Dwayne Miller episode 4 – 5

{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

THEME; Across My Window


Written By, Naomi Cindy B.


Everyone went silent, and Honey looked beside her angrily with the intention of slapping whoever held her hand, but immediately she saw who it was, she took a deep breath.

It’s Maxine, her only best friend.

“Why the hell would you hold me Max!” She shouted, talking her hand roughly from her.

“There are millions of available seats in here, why her seat?” Maxine replied, and Bianca jumped down from the table.

CeCe jumped down from the chair and Carmen raised a brow.

“I want it cos I want it!, The fact that you’re my friend doesn’t mean I have to explain everything to you ok? Honey replied cockily.

“Wait….if I get this right, did you tell Nana to stand for you?” Bianca said, going closer to Honey.

“Yes, and what about it?, My dad can buy this school and turn it to an orphanage in the twinkle of an eye so I see no reason why I shouldn’t be respected!” Honey shouted, and Bianca smirked.

“Nana, if you stand up I’ll kill you” she said, still glaring at Honey.

“Stand up when I’m still nice. My legs are getting weary I need to sit!” Honey shouted.

“She won’t” CeCe said.

“Really?” Honey smirked.

“Yeah, do your worse. The fact that you’re from the British royal family or whatever doesn’t mean you get to behave insane in here, it’s a school, not your toy!” Carmen said.

“I wonder why your parents named you Honey when you don’t act it” Bianca said.

“What!” Honey gasped.

“Yeah, you’re as bitter as eew!” Bianca made disgusting faces, and Honey made to attack her, but Maxine grabbed her hand.

“Let’s go” she started pulling her out.

“Let me go!, Let me go Max!, I need to report them to dad for speaking rashly to me!, How dare she!, Let me go!!!” Honey continued screaming till she was totally gone with Maxine.

“That was easy” CeCe said, sitting beside Nana who has been watching everything like a soap opera.

“Trust me if you stood, I’d have deleted your number instantly” Bianca said, sitting too.

“But….what just happened?” Nana asked.

“She loves bossing students around just because of her rich family, and she expects everyone to bend to her insane policy. Everyone but not us. BCC rules!” Carmen said, and Nana smiled.

“What major is she in?”

“Same major and year with Dwayne” Bianca replied.

“Computer science?” Nana blinked.


“But the other girl seems cool” Nana muttered.

“Maxine?, She’s from a very poor family. I still can’t figure out how they became tight friends cos Maxine is gentle and nice” CeCe said.

“Can we stop talking about it already?, We won!, We’re in the spotlight throughout this week!, Cheers!” Carmen raised her cup of soda.

“Cheers!” The rest clinked glasses with her, and they drank at once before starting to eat.

“CeCe! We haven’t gotten the gist about how your blind date went last night” Bianca suddenly said, and CeCe dropped her cup.

“It went insane” she said.

“Insane?” Carmen and Bianca chorused.


Going on blind dates is one of the major thrills in college life, and that’s why the girls go on at least one blind date a week, excluding Carmen through cos she has a boyfriend already.

It was CeCe’s turn to go on the blind date, and Carmen set her up with a working class guy

She got there at exactly 7 as scheduled, but even after thirty minutes, the guy didn’t arrive.

She adjusted her short shirk and checked the time on her phone.

“Is he not coming anymore?” She muttered, and that was when she remembered Bianca actually dropped his line.

She made to dial, but a guy appeared immediately.

“Hi!, CeCe?” He said, and she looked up from her phone to see a bearded guy. Not her type at all.

“Harry?” She said, and he sat.

“Sure, what should we order?” He asked, and CeCe frowned.

“You kept me waiting for over thirty minutes and couldn’t even say sorry, the only thing you could think of is the food?” She said sternly, and Harry smiled before resting back on his chair.

“Wow!, Your temper is just as short as you” he said.

“What!” CeCe’s eyes widened.

“Maybe I should just go straight to the point. If I’ve known you’re short, I wouldn’t have come at all. Short girls are a great turn off for me. If we eventually get married, we’ll end up giving birth to dwarfs like you, think about it” he said, and CeCe’s eyes widened again.

