Dwayne Miller

Dwayne Miller episode 2 – 3

{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

THEME; Across My Window


Written By, Naomi Cindy B.



Jimin is currently sitting on the couch, his face as red as f**k as a result of the pepper stew it fell into, it’s stinging so hard.

Nana was fanning him with an electric hand fan, and at the same time, Rona pressed ice pack on his face.

Jisoo was sitting across them, legs crossed.

They came back from the Millers ten minutes ago after the dinner got ruined.

Jisoo heaved, and Nana shifted fearfully on her chair.

“Do you feel honoured now that you’ve disgraced me completely over there?, Do you want a medal for the best disgraceful daughter of the year?” She said.

“He started it” Nana said slowly.

“Then you should have composed yourself since it’s his house!, But no…you went ahead and ruined everything!, What’ll Mary think of us?, Tasteless Koreans?” Jisoo retorted hotly.

“I don’t care” Nana said, and Jisoo threw a pillow at her.

It hit her in the face, and she fell back on the chair.

“Stop talking!!!!, Tommorow morning you’re going there to apologise for ruining the dinner” Jisoo shouted.

“What!” Nana’s eyes widened.

“Is that really necessary?, We all saw how jerky and naughty the guy is, I’m sure he did something to deserve how Nana reacted, so making her apologize is way out of it” Rona intervened.

“My daughter isn’t apologizing. I’m the one who was mistaken when I said he’s cool. He’s nothing close to cool” Jimin said, and Nana hugged him.

“I’m so sorry appa” she pouted.

“Just continue fanning my face and ignore your mum” Jimin replied, and Nana resumed fanning immediately.

“Now I know I’m an outcast in my own house, no one listens to me!, Avoid me everyone cos I’ll bite anyone who comes close!” Jisoo said and went in angrily.

“Dad don’t mind her” Rona said.

“Sure, I know the kind of woman I married” he smiled.

By now, the redness of his face has reduced.

They continued the fanning and ice treatment till some minutes to midnight before he was able to go to bed, then the girls retired to their rooms too.

Inky started licking Nana’s feet immediately she entered her room.

“You must be hungry” she smiled, carrying it to the space beside her bedstand.

She got waffle biscuits from her snack bag, and she dropped it on the feeding plate, then she poured some milk on the drinking spot.

Inky started eating hungrily, and she stroked it’s head before falling on her bed.

“Today isn’t really good. That jerk ruined my first day in Washington” she muttered, and her mind went back to when he caged her to the wall earlier

“I still don’t get why I closed my eyes?, What was I expecting?, Gosh!, I f**ked up!” She covered her face with her pillow and started throwing her legs up.

“I must have been crazy!, What the hell is wrong with me!” She shouted, rolling fast to another part of her bed, and from there, she rolled down.

“Ouch!” She winced and continued laying there.

“I hope he’s not a student of WSU too, if he is, then I’m so dead” she muttered and suddenly started hearing loud sounds of music from her window.

She stood and walked there slowly, then she peeped out first to be sure of where the music is coming from.

She blinked when she saw it’s from Dwayne’s room. He’s currently dancing to ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber.

Nana stood straight and rested her arms on the window frame, then she started staring at the crazy dancer.

He was mixing break dance with legworks, and he’s so f**king perfect as he did it.

Who looks freaking hot while dancing???

Dwayne Miller!

Just like the other time, he yanked off his shirt and threw it away, then he resumed his dance.

Nana doesn’t look astonished like the other time. She only payed more attention to his dance, and before she knew it, she was smiling.

“He’s so good” she muttered, biting down on her bottom lip slowly.

Suddenly, Mary entered his room and put off the music. That was when Dwayne stopped dancing.

“Not again mum!, Not again!” He shouted.

“Don’t you feel guilty about ruining the dinner?, How could you even dance after all that!” Mary shouted.

“I don’t know how to feel guilty, so leave me alone!” He shouted back and put on the music again.

Mary put it off again, but he put it on again. Mary put it off.

“Mum what!”

“It’s too loud, you’re disturbing the sleep of the neighbors!”

