Early Days Of My Life

Early Days Of My Life – Episode 12

Chai! No be slap sha, but it looks like one. lolz…
I heard someone clap from behind. It was my friend sha. He later ran away after clapping.
Me: l love you Yetty.
Yetty: I love you too.
The next thing I saw was that our l-ips were interlocked. I was eating her l-ips hungrily that happens to be the job before me.
We were still on the k-ss for like 12mins but now we are on our feet, hugging, m-ssaging and k-ssing at the same time.
The next thing I heard was laughter which made both l-ips to disengage.
As I opened my eyes from the k-ss-mansioned-land I was, I saw my friend with those two babes sitting round the two lovers standing.
We later sat down and laughed with others laughing.
We are all chatting aloud when my friend dragged me to a corner.
Friend: guy, u craze o!
Me: wetin?
Friend: abeg come teach me the code you used for that babe.
Me: I be ur master na!
Friend: see mad man wey I dey teach how to toast. Na hin con dey make me laff for here o. Chai!
Me: (laughing)
Friend: I salute you o! And naw shey u want that babe as your girlfriend or fu-Ckmate?
Me: wetin dat one mean?
Friend: as in, shey u wan dey knack am only or u wan use her as ur wife like your mama is to your papa.
Me: na u know o, I love her, chikena!
Friend: what about dammy?
Me: abeg forget dat one jor. Yetunde na my real type.
Friend: no prob sha.
I hugged him and thanked him for the change he brought to my life.
We then headed to the place yetunde and others were.
Me: yetty, let’s see.
All: oko ati iyawo, esha ma pe.
Me: thanks.
As we got to a corner,
Me: I just don’t know how much I love you.
Yetty: (hugged me) I love you too.
Before she could say L, I don take up her gown and shift her p@nts aside.
She wanted to stop me but my Pasuma said power pass power.
As I wan enter her, I noticed that the thing is not entering which made me stop.
Yetty: I’m still a V-rgin.
Me: (stopped) chai! (confused) okay sha. We m-ssaged for like 3mins before we moved to where others were.But as we sat down, we heard a Shout from afar.
Voice: eyin wo niyen? (who are those?)


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