EDNA – Episode 11

EDNA – Episode 11

‘I cut it. It was in your defense oo’ she cried on and on as different slaps and punches landed on every parts of her body, something that had never happened before.

He had never been provoked to lay hands on her before. I was so shocked.

‘Now I am in serious soup.’ I said to myself as I tried to hold in my sobs, I needed to do something about this wh0le thing, but what?
I was confused.
I swallowed hærd as I placed my hand on my head.

‘Stop!’ I scre-med so loudly that he stopped at that instance, p-nting like a demonic beast. ‘Yeh. . . Pastor has killed his wife oo. . . ahh. Dimeji, you have killed me because of one small witch. You want to kill the mother of your children ahh. Somebody help ooo.’ she cried on as she ran to the door. He looked at her side and threw his fist into the air. ‘If you get out of this house, that is the end of this marriage and I mean it.’ he said angrily. She fell to the ground and tugged at her hair. ‘I have suffered.’ she repeated as many times as she could. Looking at me, muttering some words as she sobbed heavily. ‘Come over here.’ he said authoritatively, his stony eyes running down my body. ‘There is no need for that. Thanks.’ I said and his wife looked shocked, still sobbing heavily. He walked closer to me and took hold of my hand even as I struggled. Exactly what was the display for? Just for s€×ual pleasure? I already saw it in his face. Anytime he felt so excited, joyful, bored, angry or something, that would be when he would approach his available s€× doll for it. Ugh!

‘The spoilt brat that he is supposed to beat to stupor so she can change, he won’t deal with at all. It’s his poor wife always.’ she said as he walked towards the door. He kicked her again and she whimpered as he pulled me out through the door.

‘Where are you taking me to? Exactly where?’ I asked on but got no response. He opened the car door and stuffed me into the front seat while he entered the drivers seat. He fastened the seat belt for me and ignited the engine of the car, he looked at the side mirror as his pathfinder car glided out of the compound as neighbours watched on.

‘What was the show for Pastor Dimeji? Where are you taking me to? Where?’ I asked weakly and he looked towards me.

‘For the first time I beat my wife. All for you my dear, do you still need an interpreter to tell you that I love you?’ He asked and I felt that disgust from in,side, I started puffing as my chest rose and fell.

‘I don’t want you to ever tell me such, ever in your miserable life. . . Never!’ I scre-med at him and he laughed. I looked into his face, when did this good man become like this, where has the one I i had always called dad and respected evaporated into? Thin air? I wondered on.

I was still thinking when he held my chin that I realized that he had brought the car to a halt. ‘Confess that you never liked it too.’ he asked, smiling devilishly. I looked around where we were and it was in the middle of a busy area. Tall grasses everywhere. Only God knows since when he had been planning this next scheme.

He laughed scornfully into my ears and then grinned and then frowned as he rubbed my head. A cold shiver ran down my spine as it dawned on me that I had already lost what was most precious to me after my V-rginity. My hair, tears ran down my face again. He held my hand and rubbed it softly ‘Don’t cry baby, that’s why I am here. I will continue to protect and defend you from now on until you accept me, until you accept my love. I won’t stop because it’s you that I love.’ he said and I looked into his face.

What a crazy man.
Is insanity running in his family? Didn’t he know the repercussion of what he was saying.
Did it even make sense?
But I could not talk.

‘Where do you prefer? The grass outside or here?’ He asked covetously ‘Anywhere is okay by me.’ I replied and he became lost.

‘It’s okay here.’ I said, pursing my l-ips, his eyes w¡dened. ‘Wow! For the first time my baby consented. Good.’ he said and then looked into my face.

Tears ran down in quick succession as I held the chair firmly with my two hands. I was going mad! He wiped my tears as he smiled coyly ‘Don’t cry my love when I am here to comfort you!’ he said as he started easing me off my clothes. It was without any resistance. . . He shifted my p-nt aside and removed his trouser and his underwear, bringing out his manh-od, he ins**ted it in,side me and I felt that painful tingling feeling but this time, I didn’t fight, he kept thr-sting for close to fifteen minutes and that was how he did it the way he had always done. Since this experience, he had had a carnal knowledge of me countless times, meeting with no restrictions of any type either in my bedroom at midnight or we were alone at home, even on sundays, he would always s€× me before he would go to the alter to preach. I had graduated to a point that even if a goat came to me, it would have been a yes.


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