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Episode 4 / 5

Written ✍ #Sadiq_!nf!nity (Capri leo)


👻 ADE 👻

Change is consistent, and it occurs !n very form of life. Through©vt th£ ages, liv!ng th!ngs especially Mank!nd have gone through certa!n changes that has shaped th£ir lives for better or worse ; th£ biggest change however is human evolution.
Every scientist or well known scholar/ philosoph£r has talked ab©vt man’s evolution and th£ limits of man’s potentiality and for many years it is mostly believed that man is meant to be normal and cannot perform extraord!nary feats but that’s all a lie.
10 years has pa$$ed s!nce I discovered th£re were oth£rs like me and dur!ng th£ last decade quite a lot has happened. Shortly after our graduation, My friends and I decided to make Chioma’s fantasy come true and so togeth£r with th£ oth£r Elites, we decided to create our very own 0rg*nization which we called *NOVA*.

NOVA wasn’t j√$t a safe haven for us Elites, it was also an 0rg*nization that h£lps !n solv!ng mysterious cases, cases that cannot be solved by an average man. Apart from that, NOVA was also our cover from th£ eyes of th£ world, if th£ rest of th£ people knew or saw what we could actually do, it’s go!ng to get crazy. Creat!ng NOVA at first wasn’t easy, we had to struggle to make it work which we did eventually.
Thanks to my f!nancial effort, Ace’s super bra!n and Samson’s creativity, we were able to build an astonish!ng 0rg*nization which h£lped quite a lot of people. At first, nob©dy took us seriously so we decided to advertise ourselves and thanks to Samson’s IT talent, we were able to get one.
Our first client was one Mrs. Susan Chidi, a young wealthy widow and a foxy lady to boot. $h£ came to report ab©vt h£r husband’s mysterious death and th£ death threats $h£’s been gett!ng due to th£ fact that $h£ had !nh£rited h£r husband’s wealth . It took me 20 m!nutes to solve th£ wh0l£ case which was apparently murder and after I dealt with th£ people !nvolved by tak!ng th£m to th£ police station to face j√$tice. Susan was so grateful that not only did $h£ rewarded us f!nancially after pay!ng h£r fees but $h£ also rewarded me personally by welcom!ng me b£tweeΠ h£r soft luscious th¡ghs that night. It was an amaz!ng night and I enjoyed myself !n m©r£ ways than one.
After that, Susan began to $pr£@d th£ word to h£r friends and a$$ociates whom began to patronize us. Th£ funny th!ng was despite how quickly we solved people’s problems, nob©dy seems to be ask!ng how we conduct our !nvestigation and I’m glad th£y didn’t. Before long, our 0rg*nization began to get some recognition among th£ people ; even th£ law enforcement agencies h£ard of us but th£y didn’t take us seriously but th£ fools didn’t realize that we were way m©r£ better and useful than th£y were, people were hav!ng m©r£ faith !n us than !n th£m and th£ir arrogance wouldn’t let th£m see how strong and powerful we were becom!ng.
However, our success !n crack!ng and solv!ng cases wasn’t th£ only th!ng that brought us m©r£ clients. Anoth£r factor that opened way for our success was our appearance. People say appearance is everyth!ng and you can tell th£ look of a person by h¡s dress!ng and who h£ m!ngles with but it’s not always like that. Anyways, our appearance made us look m©r£ pres£ntable and because of that people took us m©r£ seriously.
Look!ng at every work!ng agency or ¢ar£er based jobs , each of th£m has a dress!ng code that repres£nts th£ir work ; doctors wear lab coats, Lawyers wear gowns and wigs, Policeman wear uniforms and badges. Many oth£r 0rg*nizations have th£ir own code of dress!ng and !n our case, we chose a m©r£ formal look. Most people would expect us to wear colored suits and spandex like those American movie super h£roes but th¡s is th£ real world and wear!ng those cloth£s would make us look really ridiculous, so after talk!ng amongst ourselves we decided to wear suits.
Tuxedos are a sign of formality and respect, plus if we were to ever get people’s attention and ga!n th£ir trust, we have to look good and decent. Th£ male elites wore suits as did th£ ladies but th£y added a little change to th£ir dress!ng by switch!ng to long trousers to short skirts, some still wore th£ trousers occasionally.
Although wear!ng th£ suits wasn’t enough, we needed someth!ng that would protect us from harm wh£never we went ©vt to job. So thanks to Ace’s !ngenuity, h£ made cybernetic enhancements on th£ suits by mak!ng th£m to be bullet proof.
Despite th£ growth of our 0rg*nization, we decided to fence ourselves and keep our methods and activities very discreetly from th£ eyes ©vtsiders or unwanted strangers. !n every crime fight!ng or law enforc!ng agency, th£y keep a t!ght security, and th£y don’t disclose th£ir secrets to ©vtsides, so for that reason, we !nitiated and launch£d *Project Mercury *.

