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Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 15 – 17

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️

Chapter 15, 16 & 17

sorry for th£ late post, NEPA refused to br!ng light for th£ past two days and that’s why I made it long……..

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“Silver!! ” Larry called and silver swallowed [email protected]

Never !n h£r wildest dreams will $h£ had thought Larry and Cal will come to th£ city

Or thought of even see!ng th£m. $h£ gulped d©wΠ nervously as suddenly sweat gestured ©vt of h£r hair, roll!ng d©wΠ to h£r ch£ek

“Let go…. ” $h£ rem©v£d Cal [email protected] from h£r wrist slightly

“What’s happen!ng…… Did.. you know th£m? ” Pr!nce Darrel asked feel!ng hurt already. $h£ stared at Larry and looked away

“Mummy! ” Cal callled aga!n try!ng to hugged h£r but $h£ m©v£d away

$h£ ran to Pr!nce Darrel and hugged h¡m

“I’m not your mummy! ” $h£ snapped

“Silver!! ” Larry sh©vted. h£ couldn’t believe silver will j√$t denial th£ir son !n front of h¡m

“What nons£nse are you spott!ng……… Cal is our son and who’s th¡s man ” Larry asked

“Shut up already” Silver blurted ©vt.

$h£ stood !n front of pr!nce Darrel and h£ld h¡s face

“Baby… I don’t know what has come over th¡s man. I don’t know why h£’s try!ng to flame me up……. Yeah! I have met h¡m but j√$t once…. I saw h¡m and h¡s son begg!ng on th£ street and decided….. You know I’m always ch£erful babe. I only h£lped giv!ng th£m a h*g£ sum of money and after th£n, h¡s son loves me and calls me mommy. h£ told me we should get married s!nce h¡s son loves me but I rejected th£ offer. I told h¡m I got someone that I love dearly and that’s you” $h£ ru$h£d all !n one breath£

Larry m©vth dropped opened….. h¡s tears threatened to [email protected]|| but h£ sniffed it [email protected]¢k. h£ got to be a man and be strong for h¡s son

h£ had loves silver so much……. So much that h£ spent all h¡s sav!ngs for h£r education……. So much that h£ refused to believe th£ rumors of $h£ follow!ng th£ pr!nce…….. So much that h£ wouldn’t have thought $h£ would do th¡s for h¡m

“mummy…..! ” Cal called aga!n bl!nk!ng h¡s eyes

“I’m not your mummy…… Stop call!ng me that you stupid child “$h£ growled

“j√$t shut those shit m©vth….. I will tolerate everyth!ng but not you !nsult!ng my son” Larry said and ₱v||ed to h¡mself

$h£ walked closer to th£m and stared at pr!nce Darrel

“I don’t know how you fell for th¡s devil !n human form……. We have been married for three years already and blessed with a child…… Th¡s is th£ prove” h£ said and [email protected] over h¡s mobile phone to pr!nce Darrel show!ng h¡m th£ picture of th£ir marriage certificate . Th£ guy right h£re weren’t ly!ng, it’s really th£ir wedd!ng certificate,

“I picked h£r up from th£ dust….. I changed h£r life with th£ little I got. $h£ birth£d me a son and my love for h£r !ncreased. I took h£r to th£ city and enrolled h£r !nto th£ best college. ” Larry said as Pr!nce Darrel kept star!ng at h¡s face

“You said what?” Pr!nce Darrel f!nally spoke unbelievably at what Larry j√$t said

” Silver is twenty five and by th£ looks you’re younger than h£r….. I don’t know what $h£ did to you but walk ©vt before its too late” Larry said
Pr!nce Darrel smiled as if h£ j√$t listened to a joke.

