Echoes of Loneliness

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Echoes of Loneliness



Loneliness is a disease. Nobody wants to be lonely in this cruel world. This is a story about a lady by the name Wame Daniels, she is 24 years of age. She is Tswana and she got the English surname from her great grandfather through her father. Wame has a little sister by the name Warona Daniels, Warona is 6 years of age. The name Wame means “Mine” and the name Warona means “Ours” so It is quite clear that Mr and Mrs Daniels loved their children so much. Yes, I said “loved” because Mr and Mrs Daniels are no more. Their death still remains a mystery. Others would say that they were involved in a car accident and others would say that they were shot dead. Others would say that they were involved in a car accident and shot at the same time. Nobody really knows what happened to them. When they died, Wame and Warona were left all alone. Wame was 20 years old by then and Warona was just 2 years old. Wame had to become a mother to her little sister, Warona. The two sisters are not from a rich family but their parents always made sure that they were fed and happy. Now that their parents are no more, Wame knows the meaning of sadness very well, she also know what the meaning of suffering is. The struggle is on another level. Warona is just 6 years old and she can already sense it when her older sister, Wame is not doing okay. It was better when she was just 2 years old, she didn’t understand anything by then. A week after the funeral, some people from the bank went to see Wame and told her that the house of their parents does not belong to them anymore because it was mortgaged. Wame was just 20 years of age by then, she cried so much and packed all her belongings and her sister’s belongings then left the house. They were taken to an orphanage. The owner of the orphanage is Rita Samuels. Her husband is Joseph Samuels, they are very rich and cruel. Everything that happens at that orphanage is illegal. All the children are treated like slaves. All the children are always sad. There’s no happiness at Samuels Orphanage – That’s the name of the orphanage. Once the children reach the age of 12, they get to be introduced to so many bad things – Alcohol, Drugs, and many more. And once the children reach the age of 15, they get to be introduced to the life of adultery. Men are in and out of Samuels Orphanage every day, the whole day. They are sleeping with children who are younger to be their own. The orphanage is only for females so you can imagine how bad everything is. Once you’ve stepped your foot at Samuels Orphanage, there’s no way out. The security is very tight. Children are also sold to the rich people just to become their maids or their s£x slaves. It is sad how a female could do this to other females. Rita needs to rot in jail but how can the orphans get help if they are never allowed to go out? They are only allowed to go out when they reach the age of 18 but they only go out when accompanied by the security guards. If they try to misbehave, they get punished.


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does not have an echo but Wame’s loneliness ‘got a very loud echo and it gets to her every time, It really knows how to break her. She has been through a lot in life. She doesn’t know the meaning of happiness so since she joined the orphanage from the age of 20 years, she knows exactly how to take away her pain. She takes drugs and sleeps with the men Rita brings to the orphanage. She feels like she should always make Rita happy just so Rita would not harm her little sister, Warona. Wame loves Warona so much and she’d do anything for her. She lost her virginity a week after she arrived at the orphanage. She was so heartbroken and she also did not want to listen to Rita. But the moment Rita told her that she’ll sell her little sister, Warona, Wame knew that she had to do everything Rita wants. Rita knows Wame’s weakness, Warona is Wame’s weakness so Rita knows exactly how to get Wame to do things for her. She’d obviously threaten her by saying that she’ll take her sister, Warona far away from her. Wame is now Rita’s favorite but she hates her with all her heart. She never shows Rita that she hates her because she doesn’t want to upset her.

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Sometimes if one orphan makes a mistake, all the orphans pay. Mostly the punishment of the orphans is getting flogged, or going to bed with a hungry stomach, or cleaning the orphanage all day, or being tied to the roof for the whole day. It just really depends on Rita’s mood. Wame never used to see such cruelty but she began to see everything bad when she was taken to the orphanage with her sister. There are so many good people out there who runs an orphanage but I guess Wame and Warona just got unlucky and went to the wrong orphanage. Even hell is better than Samuels Orphanage. No one should be treated like the way Rita Samuels treats all the orphans at Samuels Orphanage. God should punish such people. Wame met a girl by the name Michaela at the orphanage and they became good friends. Michaela is also 24 years old and she’s coloured just like Rita and Joseph.


story takes place on the day of the funeral. Wame was 20 years old and Warona was just 2 years old. Wame was not even thinking of an orphanage because she thought that she’d stay with her little sister, Warona in their parents’ house forever. But It looks like life had different plans for them. Life is cruel and people makes it worse. Someone needs to rescue all the orphans from Samuels Orphanage, someone needs to change the lives of those broken souls. Can Wame be the one to change everything? She’s also broken so will she be able to do it? With loud Echoes of Loneliness disturbing her, will she save everyone? Let us find out.

Echoes of Loneliness.

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