England.

“Of course, it’ll be England” she smiled sadly and dropped her phone.

“What are we doing next?, It’s Friday!” Carmen shouted.

“We have one class left. After that I’m gonna go buy new set of lingerie to drive Dean crazy before the s*x tommorow” Carmen winked.

“Duhh” Bianca rolled eyes.

“We should hang out in the afternoon or what do you guys think?” CeCe said.

“I’m grounded!, No hanging out without me!” Bianca slammed her palms on the table.

“Simple, just sneak out” Maxine replied from the other end of the table.

They all faced her, and she stood after drinking the water in her cup.

“Bye babes!” She winked and walked away.

“I think she’s cool” Carmen said.

“I don’t find anyone who’s close to Honey cool. The fact that she’s Honey’s best friend makes her presence creep me out” Bianca replied.

“Whatever!, But who preached to your bro?” CeCe said.

“Still wondering” Bianca replied.



Shane got there with Nana and faced her. She was still looking shocked.

“I see the shock was massive” he said, and she blinked.


“You didn’t even hear me?”

“Shock?, Of course I’m shocked!” She said in a rush, and he came closer.

He placed her palm on her eyes.

“Close your eyes for two minutes, you’ll get over it” he said, and she did.

Truly, she felt relaxed after that, and she inhaled.

“Dwayne Miller has always been a jerk, so I don’t blame you for the shock” he said.

“I know, right?” She smiled.

“So… Are you gonna forgive him?” He asked curiously.

“I dunno, I don’t wanna think about it” she said, and he took her hand.

“Let’s go for the last class”

“Sure” she smiled as he took her downstairs.



Immediately Honey got there with Dwayne, she held his face and kissed him, but he broke it immediately, pushing her away.

“Can’t you read the room? I’m not in the mood” he glared and sat, then she sat on his laps.

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“Are you sick?, You don’t feel well?” She started feeling his temperature.

“I’m fine, leave me alone” he replied, and she made to kiss him again, but he pushed her again and stood.

“Stop!” He shouted, and she bit her lip.

“Why did you kneel in front of that trashcan?, Why did you do it?” She questioned.

“The fact that I f**k you with my fingers doesn’t mean I’ll have to explain everything going on in my life to you, so please rest” he replied and started leaving, but she hugged him from behind.

“I told you to always call me anytime you need someone to finger, why did you do it with Riley last night?, I’m so hurt” she started crying.

Dwayne sighed and removed her arm roughly, then he left the room.

Honey wiped her tears, and Riley came in immediately.

“So you’re pained that he fingered me so hard last night, I see” she laughed.

“Stay away from him!, How many times should I say that!” Honey shouted at her face, and Riley laughed.

“Sorry are you talking to me?, His fingers are too sweet in my p*ssy. So think about how sweeter his p*nis would be. I’m still waiting for him to give it to me one day and now you’re telling me to quit?, We’re dying there together babe!” She said.

Honey tried to attack her, but she pushed her away.

“Still remember the last fight?, I drew fine patterns on your face. You still need that?” She said, and Honey started breathing hard.

“You’re from a royal family, and I get that your family is the richest here, but have you heard about Bill Gates?, He’s my dad so try anything funny and he’ll send your whole generation to jail!” Riley hyped, bumping her shoulder into Honey’s as she walked out of the room.

She met Serena waiting outside

“You finished her” Serena laughed.

“That dry thing. No @ss and b**bs like us but she still wants Dwayne, how idiotic” Riley scoffed as she walked away with her.

“But why hasn’t he f**ked you with his d**k?, Don’t tell me he’s impotent” Serena said.

“I think he has a reason, but whatever it is, I’ll suck his d**k soon, and about that Nana girl, I’m coming for her” Riley smirked.



“Last class finally over!!!” CeCe screamed, rushing out of the class with the others.

“I’m so happy, weekend here I come!” Carmen shouted.

“Because of the s*x?” Nana asked.

“What else?” Carmen said.

“Wait….do you know how to moan?” CeCe asked.

“I have slight ideas” Carmen replied.

“Slight ideas won’t bam please.. now listen to me” CeCe said and stood in front of her.

“Say ouchh!” She moaned.

“Ouchh!” Carmen replied.

