Dwayne Miller episode 8 – 9

{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

THEME; Across My Window


Written By, Naomi Cindy B.


Dwayne bled from the nose, and the camera lights on his face tripled as he stared shockingly at Nana.

Everyone were obviously beyond shocked too. Who’d dare slap the most popular guy in WSU???

“What the hell did you just do!” Dwayne spat, the blood from his nose dropping on his white shirt as he went closer to her.

“Stay away from me, I hate you!!!” She shouted, and Dwayne made to hit her, but Shane came in and stood between them.

“Seriously?, Act mature” he said and pushed Dwayne’s chest.

Dwayne staggered away, and he grabbed Nana’s hand, taking her away from the cafeteria.

“Dwayne are you ok?” Riley tried touching his face, but she hit her hand away before starting to walk out.

The camera lights from students are still flashing on his face. He snatched one and smashed it angrily before leaving completely.

“What just happened?” Carmen asked the girls.

“Need to go find Nana” Bianca replied and rushed oit.

CeCe and Carmen followed her.


Shane let go of Nana when they got to a silent hall, and they faced each other.

She still has tears on her face, and he wiped them first.

“He’s an asshole, you don’t have to cry cos of his words” he said, and she nodded with a sniff.

“The whole school watched the TV, now I’ll be recognized as one of his b**ches when I haven’t even had s*x before!” She snapped, and his eyes widened.


“Did I say that out loud?” She blinked, and he smiled before stroking her hair.

“I didn’t hear anything, trust me” he said, and they both laughed.

“Thanks for bringing me here anyways. My mood got lifted” she said.

“Let’s go for the next class” he said, and immediately they stepped out of the hall, they met BCC.

“Nana!” Bianca breathed heavily. They’ve obviously been searching everywhere for her.

“See you in class” Shane said and left.

“You guys believe that jerk?,, Y’all said nothing when he saw spewing trash about me” she said

“Trust me, for a split second, I believed” Bianca said truthfully.

“Me too” Carmen said.

“Me too, and that’s because Dwayne is a jerk who gets girls easily, and yunno we just met you…. ” CeCe said, and Nana nodded.

“It’s fine, I understand.

“No it’s obvious you’re mad at us” Bianca came closer and held her hand.

“We’re sorry. Now we know your stand” she said, squeezing her hand softly.

“Babe…ok?” Carmen said, and CeCe made puppy faces.

Nana smiled eventually, and they all hugged her at once.

“Gosh….I love you” Bianca pouted.

“I love you guys more” Nana giggled, hugging them back.

“But oh girl…. you’ll be in the spotlight instead of us. You just slapped the most handsome guy in WSU” Carmen said immediately they broke the hug.

“Not just one, but three boiling slaps, I felt it” CeCe laughed derisively.

“He actually deserves it” Bianca replied, and they all laughed.

“So you missed Mrs Whitney’s class, get ready to lose two marks, you know her attendance is part of the test” CeCe said, and Bianca pouted.

“Whatever, I’ll make up for it in the exam, let’s go to class” she replied, and they started leaving for class.

As they walked the already full hallway, students didn’t stop murmuring for once.

🗣️ That’s her, the Korean b**ch

🗣️ Whoa!, She’s pretty!

🗣️ It’s not about the prettiness, it’s about what she did to Dwayne, how dare she slap that priceless face!

🗣️ I hate her!

🗣️ Go to hell!

🗣️ She looks like a witch!

🗣️ You just said my mind

🗣️ I wish Dwayne dealt with her!

Nana plugged in her earpieces when she got tired of listening, and Bianca smiled.

Honey suddenly blocked their way, and they stopped walking.

“Here for your share of the slaps?” CeCe asked sarcastically, and Honey smirked, facing Nana.

“Slapping Dwayne and hurting him was way out of it!, How dare you lay your scaly palm on his face!” She shouted, drawing attention.

“And how dare you say that about me on TV!” Nana shouted back, and Honey laughed.

