Dwayne Miller episode 20 – 21

{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

THEME; Across My Window


Written By, Naomi Cindy B.


Nana froze instantly, standing naked in front of him with wide eyes.

She looked down at her naked self as slowly as possible, then she began looking up just as slow, and when she finally saw him, his back was already on her.

“I swear with my life, I saw nothing” he said, and she quickly picked her towel from the ground.

She wrapped it around her body quickly.

“I swear, I turned my back immediately I let go of the towel cos I knew it was gonna talk off. I’m not a pervert trust me” Dwayne said, his back still on her.

Nana picked a pillow from the bed and hit him with it, making him stagger forward, then he faced her.

“Believe me, I didn’t see you” he said seriously.

“Why did you sneak into my room cos of a stupid apology answer in the first place?, Are you as dumb as I’ve been saying?” She said angrily.

“I’m sorry. I was just scared to sleep, you might appear in my dreams again to push me off a cliff” he replied plainly.

“And you won’t get out of this room alive” she glared and started running to him.

He took to his heels, running around the room while she chased him.

“Wait for me son of a jerk!, Yaaa!!!” She screamed, throwing another pillow.

“Nana chill, please let’s…

“I don’t want to chill!!!!” She screamed, throwing her reading lamp at him.

He avoided it and it smashed on the wall.

“Nana!” He gasped, looking at her shockingly.

“You think I’m joking?, Huh!!!” She shouted, going for him again.

“What’s going on in there!” Jisoo’s voice said from outside, and Nana’s eyes widened.

Dwayne’s aren’t exceptional. She quickly grabbed him and pushed him under the bed, then she began creaming herself.

Jisoo came in, and she faced her with a fake smile.


“Creaming to bed?, Are you ok?” Jisoo rolled eyes.

“I have a friend who’s a cosmetologist, and she told me….

“Blah blah blah… Spare me the gist and tell me why I heard crashes from here just now” Jisoo intruded suspiciously.

“Oh…that?, That was….my window… Yes my window!” Nana said awkwardly.

Jisoo started looking around the room, and Nana quickly kicked the broken lamp under the dressing table.

“Break the window ok?, and you’ll have to share your room with thieves” Jisoo eventually said before leaving the room.

“That was hard” Nana took a deep breath before standing.

Dwayne came out from under the bed and started breathing hard.

“How could you toss me under that murder zone?, I wasn’t breathing!” He said.

“I’d have been glad if you suffocated till death you parasite!” She snapped, and her bun came loose.

Her hair poured all the way to her shoulders, and Dwayne smiled at the cuteness.

“Oh…you think this is funny?, Huh!” She rushed to him, and immediately she got to him,her towel almost came loose again, but Dwayne held it before it could.

She totally forgot that she’s still in her towel.

She looked into his eyes, and he smiled.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let it go” he said, holding the towel tighter to her chest.

Nana swallowed hard, feeling the same way she felt the first time they met. When he caged her to the wall in his house.

“Wow” Dwayne whispered, and she looked at him again.

“What?” She asked slowly.

“You’re ugly” he said, and she tried to hit him, but he held her hand.

“Give me an answer to my apology and I’ll leave” he whispered.

“If I forgive you right now, it’s sure you’re gonna commit another offense”

“What if I promise not to?” He whispered.

“I don’t trust jerks” she replied, and he smiled.

“Ok let’s do it this way, if I don’t offend you for three days, you’ll forgive me” he said.

“Sure, deal” she replied, and he smiled again.

“Goodnight” he winked, and Nana felt her breathing going high-pitched as he let go of her towel.

She quickly held it and watched him climb the window, then he looked back.

“Don’t appear in my dreams, ugly witch” he said before jumping down.

“Parasite” Nana muttered and changed into shorts and sweatshirt, then she picked the lamp from where it had crashed.

“Mum mustn’t see this” she muttered and quickly hid the broken pieces before leaving the room.

The whole family is downstairs.

“Nana come give my legs some massage, please” Rona said.

Nana went to her and placed her legs on her laps, then she began giving her slow massage.

“Feels good, I love you gummy bear” Rona smiled.

“I got a new nickname” Nana laughed, and Rona giggled.

“Is your boss still frustrating you?” Nana asked.

“He didn’t come to work today so it was peaceful” Rona replied, looking at her patched toes.

“I wish he’d just die untimely and his body shouldn’t even be found” Jisoo said, coming out of the kitchen.

She’s actually frying Twinkies.

“That was harsh” Jimin said from the other couch.

“What’s harsh!, Rona comes home complaining of body ache everyday” Jisoo rolled eyes and sat, placing the bowl of Twinkies on the table.

Nana and Rona began eating immediately, but when Jimin made to take from it, Jisoo grabbed the bowl.

“You never answered when I told you to come help in the kitchen, and now you wanna eat?, I’d rather pour it all away” she said.

“I’m still the head of this house Jisoo” Jimin said gently.

