EDNA – Episode 2

Edna – Episode 2.

The infuriation that rose from my in,side due to the great disappointment that I was met with this early morning threw me off balance, within the twinkling of an eye I had deposited two dirty hot slaps in his face to the amazement of my spirit, soul and body.

“What!” He exclaimed loudly. All eyes were now on me.

“Edna, are you mad?” Mum asked angrily, looking so shocked. By the time I realized what I had done, Mum had stood up to pounce on me with ogbanje, ekwensu, emere, ase and other attrite names flying in the air. Dad looked at me with a great shock but was I dreaming? He was touching me really!. . It wasn’t a dream, why couldn’t he acknowledge that and tell everyone what he had done wrong?

My tears flowed uncontrollably. It was not the bites, the slaps, the kicks, that made me cry. It was Daddy!

The fact that he could make me feel this weak and hopeless made me wish the earth should swallow me wh0le.

“Why Edna? Why?” he asked on and tears ran down his face. I was running mad! What an abu. “What did he do to you? Exactly what could make you slap him? Talk to me Ogbanje. . . Idiot! Dirty thing” she cursed as she used her legs to hit my stomach which hurt me more. What else could I have to say? Who would believe me? I held my chest and stomach in pain as I closed my eyes firmly. God, please vindicate me. After so many slaps and “what did he do?” cry from her, I slumped to the ground from exhaustion, p-nting hærd. I saw as Daddy stood up from the chair and pulled me up “You have always been right honey, there is something about this girl that I have to unravel. Leave her for me. Get the children ready for school” he said as he pulled me away. “Witch!” mum said as she clasped her hands together, obviously shaken.

“My br-ast. . . He touched my br-ast” I said but my voice wasn’t loud enough. “Don’t let me meet that thing by the time I come back from work oh.” I heard mum shouted behind us as I was being dragged away like a sack of beans. He locked the door to his bedroom behind up and smiled devilishly at me. “Before those yeye boys that didn’t labour over you start their business on your body and you don’t want to give Daddy that that trained you from childhood till big girlhood a free ticket baby?” he spoke like a cartoon character in my far and I could only shed tears. I was hoping it was only a very bad dream but when I pinched myself, the realisation stung me hærd like a flying bee. He grabbed me by the hair and swung me with his muscular arms before throwing unto the bed. I hit my head on the side and scre-med loudly hoping someone would come to my aid. It felt like the earth was spinning so quick as I saw him removing his trouser leaving only his boxer as he walks towards me with a naughty smirk.


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