Echoes of Loneliness




Part – Realization

[Two Days Later]


I lost my phone when I went out with my cousins days back and I think the person who got hold of my phone destroyed the sim card, like the number does not exist anymore, I honestly don’t know how.

I’ve never been good when it comes to cramming people’s numbers so I couldn’t remember Wame’s number until I checked my diary. I never knew that I wrote it there.

Well I got a new phone today and I got myself a new number so I will call Wame right now.

I went to my bedroom and tried to call Wame but her phone was off. I left a voicemail; “Hey friend, it’s Aya. I am sorry for just disappearing, I lost my phone and my old number does not exist anymore so this is my new number. Please call me when you get this message. I love and miss you so much. Hope everything is okay with you and the beautiful Warona. Bye babe.”

I hung up and went outside to my cousins. I really miss Wame so I’ll send her R10 000 right away.


Yesterday when I woke up my phone was not working. I honestly don’t know what happened to it so I don’t have a phone anymore and I don’t want to bother Rita. I can’t just go to her and ask her to buy me a new phone, it doesn’t work like that plus I have been having strange dreams about Rita for the past two days. In my dreams, Rita had horns, she was looking like a very evil person so I don’t know what that means but I will ask Michaela about Rita today. Hopefully Michaela will help me. She never makes sense when talking about Rita but hopefully today she will.

I haven’t seen Nina since yesterday and my sister is forever asking about her. I honestly don’t know why Warona likes Nina. She even told me that Nina is very nice.

As I was in my bedroom, I saw Kate, Michaela’s little sister passing by. I called her and she came inside. Kate and Warona actually get along since from yesterday. I wrote a letter for Michaela and asked Kate to give it to her. The letter reads “Hey Michaela, listen to me, I know that you don’t like me but can you please tell me more about Rita? I have realized that she is not a good person but I am still in the dark so can you please tell me more about her? It’s Wame.”


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came back to me after approximately ten minutes. She gave me the letter. Michaela replied; “Wame, I don’t hate you. I’ve got nothing against you. I have been acting the way I am acting because I am worried about you. Rita is very evil. This orphanage may be very beautiful but believe me when I say that it’s hell. Rita is evil and she makes all the orphans do what they don’t want to do. I don’t know your story but you are probably here because of Rita. Stop sending me letters, we’ll get caught. There are cameras everywhere except for our bedrooms but Rita is probably aware of what’s happening. If she happens to see Kate going up and down from my bedroom then to yours, she’ll know that there’s probably something going on. Destroy this piece of paper before it’s too late.”


closed the door and destroyed the letter. Michaela can’t just lie to me now can she?

I looked at Kate and smiled.

Me: Sweetheart, do you like Rita?

She shook her head.

Me: But why?

Kate: She’s very bad

Me: And Nina?

Kate: She’s very nice

Me: Really?

Kate: Aha

Me: Why is Rita bad?

Kids can never pay attention to you when you talk to them. Kate was busy playing with Warona’s hair and Warona is sleeping.

Me: Sweetheart, why is Rita bad?

Kate: She makes us cry

Me: How?

Kate: Uhm… I don’t know

Me: Come on baby, pay attention

Kate: Do you know what she did?

Me: No, I don’t know but you can tell me

Kate: She is punishing aunt Nina

Me: How?

Kate: I am going. See you later

She just left.

I may not understand everything but I can see that Rita is not who I think she is. But who is the real Rita?

Kate said something about Nina’s punishment. I haven’t seen Nina since yesterday so where’s she? Did Rita take her away? But where?

I kissed Warona’s forehead and went to Rita’s office. I found her talking to some man.

Hold on, I have seen this man somewhere. Where have I seen him?

Rita: Wame, you must learn to knock

Me: I am sorry


What do you want?

Me: Have you seen Nina?

Rita: She must be around

Me: Where?

Rita: Isn’t that obvious?

Me: Who is he? I mean this man

Rita: Oh, he’s my husband. His name is Joseph

Me: Nice to meet you, sir

Joseph: (Smiles) Same here. You must be Wame, right?

Me: Right. But how do you know?

