Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 11 – 12

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost❎

Chapter 11&12

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Giselle came d©wΠ from th£ car….. $h£ stared @r0vnd and !nhaled deeply. $h£ couldn’t believe $h£ will be liv!ng !n th£ palace now

Th£ same palace h£r fath£r had refused h£r to come

Th£ same palace that are l¡p have be forbidden to talk ab©vt.

Yeah! That was th£ palace $h£’s gonna spend h£r rema!n!ng lives till God knows wh£n

“follow me miss” one of th£ guards said and $h£ nodded. $h£ trailed beh!nd h¡m as th£y walked !nto th£ palace.

Th£y pa$$ed through th£ [email protected]¢k exit and walked through th£ hallway. Th£ guard got to an isolated room far away from th£ normal ones !n th£ palace.

h£ opened th£ door and walked !n…… Giselle followed too feel!ng so nervous.

“Th¡s is your room miss.” Th£ guard said

“And on th£ table are article ab©vt how you gonna work h£re……. What th£ k!ng like and dislike are also !ncluded…….. Go through th£m, I’m gonna take my leave now” Th£ guard muttered and Giselle nodded

Giselle drop h£r stuff….. Th£ little ones $h£ had came wirh. S!nce $h£ wasn’t a maid h£re, $h£ has th£ right to wear whatever $h£ want

$h£ [email protected] on th£ b£d……. even if it was comfortable than th£ one at home, yet $h£ still prefer h£r home , $h£ wish to go home but it seems almost impossible right?

$h£ knew h£r life will take a second turn……. $h£ knew everyth!ng was gonna turn from bad to worst

$h£ let go of th£ breath£ $h£ was hold!ng deeply

“Anoth£r life beg!ns for me ” $h£ muttered to h£rself.
Th£ door to pr!nce Norman room opened….. h£ could be seen fac!ng th£ w!ndow as usual. No one knows how h£ got to th£ palace last night or how h£ ended !n h¡s room before sunrise. h£ perceived th£ scent of who j√$t walked !n

“moth£r!” Pr!nce Norman said surpris!ngly

$h£ walked to h¡m and started touch!ng h¡m allover

“Stop touch!ng me that way moth£r…..im f!ne. j√$t my h£ad still hurt” h£ replied after read!ng h¡s moth£r m!nd

Th£ Queen rolled h£r eyes. Of course h¡s son was unpredictable, last night h£ left th£ palace !n a fury with©vt h¡s guards or car.

“You made me worried son….. I thought you might had hurt yourself” Queen Emily said,touch!ng h£r ch£st

Pr!nce Norman smile and look on h¡s lower l¡p

“I wish to see your face right now…… I know you are at th£ verge of cry!ng ” h£ and th£ Queen hit h¡s ch£st slightly

“It’s not funny son…… You really got me worried .I’m j√$t glad you’re f!ne, I was so s¢ar£d ” $h£ mumbled and pr!nce Norman chuckled

“I’m f!ne moth£r……… I’m a grown up and can take ¢ar£ of myself…… I’m not gonna hurt myself…. Not aga!n ” h£ muttered and th£ queen nodded

“I’m sorry son….. I’m sorry you have to go through th¡s…. It’s all your fat………”$h£ couldn’t complete h£r statement as pr!nce Norman cut h£r off

“let’s not talk ab©vt h¡m moth£r….. Please! ” h£ said feel!ng th£ anger !n h¡m com!ng ©vt

“come h£re son” $h£ said and embraced h¡m. Pr!nce Norman rested h¡s h£ad on h¡s moth£r shoulders !nhal!ng h£r scent

“Love you son” Queen Emily said, rubb!ng h¡s hair s1©wly

” m©r£, m©r£ moth£r ” h£ replied mak!ng h£r giggled

Giselle was through mak!ng th£ coffee…… Yeah! That was h£r first duty for today and $h£ was expected to take it to th£ k!ng room

“oh m!ne! Oh m!ne! We got a new maid” A girl said beh!nd h£r mak!ng h£r almost staggered

$h£ turned to th£ girl and from th£ way $h£ dresses, $h£ could tell $h£ was a maid

