Dwayne Miller episode 6 – 7

{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

THEME; Across My Window


Written By, Naomi Cindy B.


Shane and Dwayne started the drinking competition, and Honey started looking at Nana resentfully.

All these uproar for her???

She’s nothing but a Korean frump so why???

She grabbed a bottle of alcohol and made to drink, but one of her guards stopped her.

“Young miss, madam prohibited alcohol for you” the guard said, and she rolled eyes.

“Get lost!” She snapped and started drinking directly from the bottle.

🗣️ Dwayne Miller!!

🗣️ Shane Warren!!

The screams from students is still ongoing, and the two are currently on the third bottle of beer.

“Why don’t we make this more lively?, If you vote for Dwayne Miller, go to the right” Martin said, and a lot of students went to the right.

“If you vote for Shane Warren, my bestie, come to the left” Martin continued, and a lot of students joined him, but Dwayne’s fans are obviously more.

Nana was looking at everything like a live movie, not understanding a thing.

Why the hell are they drinking because of her???

“Baby girl what’s happening?” CeCe joined her.

“I don’t know” she replied, and CeCe pecked her.

“You’re drawing attention like magnet. You got Dwayne Miller and Shane Warren drinking cos of you. Prepare for a lot of enemies” she winked, and Nana blinked.


“I’m rooting for Shane anyways, he’s not an asshole like Dwayne” CeCe said and stood, then she joined Shane’s team.

🗣️ Dwayne Miller!

🗣️ Shane Warren!

The screams continued.

By now they’re on the sixth bottle, and the pressure got hotter as the screams got louder.

“Shane!!!” Martin shouted, and Dwayne grabbed the seventh bottle.

He was already drinking before Shane grabbed his own, and the drinking continued.

“You’re Dwayne’s bestie. Why aren’t you screaming his name like Martin is screaming Shane’s?” Carmen asked on Dean’s laps.

“Dwayne might be a baddie, but his alcohol tolerance will break once he takes six” Dean replied.

“But he’s on the seventh” Carmen said, and that was when it happened.

Dwayne’s bottle of beer fell from him, and his eyes rolled up in a funny way, then his throat grumbled. He puked out some of the alcohol before falling flat on the floor.

Shane won.

🗣️ Shane Warren!!!

Shane dropped the bottle and looked over at Nana, then he smiled cutely.

Nana only blinked at first, but when she remembered what’d have happened if Dwayne won, she smiled back.

Shane came back to her, and Dean took Dwayne out of the house.

“Glad I won” he said when he settled beside her.

“Same here, I’d have died if he did” she replied, and he smiled again.

“But are you ok?, You had six bottles” she asked, looking at his tummy.

“I’m tolerant till the eighth” he replied, and her eyes widened.

“Whoa!, But who’s that jerk who suggested the competition?” She asked.

“Here I am!” Martin appeared and sat beside Shane.

“Here’s the jerk. Meet Martin, my best friend” Shane introduced, and Nana giggled.

“You’re crazy”

“I know. Nice to meet you Nana” Martin winked, and Nana giggled again.

“Are you a linguist too?”

“Sure, the most popular major in WSU” Martin replied.

“Oh…” Nana nodded.

“It’s thirty minutes to 10!, Dance away your worries and f**k away your pains!, Bang!” The DJ screamed, and the music started coming loudly again, shaking up the whole place.

Martin was the first to stand and rush to the stage, then Shane grabbed Nana’s hand.


“Shhh” he winked, and she smiled before following him.

They went to the floor, and they started dancing closely, though Nana is not good with pop dance, she’s only shaking her body, and Shane is going with the flow.

“You’ve never clubbed before” he said behind her.

“Yes” she replied, facing him.

He suddenly grabbed her waist, and she gasped, looking up at his face.

“Just follow my lead” he said, and she nodded nervously, moving with him as their bodies rubbed dangerously.

