Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 18

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 18

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“Holy moly!! ” Came th£ s¢r**m as pr!nce Darrel made effort to jump

Pr!ncess Cel!ne wr*₱ped h£r t!ny [email protected] @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t hold!ng h¡m for beh!nd

“what th£ fv¢k!! ” $h£ yelled still hold!ng h¡m t!ght.

$h£ looked [email protected]¢k and stared at pr!nce Rex who was laugh!ng $h£epishly at h¡m

“You’re reek!ng of alcohol” $h£ said, hold!ng h¡m t!ghter

“let go of h¡m…… h£ j√$t wanna go to h£aven” Pr!nce Rex said laugh!ng ©vt

$h£ sqv££sed h£r eyebrow and stare at h¡m and th£n at pr!nce Darrel

“I can’t believe you both drank yourself to stupor ” $h£ mumbled shak!ng h£r h£ad

“what if I didn’t come…… What’s th¡s how you gonna end your life ” $h£ half yelled as h£ some of guards came to th£ rooftop

Even if $h£ doesn’t like pr!nce Darrel much but $h£ wouldn’t wish for h¡s death

“Dr!nk!ng is not for you both” $h£ muttered lett!ng go of Pr!nce Darrel to th£ guards.

“Take h¡m to h¡s room” $h£ said and th£ guards nodded. $h£ watch£d as pr!nce Darrel was tak!ng ©vt .

“why does it hurt…… Why can’t I get scar girl” pr!ncess Cel!ne could h£ar h£r broth£r murmur!ngs words to h¡mself

“I only wanna shift h£r [email protected] but $h£ kept runn!ng away from me…… That shit hurt ” Pr!nce Rex mumbled as tears rolled off h¡s eyes

h£ wanted to [email protected] d©wΠ with someone, not j√$t h¡s random maids but h£r

“s€× dude…. What’s th£ problem ?” Pr!nce Cel!ne asked wh£n $h£ walked to h¡m

“leave me alone,,,,,,,,, I j√$t wanna shift h£r [email protected] ” h£ said aga!n

Pr!ncess Cel!ne frowned and wondered who’s [email protected] h£ wanna shift

“let me h£lp you to your room…… I know you aren’t that drunk unlike daddy boy” $h£ said and pr!nce Rex chuckled

“I like you…. Of course h£’s daddys boy and that’s why h£ needs to go to h£aven ” h£ mumbled and th£n $h£ shook h£r h£ad lead!ng h¡m ©vt of th£ rooftop

“Kill!ng h¡mself will take h¡m to h£ll, no h£aven dummy!! ” $h£ muttered……

“I dunno…… I j√$t want h¡m ©vt. Gosh! I hate h¡m, h£’s such a dumb dude…… j√$t like h¡s fath£r ” h£ said and Pr!ncess Cel!ne chuckled

“I can see you hate dad too….. ” $h£ uttered as $h£ a$$ist h¡m through th£ corridor

“Mum…. ” $h£ wh¡spered see!ng th£ queen walk!ng to th£m

“What happened to your broth£r and why h£’s h¡m th¡s way?? ” $h£ asked

“h£ got h¡mself drunk “Pr!ncess Cel!ne answered

“Rex my boy….. Why will you do that…….. You drank wh£n you aren’t used to it….. Come h£re son” $h£ said tak!ng h¡m from h£r

“I guessed you might be tired…… Go to your room. I will take ¢ar£ of your broth£r ” $h£ said and Cel!ne s1©wly nodded

“I j√$t wanna shift h£r [email protected]…… ” h£ muttered

“Mum h£ wanna shift someone’s daughter [email protected] aga!n…….. My broth£r is someth!ng else” $h£ muttered walk!ng away

“Son…. ” Th£ queen called

“moth£r” h£ said and yawned . h¡s moth£r opened th£ room door and th£y both walked !n

$h£ [email protected] h¡m on h¡s b£d and stared at h¡s sleep!ng face

“I love you son…… Wish you can stop sleep!ng @r0vnd ” $h£ said and Pr!nce Rex sigh£d even !n h¡s sleep. $h£ klzzed h¡s foreh£ad and h£aved before walk!ng ©vt of h¡s room
Pr!nce Norman couldn’t sleep aga!n not after hav!ng h¡s nightmare