“I’m not a maid” Giselle replied icily and th£ girl frowned

“If you aren’t a maid….. Th£n why are you h£re….. I mean !n th£ maids kitch£n ” $h£ asked

“I’m elder Kay daughter….. My fath£r is sick and I will perform h¡s duties h£re till wh£n h£ gets better” $h£ said us!ng h£r hair to cover th£ scar on h£r face

“oh” That came th£ girl response

“I’m hilda….. I’m a maid but only to th£ last pr!nce. I’m th£ one tak!ng ¢ar£ of h¡m” $h£ said and Giselle rolled h£r eyes, wonder!ng if $h£ had asked h£r any questions

“so if you don’t m!nd….. What’s your name….? ” $h£ asked as Giselle carried th£ coffee

“I hate tell!ng strangers my name…… ” $h£ muttered walk!ng ©vt

“I was th!nk!ng if we could be friends? ” Hilda asked trail!ng beh!nd h£r

“I hate friends…… ” $h£ said and stopped walk!ng

“if you don’t m!nd….. Let me be” $h£ replied and walked off aga!n
Giselle h£ard a fa!nt come !n and $h£ opened th£ door to th£ k!ng room s1©wly

$h£ saw h¡m stand!ng by th£ w!ndow…….

“My k!ng h£re’s th£ coffee you asked for…” $h£ said and dropped h£r face

K!ng Jasm!ne turned [email protected]¢k to face h£r and covered th£ space b£tweeΠ th£m. Giselle h£art pounded and started rac!ng rapidly as th£ encircled round h£r

“I found you !nterest!ng… ” Th£ k!ng mumbled

“Tell me someth!ng……….who are you? ” Th£ k!ng blurted ©vt mak!ng Giselle eye widened, h£r [email protected] start!ng shak!ng

“Answer me wh£n I asked you a question ” Th£ k!ng growled and ₱u$h£d th£ coffee from h£r [email protected] mak!ng h£r [email protected]

Th£ door opened almost immediately and Queen Emily walked !n

“What’s go!ng on h£re….. ” $h£ asked rush!ng to h£r husband and Giselle

$h£ stared at th£ broken pieces of th£ gla$$ and th£n at Giselle

“who are you ” $h£ asked

“I’m Giselle….. Elder Kay daughter”$h£ answered. Queen Emily stared at th£ gla$$ aga!n

“Wh£re’s your fath£r…..why are you th£ one serv!ng my husband?? ” $h£ asked

“My fath£r is sick…… I’m th£ one perform!ng h¡s duty for now” $h£ replied and th£ queen [email protected]

“What!! ”

K!ng jasm!ne [email protected] at that drama , h£ turn and walked [email protected]¢k to th£ w!ndow

“I’m so sorry child….. You can leave, I will call th£ maids to take ¢ar£ of th£ stuff” Queen Emily said and $h£ nodded

“Thank you my Queen ” $h£ said and bow before walk!ng ©vt of th£ room. Th£ door shut and th£ Queen Moth£r h£aven

“What had come over you…… Why have you decided to be th¡s cruel. h£r fath£r is sick and you decided to take h£r !nstead……. Gosh!! You’re not even th£ man I once married….. Jasm!ne don’t you th!nk it’s time to open up to me? ” Th£ Queen asked

K!ng jasm!ne [email protected] and walked ©vt of h¡s wife, leav!ng h¡s room……

!n Th£ EVEN!nG

Giselle sat on one of th£ stool !n th£ kitch£n. $h£ feast on h£r food, of course $h£ was damn hungry and could eat a horse

$h£ hurried up with th£ meal and wa$h£d h£r di$h£s.

All $h£ wanted at th¡s moment was to [email protected] d©wΠ…… $h£ was m©r£ than tired but luckily, $h£ didn’t get to see th£ face of th£ k!ng today

$h£ walked ©vt of th£ kitch£n and pa$$ed through th£ hallway to h£r room.

Silver was pa$$!ng through th£ same hall way too……. Yeah! $h£ had j√$t come over to th£ palace

$h£ had spent th£ wh0l£ night yesterday at th£ hospital gett!ng treated…..

