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EMPIRE – THE RULER (Episode 9)



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The journey began back during ADEDAPO grandfather, he was a strong man, and was not meant to be king. He destroyed their then king and everyone in his family so that no one to live to rule the throne. He poisoned the king family and assassinated all his relative. He left the king with no family or relatives, before he later killed him. Before the king died, he forced him to will the throne for himself that is how He emerged as their new King and began to gain more territories. He became too powerful that every other small villages paid him tributes. Then there was this kingdom, APO. It was not up to an empire but somehow strong because it has two little villages which they controlled. This made them refused to pay tribute to AYE empire because they knew OJURI (ADEDAPO grandfather) was not entitled to the throne. OJURI was furious with APO kingdom and destroyed their villages, ruined the kingdom to dust including their shrines. He never respected any gods. The only prince of APO kingdom went to another village to find refuge. He married in the new village and has been living his life by forgotten the past and gave birth to two sons, AYO and DAYO. But one day, OJURI has died and now it was OYEDIRAN reign (Adedapo’s father), He waged wars against all the near by villages, and kingdoms without any cause and gained more power than his father. He also did destroy many shrines and some gods in the course of creating power that is why the gods were not in support of his lineage and they brought plight upon ADEDAPO household. During this time, OYEDIRAN killed the APO only prince (the father of AYO and DAYO) when he was fighting others villages and left the two boys suffered.
These two young kids were helped by a strange woman. Who brought them up before they both decided to come to AYE village because they knew that there was no security in any village than AYE. They could decide to bring down any village and killed all the inhabitants. But getting to this village, DAYO chose a life of revenge with the assistant of the angry nearby kings. He wanted to bring down ADEDAPO family down at all cost. His brother, AYO warned him and to let the gods fight for them but he never listened. He told him, he too must rule the land after he destroys ADEDAPO household.

KING ADEDAPO has known full well the story. he was told DAYO has support from most of the ruined villages even some kings were also waiting for his downfall – his reign that was not up to a week but full of enmity.
His plan before enthroned was to create more territories after a month he became king, but now he could not ever think of it anymore. He only focus of not losing the throne… He commanded to bring AYO who he has imprisoned.

You look weak and tired, is life in prison so pleasant that you forgot your home?

Your Highness, the heart controls the whole body. Even the prison is not friendly but I am glad I stand for my heart.

Your heart? Is your heart not pleased with the world riches and merrying with the king?

Yes my lord, my heart belongs to another… And I am man of dust, I deserve not to sit with your Highness.

Then tell me what you so cherish in the prison. Why are you here

It is a matter of destiny my lord. I don’t know, maybe a misconception

Tell me boy, I will help you.

Your generosity has touched the marrows in my bone. I wish your Highness live more on the throne.

That’s exactly where I’m going. How do you think I can reign as the winds around me are not friendly. Even my own blood is fighting against me.

Who am I to say before you – a nonentity like me.

You speak I bid you and I will grant you your life.

But your highness, I never said my life is in your hand. It can never be taken away from me.

You’re more intelligent than I think. Pls sit, let me make my offer known to you.

He sat down and was unchained. The king ordered to serve him food and wine.

My lord, may you live long, a poor man like me needs not seat before the king with wines. I plead you, let me eat but not wine. I am too weak to drink.

You should have been my right hand, I never thought a young man full of intellectual exists in this village. I want to make you the youth leader of this kingdom.

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Too muchy lord, too much to bear. What have I done to deserve this honor.

I beg of you, don’t make me weep upon my son. You are his friend, best of him, help me. Take his place. Let’s build the kingdom together… Tell me. Don’t you care for your late friend.

I did my lord. He was A good character.

Then accept my offer and be free from prison.

I agree your Highness. I agree. For the sake of my late friend.

Good! But one thing, do not let anyone know about this, too many enemies. Let’s make it a secret. And come to me if you see any enemy of the Kingdom.

To be continued

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