Dwayne Miller

Dwayne miller episode 73 – 74

{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

THEME; Across My Window


Written By, Naomi Cindy B.


“Stan… Stanley” Dwayne stuttered, shockingly as blood kept pumping out of his stabbed chest.

“I’m….I’m so… sorry” Stanley stuttered painfully as tears dropped from his eyes.

“Stanley … You’ve … You’re the one who has been stabbing me?”

Dwayne was still looking extra shocked as he spoke.

“I’m… I’m sorry Dwayne” Stanley stuttered.

“Why!!!!” Dwayne screamed in tears. His back was still bleeding.

“I’m a member of… Pentatonix dance crew, led by Platinum” Stanley said weakly. He was still crying and bleeding.

Dwayne cried more, feeling painfully stings of betrayal.

“Riley, Serena and Atlas are members too” he said, and Dwayne rested his palms on the ground as his tears fell on it.

“I joined after your twin was killed by Platinum, and when I tried to quit after finding out, I was threatened with death, and I was forced to stab you twelve times with a poisonous knife… Believe me I didn’t use the knife cos I couldn’t, but I just had to give you shallow stabs so Platinum wouldn’t suspect, that’s why I’ve been stabbing you, but you’ll be ok cos the stabs aren’t deep, I knowingly made it that way and…”

He stopped and spit out a copious amount of blood.

“And please don’t go to Cuba, else you’ll…. you’ll die like… Like your twin” he said and closed his eyes painfully.

His blood formed a pool around him already.

Dwayne sat on the ground beside him, facing the sky tearfully.

“Dwight!!!” He cried out again.

“Dwayne!” Nana came running, crashing beside him on her knees.

She fell on her butt when she saw Stanley, then she covered her mouth with her palms.

“Stan…. Stanley?” She said shockingly.

Stanley opened his eyes slowly.

“I’m so sorry Dwayne, don’t ever forgive me… Please” he muttered as the last trace of tears dropped from his eyes.

They went shut afterwards, and his body went limp on the ground.

Nana quickly felt his vein, and her eyes widened when no movement was detected.

“He’s dead!” She said fearfully.

Dwayne stood and pulled her up.

“Let’s go” he said, taking her away.

They got back to the house fast, and as Nana dressed the wound, he told her everything Stanley said.

“Pentatonix dance crew?” She said, coming to sit in front of him.

“I wasn’t even suspecting them, cos Platinum was Dwight’s close friend back then” he replied.


“Yes. After us, it’s Pentatonix dance crew, and they won the dance competition that year. I guess he’s scared that I might wanna compete this year, that’s why he planned this”

“But thankfully, Stanley has been using ordinary knife” she said.

Dwayne pulled her into a gentle hug, and she reciprocated immediately.

“Are we still going to Cuba tommorow?”

“Of course, I’m not scared” he replied, closing his eyes as he tightened the hug.



Thanks to Aura’s street life, they were able to locate a safe place for Alex and Honey’s punishment.

The shack is a small house which might just go down with a drop of rain.

Honey and Alex were thrown in, and they had them tied.

Aura left to get the necessary torture equipments.

Shane sat on a chair in front of them, looking at them devilishly.

“Let us go!!!” Honey cried.

“Let us go bastard!, You think I’m scared of you?, I belong to the street ok?, At the snap of my finger, my guys will arrive!” Alex bragged.

Shane stood and got a plank from the ground, then he went close and hit it violently on his head.

“Argggg!!!” He shrieked agonizingly.

“Call the guys right now, call them son of a dog!, Call them!” Shane shouted, kicking him with his boots.

Blood painted his face within minutes, and he began crying.

“I’m sorry I promise not to talk anymore!, I’m sorry!!!” He begged fast.

Shane moved to Honey and knelt beside her.

He pulled her up by the hair, and she started crying.

“If I don’t kill you, then to hell with me” he said bitterly, hitting her head on the ground.

“I’m sorry Shane!!!, I shouldn’t have done it I know, think about the fact that we’re siblings, think about the fact that you, Maxine and Aura share same father with me and don’t kill me!!!” She cried .

“What!” Aura came in.

She heard her obviously.

“What did you just say?” Shane said unbelievably.

“I swear my father is yours too! Shane, you and Maxine share same blood with I and Aura. Maybe your mum told you that your father is dead, but that’s to keep you away from him cos of my mum. Your mum had an affair with my dad and it led to you both. You’re twins actually, and Maxine is our baby sis” Honey cried as she explained.

Aura staggered and almost fell immediately she heard everything.

“Pluck my hair and take it for DNA test, we share same blood trust me, or you can ask my dad directly. He’d tell you everything so far my mum isn’t there, we’re siblings please don’t kill me!!!” Honey cried harder.

Shane shot Honey’s arm again, and she cried out in agony.

“No!!!, Please don’t kill me!, I’m sorry for everything please stop shooting me I’m dying!, I’m dying!!!” She cried again.

“What nonsense are you spouting?, You crazy?” Shane said.

“I’m not lying believe me and meet dad!, Meet him please!!!” Honey screamed.