Meanwhile, Bianca was already heavily drunk, and as she danced alone, Atlas came behind her and started dancing with her again.

She faced him, and he smiled, but this time, she didn’t push him away. She only stared at him till their bodies gummed, and they started dancing slowly.

Even in her drunk state, she could still hear the loud slams of her heart.

Though he broke her heart last month by sleeping with Serena, but she still can’t stop her wild heartbeats anytime he’s around. She still has feelings left for him.

She kept staring into his bright eyes as they danced, and he started leaning in slowly.

The beats and rhythm of the music seeped madly into her head, and the romantic lines did insane things to her heart, so much that she was unaware of when she suddenly pulled him closer and kissed him hard.

Atlas responded almost immediately, and Bianca hardened it.

Shane and Nana were still dancing, and she’s now accustomed to the dance, so Shane let go of her waist, and she continued the dance by herself.

They were still on it when Dwayne came back in, and immediately girls sighted him, they drew him to the middle and pulled off his shirt, then they started pouring alcohol on his head, bathing him with it.

The screams of “Dwayne Miller” from girls rented the whole place, and when Honey couldn’t watch his closeness to girls anymore, she left the clubhouse angrily.

Her driver drove her home, and immediately they arrived, she stormed into the castle, walking past her mum in the living room.

“Honey!, Honey what’s up again?, Honey!” Mrs Windsor shouted, rushing after her.

She got the her doorstep but she has locked the door from inside.

“Honey talk to me!” She shouted.

“Not now mum, see you tomorrow morning” she replied from inside.

“Ok baby, goodnight!” Mrs Windsor left, and Honey sighed from inside.

She got her phone and went to her gallery.

Only Dwayne’s picture dominated the whole place, pictures she took secretly.

She started smiling as she stared at them, and she even kissed his lips from one of them.

She stood and looked around her room. Framed pictures of Dwayne are surrounding the wall, and she even photoshopped her picture with his own, making them look like couples.

She took that particular one and started rubbing his face, but when she remembered how girls surrounded him earlier, she frowned.

The most annoying part is when he pushed her away from his laps just to go compete with Shane for Nana.

“She’s the same girl I met at the cafeteria earlier. I know what to do, I’m still Honey Windsor” she smiled knowingly.



Nana came out of the bathroom after her morning bath, looking refreshed and relaxed.

She has a morning class today, and she has to get to school as fast as possible.

Last night was so enjoyable, thanks to Shane.

Bianca and CeCe got drunk, and Carmen left earlier with Dean, so it was Shane who drove her home.

She smiled when she remembered him, then she sat in front of her dressing table.

“Maybe not all Washington guys are jerks like Dwayne Miller” she muttered and started creaming herself.

She found herself a dark blue denim skirt and a long sleeved shirt.

She dressed up and winced when her fingers suddenly touched her knees.

She remembered how it peeled when the bursty girl pushed her away from Dwayne yesterday, and how it peeled more when she bumped into Shane.

“I didn’t treat it, hope it won’t get pus” she muttered and got ointment from her bedstand drawer, then wound patch.

She applied the ointment and patched it up before wearing her sneakers, then her phone dinged.

It’s a message from the group chat.

She luckily got added to BCC group chat.

CARMEN: Guys!, The lecture is starting soon!, ‘Re you guys still home?

Nana’s eyes widened as she typed a reply.

NANA: About to leave the house, please save me a seat, W’BOUT CeCe?

CARMEN: She arrived just now, be quick please… Mrs Whitney is strict

NANA: Qui!

She logged out and carried her backpack, then she rushed to her window to close it, but she saw Dwayne across.

He’s about to close his window too.

He gave her the middle finger, but she ignored him and shut the window, then she rushed out of the room.

The family is in the dinning, consuming breakfast already.

“Don’t tell me you’re not gonna eat again today?” Rona said.

“I’m almost late!” Nana shouted, and Jimin carried his plate of rice to her.

