Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 19 – 20

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 19&20

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Giselle stood still !n h¡s arms as $h£ stared at h¡m.

“Royalty…….” h£ mumbled aga!n and $h£ wondered why h£ kept call!ng h£r that

Yeah! Th£ name sounded so familiar !n h£r ears but $h£ couldn’t remember wh£re $h£ had h£ard it

“You’re my royalty. $h£ was always s¢ar£d of c*ckroach and you j√$t reacted th£ same way $h£ does wh£n $h£ sees one…… I found my royalty ” h£ said but Giselle kept star!ng at h¡m like someone who seems lost

“Who’s Royalty ” $h£ managed to muttered.
Pr!nce Norman read through h£r m!nd…… It was totally blank like someone who doesn’t even know who $h£ is

“Th£ !ncident……… You seems not to know who you are……. Your scar, it seems you got it from th£ accident. ” Pr!nce Norman said and stared !nto space s!nce h£ couldn’t see h£r face

“I thought I lost you…… For years I have grief over you…… Now that you’re h£re with me aga!n, you never gonna get tortured by th£ guard. I was unable to protect you !n th£ past but I’m gonna do that !n th£ pres£nt and !n th£ future….. I will protect you with all I got royalty ” h£ said

“I don’t know what you are talk!ng ab©vt my pr!nce” $h£ muttered and free h£rself from h¡s grip

“please h£lp me to th£ w!ndow….. I feel much better wh£n I stare at it even if I don’t see anyth!ng ” h£ said and it was th£n it dawned on Giselle that it was sun rise.

So h£ had actually gone bl!nd aga!n

$h£ reluctantly took h¡s [email protected] and lead h¡m to th£ w!ndow

$h£ still can’t understand th£ fact that th£re’s a sickness like partial bl!ndness

“I told you I was cursed…. Stop th!nk!ng of my ailments ” h£ said

“I was wonder!ng if you got partially bl!nd from birth “$h£ asked mak!ng h¡m face th£ w!ndow

“I got bl!nd wh£n I thought you were dead but you came [email protected]¢k to me. You be!ng alive has given me chances of see!ng aga!n “h£ said and Giselle chuckled

“you like jok!ng alot….. Don’t you?? ” Giselle asked and smile

” !nsomnia tea do h£lps….. Hope you are tak!ng it daily ” $h£ asked and Pr!nce Norman shook h¡s h£ad

“I don’t need treatment for my bl!ndness……… It’s a curse dummy” h£ said and $h£ actually smile, lov!ng th£ way h£ spoke

“Can you call me dummy aga!n ” $h£ said bl!nk!ng h£r eyes

“Do you actually know th£ mean!ng of a dummy, silly” h£ asked and $h£ smile widely. Th£ mean!ng seems embarra$$!ng but $h£ k!nda like th£ sound of it from h£r m©vth

“You’re not a dummy but a royalty. Name do follow someone but I gave you that name because it actually has been follow!ng you ” Pr!nce Norman said and $h£ slightly shook h£r h£ad

“You really love confus!ng me……. and I th!nk I like it” $h£ said and stared !nto space but someth!ng quickly dawned on h£r

“My pr!nce I need to leave…… It’s sunrise already and it isn’t right for me to be h£re…… I should take my leave ” $h£ said but !nstead pr!nce Norman stopped h£r

“Fath£r isn’t @r0vnd…… Please stay. I like your comfort and I don’t know why ” h£ muttered still star!ng at of th£ w!ndow . Giselle sigh£d and stood beh!nd h¡m

“My pr!nce I’m dirty…… I need to take my bath and prepare breakf*st. Hilda will be worried too” $h£ mumbled

“I promise to come [email protected]¢k wh£n I’m done ” $h£ said

“P!nky promise?? ” Pr!nce Norman asked lift!ng one of th£ f!ng£rs up and $h£ giggled

“Sure,,,,,, ” $h£ replied wr*₱ped h£r f!ng£rs on it from beh!nd

Cold $h!verys ran d©wΠ h£r sp!ne as $h£ felt th£ warm of j√$t h¡s f!ng£rs

$h£ ₱v||ed away and pr!nce Norman |¡¢k h¡s lower l¡p

“Bye….. “.$h£ muttered before walk!ng to th£ door.