Of course it was damn late…… h£ was damn hurt already

“Stop jok!ng, and stop listen!ng to th£ gibberish h£’s tell!ng you ” Silver said

” silver… ” Pr!nce Darrel said, los!ng breath, it’s as if air has been filtered ©vt of h¡s lungs, not believ!ng what h£’s see!ng

h£ scroll d©wΠ th£ phone, to see th£ir family pictures. Th£ little boy, Larry and silver

h£ bent d©wΠ and h£ld h¡s h£ad as tears dropped off h¡s eyes

“No!!!!!” h£ s¢r**med, $h£dd!ng m©r£ tears, h¡s eyes are already red

“I’ve been fooled for years, I’ve been a fool for years, I’ve been used for years I’m so daft and useless!!!! ” h£ s¢r**med, m©r£ h°t tears rolled ©vt of h¡s eyes

“Baby…… ” Silver called try!ng to touch h¡m but h£ raised h¡s !ndex f!ng£r

” Don’t you dare….. ” h£ growled

“common don’t tell me you believe th¡s shit! ” Silver muttered

“you’re such a witch….. I never wanna see your disgust!ng face or see you come near me…….. I hate you” h£ [email protected] and obviously h£ was !n pa!ns

” No no Darrel , you can’t say that… No matter what happens you told me you’ll never leave me, I love you so much, I gonna die if you leave me” $h£ replied, cry!ng

” What th£ h£ll do you know ab©vt love……. Death will be th£ best option for you…… I so much hate you now….. Gosh! I don’t deserve th¡s….. It hurts, it so much hurt i swear! ” h£ ranted hurtfvlly as much tears keep dropp!ng off h¡s eyes

“Common baby….. Noth!ng changed even if I’m married. You still rema!n th£ love of my life….. I’m gonna divorce h¡m. I left h¡m because I lost !nterest !n h¡m already….. You are th£ one I want baby….. Pls don’t leave me ” $h£ cried

“Rex was always right…… I have been dat!ng my Grandma………. I will have been mak!ng a fool ©vt of myself….. I hurt my broth£r because of love……. Love is !ndeed stupid and h£artless…… I hate you and don’t you dare come close to me to avoid gett!ng wounded…… I’m gonna kill you I swearz……. “h£ ranted as m©r£ tears kept [email protected]||!ng off h¡s eyes

[email protected] and walked to h¡s car….

“please darrel….. Please don’t do th¡s….” $h£ cried and tried hold!ng h¡m but got !nto h¡s car.

h£ drove off and $h£ ran some kilometers after h¡m but stopped at a po!nt, $h£ sat on th£ ground and sniffed lightly, look!ng @r0vnd

“h£ really left?, h£ left me, Pr!nce Darrel left me I’m f!ni$h£d!, All’s gone!, I’m doomed!……im never gonna be a queen….. I’m not gonna be a queen ” $h£ s¢r**med.

“I hate you Larry…… I hate you for do!ng th¡s to me…… Th¡s relationship I have been keep!ng, has been shattered all because of you! “$h£ growled and stood up. $h£ walked up to Larry and Cal who was still stand!ng th£re

“Why do you have to ru!n my relationship….. I don’t love you anym©r£!, I don’t love you so j√$t leave me alone!” $h£ yelled

“And I hate you too!, I hate you and right now I feel like end!ng your life…..i thought you were my !nvestment, I did to make you happy….. I tried all my best but you were j√$t a $h£-devil “Larry yelled [email protected]¢k

“I’m gonna leave your life for good and I’m go!ng far away with Cal…….. You never gonna see your son. After all, you never value h¡m ” Larry and silver rolled h£r teary eyes

” I don’t ¢ar£ ab©vt you or your worthless son ” $h£ said and scoffed

” how dare call my son worthless ? ” larry asked, com!ng closer

“I can tolerate anyth!ng but not you call!ng my son worthless !” h£ yelled

Larry smiled before slapp!ng h£r on h£r right ch£ek,

h£ grabb£d h£r wrist roughly

“Let me go!” $h£ wh¡mpered loudly, h£r ch£ek is all red already as a result of th£ slap

” Call!ng my son worthless aga!n th£n you might be digg!ng your own grave woman” larry replied

h£r neck is already on Larry palm, h£ grabb£d it and sqv££sed it [email protected]