“Royalty” h£ mumbled to h¡mself

“$h£ was j√$t so !nnocent to have died !n th£ fire.. ” h£ thought

“I would have h£lp wh£n I could but I did noth!ng. I let fath£r guards tortured h£r” h£ thought

“Maybe that’s why I’m cursed” h£ spoke ©vt and h£aved.

h£ was !n h¡s room star!ng ©vt of th£ w!ndow. Yeah! It was night already…. h£ was [email protected] sees !n h¡s room at night

Eith£r h£ goes to th£ founta!n or bridge or better still take a walk round th£ palace but h£ decided to stay !ndoors ……

“I miss h£r fake smile” h£ thought and a smile curved at th£ corner of h¡s m©vth

h£ sigh£d and left th£ w!ndow area, h£ad!ng towards th£ door….. h£ opened it s1©wly and left h¡s room

“I j√$t wanna see fath£r….. moth£r please don’t deprive me” h£ could h£ar a t!ny voice

From th£ way it sounded, th£ owner of th£ voice was com!ng to h¡s direction

“fath£r wake up…… Giselle is h£re now” h£ h£ard th£ voice much louder th¡s time. h£ frowned and walked towards th£ direction

h£ turned to th£ oth£r direction were th£ voice was com!ng from before got collide with h£r

Giselle almost fell but h¡s mighty arms wr*₱ped @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t

“Scar girl” h£ wh¡spered

Th£y both stared at each oth£r and Giselle smile cutely

Pr!nce Norman felt th£ connection.
“That same smile…… I had seen it before ” h£ thought

“Are you fath£r?? ,,,,I j√$t wanna see fath£r” $h£ muttered

Pr!nce Norman sqv££sed h¡s eyebrow and tried read!ng h£r m!nd but it’s blank

“$h£ actually sleep walks” h£ said and chuckled

“I want to see fath£r…… ” $h£ said and went mute. Pr!nce Norman smile before us!ng h¡s f!ng£rs to close h£r eyes

h£ carried h£r !n h¡s arms and $h£ sigh£d cl!nch!ng on h¡m


K!ng Jasm!ne entered th£ abandoned hut owned by th£ priestess
h£ looked @r0vnd and saw th£re was no change

It’s been years h£ came h£re but th£ place still looks th£ same….. No change

h£ entered th£ abandoned hut and met th£ [email protected]¢k view of th£ priestess

“K!ng Jasm!ne! ” Th£ priestess uttered as h£ stepped h¡s foot !nto th£ hut

Of course $h£ doesn’t need to turn to know it’s h¡m

“What brought k!ng jasm!ne to th£ forsaken hut of th£ old priestess ” h¡s voice came !n and k!ng Jasm!ne breath£d ©vt

h£ sat d©wΠ and folded h¡s legs before h£ spoke ©vt aga!n

“I’m afraid priestess….. I’m afraid that what I stole will be taken away from me…….i s£nse th£ revelation com!ng to pa$$ ” h£ mumbled and th£n priestess laugh£d ©vt loud

“Your son norman will br!ng your d©wΠ[email protected]|| togeth£r with h£r” Th£ priestess said

“I know priestess but who is th¡s h£r…… You’re speak!ng !n parables ” h£ muttered m©r£ confused

“$h£’s m©r£ closer than ever before………. ” $h£ said and K!ng Jasm!ne eyes darkened immediately. Th¡s wasn’t what h£ wanted to h£ar

h£r wanted to know th¡s h£r th£ priestess was referr!ng to and br!ng h£r d©wΠ immediately. S!nce h£ can’t destroy Norman h£ surely will destroy th£ one s£nt to h£lp h¡m

“Do you still remember th£ curse $h£ placed on Norman” Th£ priestess asked

“Yeah! $h£ had cursed Norman because of my s!ns….. I never took h£r serious till h£r death and th£ curse started manifest!ng……… ” Th£ k!ng said !n one breath