Joseph: My wife told me about you

Me: I see

Joseph: You are very beautiful

Rita: Joseph, don’t do that

Rita is jealous.

Joseph: But I am just telling the truth, she’s beautiful

Me: Thank you, sir. Have I met you before?

Joseph: No

Oh yes, I remember. He is Joshua’s brother. JS? Oh wow, JS stands for Joshua Samuels. Now it makes sense.

Me: I see. Well nice to meet you, I have to go now

Joseph: (Smiles) No problem

I left.

Something is definitely wrong. Where is Nina? I know that this place is huge but if Nina is not hiding I can easily find her. Obviously Nina is not hiding so where is she?

I went outside just to take a walk. I saw Peter watering the flowers so I went to him. The garden is very beautiful, Peter is doing a great job with it.

Me: They are beautiful, aren’t they?

Peter: What?

Me: The flowers

Peter: (Smiles) Oh, yes they are

Me: Can I ask you something?

Peter: Sure?

Me: Who is the real Rita?

He kept quiet.

Me: What’s going on?

Peter: Rita is a good person

Me: Really?

Peter: Yes

Me: You are lying to me

Peter: I am not

Me: Have you seen Nina around?

Peter: Wame, why are you asking me so many questions?

Me: I just want to know

Peter: I haven’t seen Nina

Me: Okay fine

I saw a cottage just close to the garden.

Me: Does someone stay there?

Peter: The cottage?

Me: Yes

Peter: No

Me: Can I go there?

Peter: No

Me: Why not?

Peter: Nobody is allowed to go there

Me: Why?

Peter: I don’t know

Me: Well I am going there

Peter: Wame, stop it

Me: What’s wrong with everyone around here?

Peter: Nothing

Me: Stop me if you can

I ran to the cottage. He came running after me. I quickly opened the door and saw Nina inside. Why is she hanging on the roof? Who tied her up there? She’s even unconscious.

Me: Peter look, it’s Nina. Let’s help her

Peter: I am not getting involved

Me: But why not?

Peter: Wame, you are trouble

Me: Did Rita do this? But why?

Peter: Wame, leave me alone please

Me: But she’s unconscious, let’s help her

Peter: No

Me: What’s wrong with you? Are you that heartless?

Peter: I am not going to get involved. I am leaving

He quickly walked away from me. What a cruel man. Can’t he just help me?

Oh my goodness, how do I get Nina down? I can’t reach. What do I do? This is cruelty at its best level. Rita is a witch. Why did she do this?

Part 8 – True Colors

The rope is tied down to the pole. It’s the same rope that is used to tie Nina’s hands up there. If I slowly untie the rope from the pole, Nina will be saved but if I rush things up, Nina will fall and probably die, the roof is too high so I need to be careful. But I think Nina will still fall if I go easy on the rope. I mean I have to let the rope go up after untying it so that Nina can slide down so she’s still going to fall. Oh my God, what do I do?

I saw a couch so I pushed it to the right spot so that when Nina falls she can be saved. I am not a murderer so I am so scared right now. God, please help me, the roof is really high so anything can happen to Nina.

After approximately five minutes, I finally got to save Nina. I poured her with water and she slowly opened her eyes. I gave her water to drink.

Me: Nina, please get up

Nina: Hey, what are you doing here?

Me: I am here to save you

Nina: You shouldn’t be here

Me: Why not?

Nina: She’s going to make you pay

Me: Who?

Nina: Rita

Me: Nina, did Rita do this to you?

Nina: Welcome to hell

Me: Why did she do this?

Nina: Because I tried to warn you about this place

Me: I am sorry. Please get up

Nina: You are now in trouble. You should’ve left me up there

Me: No, I couldn’t

Nina: Rita will make you pay

Me: I am not scared of her

Nina: You already told her that you love Warona so much so she will definitely make you do whatever she wants

Me: Why is she evil?

Nina: She loves money

Me: Prostitution?

Nina: What about it?

Me: Is this place all about it?

Nina: Yes and many more

Me: You mean I am also going to become a prostitute?

Nina: Yes

Me: No wonder there are only girls here. I am doomed

Nina: You are here because of Joseph and Rita. I will tell you everything soon, not today

Me: When is soon?