“Wait till you collect your first salary, then I can reconsider” Jisoo replied bluntly and sat, but when she made to start eating, Jimin grabbed the bowl, and they started dragging it with each other.

“Not again” Nana shook her head.

“Just continue massaging and ignore them” Rona closed her eyes.

“Let go of the bowl” Jisoo smirked.

“Not till I take my share” Jimin replied.

“Let go!!!” Jisoo shouted, and they resumed dragging so hard till it slipped off their hands at the same time.

The bowl flew up and landed back on Jimin’s head. The hot Twinkies poured on him, stinging hard.

“Aarrgg!!!” He screamed, running around to get it all off. One even rolled into his trousers, and he took it off completely, screaming as he did.

He took off his underpants too, and Nana’s eyes widened.

“Appa andwae!!!”



It’s unusual for Shane to get home before Maxine, but it happened today.

He got home an hour ago, and there’s no sign of her at all. She’s not picking her calls too.

She bounces calls whenever she’s busy at work, so he wasn’t very worried at first, but after an hour, he couldn’t take it anymore.

He stood and got his jacket from the pile of clothes. He was about to leave the house when Maxine came in.

“Maxine!” He shouted when he saw her teary red face. She was still crying so much.

He rushed to her and held her face worriedly.

“Tell me what happened, please…why are you….

She hugged him before he could land, and he hugged her back instantly.

“Maxine please…”

“I wasn’t even allowed to audition, and…. And….and… Toby…. Toby cheated on…

“Shhh, it’s ok” Shane cut her off, hugging her tighter.

“Stop talking, just keep letting it out ok?, Im here for you” he said, tightening the hug again.

Since their poor parents died years ago, they’ve been in charge of taking care of themselves without replying on anyone.

Several part-time jobs together with schooling, just to make themselves a reputable future, but it kept getting worse.

Shane inhaled and broke the hug, then he wiped her tears.

“Stop crying. I love you” he and, and she nodded.

“I love you too big brother” she sniffed, and he hugged her again.

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Dwayne’s eyes flew open at once, and immediately he realized it’s morning, he got off bed and opened his window.

He looked across and saw that Nana’s window is still closed.

“Is she still asleep?” He muttered, and when he remembered last night’s drama at her place, how she looked pale with fear when her towel almost fell down the second time.

He inhaled and smiled again, then he entered the bathroom to brush.

“Dude!” Dean shouted, entering the room.

“Already?” Dwayne replied, brushing already.

“The basketball game is almost starting” Dean said, and he started brushing fastly.

“What happened to you?, Still can’t believe you apologized” Dean said.

“You said you wouldn’t talk to me till I do” Dwayne replied.

“I mean that much to you?” Dean giggled from inside.

“Dwight is not here anymore, I wouldn’t wanna lose you too. It’d hurt if you ignore me for days” Dwayne replied.


Shane was driving his way to his jobs when he saw an amusing scene.

A guy is bullying a young boy in a corner, obviously extorting from him.

Shane stopped the bike and got down, then he walked to the corner.

The guy took the boy’s wallet and was about to open it when he held his hand.

“Who the f**k are you?” The guy glared.

Instead of answering, Shane flipped him over his shoulder, and he landed on the ground roughly.

“F**k!” He cried, rolling about.

Shane took the wallet and gave it back to the boy.

“Thanks dude” he smiled and rushed away.

“Learn to work for your money” Shane said and kicked the guy before driving off on his motorcycle.

“You’ll regret this!” The guy yelled after him.



“You guys didn’t tell me it’ll be this place” Carmen said when she came in.

Nana and Bianca are already in.

“Well….it was a last-minute decision by me, sawrry!” Bianca said jocosely, and Carmen hugged them both.

“So how did you manage to sneak out?” Carmen asked.

“Mrs Miller goes to work even on Saturdays, so she’s as free as a bird” Nana said.

“Talk of a f**king workaholic, she’d look for job in heaven too” Bianca replied, and they all laughed.

“Hey babies!” CeCe shouted, coming in last.

She’s wearing a wide gown which literally swallowed her.

“Don’t be surprised, it belongs to my mother. She wore this on the day she lost her virginity to my dad!” She said.

“I’m tired of you” Carmen said, and they all laughed again before going in.

In the next ten minutes, Bianca came out wearing bum short and blue singlet, hair tied to two pigtails.

Carmen was the second, and she’s wearing the same thing, but her hair is in a ponytail.

CeCe’s hair is in a braided tail, same outfit.

Nana is wearing same, and her hair is in a bun.

“OMG I wanna eat you!, You look good in a bum short!, And look at those big things on your chest!” CeCe said dramatically.

“Oh….” Nana said, feeling uncomfortable.

This is the first time she wore bum shorts publicly.

“Isn’t that… Dwayne?” CeCe said again, and they looked ahead to see him with Dean.

“Yeah, I told Dean I was coming, and he said he’d be coming with Dwayne” Carmen replied, and immediately Nana saw him, she remembered towel down last night, and she bit her lip hard.

“Riley is here too!” Bianca said.