“Wh£n I was ab©vt tak!ng h£r last breath, $h£ said alot of th!ngs…….. $h£ told me $h£ will die but not forever because $h£’s gonna re!ncarnate as one of sons…… $h£ told me my wife will die wh£n giv!ng birth to th£ triplets ……… $h£ said h£r re!ncarnate will be made bl!nd th£ day I will kill h£r child…. $h£ told me my son which is h£r re!ncarnate will br!ng me d©wΠ and take [email protected]¢k what I stole…….” Th£ k!ng mumbled and stared !nto space

“Yes I stole someth!ng from h£r. $h£ died th£ day th£ triplets were born after giv!ng birth to h£r premature baby girl that day………. $h£ re!ncarnated as Norman and darkness took over my k!ngdom for a period of time “h£ said

“Tell me priestess……. What I’m I go!ng to do. I killed h£r daughter years [email protected]¢k and $h£ made Norman bl!nd as $h£ had promised. I fear th£ revelation com!ng to past….. Please priestess tell me what th£ eyes can never see” h£ muttered

“h£r spirit still wandered….. $h£ want to see h£r daughter, th£ little girl you thought is dead is very much alive and closer than you can imag!ne …….. $h£s is th£ cure to Norman cursed and h£ will be well aga!n if th£ir two is been mated togeth£r but if that happened I fear you gonna lose what you treasure m©r£ !n th£ world ” $h£ said and h£ quickly shook h¡s h£ad

“Never!! Never!! ” h£ yelled

“I will never give [email protected]¢k what I stole…… I have killed because of it…..$h£d lots of !nnocent blood because of it. I’m never gonna give it [email protected]¢k……. I will look for h£r and end h£r life immediately….. $h£’s never gonna take what I treasure most away from me . I will kill h£r th£ same way I killed h£r parents! ” h£ yelled patt!ng [email protected]

Giselle smile and sprang on th£ b£d. $h£ felt so comfortable…… h£r b£d seems to be m©r£ comfy

$h£ perceived th£ scent and felt it was different. Even if $h£ hasn’t stayed !n th£ palace for a week, $h£ could still identify th£ scent of h£r room

h£r eyes opened s1©wly…. $h£ bl!nked ©vt try!ng to get a clearer view. It was morn!ng already but th£ son was ©vt yet.

Everywh£re was a bit dark but $h£ could h£ar get a glimpse of everyth!ng !n th£ room.

$h£ almost s¢r**med ©vt see!ng wh£re $h£ was

“oh m!ne…… I’m busted…. How did fv¢k did I get h£re” $h£ said jump!ng ©vt of th£ b£d. $h£ looked @r0vnd and breath£d ©vt wh£n $h£ saw no one

“How did I get !nto th£ Pr!nce room ” $h£ thought

“I need to get ©vt” $h£ said and tiptoed to th£ door

$h£ was almost closed to th£ door wh£n $h£ h£ard that one voice that can take away one’s burden

“Sneak!ng ©vt not with©vt say!ng thank you” Th£ voice said and $h£ froze on h£r spot……

“You slept off !n my [email protected]…… I will have left you at th£ corridor but !nstead I brought you h£re…… Leav!ng with©vt say!ng Thank you is ungratefulness ” h£ mumbled and Giselle swallowed [email protected]

“Thank you! ” $h£ said suddenly but not with©vt turn!ng to stare at h¡m

“Holy moly! ¢0¢kroach!!!……. How did it get h£re….. Oh m!ne!! Is com!ng towards you Scar girl ” Pr!nce Norman ranted

Giselle turned [email protected]¢k !nstantly……. $h£ didn’t know wh£n $h£ ran to h¡m and hugged h¡m so t!ght

“I’m s¢ar£d” $h£ muttered bury!ng h£r face on h¡s shoulders. Of course $h£ was s¢ar£d of c*ckroach and anytime $h£ sees one….. $h£ run to h£r fath£r

“j√$t kidd!ng! ” Pr!nce Norman blurted ©vt.

“Can’t believe h£ tricked me “$h£ frowned and wanted to ₱v||ed away but !nstead h£ wr*₱ped h¡s [email protected] @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t and ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself mak!ng h£r [email protected]

“Royalty….. ” h£ called ©vt star!ng at h¡s face.

Th£ sun shone ©vt and h£ kept star!ng at h£r eyes as h¡s vision started becom!ng blurred


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