Nina: Don’t worry

Me: I am worried, please tell me more

Nina: Walls got ears. Don’t worry I will make sure that I make time to tell you everything

Me: Okay, no problem

Nina: I really don’t hate you, Wame. I don’t have anything against you

Me: Yeah, I see that now. I am sorry for everything

Nina: Apology accepted

Me: So are we good?

Nina: (Smiles) Yes, we are

Me: Can I call you aunt Nina? I mean you are older than me so I want to respect you

Nina: (Smiles) Yes, you can call me aunt Nina just like the others

Me: (Smiles) Thank you

Rita walked in.

Me: Rita, why are you so evil?

Rita: It’s part of life baby, get up and go inside

Me: I want to go home, I am going to get my little sister then I’ll go

Rita: (Laughs) Home? Which home? You don’t have a home

Me: I don’t care but I won’t stay here

I got up and walked to the door. She pulled me and slapped me. I slapped her back and left her shocked.

Rita: How dare you?

Me: And how dare you?

Rita: Did you slap me?

Me: And did you slap me?

Rita: My goodness, she’s the first girl to slap me in this orphanage. Does she know who I am? Nina, tell this fool about me

I walked back to Nina and helped her get up.

Me: I am sorry for what happened to you, please forgive me

Nina: I don’t have anything against you. Don’t apologize to me

Rita: Mhmm, wow you two are so beautiful. You are like a mother and daughter

Me: Rita, why are you doing this?

Rita: For money

Me: Do you think the parents of all the orphans here are happy because of what you are doing?

Rita: They are dead, baby

Me: But they can see what’s happening

Rita: (Laughs) You are so foolish. They are dead so they can’t see anything

Me: Fine then, but God is aware of what’s happening

Rita: Which God?

Me: God, Rita

Rita: There’s no God, don’t be a fool

Me: You will burn in hell, believe me

Rita: There’s no heaven and hell, baby

Me: I am going to deal with you

Rita: How?

Me: I will remind you when the day is here

Rita: There are the other girls here who are even older than you, they can’t do anything to me so what exactly will you do?

Me: It’s never about the age. Believe me when I say that I am going to deal with you

Rita: (Laughs) It’s nice to dream, baby

Me: Dreams come true

Rita: Not all of them

Me: Tell me, don’t you have children?

Rita: Shut up

Me: You do, right?

Rita: I said you must shut up

Me: You are disgusting, your children will pay for your sins, do you know that?

Rita: I said keep quiet, don’t say anything

Me: They will pay for your sins, believe me

She got so angry and slapped me.

Rita: If you don’t keep quiet I am going to hurt Warona

I kept quiet.

Tears fell off my eyes. How can she say that she’s going to hurt my sister? What is wrong with her? Warona is just a baby.

Rita: Now apologize to me

I still kept quiet.

Rita: I said apologize to me

Me: I did nothing wrong

Nina: Wame, just apologize

Me: But I did nothing wrong, aunt Nina

Nina: I know but just apologize

Me: I will not

Rita: Really?

Me: Yes

Rita: Do you want to make me angry?

Me: No

Rita: Apologize

Me: For what?

Rita: For disrespecting me

Me: How exactly did I disrespect you?

Rita: You slapped me and argued with me, that’s pure disrespect

Me: You started everything

Rita: I will make your mouth stop working just like your phone

Me: Do you know something about my phone?

Rita: Yes. Your phone is no longer working because of me and you are not going to get a new phone

Me: You are so evil

Rita: I don’t care

Me: One day you will care


Me: (Yells) AND I SAID NO!!!

Rita: What?

Me: Just shut up

She got angry and left.

Nina: She’s going to come back, believe me

Me: Where did she go?

Nina: She’s probably going to get her husband

Me: Joseph?

Nina: Yeah

Me: But I didn’t…

Nina: Wame, you should just apologize to Rita, please

Me: But I did nothing wrong

Nina: I know but just apologize

Me: Why?

Nina: So that she won’t end up punishing you or everyone

Me: Everyone?

Nina: Yes

Me: What do you mean by everyone?