“You’re beautiful ” h£ said as $h£ was ab©vt open!ng th£ door

$h£ froze on h£r spot and chuckled slightly

“My pr!nce I’m th£ most ugly girl !n th¡s world and if you could see me under th£ sun…. I’m sure you’re gonna confirmed it” $h£ said and sadly

“I don’t need to confirm it cuz I have seen you at daytime before and trust me no one can compreh£nd your beauty” h£ said. Giselle could h£lp it as $h£ blu$h£d widely expos!ng those deep dimples of h£r. Of course $h£ was damn flattered

“Thank” $h£ said quickly and opened th£ door
$h£ popped h£r h£ad ©vt and looked to h£r left and right and wh£n $h£ didn’t see anyone….. $h£ came ©vt. $h£ shut th£ door beh!nd and sigh£d

“That was closed” $h£ mumbled and breath£ ©vt. $h£ walked ©vt quickly, unknown to h£r that hilda saw h£r leav!ng

Hilda hid beh!nd th£ corners and watch£d h£r leave………. $h£ was j√$t ab©vt go!ng to clean up th£ pr!nce s!nce $h£ was h¡s personal maid

“$h£ didn’t sleep at h£r room last night” $h£ thought

“Don’t tell me $h£ went !nto th£ forbidden room” $h£ thought and [email protected]


“I’m Royalty…” Giselle mumbled

“Th£ name sounded so familiar……. I felt like I have met h¡m before and h£ even called me beautiful….. Gosh I’m go!ng crazy! ” Giselle said grabb!ng an [email protected] of h£r hair

Th£ open!ng sound of th£ door brought h£r [email protected]¢k to reality

“Giselle ” Hilda said walk!ng towards h£r

“h£y hilda” $h£ muttered

“I was damn worried ab©vt you last night. I ch£cked on you countless times but it seems you didn’t sleep !n your room” $h£ said all !n one breath

“Easy! ” Giselle muttered

“Take a deep breath! ” $h£ said and Hilda breath£d !n and ©vt

“Good….. I slept !n pr!nce Norman room” $h£ blurted ©vt and hilda eyes widened

“What!! ” $h£ s¢r**med

“Keep your voice low…….not that I j√$t walked th£re and sleep. I was sleep work!ng last night, h£ saw me and took me to h¡s room” $h£ said

“Th¡s seems like fantasy……. Pr!nce Norman took you to h¡s room ?” Hilda asked to be sure and Giselle nodded

“Th¡s morn!ng I tried escap!ng but h£ caught me……. We spoke and eventually h£ called me beautiful ” $h£ muttered

“You must be jok!ng girl… I had been h¡s maid for years and h£ never acknowledged my my pres£nce nor alone give me h¡s attention ” Hilda said sadly

$h£ remembered th£ times $h£ thought of sleep!ng with h¡m and h£ read through h£r m!nd but h£ told h£r h£ don’t fv¢k expired stuff…. Th£ shit damn hurt h£r

“So if you slept on pr!nce Norman room and h£ spoke to you at daytime, means you actually saw h¡m at sunrise which it’s forbidden ” Hilda said sadly

“Not th£ first time I’m see!ng it…… It’s my little secret and I hope you can keep it” Giselle said and $h£ nodded sadly

“Gosh I need to take my bath! ” $h£ said suddenly and ru$h£d !nto th£ bathroom

Hilda sigh£d th!nk!ng of all what Giselle j√$t said
Giselle walked to th£ kitch£n to prepare breakf*st….. $h£ was so hungry

$h£ was almost closed wh£n $h£ h£ard some broken sound gla$$es

$h£ hurried h£r pace and got to th£ kitch£n…….

“You’re bleed!ng ” $h£ wh¡spered rush!ng to h¡m

From th£ way h£ was dressed, it seems h£ was one of th£ pr!nces

Yeah! It was pr!nce Darrel……. h£ woke up th¡s morn!ng throw!ng up

Surely h£ had so much to dr!nk last night and hav!ng no choice, h£ needed to make for h¡mself some [email protected]

“My pr!nce you’re hurt! ” Giselle said tak!ng h¡s [email protected] and b!0w!ng off th£ blood on h¡s wrist

Pr!nce Darrel stared at h£r face and got mesmerized by it

[email protected] stared at anyone else apart from silver but it seems $h£ was a witch. Giselle lead h¡m to th£ s!nk and wa$h£d it…… $h£ took th£ scarf from h¡s shoulders and wr*₱ped it @r0vnd h¡s wrist

“make sure you see a doctor and get properly treated ” $h£ said and pr!nce Darrel m©vth dropped opened star!ng at th£ way $h£ m©v£s h£r l¡p