Project Mercury was !nitiated by Ace, h£ was th£ one that brought th£ idea !n th£ first place and with h¡s super I.Q and small efforts from me and Samson, we made it work. Project Mercury was an advanced software program that serves as our eyes and ears by giv!ng us unrestricted access to th£ !nternet to do whatever we wanted namely acquir!ng !nformation .
Despite our powers, we have limits and it’s dur!ng times like th¡s that we use Mercury. Samson used th£ AI however h£ saw fit, h£ used to keep ch£ck !nto th£ top secrets of Nigerian Govt. However, I had to made sure h£ didn’t go too far !nto th¡s and saw to it that h£ created a powerful virus that would destroy Mercury for good !n case i was comprised. Apart from be!ng our eyes !n th£ sky, Mercury served as th£ protector and butler of our 0rg*nization. We used it as a key to activate our defense system @r0vnd our 0rg*nization and to also hide our confidential files. It took us 6 good years before we establi$h£d ourselves and I have to say that all our efforts and [email protected] work paid off !n th£ end.
Fight!ng crime wasn’t easy even with our abilities, th£re are times wh£n th!ngs go wrong ; such is life, th£re are good times and th£re are bad times. Th£ most important lesson we elites learnt was that we can’t always save everyone, we can also save th£ ones we can. We might be m©r£ than average people but we too have limitations and we’re not perfect, nob©dy is.

Despite th£ changes we’ve gone through !n our l!ne of work, our personal lives too had a little bit of change. Start!ng with myself, I haven’t done anyth!ng much through ©vt th£ decade, my personal life has been th£ same way it has always been before but th£re’s a little change th¡s time @r0vnd and that change is Susan.
Ever s!nce Felicia left 10 years ago, I haven’t h£ard from h£r s!nce th£n. Th£re were times wh£n I wish I could j√$t go ©vt th£re and f!nd h£r but each time I try to do that, I always feel discouraged. My spirits friends would tell me to m©v£ on but it wasn’t that simple, I was j√$t too !n love with Felicia. Th£re were times wh£n I thought of Eve as well but $h£’s dead and even if $h£ wasn’t, th£re’s no way our relationship would work consider!ng what $h£ turned ©vt to be before $h£ died. It’s a shame that $h£ had to die like th¡s.
j√$t wh£n I thought that I would spend th£ rest of my life with©vt any female companionship, fate brought me Susan. My relationship with Susan isn’t that serious, we were j√$t two people enjoy!ng each oth£r’s company by [email protected]!$fy!ng our desires. I thought that th¡s our relationship would end quickly and we would soon get bored with each oth£r but th£n I realized I was gett!ng m©r£ and m©r£ !n Susan and so was $h£. Before long., we started go!ng ©vt on dates, we sometimes call each oth£r and have little conversations ab©vt work and that’s it. Honestly, th£re was no way that Susan could replace Felicia but $h£ was quite an !nterest!ng lady. Eze and Chioma would urge me to get married to h£r but I ignored th£m. Susan and I have a good th!ng go!ng b£tweeΠ us and I don’t th!nk $h£ too would consider us go!ng !nto marriage.
Although we were !nto each oth£r, I never told Susan ab©vt my secret. All $h£ knows is that I’m a wealthy guy and a private !nvestigator. Susan on th£ oth£r [email protected] has bare all h£r secrets to me, $h£ confided !n me with©vt any h£sitation. Th£re are times wh£re I feel guilty ab©vt not tell!ng Susan ab©vt my abilities ; after all couples are supposed to know each oth£r’s secrets but I was afraid of how $h£’d react. Neverth£less, I decided that I would tell h£r !n due time but for now, it’s best that $h£ doesn’t know.
Apart from be!ng a private !nvestigator, I used my late parent’s wealth to start a bus!ness. I wanted to generate m©r£ !ncome to run th£ 0rg*nization but I had no idea what k!nd of bus!ness !nvest !n but all that changed wh£n Susan and I started see!ng each oth£r. S!nce $h£ was wealthy and very !nfluential, so $h£ hooked me up with one of h£r bus!ness partners who sold oil to oth£r countries ; we worked ©vt deal and now I have 5 oil!ng 🛢 stations !n Lagos.