Shane suddenly remembered when Maxine fainted back then, he met Mr Windsor with her, calling her name.

His eyes widened. Why didn’t he take it serious?.

His eyes caught the necklace on Aura’s neck again, and his eyes widened more.

Aura emptied the nylon with her, and different torture equipments fell out.

The first thing she took was the candle.

She tied six together and lightened them, then she walked to the two.

“Your hell starts now” she said and started dropping the candle wax on their bodies. They’re still naked thankfully.

Right from the first drop, they were already seeing the gate of hell, and hellish screams rented the whole place.

Shane got Honey’s phone and unlocked with her trembling finger, then he dialled Mr Windsor’s line

He walked out of the place, and Mr Windsor picked shortly.

“Called to threaten me about Shane and Aura again? If you and your mother do as much as touching them, I won’t take it easy like I said. I promised not to go to them again so just leave them alone!” He screamed, and Shane hardened his jaws.

“It’s Shane on the line, let’s meet at my place” he said.

“Huh?, Shane?, Shane…

He hung up and drove his bike out of the place.

It took ten minutes to get back to his house, and Mr Windsor was already waiting.

Immediately he got down from the bike, he grabbed his collar tightly, choking him indirectly.

“What the hell is going on!, What was Honey spewing about I and Aura being twins and… Siblings with Honey… What shitty thing was she saying about father!” Demanded impatiently.

“Your necklaces are enough verification. Suzanne gave it to you both immediately after birth, and she dropped Aura for me after I got married to Fiona. Another nightstand led to Maxine. I’m so sorry Shane, I should have been a better father, I should have…

Shane pushed him away, and he fell on the ground heavily. He started crying.

“I’m not understanding a thing” he muttered, turning around on a spot.

“Fiona kept me away from you guys and even influenced me to treat Aura harshly when she was still in the mansion, Shane I’m sorry. I’m really to confess publicly so please forgive me and…

Shane didn’t listen to the rest before climbing his bike, driving off again.

He went back to the shack, and as expected, Honey and Alex’s bodies were already unrecognizable from the wax.

He got the can of burning oil and opened it fast.

He poured it on Honey’s back, and that spot peeled off immediately, smokes emanated.

“AHHHHH!!!!” Honey cried hellishly again.

He did same to Alex, but on his scrotum.

“Arggggghhh!!!!” He screamed, his veins coming out on his forehead with full force.

Shane continued pouring it on different parts of their bodies till he finished the oil, then he got the horsewhips.

He began lashing mercilessly at their half-peeled skin, imagining when he was hitting Maxine.

He was crying as he lashed, and Aura joined him shortly.

They lashed them together till they both she’d hot water.



Stanley’s body was brought in by Riley and Atlas.

Platinum stood immediately, smirking as he took a look.

“We found him on that street, but we weren’t able to locate Dwayne and Nana, he’s the only one who knows” Atlas reported.

“Throw his body into the sea, and come back here for the last practice against tommorow” Platinum ordered.

Serena and Riley dragged out the body.



🗣️ Honey Windsor is missing?

🗣️ Who the hell kidnapped the billionaire’s daughter?

🗣️ Are you sure he was kidnapped?

🗣️ She might just follow a d**k out of the country, she loves d**k

🗣️ Whatever, it’s their headache

🗣️ Did you hear about Stanley?

🗣️ Heard his body was found floating in the sea this morning

🗣️ Yeah, he got stabbed on the chest

🗣️ What!, The gay guy?

🗣️ F**k!, I pity Martin.

No one is quite, the news everywhere. Pullman is steamy right now, especially about Honey’s kidnap.

Fiona has ransacked everywhere with the cops.

Her phone isn’t traceable, likewise her car.

She went to almost every TV station to announce in tears, searching desperately for her daughter, even on Honey’s Poker TV.

“I seriously don’t pity her” CeCe said, coming out of the library with the girls.

“You just said my mind” Bianca replied.

“Who’d pity that witch?, I’d always wished she’d go far and never come back, God answers prayers” Carmen replied, and they laughed.

“But who killed Stanley?” CeCe asked.

“Maybe he’s a cult member, who knows” Carmen replied.

“Cults still exist in WSU?, Nah” Bianca said.

“Who knows?” CeCe said.

“I’m not seeing Rudy in school” Bianca suddenly said.

“Serena, Riley, and bloody Atlas are absent too” Carmen said.

“Dwayne, Nana, Shane, Honey too… School feels empty without drama queens and kings” CeCe said.

They suddenly saw Martin coming ahead, and they stopped walking.

His eyes are so red, and he was walking so fast. He obviously cried so much already.

He didn’t look sidewards before going out of the hallway completely.

“Poor him” Carmen said.



“I don’t think Fiona will have your time right now, her daughter is missing” Rona said.

She’s sitting in front of Mary with Richard.

“I’m glad” Mary smiled.

“It’s been long since I saw you smile” Richard said, and she smiled again.

“Even if it’s for two days, at least I’d experience peace” she said.

“I know, right?” Rona giggled.

“The news!” Richard suddenly gasped, and they all faced the TV.

Mr Windsor is live!

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Honey and Alex were already half-dead, but the torturers are still on.