” You’re th£ worse woman I’ve ever seen, you’re a devil silver!, I regret ever know!ng you….. I hate myself for [email protected]||!ng foolishly for you….. End!ng your disgust!ng life would give me joy! ” h£ gr!nned. $h£ wr*₱ped h£r [email protected] on h¡s try!ng to rem©v£ h¡s grip from h£r neck

S!nce th£y were by th£ road side, th£y already started creat!ng a scene

“Larry you’re a bastard, big………..time bastard….. ” $h£ muffled, struggl!ng [email protected]¢k

Larry looked at th£ crowd and th£n to h¡s son who was cry!ng [email protected] by now
h£ let h£r go, fly!ng h£r to some metres away from h¡m…… Silver landed on h£r butt as $h£ [email protected] ©vt

“let’s go Cal ” Larry muttered carry!ng th£ little boy on h¡s arm


Everyone !n th£ palace seems so happy…… Th£y had th¡s genu!ne happ!ness, that th£y haven’t had !n a long time

Even th£ trees and air @r0vnd th£ palace could be seen happy

Of course who wouldn’t be happy. Th£ k!ng had gone one a week trip and that will be enough reason for any habitats !n th£ palace happy

“Gosh! I can now breath£ !n air…… th¡s palace has been damn suffocat!ng ” A maid wh¡spered to h£r.

“big broth£r…. “pr!ncess Cel!ne called open!ng pr!nce Norman room door and popp!ng h£r h£ad |ns!de

“like seriously……. I’m free broth£r!! ” Pr!ncess Cel!ne s¢r**med enter!ng pr!nce Norman room. Last night with h£r broth£r was awesome…….. Pr!nce Norman stayed awake watch!ng Cel!ne sleep

“Big broth£r I’m free” $h£ yelled…. $h£ seems to be th£ happiest

Of course been ©vtside h£r room aga!n makes h£r feels so happy

h£r fath£r had released h£r before h¡s trip th¡s morn!ng. $h£ shut th£ door and as usual $h£ saw h¡m fac!ng th£ w!ndow…. But th¡s time, h¡s maid was chang!ng h¡s dress

“Hilda…… Leave me to my broth£r” $h£ said to th£ maid who j√$t nodded and left

“Big broth£r….. ” Cel!ne called button!ng up h¡s shirt, cont!nu!ng from wh£re h¡s maids stopped

“You seems happy sister……Do you m!nd shar!ng it with your favorite broth£r” Norman angelic voice said and $h£ blu$h£d

“I don’t need to tell you before you know……. j√$t read my m!nd broth£r” $h£ muttered

“No….. I !nsist you tell me “.Pr!nce Norman said and $h£ rolled h£r eyes

“You’re such an annoy!ng broth£r! ” $h£ uttered mak!ng h¡m chuckled

“I’m happy because old man will be gone for a week…….. Isn’t that great! ” $h£ exclaimed

“Do you really hate your dad much…… ” Pr!nce Norman asked and $h£ rolled h£r eyes

“I know we both hate h¡m” $h£ wh¡spered !n h¡s ears

“Big broth£r I will be gone for some hours…….. I’m go!ng with mum for some urgent bus!ness. $h£ said I need to be th£re” $h£ muttered and pr!nce Norman nodded s1©wly

“Take ¢ar£ of yourself! ” h£ muttered and $h£ gr!nned

“mum will be th£re with me….. So you don’t need to worry….. Common b!0w me a klzz, it will do before I comes [email protected]¢k ” $h£ p©vted h£r m©vth

“Go get yourself a boyfriend! ” Pr!nce Norman said

“I hate you…. ” $h£ said, laugh!ng ©vt loud

“I love you annoy!ng pest! ” Pr!nce Norman said

“oh! Kill me” $h£ s¢r**med and ₱v||ed h¡m by h¡s ears. h£ pecked h¡s foreh£ad mak!ng h¡m giggled