As for my Elites friends, Eze and Chioma were still th£ same. Th£ir relationship was strong but it was also a ha$$le, th£ two would sometimes argue, abuse and fight each oth£r as if th£y were bitter enemies but after a short time th£y would run [email protected]¢k !nto each oth£r’s arms. Kabir always wonder wh£n th£ 2 would say th£ir vows and be married already and j√$t as we thought th£se 2 wouldn’t get hitch£d, th£y surprised us all wh£n th£y got engaged. Nob©dy knew th£ date or wh£n th£ wedd!ng will take place but we knew that th£y were engaged.
As for Kabir, h£ was m©r£ fortunate than all of us cause 5 years after our Grad 🎓, h£ got married to th£ oth£r Elite !n Felicia’s clique which was Hajara (Seer) and th£ two welcome 3 kids, 2 were male and one was female.
Speak!ng of Elites !n Felicia’s clique, th£y too are part of us and th£ 0rg*nization that my friends and I built. Roll!ns who was known as Radar was pretty much th£ same guy that loves to crack jokes at people, although h£ too updated h¡s marital status by hitt!ng it off with a lovely simple m!nded secondary school teach£r named Juliana. It’s surpris!ng that th¡s relationship even works at all cause th£ two are so different.

– Samson (Cyber 0) on th£ oth£r [email protected], spends most of h¡s time surf!ng th£ !nternet but fate landed Kaitlyn (puppet mistress) on h¡s [email protected]¢k. $h£ was able to ₱v|| h¡m away from h¡s computers us!ng h£r abilities. At first, Samson found it annoy!ng but wh£n th£ idiot noticed how gorgeous h¡s disturber was and realized h£ was miss!ng ©vt on th£ f!ner th!ngs !n life, h£ became !nterested !n Kaitlyn and th£ two became love birds.

– Ace (Bra!niac) as usual didn’t change much as usual, th£ big bra!n was !nterested !n noth!ng but books 📚 and th£ new knowledge h£ was acquir!ng from h¡s research. h£ barely had time to do any normal human social activity and j√$t wh£n everyone thought th£ bookworm was go!ng spend h¡s entire life bury!ng h¡s h£ad !n books, fate too burdened h¡m with someone that shared th£ same !nterests as h¡m.
Ace f!nally met h¡s match one day. We were solv!ng a case !n UNILAG wh£n th£ big bra!n met Mrs. know it all.
h£r name was Sofia and $h£ was a PhD holder !n math£matics and physics, th£ petite gorgeous beauty was th£re to apply for lectur!ng wh£n th£ 2 met. It was love at first sight but not like normal people’s own. Consider!ng that th£se two were !ntellectually gifted, you’d know that th£ir date would be awkward and bor!ng. On th£ir fate date, th£ two spent time solv!ng a tough physics problems. That was Sofia’s way of choos!ng guys cause $h£ made it clear that $h£ was !nterested !n guys with bra!ns and unfortunately for h£r $h£ wasn’t j√$t deal!ng with Albert E!nste!n or Aristotle, $h£ was deal!ng th£ Oga patapata of th£m all. Ace solved th£ questions !n 20 seconds and that was wh£n everyth!ng became set, Sofia fell for Ace and so did h£. That was how th£ two became lovebirds.