“What the ….

Just then, a girl appeared.

“Babe!, What are you doing here!” She smiled sweetly, and Harry stood.

“Telling a short girl to eat properly so she’d grow tall” he replied, and the girl laughed before kissing him right there.

CeCe folded her fists under the table, feeling so bad.

“Try to wear heels too, it’ll upgrade your height a bit” the girl said after they broke the kiss, and they left together.


“What!” Nana shouted, standing up.

The three girls faced her.

“How could he do such to you in the presence of another girl. How could he call you a dwarf?, Is he mad?, You should have slapped him and send him to coma or something!, How dare he talk down at you gosh!, I wanna tear him apart!” Nana continued talking, shocking the girls.

Nana sat and drank from a cup of water after saying it all, the girls kept staring.

She dropped the cup and blinked.

“Sorry, I just got angry” she said.

“Whoaaaaaa!!!” The girls screamed.

“Was that you just now?, So you can talk like this” CeCe said proudly.

“Turbo mode got activated!, I’m proud of you baby!” Carmen shouted.

“I’ve always known my baby b**ch is not a toy!, I love you b**ch!” Bianca winked, and Nana smiled slightly.

“Tonight… we’re teaching Harry something unforgettable” Carmen said.

“Sure” Bianca said dangerously, and Dwayne entered the cafeteria with Dean.

Dean is his only friend who happens to be Carmen’s boyfriend.

🗣️ Dwayne Miller!!!

🗣️ Kiss me please!

🗣️ I want you !

🗣️ Just one night Dwayne!

🗣️ Let me bless your bed tonight!

Dwayne was chewing gum slowly, smiling naughtily as girls surrounded him immediately.

“Babe!” Carmen stood and rushed to Dean.

“Here” Dean smiled handsomely as Carmen hugged him.

He spanked her @ss during the hug, and immediately they broke it, he kissed her on the spot.

“Eew!, They never get tired of PDA” Bianca said.

“You jealous?” CeCe said.

“F**k you” Bianca replied as Dean and Carmen kept kissing.

Nana smiled lightly as she watched.

“They’re cute” she muttered.

Dean finally broke the kiss, and she stuck her tongue at him.

“I love you” he kissed the tongue.

“I love you too baby” Carmen smiled, then he carried her off the ground.

“Dean!” She giggled.

“I’m hosting a party at the frat house tonight!” He announced.

🗣️ Whoaa!!!!

“Everyone is invited!”

🗣️ Sure!!!!

He left the cafeteria with Carmen, and they resumed kissing as he walked out.

Dwayne is still in the middle of girls, struggling to get out as they all tried to just kiss his lips.

Nana remembered how she fell because of him in the morning, and she sighed.

“He’s nothing but a jerk I hate” she muttered, but immediately their eyes met, her heartbeats started coming rapidly again, and she turned away, hoping he won’t come, but he did.

“Hey neighbor!” His seductive voice said behind her, and her eyes widened.

“Get away, Dwayne” Bianca said, but he sat beside Nana instead.

“Neighbor” he said, moving closer to her.

“My name is Nana!, Not neighbor” she snapped at once, and he smiled again before touching her hair, but she shifted away.

“Dwayne stop being a pest and leave!” Bianca shouted.

“Else we’d have to throw you out” CeCe said seriously as he kept moving close to Nana till she stood.

“I’ll be in class” she said and started leaving, but at the second step, she stepped on a banana peel, dropped earlier by Carmen.

She started falling instantly, and Dwayne didn’t bother to catch her till she landed on the ground.

Immediately she fell, he started laughing hard.

“Nana!” CeCe rushed to her, and Dwayne stood.

Bianca grabbed a slice of pizza and threw it at his face angrily.

“F**k!, Bianca!”

“F**k you!” Bianca gave him the middle finger, and Riley came back into the cafeteria.

“Dwayne!” She rushed to him and quickly wiped the pizza crumbs on his face, then she kissed him afterwards.