“Give it to me Dean!’

“Oh my!”

“CeCe!!” Nana started laughing.

“I told you she’s not mentally stable” Bianca giggled.

“If you moan like I taught, trust me he’ll f**k you till Sunday morning and you’ll say bye bye to your legs. By the way let’s get you a wheelchair in advance” CeCe replied.

“You’re mad” Bianca said, and CeCe giggled.

“CeCe you forgot your book!” Martin came rushing.

She snatched it from him and made to leave, but he held her back.

“Enjoy your weekend, shortie” he winked.

“Was gonna enjoy it before,but now that you said it, I bet there’s nothing left to enjoy” CeCe rolled eyes and began walking away with her friends.

“Bye Cecelia!” Martin yelled her full name, and she gave him the middle finger.

“He likes you” Nana said.

“Thought I was the only one who noticed” Carmen said.

“I don’t think so, Martin is just naturally silly” Bianca said.

“He better not crush, I’m never gonna like him” CeCe rolled eyes, and they all laughed.

Almost immediately, Serena and Riley blocked their way, and they stopped walking.

“What’s up.. plastic dolls” CeCe said.

“You guys should better be ready next week, Sexiest crew Monday won’t belong to you” Serena said, and Carmen started wiping her face like she’s wiping tears.

“Crying already?” Riley giggled.

“Yeah, cos your breath smells like onions” Carmen replied.

“Oh f**k!” Bianca began laughing.

“You girls are so dumb” Serena shot.

“I’d love to slap you for that statement, but that’d be animal abuse” Bianca said.

“What!” Serena and Riley chorused.

“Fake @sses and faces coated with makeup, maybe if you swallow half of the makeup, you’d be beautiful on the inside at least” CeCe said.

“What the!… Riley gasped.

Nana bent down and started picking invisible things from the ground, and immediately she stood straight, she poured it dramatically on Serena and Riley.

“Your senses which fell off” she said.

“Choky!!” CeCe laughed hard.

“How dare you!” Riley stepped forward.

“Two against four, you girls aren’t scared?” Bianca stepped forward too, and Riley stepped back.

“And everybody!!!, Next week Monday we’re turning BCCN!, Kim Nana the retro queen is joining us!, The most popular girl in WSU right now!, Bring your shock absorbers cos it’ll be too chocky like damn!” CeCe screamed.

🗣️ Whoa!!!!

“Let’s go” Riley told Serena, and they started walking away.

“F**k you both!!” CeCe screamed.

“Yeah!” Carmen replied.

“F**k your asses!, Wash off your makeup and let’s see how you look like the first child of a baboon!” Bianca shouted.

“Nana, how do I say crazy b**ch in Korean?” CeCe asked.

“Mi-chi-nyeon-ah” Nana replied.

“Mi-chi-nyeon-ah!!!” CeCe screamed crazily.



Rona’s toes are all sore from the stress she went through yesterday, but without minding, she managed to come to work.

Luckily, Richard is not on seat today, so she got her peace.

She has been working on her seat since morning without standing.

“It’s peaceful today, right?” Mary said, walking past her desk.

“Of course AGM, the devil is not here” Rona replied, and Mary laughed.

“He started being a jackass since his fiancee ran away with another man on their wedding night last year” Mary said.

“What!” Rona gasped shockingly.

“The story was so popular, Richard Stallone and Rosita Vista… She ran off and he fell sick for two months, he almost died but he was revived miraculously, then one month later, he started this mad attitude” Mary said.

“That’s… pathetic” Rona said.

“I know, but no matter what, I personally think situations shouldn’t change who we really are…. He’s only hurting himself more” Mary replied.



Maxine has been in line for hours, waiting for her turn to be called in, but it’s not happening.

Over ten girls like her has been called in, and right now she’s the only one left.

She was already shaking with fear when nothing came even after thirty minutes, then one of the experts came out.

“I’m sorry but you should leave now, it’s over” she said, and Maxine’s jaw dropped.

She was crying as she picked her makeup box and walked out of the center.

To think that she bought an expensive form to participate, and she waited for hours, and now this???

She wiped her tears as she stopped a taxi and got in.

She resumed crying in the taxi, and she contemplated about calling Shane, but she decided not to bother him after a while.