– As for Naomi (reaper), h£r abilities wouldn’t let h£r get romantically !nvolved but thanks to h£r best Kaitlyn, $h£ met a nice well mannered doctor named V!ncent. Th£ poor guy actually thought that Naomi was bl!nd but h£ never ¢ar£d ab©vt h£r bl!ndness all h£ ¢ar£d ab©vt was h£r.

– And lastly, th£re was Iwonbi and Isabelle. 3 years after our battle with th£ Executioners, th£ 2 of th£m got married and m©v£d to Abuja to live th£ir lives. Even wh£n I s£nd ©vt an offer for th£m to jo!n us at th£ 0rg*nization, th£y politely refused and wi$h£d us luck. Isabelle was th£ one that made th£ decision for Iwonbi cause $h£ was still disturb£d by th£ !ncident that happened that night. $h£ swore never to use h£r powers aga!n only and unless h£r life was at stake.
However, a couple of years after Iwonbi and Isabelle’s departure, we got 3 m©r£ Elites that jo!ned our group. Th£ first one was named Teresa, $h£ was a bank manager once but due to some problems at work $h£ quit and now h£re $h£ is work!ng with h£r own k!nd. Isabelle was th£ one who s£nt h£r to us th!nk!ng that $h£ might be useful to us and $h£ was.
Teresa’s ability wasn’t that flashy like most of th£ elites but it was awesome. $h£ has th£ ability to speak any language !nstantly once $h£ h£ars th£ language even if it’s j√$t a syllable. S!nce h£r powers weren’t th£ offensive type, $h£ wasn’t allowed to go on missions. That’s how th!ngs run !n th£ 0rg*nization, those with th£ offensive abilities were s£nt on missions and those with less offensive abilities stayed !n th£ 0rg*nization. So !n th£ end, Teresa’s codename became *L!ngust*

Th£ second Elite that jo!ned our ranks was [email protected], an annoy!ng womanizer and a NEPA official. [email protected] ability allows h¡m to adapt to any uncomfortable situation h£ f!nds h¡mself !n and I mean any condition. I myself recruited th£ rascal wh£n I saw h¡m get electrocuted one night |ns!de a transformer grid. h£ should have died consider!ng th£ amount of voltage h£ had received but surpris!ngly enough h£ didn’t. At first I didn’t understand how h£ was able to get ©vt alive but I soon realized how h£ survived. h¡s b©dy somehow became rubberized like rubber band. Electric shocks doesn’t work on rubber so it makes s£nse. After I approach h¡m and showed h¡m what I could do, h£ accepted my offer to jo!n. So j√$t like Teresa, h£ was given a codename which was *Adaptor*

Th£ third Elite to jo!n us was Ifeanyi. Th£ Igbo hunk was a university drop ©vt and a mechanic. Eze was th£ one that found h¡m and h£ expla!ned how h£ got to meet h¡m. Eze had brought h¡s car to th£ mechanic wh£n h£ saw th£ brutal fight go!ng on with Ifeanyi and some hoodlums, despite how many th£y were, Ifeanyi sma$h£d th£m all and while h£ was preoccupied with th£ oth£rs, one of th£ hoodlums sneaked beh!nd h¡m with a wrench and sma$h£d it on h¡s h£ad but !nstead of Ifeanyi’s h£ad to smash to pieces, th£ wrench broke and Ifeanyi’s h£ad was still !ntact and unharmed. Eze was b!0wn away !n that moment by what h£ saw and after th£ fight was over Eze approach£d h¡m with th£ offer.
Ifeayi’s ability is quite unique, not only did h£ possess super human strength but h£ also has th£ ability to [email protected] h¡s sk!n !nto any k!nd of metal known to man h£nce turn!ng h¡mself !nto a human bullet proof. Once Ifeanyi had accepted our offer to jo!n us, h£ was given a codename which was * Man of steel*.
Despite how small we were, we still had hope we would f!nd oth£rs like us !n th£ future and with th£ little number we had we managed ourselves and worked accord!ngly. Life was normal and th!ngs were quiet for dur!ng th¡s last decade but th£n new threats started popp!ng up and th£ peace that had stood for 10 years was now start!ng to shatter !nto pieces.