Dwayne grabbed her butt immediately, and she giggled into his mouth before deepening the kiss.

By now, CeCe has helped Nana up, and immediately Nana saw the kiss scene again, she left the cafeteria.

“I hope you end up in hell someday!” Bianca fired and left the cafeteria with CeCe.

Riley broke the kiss and massaged Dwayne’s d**k in his trousers.

“I want you” she whispered.

“To the computer lab” he winked.

“I’ll be waiting” she replied, kissing him again before leaving.



Maxine brought Honey there immediately they left the cafeteria, and she took her hand roughly from her.

Maxine is actually a cosmetologist, one of the best in the major.

“Why didn’t you let me teach those twerps a lesson!, I should have ordered my guards to beat them up but you f**king interrupted!, Our friendship is not that deep for you to butt into my affairs anyhow!” Honey yelled.

“The habit of always wanting to act like you own the world is really not cool anymore. They’re humans too and they have feelings” Maxine replied simply, and Honey smirked.

“Are you on their side, or mine?”

“I’m just trying to….

“F**k you!, Don’t talk to me for the rest of this week!” Honey snapped and walked out of the empty LH.

Her guards followed her behind immediately, and she left the building completely.

Maxine came out of the class , and her phone dinged. It’s a reminder of her part time job.

She pocketed the phone and left the building too.



Nana finished eating dinner with her family twenty minutes ago, and she went upstairs immediately.

She’s not a fan of parties, but she wishes to spend more time with her new friends at Dean’s party tonight, so she’s in.

She put on black baggy joggers which belongs to Rona. Shes still on her flow so the black is to avoid obvious stains.

She threw on same colour of hoodie, then white sneakers.

She let her hair loose as usual, then she smiled at herself in the mirror before leaving the room.

The whole family is downstairs. Rona is busy gelling Jisoo’s hair while Jimin is eating grapefruits.

“Mum….I….I need to go for a reading class at Bianca’s place” she lied, and Jisoo smiled.

“You’re going out. I can see it in your eyes” she said.

“Fine, I’m going out. You’re so hard to deceive” Nana replied and started walking out.

“You look like you’re going for a track event. Wear something s*xy instead!* Rona shouted.

“No, it’s cold out there just leave my daughter alone” Jimin replied, and Nana blew him kisses.

“I love you Dad!”

She rushed out of the house and met Bianca waiting already. She’s on a lady’s bike this time around, not her car.

“You have a bike too?” She said surprisingly.

“I rented it, for tonight’s show” she replied, and Nana climbed behind her.

Bianca drove down the road where Carmen and CeCe are waiting on different bikes too, and they all drove off at once.

The stopped the bikes in front of a company after minutes, and as if planned, Harry came out of it with the girl CeCe saw with him last night.

They entered Harry’s car and drove off, then the girls drove after him.

They started chasing him with the bikes, and when he noticed, he increased his speed.

Bianca raced to his window immediately.

“Stop the car dimwit!” She shouted, but he kept racing.

“Stop the f**king car!” Carmen shouted from the other side.

Harry never stopped, so CeCe double-crossed him in the front, and he stopped.

The girls parked the bikes and came down, then they dragged Harry and the girl out of the car.

“CeCe?” He said when he saw her.

CeCe stepped back, but she suddenly took two fast steps to him and slapped him angrily.

“Ahh!” He held his face shockingly.

“Lemme show you what a short girl can do” she said and raised her leg to his face, kicking him hard.

“Argh!” He fell on the car bonnet with a bleeding nose.

Bianca forced him to his knees, and they took the girl’s shoes.

“Run!” Carmen ordered, and she ran away fearfully.

She fell and quickly stood, then she continued running with her barefoot.

Nana started laughing loudly.

“I’m so sorry, I must have been crazy when I said all that to her, please spare me!” Harry begged on his knees.

“Short d**k is what brings short children, and it’s so obvious you’re getting that, so why accusing CeCe of shortness?” Carmen said.

“I’m sorry babes….

“Shut up!” CeCe slapped him again.