He started feeding her as they stood.

“Even if it’s just three spoonfuls” he said, and Nana started taking it fast.

“You’re only spoiling her” Jisoo rolled eyes.

“Just say you’re jealous that you’re not the one dad is feeding that way” Rona stick out her tongue, and Jisoo gave a sour face.

Rona took a cup of water and rushed to give Nana after she has successfully took six spoons of Rice from Jimin.

She drank the water and blew kisses to both of them.

“Saranghe appa! Saranghe eonni!” (Love you Dad!, Love you big sis!)

“Mum will be opening a Korean restaurant soon!” Rona announced.

“I’ll listen to the full gist when I come back ok?” Nana replied and rushed out of the house.

She rushed to the Millers mansion and met Dwayne just coming out of the house.

She ignored him and made to go in…

“Bianca is not at home” he said, but nevertheless, she entered and met Mary in the living room.

“Goodmorning Mrs Miller” she greeted respectfully.

“Morning angel, you here for Bianca?” She asked.

“Sure, we’re having a early morning class” Nana replied.

“That b**ch of mine didn’t come home last night” Mary said, and Nana gasped.


“It’s not her first time so I’m used to it. Go on don’t be late” Mary replied and came closer.

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She brushed Nana’s hair with her fingers before kissing it.

“You’re just so adorable” she said, and Nana smiled.

“Thanks ma’am, bye!”

“Bye angel!” Mary waved as she rushed out of the house.

Dwayne was still waiting in front of the house, beside his black car.

“I don’t lie all the time” he shrugged, and she ignored him again.

She started walking away, but when she remembered Bianca is not around to drive with, she stopped.

Walking to the bus station will take five minutes and riding the bus will take another twenty minutes, she’ll surely miss the class if she tries it, so she turned back, deciding to swallow her pride.

“Can you… please give me a ride to…. School?” She begged, and Dwayne smiled arrogantly.

He got a roll of weed from his pocket and lightened it, then he puffed hard before facing her, breathing out smokes.

“No” he said, and Nana gasped as he entered his car and drove away, he almost hit her with the car as he drove past her.

“That asshole” She bit her lip hard as she started running fast to the bus station.



Bianca’s nose was filled with the smell of alcohol when she woke up, and her head was banging with headache.

She wriggled like a new born baby before opening her eyes slowly, her short hair covering her face.

Immediately she saw her environment, she sat up, and the duvet fell from her body, revealing her b**bs.

She’s naked!

Her eyes widened, and she looked at the ground.

Her gown is lying beside the bed, and her bra is on the bedstand, her shoes are scattered around with her bag, then a condom foil paper is beside her gown.

Her eyes are still wide when she remembered how she drove home with Atlas last night, and how they…..

“I must have been crazy!, F**k!” She gasped and got down from the bed.

She threw on her bra and gown before grabbing her bag and shoes, and that was when Atlas came out of the bathroom in only his towel.

“You’re awake?” He smiled, and she picked the flower vase on the bedstand.

She threw it at him but he dodged, then she rushed out of the house with her shoes in hand.

Her hair is still scattered as she stopped a taxi, then she started arranging it.

She put on her shoes and got her phone from her bag.

So many calls from her friends and messages from the group chat.

“Mrs Whitney’s class! I’m so dead!, Why the hell did I get drunk!”



Mrs Whitney’s class ended just now, and students started moving out of the class cos the next class is in an hour.

Nana was luckily able to make it though she had to run and enter the class same time with the lecturer.

“Where did that b**ch crash at last night?” Carmen wondered, getting her phone to call Bianca again.

“You think she’s with Atlas?, I saw them dancing together” CeCe said.

“Come off it! Same guy who broke her heart last month?” Carmen replied.

“We both know she’s still in love with him” CeCe said.

“Atlas is her ex?” Nana asked.