This time, it’s a video of Alex f**king Honey.

Aura was the shooter, capturing everything on her phone.

“Moan!” She shouted at Honey as Alex f**ked her weakly.

Honey made to do it, but her voice didn’t come out.

“Moan!” Aura kicked her.

She was crying as she screamed, replaying the fact that she’s Shane’s twin in her head.

“Ouch” Honey moaned lifelessly, and Aura wiped her tears.

“The news” Shane suddenly said, and she rushed to him.

Mr Windsor is live on the most popular TV in Pullman, and he was crying.

“I’m not a father of just one child. I have four” he sniffed, and Shane held the phone tighter.

“Shane Warren, late Maxine Warren, and Aura Windsor are my kids” he cried loudly, and Shane started crying again.

“It was my mistake. I deceived Suzanne Warren into a relationship, even when I felt nothing for her. Fiona framed Suzanne for poisoning because of it!. Yes, my wife was the real perpetrator, the video is with me and I’m handing it over to the cops. I know I’ve never been a good father, and I’m apologizing right now, I’m so sorry kids, I don’t deserve y’all…

“F***k!!!!!!” Shane screamed, smashing the phone.

Aura sat on the ground and started crying hard as she blocked her ears with her palms.

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Fiona came out after making another TV appearance about Honey.

She was crying as she opened her car to go in, but a police car suddenly stopped beside her, and four cops came out.

“Queen Mrs Fiona Windsor, you’re under arrest for the poisoning of Magnolia Demi and framing of Suzanne Warren which led to her death” one of them said, waving a warrant in the air.


“You have the right to hire an attorney, otherwise remain silent till court, for anything you say will be useful in the law court” another said as she got handcuffed.

“No….no what’s happening?, I’m still looking for my daughter so let me go!!!, Let me go bastards!, Let me go!!!!”



The lovebirds arrived since the afternoon, and they’ve been preparing for the competition ever since.

Dwayne’s stage outfit arrived just now, and he’s already dressing up.

They actually lodged in a guesthouse since hotel is a no.

Nana smiled after arranging his new hairstyle , then she hugged him.

“You look great as always, just good to go” she said, and he broke the hug to kiss her lips.

“I love you”

“Love you bad” she winked, and he laughed as he stroked her hair.

“I’ll get the award for you and Dwight, I promise” he said.

“Am I really gonna stay here?, Watching from the TV won’t be as sweet as watching live” she pouted.

“I can’t risk it again please. You have to stay here throughout, promise?” He said, and she nodded.

“Sure” she smiled, and a car honked outside.

“Must be Rudy” he said, rushing out of the room.

Nana rushed to hug him from behind.

“Missing you already” she pouted, and he broke it to kiss her forehead.

“See ya later!” He winked and rushed out.

Rome was already waiting outside in the car.

“I love your stage outfit, dude” he said.

“Thanks man, where’s Rome?” He asked.

“He’s with Dean at the hall already”

“Dean?” Dwayne faced him quickly.

“It was supposed to be a surprise” Rudy replied, and Dwayne smiled as he drove off.

Immediately they left, Nana saw Dwayne’s second shoe lace on the ground, and her eyes widened.

“Did he not tie the second?”

She said worriedly and rushed out, but they’re already gone



The car halted in the midst of thousands cars in the parking lot, and Dwayne inhaled.

“You scared?” Rudy asked.

“Why would I?” Dwayne replied, and Rudy smiled.

“Trust you”

The competition started already, and the thousands of people were already screaming out their lungs inside, trying to make is explode.

“I think the crowd is much than last one” Rudy said.

“Next on the list will shock you all, the best dancers in England some years ago!” The MC voice suddenly said.

“So fast?, I was among the last to register” Dwayne said surprisingly.

“Let’s go” Rudy said, and immediately he came out of the car, Dean and Rome joined them.

“Don’t say anything to me, just go and let’s talk when you win the award” Dean smiled.

Dwayne smiled too, and he started walking towards the hall with them.

Immediately he took the fifth step, he felt excess space in the left shoe, and when he took a look, his eyes widened.

“The laces!”

“I can just give you mine” Dean said.

“It’s not same bro, it’s customized … f**k” Dwayne muttered.

“D-Square!!!!!!!!!!” The MC screamed, and the hall went crazy with loud screams immediately.

🗣️ D-Square!

🗣️ D-Square!

🗣️ D-Square!!!

“What are we gonna do?” Rome asked.

“Dwayne!” They heard Nana’s voice from behind, the they turned back at once.

She’s just coming down from a taxi.

“Your lace!” She shouted, pointing up the white lace happily.

Their eyes widened immediately, especially Dwayne’s.

“No!!!!!!” He screamed, and immediately Nana took the first step, the expected happened.

A loud gunshot echoed, and she got hit on the back.

“Nana!!!!!” Dwayne started running madly to her as she stood still, spitting blood.

Dwayne was still running when the second gunshot came, and the bullet penetrated into her back too.

Blood shot out of her ears and nostrils, and Dwayne’s tears fell as he ran insanely.


The third gunshot sounded…

TB Continued…

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