“I don’t care!” He replied and put it on again.

Mary carried the MP3 player and left the room.

Dwayne scattered his hair frustratingly, slamming the window shut.


Nana could hear the echo of his voice as she fell on her bed.

“He’s rebelliously stubborn” she muttered as Inky climbed the bed with her.

“How will my first day at school tomorrow be?, Good thing I’m in the same major as Bianca” she smiled and hugged Inky to her chest.

“I hope tommorow will be better. I really like it here” she whispered as he eyes started shutting.



Nana finished dressing up for school and carried her pink backpack, then she looked at herself in the mirror and inserted a pink hairpin into her sleek silky hair.

She smiled and rushed out of the room, bumping into Rona who was just coming out of her own room too.

“You’re all dressed” Nana smiled.

“Yeah, I’m starting my job hunt today” Rona replied and took a closer look at her.

“What’s this you’re wearing?, Do you think we’re still in the 90’s?, I thought you’d change your dress sense once we arrive here but I was wrong, what’s up with the excessively long skirt, and…. isn’t that mum’s blouse?” Rona said.

“I’m not ready to listen to you bullying me with your mouth again, bye!” Nana rushed downstairs.

“S*xy is the trend these days! Learn to dress s*xily!” Rona shouted after her.

Jisoo was sitting in the living room, eating cucumber.

“Bye mum!” Nana started rushing out.

“I made bread and toast, so you’re telling me it’ll go to waste?” Jisoo rolled eyes, and Nana rushed to the small dinning room where she ate just two slices of bread and toast, then she drank tea and rushed out of the house.

She got to the Millers and made to open the door, but the door opened before she could, and Bianca came out.

Nana’s eyes widened immediately cos she’s dressed to murder!

She’s wearing an extremely short skirt, then black armless top plus half leather jacket. She’s wearing a leather beret cap too, then expensive leather heels.

Her face shone with perfect touch of makeup, and her short hair showed off the effect of thorough brushing. She smells expensive!

She’s foxy and hot!, Nana lost her breath immediately.

“Hey baby b**ch” Bianca smiled, her red lips sparkling.

Nana spaced out completely, staring at her.

“Hey Nana!” Bianca waved her fingers in front of her, and that brought her back.


“You like my outfit?” She turned around.

“Are you going to school?, Or a party?, This is….too gorgeous” Nana muttered shockingly.

“You’ll understand the reason for this killer outfit soon, let’s move” Bianca said and started leading the way to her red car.

Nana followed behind, but Bianca suddenly looked back.

“Your dress sense though…” she said, and Nana blinked.

“But I don’t have a problem with it. We have different tastes” Bianca said again and entered the red car.

“This is your car?” Nana asked when she entered with her.

“Yeah, why?” Bianca smiled

“I’ve never owned a car” she replied, and Bianca smiled before starting to drive.

“Your brother… he’s not a student of WSU, right?” Nana asked.

“Of course he is, he’s a second year student of computer science” Bianca replied, and Nana’s head fell on the headrest.

‘I’m dead’



Bianca’s car drove fast into the busy parking lot, and she used her black fashion shades immediately, then she faced Nana.

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“Get ready to see the reason for my killer outfit…baby b**ch” she said and smiled before stepping out of the car.

🗣️ Bianca is here!!!

🗣️ OMG!, She’s making me hard!

🗣️ Bianca I’ll get you arrested!, How dare you steal my heart!

🗣️ Gosh!, She’s driving me crazy!

Students surrounded her in a matter of seconds, snapping her pictures as she posed s*xily every minute, showing off her designers.

Nana continued staying in the car, wondering what the hell is happening.

Another red car pulled up in the lot, and two girls came out of it.

“MG!” Nana gasped when she saw them too. They’re dressed just as hotly as Bianca, and they look too attractive.

Students rushed to them too and started snapping them.

🗣️ CeCe and Carmen!

🗣️ Finally BCC is complete!

🗣️ My babies!

🗣️ I’m voting for BCC today!

🗣️ I love BCC!