Nina: Sometimes if one person makes a mistake, Rita makes everyone pay. I am talking about all the children

Me: Are you serious?

Nina: Yes

Me: What’s the punishment?

Nina: It depends on Rita’s mood. Sometimes the punishment is getting flogged, or going to bed with a hungry stomach, or cleaning the orphanage all day, or being tied to the roof for the whole day

Me: Oh my goodness, Rita is really evil. I actually met Joseph’s brother, his name is Joshua

Nina: Did you really meet Joshua?

Me: Yeah, he also goes by the name JS

Nina: Where did you meet him?

Me: JS Industry

Nina: Let me tell you about JS Industry

Me: Okay

Nina: JS Industry stands for Joshua Samuels and it also stands for Joseph Samuels. It obviously belongs to those two brothers. It’s a very good company and it makes money but the bad thing is that sometimes Joshua would tell the employees not to go to work so that he can call all the females who dropped off their CVs there and sleep with them

Me: That’s what happened to me

Nina: Really?

Me: Yes

Nina: Did he sleep with you?

Me: I managed to run away because of Joseph. When Joseph opened the door, I ran out

Nina: You must have been very scared hey

Me: Yeah, I was

Nina: I am very sorry

Me: Don’t be, it’s okay. Can I ask you something?

Nina: Sure

Me: How do you know everything?

Nina: Through Alicia

Me: The receptionist?

Nina: She’s one of the orphans. Joshua took her like few days back so that he can use her

Me: Wow. I really beat her up, I am sorry

Nina: Are you talking about Alicia?

Me: Yeah

Nina: You did good, she’s trouble

Me: Is she?

Nina: Yes. You’ll see the real her when she comes back

Me: How old is she?

Nina: Twenty three years old

Me: Oh, so she’s three years older than me? I see

Nina: Yeah, she is

Me: Doesn’t Joshua have a wife?

Nina: No

Me: Children?

Nina: I really don’t know

Me: And Rita? Doesn’t she have children?

Nina: I think she’s got children but she doesn’t like talking about her children, I really don’t know her story

Me: She probably killed her children, she’s too evil

Nina: You can say that again

Me: Joseph is just like her, they killed their own children or they are probably making money using them

Nina: I wouldn’t be surprised

Me: The Samuels are very bad, how can the whole family be cruel? What’s gotten into them?

Nina: I don’t know. They are really evil

Me: Aunt Nina, someone needs to rescue the orphans

Nina: You are that person

Me: Me?

Nina: Yes

Me: But how? It looks like I am trapped here

Nina: God will show you the way

Me: Do you think so?

Nina: Yes. I’ve got faith in you

Me: But you must remember that I am not perfect, I am going to need support

Nina: And you have it already

Me: I am not promising anything because I really don’t know what I should do but we’ll see as time goes by

Nina: No problem, my dear

Me: Am I really going to lose my virginity?

Nina: Yes, you are

Me: But I don’t want to lose my virginity right now

Nina: I wish there was something I can do but there’s nothing

Me: Can’t you help me escape from here?

Nina: The security is very tight

Me: I am scared. This is not how I wanted to lose my virginity

Nina: I know honey, I know

Me: Okay fine, I will apologize to Rita

Nina: To be honest with you, you are still going to lose your virginity

Me: Can’t you do something?

Nina: Rita will not listen to me

Me: Please just try

Nina: Okay fine, I am going to try

Me: Do you promise?

Nina: Yes

Me: Thank you so much

Nina: You are welcome

Me: I…

I kept quiet because I heard my sister crying.

Nina: Isn’t that Warona crying?

Me: Yes, it’s her

Nina: Why is she crying?

Me: It’s like she’s close by

Nina: Let’s go

We ran out of the cottage only to see Rita threatening to throw Warona into the swimming pool. Warona was crying her lungs out. Rita was holding her upside down. It was like she was just holding a hen but not a child. How dare she hold my sister like that?

Everyone is just watching but not stopping Rita. I understand that the orphans are not doing anything because they are scared of Rita but can’t Peter and the security guards do something? What place is this?

I ran to Rita. When I got closer she let go of Warona. My poor little sister fell into the swimming pool. I jumped in to save her.

To be continued…

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