“Bye both£r….. See you at even!ng ” $h£ said, before walk!ng ©vt.
Giselle drank from h£r cup of tea as $h£ sat on th£ kitch£n counter top…… $h£ was so happy

Th£ k!ng was gone for a week and $h£ can f!nally see h£r fath£r. Hilda walked !n and ₱0ured h£rself a can of water

$h£ drank from it and made effort to leave th£ kitch£n wh£n Giselle stopped h£r

“h£y hilda” Giselle called and Hilda eyes widened

“Did $h£ j√$t call me! ” $h£ thought, still not turn!ng [email protected]¢k to face h£r

“I’m so sorry sorry for th£ way I have been act!ng ” $h£ said walk!ng closed to h£r

$h£ got to h£r and stood at h£r front.
“Can we be friends?? ” $h£ asked

“It seems someone woke up at th£ good side of th£ b£d ” $h£ muttered and Giselle blu$h£d

“silly! ” $h£ muttered pok!ng h£r nose

“Of course, I will love to be friends with you…… I wanna spend th£ wh0l£ day with you”Hilda said

“oh….. But I’m go!ng to see fath£r” $h£ muttered

“Can I come with you??? ” Hilda asked

“Sure” $h£ replied


“is th¡s your house?” Hilda asked as $h£ stared at th£ build!ng !n front of h£r

“Why is it opened” Hilda asked aga!n

“I dunno ” $h£ replied

“common let’s go !n” Giselle said and ₱v||ed h£r !nto th£ house

“mom!!!! ”

“Audrey!!! ”

“mum,,,,,,,, Audrey!!!” Giselle kept call!ng but th£re was no respond…… It seems no one Is @r0vnd

“wh£re did everyone go to….. ” Hilda asked

“I really don’t know and I wondered will th£ door is opened wh£n no one is !n h£re” Giselle and walked towards Elder Kay room.

$h£ ₱v||ed th£ door opened and [email protected]….. h£r eyes widened at what $h£ saw. h£r fath£r was mov!ng on th£ floor and at th£ same time gripp!ng on h¡s ch£st

“fath£r!! ” $h£ s¢r**med runn!ng towards h¡m. Elder Kay stretch£d h¡s [email protected] to somewh£re and Giselle traced it to see h¡m po!nt!ng at h¡s drugs

“Why will th£y leave h¡m !n th¡s condition ” Hilda asked, go!ng to get th£ drugs while Giselle hold h£r fath£r hugg!ng h¡m t!ght. Tears gestured ©vt of h£r eyes but $h£ sniffed it [email protected]¢k try!ng to be strong

“What th£ fv¢k!! ” Th£y h£ard a loud s¢r**m. It was Audrey and Tanisha immediately ru$h£d !nto th£ room

“What th£ h£ll” $h£ s¢r**med wh£n $h£ saw Giselle

“mum! ” Giselle called

“You !ngrate…… What are you do!ng h£re after you left ” Tanisha yelled and Giselle m©vth dropped open wonder!ng wh£n $h£ left

“how dare you come h£re! ” $h£ growled gett!ng to Giselle. $h£ got to h£r and grabb£d h£r [email protected]

“You ugly th!ng…… I never want to see you !n th¡s house! ” $h£ yelled ₱v||!ng h£r ©vt of th£ house

“mum don’t do th¡s…… I j√$t wanna see fath£r……. h£ needs me, h£ doesn’t seems f!ne ” Giselle cried as $h£ was been ₱v||ed ©vt by Tanisha

“Get lose and look for your parents…… We don’t need you! ” Tanisha yelled and ₱u$h£d h£r ©vt of th£ door

Audrey ₱u$h£d Hilda ©vt too and slammed th£ door on th£ir faces

“mum please don’t do th¡s….. I j√$t wanna see fath£r…. j√$t once mum…please ” Giselle called bang!ng on th£ door

“moth£r.. Please. Don’t deprive me of see!ng fath£r……. Please mom”$h£ cried lean!ng on it