“Those street mad women! ” $h£ muttered remember!ng what th£y did to h£r

$h£ saw Giselle walked pa$$ed h£r and $h£ immediately called for h£r attention

Giselle turned and walked [email protected]¢k to h£r

“didn’t you see me or you don’t use your sight anym©r£ ” Silver yelled and Giselle sqv££sed h£r eyebrows

“You dare walked ©vt of me……Your future queen with©vt acknowledgement” $h£ asked !n a fury

“I don’t understand you ma’am ” $h£ said

“Are you dumb…… I’m pr!nce Darrel girlfriend, th£ first pr!nce whose gonna be a k!ng soon and that make me a queen…… So you got to address me now as your queen ” Silver ordered

“No….. I can’t do that, not wh£n th£ queen is still very much alive ” $h£ replied and that got silver angry

“You ugly th!ng! ” Silver raised h£r [email protected] want!ng to slap h£r face but Giselle was quick to get a hold of it

“don’t even th!nk of it” $h£ said and jerk off Silver [email protected]

Silver [email protected] and couldn’t believe what had j√$t happened.

“Excuse me ” Giselle said and was ab©vt walk!ng ©vt of h£r wh£n silver ₱v||ed h£r [email protected]¢k

“How dare you….. ” $h£ said and gripped on Giselle’s hair

“let go of my hair! ” Giselle growled

“Do you feel hurt or pa!ned?” silver asked hav!ng a victorious smirk on h£r face

“I said let go” Giselle said and ₱u$h£d h£r off h£r

It was sudden and unexpected so silver lost balance and fell h£avily on th£ ground,

“Ouch!” $h£ w!nced

“my a$$! ” $h£ cried ©vt. Pr!nce Darrel m©vth parted watch!ng th£ scene

Yeah! h£ saw everyth!ng that happened

h£ was surprised h£ wasn’t mad……. No one dares hurt silver of h£ or $h£ is gonna face h¡s rot

“I don’t b**t weakl!ngs or I would have thought you a lesson ” Giselle sniffed and walked ©vt

Pr!nce Darrel stood still mesmeriz!ng by what j√$t happened……. Of course no oth£r girl had got h¡s attention apart from silver but $h£ seems different

” I like h£r fierceness ” h£ wh¡spered but clearly for silver to h£ar and that was wh£n $h£ looked up

$h£ saw h¡m star!ng at th£ direction that Giselle j√$t walked ©vt from

“fv¢k!…… Will you j√$t stand th£re or h£lp me! ” Silver yelled

Surpris!ngly, h£ ignored h£r and started walk!ng towards th£ direction h£ saw Giselle leav!ng

Silver couldn’t believe it and $h£ felt $h£ was ab©vt to pa$$ed ©vt.

Giselle kept walk!ng [email protected]¢k with©vt look!ng [email protected]¢k.

Someone suddenly ₱v||ed h£r !nto a corner mak!ng h£r cra$h£d h£r [email protected]¢k to th£ wall

“My !nst!ncts were right……. It was you my prey” Pr!nce Rex said mak!ng h£r frowned

“I’m never gonna lose you aga!n until I get what I want” h£ said

“is th¡s palace anoth£r place for psych°tic people ?” $h£ asked and pr!nce Rex chuckled

“I love b*tch£s like you….. Let’s fv¢k!” h£ blurted ©vt

“You’re crazy !” Giselle uttered, $h£ ₱u$h£d h¡m off h£r and ran off

“No aga!n! ” Pr!nce Rex muttered and ran after h£r

Giselle kept runn!ng and couldnt see pr!nce Norman walk!ng towards th£ same direction with h¡s escort.


It was even!ng already and h£’s escort h£r tak!ng h¡m to th£ k!ng empire

Giselle collided with pr!nce Norman……. It came suddenly and pr!nce Norman had to lose h¡s balance.

h£ fell to th£ ground mak!ng Giselle [email protected]|| on h¡m.

“Geez!! ” Pr!nce Darrel and pr!nce Rex who j√$t appeared at th£ scene [email protected]

Th£ir eyes went agape and th£ir m©vth parted

.”What’s go!ng on h£re” Th£y all h£ard th£ k!ng voice


😂😂😂😂😂……silver oh😏😏😏

Pr!nce Norman and h¡s momma 💋💋

Lemme not say a world

Th£ k!ng🤧🤧🤧🤧😥😥😥😥

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