Early Days Of My Life

Early Days Of My Life (18 +) – Episode 1

Early Days Of My Life (18 +) – Episode 1

In the mid 2006, I gained admission to GCI, school II as a boarder…
I am an easy going guy that loves being quiet when lonely but my loneliness didn’t last long as an hostelite.
I could still recall from those days when I’m always crying because I’m a newbie which made some of my mates laughed at me and some seniors too.
One common thing about the senior students was that they love to ride we juniors.
They bully us, threaten with cane and labour…
As for me, I am just an easy going tout that does almost everything needed to be done ‘then’ till I later turn into a gangster….
As a student with no experience, I don’t know anything about s*x or anything….
Then, I taught rom-nce and sleeping on top each other leads to giving birth ‘then’…
I mingle with almost every student I came across in the school, guess that was where the fame emerges….
Many seniors liked me and wanted to make me their school son maybe because the Yoruba I speak is fluent or because I follow the la!d down rules and regulations.
I could still recall vividly the day my mum handed me over to a senior who happens to be my school father. I didn’t know I will be enjoying in hostel ‘then’ because I will sleeping with my school father in the seniors room.
That day was the first day I saw tears in my mum’s face, the tears generated tears from my eyes too because I never leave home to anywhere, I don’t go on holiday, I don’t visit families, I hærdly use more than three days in those place my parents and our house isn’t located… Just don’t know why.
After she left, I still cried for like 2 weeks after tears now finally left me. lolz.
I felt like my parent want me to suffer because they sent to a boarding school, I didn’t know I moved into another world of (God-Knows)…
On a saturday morning after everybody resumes from the mid term break, we are in,side the dining hall after we’ve finished our labor with some of my friends that are also my seniors and some of my mates too named Jibola, Lolade, Tevez, Lukman and Ozeoma. We heard Something…
Ask me what it is….
We heard gr0aπ!ng sound from a corner, Jibola and Lolade tip toed to the place the sound came from, only for them to come and tell us that it was Senior biola that was screwing his girlfriend..
I was confused that I was just looking at them like a dummy, I didn’t understand what they meant by the word ‘girlfriend’ and that ‘he was screwing the girlfriend’…
I was carried away that I was wondering what a girlfriend could be, but according to my own view “it means a female friend”. But the confusing part was that “is there any other meaning to girlfriend” because our school didn’t have a single girl in it…
We are all boys, I was like ‘can a boy be a girlfriend to a boy?’
After about 10mins in the thinking land, I heard someone scre-m. This one is not a gr0aπ, na shout…
Lolade and others laughed…
Lolade: (laughing) chai, oti fe baye omo yen je ni sha… (He wan spoil the life of his gf o)
Lukman: senior biola na craze o…
Jibola: I can go there and beg them make them
pity me and let me do a round gan…
We then heard another scre-m, I was like..
‘Eh eh’, I then summon the courage to go
and peep maybe I can benefit from
the “shouting-enjoyment” but as I peep, guess what I saw?
I saw two……..
We then heard another scre-m, I was like..
‘Eh eh’, I then summon the courage to go and peep maybe I can benefit from
the “shouting-enjoyment” but as I peep, guess what I saw?
I saw two unclad bodies, a light and ski-ny girl’s unclad body and senior biola’s unclad body…
The unclad body of senior biolas isn’t a new thing to me because I’ve seen it almost everyday whenever we wan baff for hostel… In short e don tire me.
But the lady’s unclothedness make something rise for my body, guessed it should be my J0yst!ck…
I then saw senior biola’s J0yst!ck entering into that lady’s K!ttyC@t, its going in and coming out…
He was pounding her like a mortar and pestle…
What they were doing was a surprise that I don’t know the meaning, had it been they slept on top each other I would have understood but this one they’re doing is not something I can decode…
They are bleeping like goats(Doggy style)….
After like 3mins that I’ve been peeping, I then heard a knock on my Great Head and someone pulled me backward. I wanted to shout but I remember that they musn’t know I was peeping.
As I faced the person, it was lolade… He dragged me down to the bottom of the hall and said;
Lolade: Oniranu ni e o (you’re wayward o)
Me: what do u mean by that?
Lolade: shey u wan F**K ni?
Me: I already have one in my pocket.
Lolade: you’re crazy!
Me: sheybi this it (bring out the fork from my pocket)
Lolade: you’re stupid. Get out of my sight jor, onishe kushe iya…
Me: na u know o.
Later they rang the bell for breakfast, then I saw senior biola and that girl moving out of the dining hall and he told us to bring his food to the hostel.
S. Biola: ebami gbe ounje mi wa si hostel o, she e ti gbo?(Help me bring my food to hostel o)
Lolade: ekun, we don hear…
S.biola: mad man…
Lolade: baba, lemme Pour do small na..
S.biola: abi weyrey leleyi ni, lori iyawo temi. (U dey mad, on top my wife)
Lolade: kosi were jor, I go Pour ur room when I reach hostel
S.biola: with my food ni o
Lolade: no lele
As he waka for that dining hall, I noticed
everyone in the hall murmuring and then they all busted when he’s out kpata kpata… I was like what’s funny…
That little raw §ex I witnessed live kept me wondering till a day at school during long break that I asked a friend of mine;
Friend: fawaz, come here make we talk.
Me: and the talk is about wetin?
Friend: about u!
Me: what’s wrong with you o?
Friend: I noticed something about you ever
since the last saturday of last month, I notice a change in you!
Me: observant! Wetin u notice?
Friend: talk to me, I’m your friend fawaz.
Don’t hide anything from me! Is it that they didn’t gave you pocket money from home?
Me: see dis yeye boy, did I tell u anytin do me or
I told u I’m hiding anytin. Leave me alone let me be jare!
Friend: I know you more than you think! Or is it that a senior gave you a work that’s too hærd or what?
Me: mr knower, keep it up..
Friend: you are too playful, that’s why I don’t like you, you turn almost everything to joke even when everyone is serious…. Look, I promise to help u out if you let me know what’s bothering you and if you don’t. Bye!
As he wan move, I dragged him back and said
Me: do you have a girlfriend?
Friend: (laughing) so, you need a girlfriend?
Me: answer me jor
Friend: I have and is there any problem?
Me: how did you get a girlfriend?
Friend: see foolish boy wey dey whine me!
Don’t think I don’t know about those girls
you dey F**K o….
My head rang as I heard that word ‘F**K’ again..
Me: look, come let’s talk.
Friend: and what are we doing before?
Me: mtchew, talk jor, how did u get a gf?
Friend: is it a joke or whining?
Me: I mean it, I don’t know how to get a
Friend: I will help you out, but on one reason!
Me: ehn ehn, lemme hear!
Friend: you’ll gimme half of your rice on
Me: for what?
Friend: you dey craze, shey u think say na free?
I go help u get a girl and you’ll be Bleeping her for free… And u are asking me what, water ni!
Me: that’s what I don’t understand,
what’s the meaning of ‘F**K’ and what is the essence of a girlfriend?
Friend: no answer for u now, you’ll know everything by night…
Me: why not now?
Friend: sha calm down!
Me: okay boss.
(I named him friend cos I’ve forgotten his name tho)
So, the day flew away with usain bolt speed its like 3hours that e take reach night from that break period.
I was in,side my room feeling like ‘what’s going to happen tonight?’ before I heard a gunshot!
Guess what?


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