🗣️ You girls are fire!

The two girls joined Bianca, and they started posing together, getting the attention of students like popular celebrities.

Bianca suddenly opened the car door and pulled Nana out.

“Obviously a Korean!, Such a cutie!” The short one said, and Nana bit her lip slightly.

“She’s my new neighbor, and luckily she’s in our major, meet Kim Nana” Bianca said.

“She’s cute!” The second girl said.

“And Nana…. meet my friends. This is CeCe” Bianca pointed at the short one. Short but hot.

“Hey cute Nana” CeCe winked.

“And this is Carmen” Bianca gestured at the second one.

“Nice to meet you girls” Nana smiled.

“Aww!, The voice!, Same here” Carmen said.

“But your dress sense is kinda retro” CeCe said.

“I know” Nana replied.

“Bianca, CeCe, Carmen. We’re one of the two most popular female crew in this campus, popularly known as BCC” Bianca said.

“Oh..” Nana said.

“The second crew will soon arrive. They’re Riley and Serena, and we compete with them every Monday for the s*xiest crew. The students cast the vote, and the results will be announced during lunchtime on the school most popular TV. Poker” Carmen said.

“The crew who wins the sexiest will remain in the spotlight throughout the week” CeCe said.

“Now I understand” Nana said.

“Anyways… welcome to WSU, the only enjoyable college in Pullman” Bianca said, and Nana smiled.

Almost immediately, loud screams filled the whole parking lot again as a black Maserati came to an halt, and the second crew came out.

Serena and Riley.

If there’s anything noticeable about them, it’s their @sses, they’re both heavily endowed, and Nana’s eyes widened for the tenth time today as students started snapping their pictures, especially guys.

“Let’s go girls” Bianca said.

CeCe and Carmen joined her, and they started catwalking to the wide hallway, taking each step at a time .

At the same time, Serena and Riley entered the hallway, and an Insane scream followed from the students.

Nana kept standing on her spot, not knowing what to do, till she heard a familiar voice behind.

“Hey, neighbor!”

Her eyes widened cos it’s definitely Dwayne.

She started walking away fast, but he grabbed her backpack, stopping her.

“Let me go” she said, and Dwayne smiled before pulling her back, and her back landed on him.

Her eyes widened again, and the loud erratic heartbeats started coming again.

“Let me go, Dwayne” she said nervously.

“Hey Dwayne!” A bursty girl came by.

She pushed Nana away from him, and she fell, hurting her knees.

“Ouch!” She whimpered, but before she could look up, Dwayne was already kissing the girl while pressing her butt gingerly.

They don’t even care if someone fell or not.

Nana stood and bit her lip hard before rushing into the busy hallway.

She was still rushing when she bumped into someone, and she fell again, hurting her knees more.

“I’m so sorry!” The guy she bumped into said, bending beside her.

She looked at him and almost commented about his handsomeness, but she simply stood and walked away.

“Nana!” Bianca’s voice suddenly called beside her , and heaved in relief when she saw her.

“Finally found you” she said, and Bianca grabbed her hand.

“Let’s go, the first class is almost starting” she said and pulled her away.

They entered the LH together, and Serena bursted into a biosterous laughter with Riley.

“New girl?, Your skirt is one in town” Serena laughed.

“All the way from Bethlehem” Riley joined in, and some other girls started laughing too.

Nana started feeling intimidated immediately, but it stopped when Bianca spoke.

“Maybe if your IQ is as long as her skirt, you wouldn’t be this daft” Bianca said, and they all stopped laughing immediately.

“Stop acting like you know how to talk Bianca” Riley said.

“If you feel like talking, then talk, no one is holding anyone” Carmen said.

“Don’t worry I have a nose mask in case you’re worried about your mouth odour, it won’t affect me” CeCe said, bringing out a nose mask, and everyone started laughing.

Riley was fuming as Bianca took Nana to the BCC seat, but no more seat.

“I’ll just sit at the back” Nana said and walked to the back.

She sat on the last sit, and a guy entered the class.

🗣️ Shane I reserved a seat for you!