“Start frog jump, right now!” Bianca ordered, and he immediately started doing the frog jump.

His trousers tore apart from his buttocks during the jump, and his underpants came to view.

“F**k!” Carmen shouted as they all started laughing loud



Frat house is like the clubhouse of the campus, and a volunteer student gets to host a party there every night.

It’s Dean’s party tonight, and everywhere was already bubbling with electronic pop music when the girls arrived on their bikes.

They’re all changed right now. They’re wearing clingy dresses, all except Nana who’s still wearing her baggy joggers and hoodie.

They all rushed in at once, and students started screaming.

🗣️ BCC!!!

🗣️ Arrival of the spotlight owners!

Carmen spotted Dean easily.

He was sitting beside Dwayne in a corner, and the corner is full of smokes from Dwayne’s weed.

“Baby!” She gushed and rushed to him.

She sat on his laps and rested her head on his chest, drinking from his cup of booze.

CeCe and Bianca rushed to the dance floor, and they started dancing, but Nana sat quietly on a chair, watching everyone.

Bianca got a bottle of champagne and popped it crazily, then she poured it directly into CeCe’s mouth.

“Yeahhh!!!” CeCe shouted, throwing up her hair as she danced wildly.

Bianca suddenly felt a presence behind herself, obviously a guy.

Without looking at who he is, she started rocking her @ss with him, and he got a hold of her hips, but when her nose caught a whiff of his cologne, she looked back quickly, and her eyes widened when she saw who it is.

Atlas! Her ex boyfriend.

She turned and started leaving immediately.

“Bianca!” Atlas rushed after her.

Meanwhile, Riley walked to the corner Dwayne is smoking at.

She sat on his laps and started grinding her @ss on his d**k.

Dwayne puffed on his weed and blew the smokes on her face before dipping his left hand into her blouse.

He started fondling with her b**bs directly.

“You have a mansion in hell” Dean laughed beside them.

“You’re the landlord” Dwayne replied, and Dean laughed .

Riley was about to kiss Dwayne when Honey came in.

She pushed Riley away from him and sat on his laps instead.

Riley hissed and left, and Dwayne smiled, holding Honey’s @ss.

“I love you” she whispered, hanging her arms on his neck as she started her own lap dance.

It’s not the first time she’ll be saying that to him, so he only smirked and leaned in for a kiss.

Nana has been watching everything from her seat, and immediately he kissed Honey, she stood to leave, but someone pulled her back to her seat.

“Shane?” she said surprisingly.

“Nana” he smiled, and she blinked

“I found out your name from students. Sorry” he said again, and she sighed before looking at the bottle of Smirnoff with him.

“Interested?” He asked, pointing it at her.

She has never tasted alcohol, so she had a second thought at first.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you if you get drunk” he said, and she took the bottle immediately.

She drank from it, and he smiled before stroking her hair.

“Good girl” he said, and she drank again.

“Cool” he said, and that was when Dwayne’s eyes caught them.

He smiled devilishly and decided to play a little, so he pushed Honey away from his laps and stood.

His arm tattoos were glossing in the beaming lights, and smokes followed him as he walked to them.

“Hey neighbor, mind giving me a lap dance?” He said, and Nana’s eyes widened as she looked up.

“I’m with her, so go back to your corner” Shane stood, and Dwayne smiled trickily.

“She’s not yours, why the attitude” he said.

“This shouldn’t cause a scene, it’s simple” Martin said, appearing with two crates of beer.

Martin is Shane’s friend.

He dropped the crates on a table.

“One crate for one guy. The first guy to get drunk loses the girl to the other” he said.

“Everybody!, It’s show time!!!” Dean shouted, and the students gathered around.

“What’s happening?” Nana muttered to herself.

🗣️ Dwayne Miller!!

🗣️ Shane Warren!!

🗣️ Dwayne Miller!!

🗣️ Shane Warren!!

Students started chanting loudly

Dwayne was the first to grab a bottle from his crate.

“Let’s get it started” he said, and Shane took one too.

🗣️ Whoaaaaaa!!!!!

TB Continued…