She got down in front of her boyfriend’s place, and she opened the door with tears in her eyes, but she was already hearing moans from inside.

Lady’s shoes and bra were lying in the living room floor.

Her heart skipped beats as she walked into the bedroom.

She opened the door, and her eyes widened when she saw Toby in bed with another girl, they’re doing doggy.

Her eyes widened, and she covered her mouth with her palm.

The worse is that they didn’t even act like she’s visible, Toby kept f**king the girl.

“Gawd!…. Harder baby!” The girl screamed.

Maxine rushed out of the house and fell, hurting her palms.

She stood and ran out in hot tears.



Shane finished his shift three minutes ago, and he’s in the locker room, changing back into his normal shirt.

He came out after changing hastily. Nana was already waiting.

He grabbed her hand, and they left the place together to the envy of the girls inside.

“Where are we going?” She asked curiously.

“Any guesses?” He replied.

“Ice cream?” She replied.

“If you want it then we can go for it” he said, and she smiled as they got on his bike together.

He drove to a ice cream shop near a playground, and they got two cones of ice cream.

They were eating it as they walked around the crowdy playground.

“Hmmn!, I love vanilla a lot” she said.

“Me too” he replied. He’s also eating vanilla flavoured.

“Your best colour?” He asked.

“Pink” she replied.

“I love White” he said.

“Best food?” She asked.

“I don’t have a best food. Beggars aren’t choosers” he replied.

“Don’t say that”

“But it’s true anyways. I’m poor” he said plainly.

“My best food is chicken soup, and my best drink is magkeolli” she replied.

“Korean based” he said.

“Of course” she replied, and they laughed.

“Have you ever dated?” He suddenly asked.



“I used to hate boys” she replied, and he laughed.

“Me too. I used to hate girls” he said.

“We have a lot in common” Nana smiled.

“I know, right?” He replied.

She suddenly saw some couples giving piggyback rides at a part of the playground, and she began staring.

“Climb on” Shane squatted in front of her, and she smiled before climbing his back.

He stood and started running down the place with her.

“Faster driver!!!” Nana laughed loudly on his back.



Nana came into her room and smiled, staying by the door.

The moment she spent with Shane earlier was playing in her head , and she was blushing.

She kept smiling as she dropped her bag and took off her clothes, then she remembered Dwayne’s apology.

“Whatever!” She said and entered the bathroom.



Immediately Dwayne saw Nana’s room light come on from his window, he left his room and started climbing downstairs, meeting Bianca on the way.

“I saw a comment about D-Square on the blog earlier, your fans in England misses you guys” she said.

“I don’t care. I can’t dance publicly anymore anyways” he replied and left the house.

He walked to Nana’s window and looked up at it, then he took a deep breath before starting to climb up.

He successfully did it after five minutes, and he jumped into her room, thanks to her open window.

Immediately he jumped in, he almost started laughing.

“Childish settings, how immature” he muttered and started looking around.

The wall caught his attention so he went there.

He saw her pictures as a kid and squeezed his brows.

“She’s so ugly” he said, then he looked at the picture again.

“Ok she’s pretty… A little” he said, and his eyes widened when he saw her wishlist.

He rushed there and started reading the seven wishes.

The last one is “I WISH TO GET A BOYFRIEND”

“Seriously?, Who’d wanna date that witch?” He laughed.

He was still laughing when the bathroom door opened, and Nana came in.

“Ssi-Bal! (F**k!), Dwayne Miller?” Her eyes widened madly.

For the first two minutes, Dwayne’s eyes were stuck on her s*xily wet body which has just the towel around it, then her wet hair which was in a messy bun, sprinkling on her face, then her exposing thighs.

She’s illegally hot like this!

“What are you doing in my room?, How the hell did you even get in!!” She shouted, bringing him back to his senses.

“You didn’t give me an answer to my apology, so I came to get it” he said simply.

“You must be really insane, get out!” She snapped, rushing to him.

As a result of her rush, she stumbled on Inky on the ground, then her eyes widened as she started falling.


Dwayne stretched his hand to catch her, but instead of her hand, he held her towel.

He brought her back to her feet, and immediately he let go of the towel, it came loose from her body, falling on the ground.

Nana froze.


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