“Because that’s who you are, you’re obviously trying to get his attention, you’re so obvious” she replied, and when Nana made to slap her, Carmen held her hand.

“No don’t, you’ll land in serious trouble with her family” she whispered, and Nana relented reluctantly, then she moved closer to Honey.

“If you want Dwayne, then go straight to him instead of bothering me. I don’t know how long my self control will last” she whispered and pushed her chest before walking away.

“Dry chest, do you even have b**bs?, I pity your future generations” CeCe shook her head, and Carmen laughed as they walked away.

“Those lowlifes” Honey muttered angrily.



No lab session going on, so the lab is dry, only Dwayne is in, wiping the blood on his nose with tissues.

As he wiped, he imagined Nana’s face in his head, and he has already killed her completely.

His face is all swollen red as a result of the slaps, and it hurts like mad.

” I knew I’d find you here. Your sulking unit” Dean said, coming in.

Dwayne continued wiping his nose without replying, and he sat beside him.

“If you ask me, you’re at fault for saying trash to her. How would you feel if a guy like you says that to Bianca, especially if the guy hasn’t f**ked her before?” He said.

“If you’re not on my side, leave me please” Dwayne replied, and Dean stood.

“Good luck on your revenge plan, asshole” he said and left the lab.

“D**khead” Dwayne muttered, still feeling angry.

Almost immediately, Riley came in.

“I know what you want right now” she said, and he looked up.

“This” she smiled and started stripping herself till her last underwear.

She stood stark naked in front of him, then she started fingering herself seductively, moaning to her own fingers.

“Come here…..you need it” she moaned, and Dwayne stood instantly.

He pushed her to a table and she went flat on it, then her legs curved as he replaced her fingers with his own, finger f**king her as hard as he wants.

He was depositing his fury in her p*ssy, and she was taking it with pleasure.

“F**k!, Yeah baby!”

She was expecting him to pulle down his trousers and use his d**k after a while, but as usual, he didn’t.

She suddenly sat up and tried unbolting his belt, but he stopped her and kissed her instead, then he reinserted his fingers into her.

“Ouch!, Why don’t you like f**king me with your d**k?” She moaned loudly.

Instead of answering, Dwayne pushed her back to the table and tripled his fingers inside her as she started c*mming.

“Dwayne gosh!”


Rona came out of a taxi in front of a bank, and she inhaled loudly.

It’s the fifth bank she’d be visiting today, searching for accountant slots, but she hasn’t been lucky.

She sighed and walked into the bank , then she met one of the guards.

“Saw there’s a vacancy for an additional accountant” she said.

“Oh…. This way leads to the general manager’s office” the guard pointed.

“Thanks” she replied and went that way.

She was allowed entry, and she met the handsome young man on seat.

He looked up, and she saw a glint in his eyes immediately, but she brushed it off and smiled.

“My name is Kim Rona, a certified accountant from Seoul university, heard you’re short of accounts, I don’t mind filling in” she said fluently, and the guy smiled.

“A Korean?, Interesting, sit” he said, and Rona sat gently in front of him.

She dropped her credentials on the table, and he started checking them out carefully.

“You graduated with a second class upper” he said.

“Yes” she replied, and he nodded.

He continued checking till the last document, and she prayed fervently with her mind for positivity.

He finished checking and looked up at once.

“It’s very easy to get hired, so far you can follow the protocol” he said, and Rona raised a brow.


He stood and left his seat, then he walked to her and placed an arm on her shoulder, her eyes widened.

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“Give and take. Use what you have to get what you want, young lady” he whispered behind her, and Rona froze.

He continued caressing her shoulders, and she swallowed hard when he started bringing his hand to the front of her blouse.

“You look sweet, why not let me have a taste?, Huh?, Rona” he said trickily.

He almost grabbed her b**bs in her blouse, but she suddenly pushed him away, and he fell.

She got her bag and hit it on his head, then she slapped him soundly.