🗣️ Sit with me Hottie!

🗣️ Here!, Come to mummy!

Girls started fighting themselves just so he’d notice them, but he didn’t budge till he got to Nana and sat beside her, and that was when Nana looked up.

It’s the guy she bumped into earlier.

“Hey” he smiled.

“Hey” she replied, and he smiled again as the lecturer came in.

“New student?” He asked.

“Obviously” she replied.

“I’m sorry for bumping into you earlier” he said.

“It was my fault, so chill” she replied.

“My name is….

“Shane, I heard how girls were screaming it when you entered” she interrupted.

“What’s your name?” He asked, and she faced him.

“I hate disturbers” she replied, and he sighed as they both faced the front at once.

The lecture ended after an hour, and they had two consecutive classes before noon, then everyone made their ways to the cafeteria, eager to know the sexiest crew of this week.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t reserve a space for you, please forgive me” Bianca blinked cutely, holding Nana’s arm as they walked to the cafeteria.

“It’s fine, the back wasn’t bad” she replied.

“But girl…I love your hair” Carmen said.

“I envy your baby face” CeCe said.

“You’re the one with a baby face here” Nana replied, and CeCe pouted.

Suddenly, Nana saw Dwayne with another girl beside the hallway wall. They’re kissing fiercely.

“Your brother will never change” Carmen said.

“That bastard, I hate him than poop” Bianca replied, and Nana looked at Dwayne again.

He’s still kissing the girl.

She blinked as she entered the cafeteria with the girls.

“Bills on me today!” Carmen shouted and ordered a full table of lunch.

Riley and Serena sat on the table across them, and guys surrounded them immediately, asking for their numbers.

“I hate the fact that they have big @sses, why is my @ss so dry!!!” CeCe said like a baby.

“My boyfriend is not complaining about my @ss, so I’m fine” Carmen said, eating banana.

‘This is surely different from my school in Korea’ Nana thought as she looked around.

The students here are wild.

The cafeteria TV suddenly came on, and a girl came on screen.

“Huh?, She’s an angel…how can she be so beautiful” Nana muttered.

“That’s the owner of Poker TV, the school most popular TV. She’s the prettiest girl in this school, and she’s the richest too, the most influential, and the most sought-after girl. Honey Windsor” Carmen said.

“Wait… Windsor is her surname?, Is she from Britain?” Nana asked.

“Yeah, precisely from the royal family of queen Elizabeth, her parents own Marbles conglomerates, they’re the richest family here in Washington, and she’s as arrogant as you might have been imagining” CeCe said, and Nana gasped again.

“Hey campus babes and dudes, it’s your favorite Honey Windsor on screen again. The results of the sexiest crew Monday is ready to be announced” Honey said on TV, and everyone went silent.

“Serena and Riley got 551 votes” Honey announced, and Bianca held her breath.

” BCC got … 55….9″

🗣️ BCC!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Shit!” Riley spat, leaving the cafeteria angrily with Serena

“Yeeeeeeesssss!!!!!!!” Bianca climbed the table and started twerking.

“F**k big @sses!” CeCe climbed the chair and started twerking her flat @ss too.

“They only have the @sses to show off but can’t compete with faces!, Damn you we won!” Carmen started drumming on the table.

Nana was smiling as she watched them, and she didn’t even realize when Honey entered the place.

Some guys took off their shirts and spread them on the ground so Honey would step on them.

She has about five guards following her behind, and she’s not smiling.

A guy quickly stood from his seat so she’d sit, but she ignored him and turned back, going to BCC table.

They were still jubilating loudly.

“Stand” she told Nana, and Nana looked up to see her.

Her eyes widened immediately. The same Honey Windsor she just saw on Poker TV???.

The beauty goddess!

She was too shocked to even process everything.

“I won’t repeat myself” Honey said arrogantly

“Huh?” Nana said slowly.

“F**k you!” Honey spat and raised her hand to slap her.

Nana closed her eyes, but the slap never came cos someone held Honey’s hand, and everyone went silent.


TB Continued…

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