EMPIRE – THE RULER (Episode 15 – Finale)


The King asked the guard if he was sure of seeing Banke with another man in the secret but his temper forced him away from paying attention to any response. The guard was silent at the king question, he was not too sure who he saw but he knew it was a lady of the palace.
The king too did not want to hear anything again, he scattered the side corner of his bed and brought out a dagger and departed from the room angrily.
People were greeting him as he was going, he never said a word, the guard followed him at its pace.
The king approaching the scene, he heard a lady’s voice talking silently. His anger arose, he then walked steadily not to be noticed.

The voices in the dark:

I wish I could help you, truly my heart beats for you too.

Do not watch me taking away to a man I never loved. Do something pls.

Hmm, it is beyond my power. Let me pray for your freedom. Give me few days.

It would have been too late. I want to die in your arms. Everyday seems afresh whenever I set my eyes on you, even your voice and intelligence drives me crazy. Your presence makes all my worries gone. My love, pls don’t leave me alone.

King Adedapo nearly turned insane hearing such a conversation, he thought those words he ought to have been hearing which to make his head swell up was spoken to a common man, probably his enemy. He did not want to hear anything anymore, he bumped into their midst, dragged the lady to himself and stabbed her severally. He would not have stopped until he heard the voice gro-ning for help being his only daughter, Ronke. The young guy with her was Ayo who has been struggling with the king to safe the princess live. His strength could not hold the King, he was pushed with just a single blow and fell down on his back. What a great tragedy! The King rescued the princess in cold blood to the inner chamber. He ordered the guard to summon the Priest. The queen threw herself to ground every minute, their visitors ordered the guard to hold her but that did not stop her from raising up her voice in mourn. Ronke breathed painstakingly and gesticulated (to call her mum). As the mum drew closer.

Mama, Pls forgive my father, he never planned to end up this way. Pls forget your quest for power, face your home and rebuild it. Power is too powerful to handle else, it controls you and makes you evil. (She pointed to her father). Baba, know that no man can run beyond destiny. Let’s accept our fate. Pls give up the throne to whom it’s entitled.

(She held her daughter’s hand closely to her chest)
Pls don’t make me cry, why are you talking like this. The Priest will soon come. You cannot die.

(Smiled gently)
I am not dying, I just have to leave for the fulfilment of destiny. It is not my will either. Let there be peace upon the land, I pray you all the rulers, do not harsh on your subjects and the subjects too should submit to their leaders.

She told Banke to put hand on her (Ronke’s) head, she made her promise to take care of her love who has never ready to accept her because she has been betrothed to Asipa.

The Priest arrived, he told them all, there is no need to consult any Oracle that the destiny of Adedapo must be fulfilled. He shall loose the throne to another family.

I told you to prepare yourself in three days time. Now, it has come. The gods have spoken, will you now surrender the throne or you still want to compete with the gods.

Adedapo left to decide what is what, he came up with the conclusion of giving up the throne. His only daughter has died. Asipa knew his plan has failed, he told the King to surrender him the Princess, Banke with immediate effect. Adedapo told him to please himself that he has nothing to do with the throne anymore. Asipa summoned two of his warriors to bundle the lady and prepare for their immediate departure.

Asipa or whatever you have been called, you should have asked your destiny before you take a step. Tell your men to wait a while and hear the final judgment of the gods. The young guy, a prince in this palace is the new ruler of this empire. The gods have spoken.

Who is the prince everybody asked, the priest pointed to Ayo that he is their new chosen king. Adedapo was dumped and his wife too. They hugged each other in tears with regret of every of their actions.

(Softly with tears he spoke in his wife’s arm)
You are my last hope. Let’s go far away from this place to settle life afresh.

Ayo was congratulated by all the kings who have come to the wedding. He suddenly gained atypical boldness and commanded the Asipa warriors to set free Banke before he vents anger on them. Banke was so glad, she ran to his (ayo’s) arm and embraced him. He commanded the guard to take away Ronke’s corpse for proper burial and ordered his brother to be released with immediate effect. Dayo was brought in lifeless.

My next life I will learn to be you, gods have fought in our side. I will tell our father you are the real child.

He gave up his ghost. Ayo who was not so much in love with her, Banke accepted their destiny also with the oath, agreed Banke as his wife.

Banke told Adedapo that she has forgiven how he and his father ruined her family. She said her kingdom and family were destroyed by Adedapo’s father.

 Adedapo and his wife were matching out of the palace together when the third guard (Guard 3) came from behind and stabbed the Queen. Adedapo shouted him to stop but seemed something has blocked his ears. He gave the guard two blows on his head before he could stop stabbing the queen. Every one was surprised. Ayo furiously ordered the guard to be taken away to the shrine, “go and kill him”, he said.
Adedapo pleaded to let him go, he said he was behind it, that he gave a madman assignment beyond him. He carried off his wife corpse away shedding tears.

The scene ended in congratulating the new king and his, Banke.

The End (thanks for reading, please don’t leave without comment on this story).

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