“I’ll never sell my body for anything!, If you’re looking for something sweet to taste then buy pineapple syrup you idiotic son of a b**tch!, I hope you never find peace!” She shouted and started rushing out, but she suddenly came back and slapped him again.

“F**k!, Security!” He shouted, but Rona was already out before the securities got in.

She stopped a taxi and quickly got in, then she sighed and rested back on the headrest.

“It’s so hard to get a job in this place, will I ever?” She muttered tiredly and sadly.

“I need to help mum and dad with the house finances, I just can’t continue sitting at home all day….gawd” she dived her fingers into her hair frustratingly.



“Finally we can go home!” CeCe screamed when the girls came out of the class after the last class.

“And prepare for Mrs Whitney’s test” Carmen said.

They’re actually writing the lecturer’s test tommorow.

“Wait girls!, Why don’t we do a group reading at the city library before going home?” Bianca suggested.

“I’m definitely in!” Nana said.

“Let’s move” Carmen said, but just as they were about to move, Atlas appeared.

“Gosh….I knew it” Bianca muttered.

“Bianca we need to talk about last night” he said, and she sighed.

“There’s nothing to talk about. I got drunk and had a night stand with you, forget about it like it never happened” she replied simply.

“Thought you wanna get back together with me. The fact that we f**ked means you still feel something for me…. right?” He said, and Bianca started laughing loud.

“Why don’t you go into comedy, it’s surely your calling” she said she she recovered.

“I know, right?” Carmen giggled

“How do you expect her to still be interested in getting back together when you broke her heart for Serena. You’re unbelievable” CeCe said.

“I think I heard my name” Serena said, appearing suddenly.

“Hey babe!” Atlas faced her, and she gave him a short kiss.

“I wanna puke!, Eew!” CeCe held her throat.

“Feel like throwing up my guts!” Carmen said, pretending like she’d really throw up.

“Never show up in front of me anymore, Atlas” Bianca warned seriously before leaving with them.

“You’re really something else” Nana said, folding her arms on her b**bs.

“Oh…the popular new Korean shit?, What’s your deal?” Serena rolled eyes.

“Tell your boyfriend to stay away from my best friend, please” Nana replied and walked away.

“Nana Kim!” Shane called behind her, and she turned.

“Shane Warren!”

He got to him and touched her brown hair as usual.

“On ya way home?” He asked, and she nodded.

“You don’t have a problem with the classes today, right?” He asked.

“No, I understand everything” she smiled.

“Cool, so I’ll see you tommorow?” He said.


“Don’t forget you’re owing me two” he said.

“I can’t” she chuckled, and he suddenly hugged her lightly.

“Bye” he winked.

“Bye Shane!” She replied and left.

As usual, Shane stared till she was out, and Martin joined him.

“New crush sighted after many years of staying single. Congratulations bestie!” He said teasingly.

“Stop talking” Shane replied and started leaving.

“Wait for me bastard!” Martin rushed after him.



Maxine came out of the audition venue, looking very sad and tired.

Apart from having varieties of part time jobs, she also attends auditions for cosmetologists at least once a week, but she has never been lucky to get picked.

She’s an orphan who has to take care of herself, and the only ones she has is her brother and her boyfriend.

Honey is always fighting her despite their tightness, so she’s not in the list of people to rely on.

Her phone rang, and it’s Honey surprisingly.

“Thought you said not to talk to you for the rest of this week” she smiled.

“I need you to come wear makeup for me, I’m going clubbing tonight” Honey replied, and she sighed.

“You never call unless you need me” she said.

“Are you coming or not?, Not like I won’t pay you” Honey replied.

“Will be there in a whim” she said and hung up, and that’s when a bike showed up.

The rider removed his helmet, and it turned out to be Shane.

He’s her senior bro, though no one knows in school cos they rarely talk while in school.

“You came late!” She pouted.

“Sorry girlfriend” he replied, and she smiled before rushing to him.