“Talk of a full grown b**tch” CeCe said as Riley hugged Dwayne and kissed him right there.

Nana hissed and turned away from them immediately.

“Guys!, Let’s go to another place, we can come here tommorow!” She said.

“What!” Carmen said.

“I don’t feel comfortable” she said, and CeCe pouted.

They left the lounge, walking past Dwayne who was still into Riley.

He broke the kiss and stared at Nana blankly for a while before Riley was able to turn his face back to herself.



Shane came out of the shop and dialled Nana’s line immediately, just to hear her voice, but it’s off.

He hasn’t seen or heard from her cos his Saturdays are always choky, he works full time.

“Is her phone out of battery?” He muttered before climbing his bike.

He began driving to Maxine’s job to pick her, and throughout he couldn’t think straight, it’s Nana in all the components of his head.

He sighed and increased his pace, then he noticed five bikes following him behind.

Immediately he saw the face of the leader, he knew tonight isn’t gonna be good. It’s the guy he flipped in the morning.

He increased his pace, and they did the same, but he’s a better rider, so he outran then within minutes.

Luck isn’t on his side, cos the bike ran out of gas and stopped moving.

“F**k” he mumbled as the five bikes caught up with him.

They stopped and got down too, then they surrounded him.

“You can’t hurt me and go scot free” the leader said, and Shane began shifting back.

They all came for him at once, and the tough fight began.

His capacity is two guys, but now they’re five, so it was hard.

He only focused on the leader, and as he dealt with him, the others dealt with Shane himself.

They successfully pulled him away from the leader, and he was able to kick one of them on the face, sending him to the cabbage cart nearby.

The rest grabbed him at once, flipping him off the ground before starting to punch him.

In a matter of seconds, he got wounded greatly on the face.

They were still punching him when his savior showed up.

“What the f**k!” A deep female voice shouted, and they looked up from him to see a petite looking girl.

She looks small but fierce with sharp features. Her brown hair sprawled out of the bucket hat she’s wearing, and the hat covered a part of her face.

She’s wearing leather bum short and armless loose shirt, then big trendy black sneakers.

She’s holding a pipe.

“Who are you?” The leader asked.

She threw the pipe at him immediately, and two teeth flew off when he got hit on the face.

He went down straight, and the others shifted back fearfully.

She removed the belt in her shorts and rushed to them.

The biggest one tried to attack her, but just a punch from her made him fall to the dust.

The remaining three began shivering.

“On your knees” she commanded, and they quickly went on their knees.

“Pants down” she said sternly, and they quickly pulled down their pants.

She began lashing at their buttocks with the belt, and that was when Shane stood.

He was staring at the crazy girl as she whipped them roughly.

Their buttocks almost peeled off.

She stopped after giving them thirty strokes each, and they all fell on their faces, unable to stand.

She wore her belt and faced Shane.

“Hey sweetheart!” She smiled, walking to him.

She wiped the blood on his lips with her thumb, and he shifted back.

“My name is Aura, see ya again!” She winked and blew him a kiss before walking away.

“How crazy” he muttered.



Dwayne rushed into the house as fast as lightening, rushing past Bianca and Mary in the living room.

He found out minutes ago that he’s not with his charm bracelet anymore. It suddenly disappeared from his wrist, and he’s already going crazy.

He got to his room and began searching everywhere for it. In a matter of seconds, he disarranged everything like he’s searching for a needle.

After searching everywhere, he started crying, standing in the middle of the room.

“I promised Dwight that I’d never lose it. What do I do?” He sniffed, shedding another tear.

“I can’t lose it” he cried and was about to start looking for it all over again when he remembered last night.

Nana’s room!

He rushed out of the house just like he rushed in, and neither Bianca nor Mary cared to ask him the reason for his restlessness.

He went to Nana’s window, forgetting his promise of not offending her. He climbed up and jumped in.

The first thing his eyes caught was the bracelet!

It fell beside the bed.

He smiled and rushed to get it, but immediately he picked it, Nana came into the room, and her eyes widened.


“I’m sorry I…

“You have plans to see me in towel and pull it down again?, You have no right to say you’re not a pervert cos you obviously are!, How dare you come into my room again you bloody motherf**ker!” She shot angrily.

“That’s not it so listen!, I’m not a pervert!” He shouted back.

“Then what the hell are you doing in here again?, Why!!!” She shouted at his face, and he raised up the charm bracelet.

“I came to get this” he said gently, and before he knew it, she snatched it from him and pulled it into two, destroying it completely.

Dwayne’s eyes widened like mad, and she threw the pieces at his face.

“Go to hell!” She spat, pushing his chest.

She even marched the charm bracelet pieces, and that was when tears rushed out of Dwayne’s eyes again.

She stopped pushing him when she saw the tears, and more of it fell from his eyes, his lips shaking as he cried.

“Go away” she said coldly, and he stepped back once, still crying.

He took the second step backwards before turning around, walking to the window.

Immediately he jumped down, he sat on the ground beside the window and rested on the wall, crying like a baby.


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