EMPIRE – THE RULER (Episode 3)

© Oladipo Daniel

Ade corpse added more flesh than before, it was hardly recognized – it has fattened. Save him from soldier ants, the king declared, my poor boy. You leaved us so soon, what a pity! A guard asked where to take the corpse and what to do. Take it away, anywhere you like. And if you like, eat it… I don’t want to see him again. He has failed to fulfill my desire, o what a useless boy!… The king went into his chamber and invited his fetish, they both stayed indoor without anyone knew their discussion. They came out of the room after 2 or 3 hours. The king tied a talisman on his wrist as he returned from the discussion, he went to queen’s chamber. He was at the entrance, he heard ladies voice, so he decided to wait and listen. It was the ladies of the house – Queen, Ronke her daughter, and his daughter-in-law-to-be, Banke.

Olori pleaded Ronke to marry early as her brother could not survive and as the only child of the family. She said to make the throne proud, there must be a heir and without this, another kingdom could arise to take over their reign. Banke subscribed to the opinion of the queen. She said she was once a princess from the long forgotten village which was destroyed according to the information she got from her guardian. You mean you were a princess? Ronke asked. Yes, my guardian before she died, told me my family was ruined by a popular and powerful kingd.. Kin.. Kingdom… (She paused) she took me away to Doro village where I was brought to marry your lost son.. If my father had a son, our village would still exist. My father was killed and no son to take over… Mother! Ronke uttered, would I force my self to a man who I never knew because there is no man in my life. Well, your father will take care of that, you just agree, ok? alright ma, she replied…. The king entered, they kneelt down to greet. What are you ladies doing here? The king asked. we are consoling our mother, the young ladies said. Ok, let me speak with your mother (The ladies left the room).

(weeping and kneel down before her husband)
 I want to see my son, bring back my crown…

 woman! I’m not hear for that… Listen and listen good… Get up I said (he pulled her up. She sat beside him and cleared her face).

 your Highness, you mean… You are here to tell me something.


is it about our son?

 hmm, well, I cannot afford to loose this throne. You could not bear more child… I want to take another wife.

that is too far. That was not our youthful agreement.

 youthful agreement? forget that…

 I thought we should discuss the cause of Ade’s sudden demise.

 This is not time for this jargon… Send me lady Banke now, I have something to say to her (he stood up and left).


The was knocked, who is it? The voice answered, It’s Banke. Come in… She entered and greeted the king. Sit down with me. How do you see continuing living in this palace? you can see we have everything you can think of… Your Highness, I never prayed to return, but what would I do, the man I’m meant to love is gone… Oh, poor girl! forget that boy. He failed to fulfill my precious desire… Don’t worry. I am here for that… Thank you your Highness, forever you will be my father… Father! What do you mean by that, he exclaimed, Please I am still young and capable of handling you… (She laughed) I didn’t know you are a jovialist, your Highness. Spare me the detail, he advanced towards her, robbing her back from the neck downward. She quickly stood up and asked if she could leave. How dare you, why are you behaving like a toy? You should have got the signal. Your Highness, signal? She asked hesitatively. I am in love with you, and moreover, I want you to give me a male child. Abomination! Your Highness, I’m your daughter-in-law. No, not at all, not even in the least. You never were. Have you married to my son? He questioned. No, my lord, but about to. What! Exclaimed he, about to what! To the boy in the grave? Well, I could see you hardly knew my son, so you are yet to love him. And, thank God he is gone. Let’s embrace the fate. Walk to me and enjoy my warmness… People must not hear this my lord. Hear what? Am I not the ruler of the land? He walked towards her and opened his arms as he forcefully embraced her. She struggled to set herself free, the door suddenly opened, before Adedapo could turn to see who was at the door, she escaped and ran out of the room…

Oh my goodness, your Highness what did I see you doing? Your daughter? Why did you come here in the first place Olori, can’t you knock? He queried, and howbeit, she is not my daughter… Your Highness, I will….

To be continued…

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