She turned her cheek to him, and he pecked it gently.

“How was the audition?” He asked.

“As usual” she replied sadly.

“Don’t worry, your day will come” he said, and she sighed.

“Hopefully” he said before climbing the bike with him.

“To the Windsor castle” she said.

“You’re not going for your part time jobs?” He asked.

“I’ll just skip one to go do Honey’s makeup. You can go for your own part time jobs after dropping me off” she replied.

“Sure” he replied and drove off.



The girls came out of the city library, and CeCe stretched funnily, yawning afterwards.

“Can’t believe we read for three straight hours, now I’m starving” she said lazily, and Nana hung her arm on her shoulders.

“Should we go grab something to eat before dispersing?” She asked.

“Let’s do that!” Bianca and Carmen replied from behind, and they drove to the nearest restaurant where they ate to their fill.

Bianca sponsored the meal this time.

“Say cheese!, Everyone!” CeCe suddenly said during the meal, and they all looked up to see her raising her phone with a selfie stick, ready to snap selfies.

“Cheese!” They chorused, and the selfies started clicking repeatedly as they have different facial expressions.

“Nana is obviously the cutest” CeCe said.

“Stop crushing on me” Nana replied, and CeCe laughed.

“But seriously I love you more today, you’re the talk of the whole school, the new Korean girl” Carmen said.

“The new Korean b**ch rather, my baby b**ch” Bianca said, and they laughed again.

“Now that I think about it, why don’t you join us, let BCC receive a new member” CeCe said.

“You just said my mind!, We’ll become BCCN!” Carmen shouted.

“No guys, I don’t have the requirements…

“You only have to be a badass, then you’re cool!” Bianca winked.


Before Nana could talk again, Dean came in.

“Baby!, Carmen stood immediately, pecking his lips.

“Hey girls!” He winked at them.

“Must you always come to take her from us?” CeCe said.

“She’s mine anyways, I’ll drive her home” he replied and faced Nana.

“Dwayne’s biggest headache, respect!” He bowed, and Bianca laughed.

“What’s he saying” Nana muttered.

“CeCe send the pictures to the group chat, need to update my IG tonight” Carmen said.

“Sure” CeCe replied, and Carmen eventually left with Dean.

The rest finished the food, and when they went to pay at the counter, they met Shane surprisingly.

“Nana!” He said surprisingly too.

“What’s the most brilliant linguist doing here?” Bianca said.

“I work part time here, I’m not a rich guy yunno?” He replied.

“Hey” Nana waved.

“Nana can I drive you home?, Please” he begged, and she looked over at CeCe and Bianca.

“It’s a free world baby girl!” CeCe pecked her.

“See ya tommorow!, Need to go face my mum!” Bianca said.

“See you girls tommorow” Nana replied, and they left after paying.

“Thanks, I’ll be done in an hour” Shane replied, and Nana sat in a corner, watching him serve customers diligently.

Most of the customers are ladies, and they’re drooling so much over his face, trying hard to get his number.

“I don’t give my line to strangers” is his frequent reply

“How blunt” Nana smiled.

Some were snapping his pictures secretly.

Nana started playing games on her phone till he was done, and they left the restaurant together.

“Never knew you have a part time job” she said.

“I’m an orphan, so I have to make ends meet on my own” he replied, and she looked at him pitifully.

“I’m sorry about that”

“It’s nothing” he smiled, getting on his bike.

She climbed behind him, and he started the drive to her neighborhood.

It was fast, but immediately he drove into her street, something hooked the bike tyres in the front, causing it to go backwards, and before he could control it, the bike fell together with them.

Thanks to Shane’s helmet, he didn’t get wounded, but Nana got wounded on the forehead, and she started bleeding.

“Nana!, F*”k, you’re bleeding” Shane rushed to her.

The smell of weed made him sniff the air, and he looked up to see Dwayne standing beside the road, smoking devilishly.

He obviously did it.

“Dwayne Miller?” He said shockingly.

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