“common let’s go….. th£y aren’t gonna open up ” Hilda said hold!ng h£r

“Fath£r……!! ” $h£ s¢r**med as Hilda walk h£r ©vt of th£ environment . Th£y got [email protected]¢k to th£ palace…… Hilda consoled h£r and it took a while before $h£ f!nally slept off

Th£ PALACE************

!n Th£ EVEN!nG

[email protected]¢k

Th£ loud sound of h£r tears will tell you how much agony $h£ was pa$$!ng through as guard cont!nued lash!ng ©vt at h£r mercilessly

“please….. Please…… Stop hurt!ng h£r” little Norman wh¡spered from wh£re h£ stood but of course no one could h£ar h¡m. Th£ guards kept us!ng th£ whip on th£ little girl. Tears fell off h¡s eyes as h£ saw th£ little girl !n pa!ns

h£ really wanted to stop th£ men but h£ couldn’t. Of course h£ didn’t want h¡s fath£r to know h£ had sneak ©vt to th¡s build!ng

“To h£ll with you” Th£ guard yelled as h£ kept [email protected]||!ng h£r

“I’m j√$t follow!ng my orders” h£ yelled. Pr!nce Norman shook h¡s h£ad from wh£re h£ stood. h£r cloth£s were already sta!ned…. h£r b©dy was with new bruises, new scars, new spot

“Why will th£y be cruel to h£r….. $h£’s j√$t too little…. Not even up to five years old” pr!nce Norman thought

All of a sudden, th£ fire !ncident occurred…… h£ remembered sneak!ng !nto th£ build!ng aga!n. That’s h¡s normal r©vt!ne……. Sometimes h£ gets lucky wh£n th£re wasn’t no guard. Pr!nce Norman will br!ng h¡s food and share with h£r

h£ will always stared at th£ red mark on h£r wrist and call h£r Royalty. But that faithful day h£ had sneak !nto th£ build!ng aga!n………. h£ wasn’t lucky s!nce th£re were guards |ns!de th£ build!ng tortur!ng h£r as usual

Sadly h£ left with th£ food h£ came with, h£ was almost ©vt wh£n th£ build!ng exploded

“Royalty!! ” h£ s¢r**med before pa$$!ng ©vt. h£ woke up some weeks later and found ©vt h£ couldn’t see

h£ started hav!ng partial bl!ndness s!nce that day and h£ didn’t set h¡s eyes on Royalty aga!n

“$h£ dies!!!”

END OF [email protected]¢k


Pr!nce Norman woke up breath!ng h£avily……. h£ was [email protected]!ng as th£ result of th£ dream h£ j√$t had

“Its sixteen years already….. Why can’t I get it off my h£ad…… $h£’s gone…..Th£ fire consumed h£r, Royalty died ” h£ mumbled hold!ng h¡s h£ad. h£ s1©wly opened h¡s eyes and it took a while before h¡s vision became clear

“it’s night [email protected]|| already ” h£ muttered star!ng @r0vnd

“can’t believe I slept th¡s long” h£ mumbled
Pr!nce Darrel sat at th£ bar palour !n th£ palace, tak!ng a sub from h¡s dr!nk

It’s th£ first time h£’ll be dr!nk!ng but it feels as if it’s h¡s only companion for now

h£ drank till th£ tenth bottle and kept cry!ng and dr!nk!ng..

“It hurts” h£ thought,

“Why did $h£ have to do th¡s to me….. Do I really deserve it” h£ lamented as tears kept roll!ng d©wΠ

“fath£r boy seems to be hurt….. I guessed grandma j√$t broke h¡s h£art but unfortunately h¡s daddy isn’t home to console h¡m” Pr!nce Rex said as h£ got to th£ bar palour

“if you wanna forget your worries…… You need to dr!nk…. I mean h£avily ” h£ said pick!ng two bottles of Vodka and sat beside h¡s broth£r

“I dated my grandma ” Pr!nce Darrel cried, h¡s face is red, h¡s eyes is gla$$y from tears and h¡s face is w€t with it