“Yes. He broke her heart by sleeping with Serena last month. The whole school bubbled with the news, and Honey even casted it on her TV” Carmen replied.

“Girls!” Bianca suddenly showed up in front of them.

“The f**k!, Why do you look like a starved duck?, Where the hell are you coming from with same gown you wore last night!” CeCe shouted.

“I’ll gist you guys, just come with me to the cafe” she replied, pulling them along, but someone pulled Nana back.

“Shane?” She smiled when she saw him.

“I saw you grimacing during Mrs Whitney’s class” he said.

“Yeah. I don’t understand some parts” she pouted, and he stroked her hair fondly.

“Let’s go to the library, I’ll be your tutor” he said, and she smiled before following him.

“I’ll tag along!” Martin appeared.

“Whatever” Shane replied as they made their way to the library.

After thirty minutes, they came out of the library, and Nana stretched softly.

“Thanks for the tutorial Shane, I owe you a gift” she said.

“I’ll be waiting” Shane smiled.

“Thanks for last night, I owe you another gift for that” she said.

“You’re owing me two” he smiled, and she nodded.

“Need to go meet my friends” she said.

“See ya in the next class” Shane replied as she left.

He was staring at her till she went out of sight, and Martin coughed insincerely.

“I know what cough” Shane rolled eyes.

“You have a crush on her?” Martin asked, and just when Shane made to talk, Maxine appeared.

“We need to talk” she said.



Many students still have classes going on, so the cafeteria is not so crowded.

Nana found her friends fast, and she joined their table.

Bianca’s head is on the table, and she looks frustrated.

“She actually slept at Atlas’s place, a one night stand” CeCe said.

“What!, A one night stand with your ex?, Bianca” Nana gasped, and Bianca looked up.

“I know right?, I’m screwed!, Atlas will scream it around the whole school!” She said and scattered her hair before returning her face to the table, then the TV came on.

It’s tuned to Poker TV, so it’s Honey on screen.

“The peacock is here again” Carmen said, and Bianca raised her head.

“Hi viewers!, It’s your favorite Honey Windsor again, and this time!, I’m here with gists about the competition at the frat house last night between the most popular guy im campus… Dwayne Miller and the most brilliant linguist, Shane Warren” Honey said, and everyone became attentive.

“They actually competed because of the shapeless Korean girl Kim Nana, but why?, Because Kim Nana is one of Dwayne Miller’s f*ckmates, and she told him if he wins the competition, she’d give him doggy as a gift, and as we all know, our Dwayne hates losing a good f**k, so….

“What!” Bianca spranged up with the rest of the girls.

“What’s she talking about?” Nana muttered shockingly.

“Why?, You can’t f**k with me?” Dwayne asked behind her.

He’s just coming in with Riley.

Nana faced him slowly.

“Did you tell her to say that on TV?” She said, feeling like crying.

“What if?, Are you gonna slap me?, Stop acting like a saint, saints like you are actually the worse” Dwayne replied, and Nana gasped.

“Boraguyo” (what!)

“Why did you close your eyes the other time at my house?, Weren’t you expecting a kiss?, I’m sure if I had kissed you, you’d have seduced me to f**k you also, it’s just so obvious” Dwayne said, and Riley laughed mockingly beside him.

Tears fell from Nana’s eyes as everyone started staring at her, even the BCC.

Dwayne’s bubble gum made smacking sound as he popped it loudly.

“I know you’re a badass in the guise of a saint, and you’re…..

Before he could finish that statement, Nana delivered a resounding slap on his left cheek, and everyone gasped out as the bubble gum flew out of Dwayne’s mouth.

Cameras started clicking immediately, and more tears poured out of Nana’s eyes as she slapped his right cheek too.

“How dare you!” Dwayne spat with red unbelievable eyes, but it wasn’t over…

Nana grabbed the cup of chilled water on the table and poured it on his face

🗣️ What!

Then like whim!, She slapped him again, and Dwayne bled from the nose.

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