Couple of months ago, We h£ard rumors of a crime syndicate ris!ng up, strange occurrence !n specific locations with!n Lagos and also we h£ard that th£ oth£r Elites had started to make th£ir m©v£ and it turns ©vt it was all true. Th£ Crime syndicate wasn’t our major problem, it was th£ m©v£ment of th£ oth£r Elites. Ever s!nce we parted ways that night we haven’t h£ard or seen from th£m until now and as it turns ©vt th£y too have been recruit!ng powerful Elites to th£ir ranks but what eluded us was th£ir s!nister plans.
Clash!ng with th£m !n th£ streets of Ajegunle didn’t yield any result but we discovered th£y were chas!ng after a new Elite and that th£y were caught up !n a conflict with detective knew ab©vt our existence. We quickly did a little research on th£ 2 of th£m and found ©vt someth!ng !nterest!ng ab©vt th£ new Elite and someth!ng quite disturb!ng ab©vt th£ detective ; as we were try!ng to get hold of th£ 2, Fate brought th£m straight to us.



At @r0vnd 11:30 am, Sonny arrives at th£ NOVA agency with th£ complimentary card h£ had gotten from Kabir. h£ stands doubtfvlly at th£ front door for some seconds before enter!ng th£ build!ng and as soon as h£ does that, h£ h£ads to th£ counter and stands th£re wait!ng for someone to show h¡m @r0vnd.
Moments later, Teresa appears beh!nd th£ counter and faces Sonny with a smile on h£r face welcom!ng h¡m nicely.

Teresa ➡ Welcome to th£ NOVA agency.. How can we be of service?

Sonny ➡ Uhm.. I have an appo!ntment h£re..

Teresa ➡ With whom?

Sonny. ➡ With a Mr. Kabir. Is h£ h£re?

Teresa ➡ Yes.. Go straight and climb to th£ stairs to your left, once you get to th£ second floor, stay th£re h£’ll be with you shortly.

Sonny ➡ Uhm.. Thank you.

Teresa ➡ You’re welcome.

After that, Sonny goes !n straight and climbs th£ stairs to th£ left and stays on th£ second floor. Shortly after h£ gets th£re, Sonny sees Kabir approach!ng h¡m swiftly and as soon as h£ gets close, th£ 2 men exchange a [email protected]

Kabir ➡ I see you’ve made it?

Sonny ➡ Sorry that I came late.

Kabir ➡ Don’t worry.. Let’s go to my office so that we can be properly !ntroduced.

Sonny ➡ Sure.

Shortly after th£ 2 Elites leave th£ corridor, Lola appears !n th£ corridor as well but $h£ didn’t th£ pres£nce of Sonny at th£ time. After wait!ng for some seconds !n th£ corridor, Ade appears and receives h£r warmly as th£y exchange pleasantries and [email protected]

Ade ➡ Good morn!ng madame, welcome to th£ NOVA agency.

Lola ➡ Yes I’ve been told that already. Are you th£ one that I spoke to on th£ phone?

Ade ➡ No. But I’m sure you’re h£re for someth!ng

Lola ➡ Well, I’m h£re to report an !ncident.

Ade ➡ Okay th£n, Let’s go to my office so that we can discuss ab©vt it.

Lola ➡ Alright th£n, lead th£ way.


Next episode ➡ Terror !n Toy!n street

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