“That’s because you have been a big fool…… If you had listened to b©dy language….. You wouldn’t have been hurt” pr!nce Rex said ₱0ur!ng th£ dr!nk

“$h£ had always been my everyth!ng…. I love only h£r….. I looked only at h£r…… I touch£d only h£r….. $h£ was only m!ne”pr!nce Darrel said

“can’t believe that a$$h0l£ made you useless….. all because of love” Pr!nce Rex muttered as th£y both drank from th£ir gla$$es

“$h£ will tell me $h£ loves me too….. $h£ was like…….. $h£ loves my d*ck, $h£ can’t wait to get [email protected] with me…… $h£ can’t wait to s¢r**m ©vt my name…. $h£ was so naughty ” h£ said and th£y both laugh£d ©vt

“$h£ was only after your d*ck and [email protected] face….. Huh?? ” Pr!nce Rex asked

“stupid silver loves you for s€× and you foolishly loves h£r too….. You’re an idiot darrel” pr!nce Rex muttered

“Stop talk!ng and let’s dr!nk ” Pr!nce Darrel said

Twenty m!nutes later

“You’re reek!ng of alcohol” pr!nce Darrel said

“nope….. We are both reek!ng from alcohol ” Pr!nce Rex said

Bottles of alcohol could be seen round everywh£re… th£ wh0l£ bar parlour was mess up

“No you th!nk silver reject!ng you hurts th£ most?? ” Pr!nce Rex asked and shook h¡s h£ad

“of course not……. M!ne hurt th£ most. Th£ fact that I want scar girl but $h£ kept runn!ng from me hurt th£ most…….. I’m a s€×…… I screw anyth!ng under th£ skirt. I have anyone I desire but h£rs seems different…… $h£ kept runn!ng wh£n I only j√$t wanted to shift h£r [email protected]……. Th£ fact that I can’t be able to shift h£r [email protected] hurt I swearz……. I hate los!ng my prey” Pr!nce Rex said obviously drunk

” h£art break hurt broth£r….. I wish I can be somewh£re I won’t feel pa!ns……. Somewh£re far from h£re” Pr!nce Darrel said and everywh£re became silent.

It took a while and pr!nce Rex bursed !nto laughter

“Why did I th!nk of it” h£ thought

“I got a prefect place for you to feel at home……. It’s a sweet home with©vt worries…… Trust me you’re gonna like it broth£r” pr!nce Rex said and gr!nned

“Take me th£re broth£r” h£ said drunkenly

“of course I will”Pr!nce Rex said and h£ld h¡s [email protected]…. even been drunk, h£ was able to lead h¡s broth£r to th£ rooftop but how h£ did it was miraculous

Th£y climb£d up to th£ roof and cool breeze blew up th£ir hair

“Why is everywh£re dark” Pr!nce Darrel asked

“Don’t tell me silver break your s£nse too…… Everywh£re is dark because it’s morn!ng ” h£ said wh£n it was obvious th£y were at night

“Everywh£re is cool” pr!nce Darrel mumbled

“Yeah….. So cool to ease off bad memories but I will take you to th£ coolest” h£ said and h£ lead h¡m to th£ end of th£ rooftop

Th£y both looked d©wΠ and could see th£y were so high

“Sweet home is d©wΠ th£re broth£r……. j√$t jumped d©wΠ and all bad memories will Ease” Pr!nce Rex gr!nned

“if I jumped d©wΠ I won’t till of Silver right?? “h£ asked and Pr!nce Rex pat h¡s shoulders

“of course not……j√$t jumped d©wΠ and God angels will take you to h£aven” h£ wh¡spered to h¡s ears as h£ stared d©wΠ from th£ rooftop

“I will love to go to h£ave…… h£re I come!! ” h£ s¢r**med


!ndeed h£aven 😂😂😂😂😏😏😏

Someone son want to kill h¡mself 🤷🤷🤷

Fear who no fear pr!nce Rex🙃🙃🙃

Th£ [email protected]¢k 🤧🤧🤧🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

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