“what’s a pr!nce do!ng !n a kitch£n ” $h£ asked

“I came to make [email protected] ” h£ replied s1©wly and Giselle nodded

“hmm. emm….. I don’t know how to make one…. Lemme go call someone that can h£lp”$h£ said and ru$h£d ©vt almost immediately

Pr!nce Darrel kept star!ng at h£r [email protected]¢k view till $h£ was ©vt of sight

“$h£’s cute! ” h£ mumbled rubb!ng h¡s hair fondly

Pr!nce Rex turned towards th£ oth£r direction as h£ kept work!ng

h£ sighted Giselle walk!ng ©vt of th£ kitch£n and h¡s h£art started rac!ng

“my prey” h£ thought
“Seriously, it’s h£r…. I can’t miss th¡s one chance aga!n “h£ said

h£ pretend!ng fell to th£ floor and h£ld h¡s ch£st

“I can’t breath£!” h£ said loudly and gripped on h¡s ch£st

h¡s eyes bulged and h£ pretended like h£ pa$$ed ©vt on h¡s th£ floor

“My pr!nce! ” Giselle s¢r**med see!ng h¡m that way. $h£ got to h¡m and could see h¡s eyes shak!ng and $h£ frowned

$h£ ¢rov¢h£d d©wΠ to h¡m and stared at h¡s face

$h£ laugh£d ©vt loud at h¡s obvious prank and poked h¡s nose

Pr!nce Rex smile and opened one of h¡s eyes

“You’re not a good Samaritan , if someone pa$$es ©vt like that, m©vth to m©vth resuscitation comes first” h£ wh¡spered

” That…that… was was j√$t a fake” $h£ mumbled try!ng to get up but h£ ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself

$h£ fell on top h¡m and h£ smiled and h£ld h£r ch£eks while th£ oth£r [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t

“Even if it’s a fake, you should have tried” h£ said

“My pr!nce…. Your [email protected]” $h£ muttered

“let’s stay th¡s way s!nce you wouldn’t let me shift your [email protected]……. Trust me you’re th£ first girl to reject me” h£ said

“You’re naughty ” $h£ said and quickly ₱v||ed away from h¡m

Pr!nce Rex stood up immediately and ru$h£d to h£r. h£ got to h£r and wr*₱ped h¡s [email protected] @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t

“I like you….. Be my girlfriend ” h£ blurted ©vt

“Gosh! You’re someth!ng else! ” $h£ said and stepped on h¡s toe. h£ [email protected] and quickly let go of h£r

$h£ ran a distance and stopped

“Sorry Mr shifter….. Try m©r£ [email protected] next time” $h£ said and stuck at h£r t0Πge at h¡m before runn!ng off

“$h£’s crazy! ” Rex muttered smil!ng $h£epishly


“If th£y get mated togeth£r be sure of loos!ng your favorite treasure ” K!ng jasm!ne kept th!nk!ng of th£ priestess words

“I’m never go!ng to allow h£ meet h£r or alone mate” K!ng Jasm!ne muttered

“That devil didn’t die……. S!nce I couldn’t kill th£m both th£n I will go for a plan B” h£ muttered and j√$t th£n th£ door opened

“I’m h£re your majesty ” A fem!n!ne voice said

“sit” h£ said before turn!ng to face h£r


It was a girl h£ met yesterday and h£ had given h¡m h¡s card to see h¡m for a job

“You came” h£ said tak!ng h¡s seat

“of course no one will reject th£ majesty offer” Th£ young girl replied smil!ng $h£epishly

“Your name ” Th£ k!ng asked rath£r

“Ch£ryl ” $h£ replied

“I like you and that’s why I’m giv!ng you th¡s job” h£ said

“And what’s that my majesty “$h£ asked

“Marry my third son and I will make you queen ” h£ blurted ©vt and Ch£ryl m©vth dropped open

“You say ” $h£ asked aga!n bl!nk!ng h£r eyes

“I will make h¡m th£ next h£ir over h¡s broth£r….. Marry h¡m and you will be th£ next queen ” h£ said and Ch£ryl smile widely

“Of course my majestic….. I have so many rumors that h£’s cute than h¡s broth£rs….. It will be a great favour ” $h£ ranted and th£ k!ng smirked

“h£’s bl!nd…… ” h£ said and Ch£ryl [email protected]

“h£’s….. h£’s bl!nd? ” $h£ stammered

“But it doesn’t matter……. You gonna be th£ next queen and s!nce h£’s bl!nd you gonna be !n th£ charge or don’t you wanna be queen? ” h£ asked

“of course my k!ng…… It doesn’t matter if h£’s bl!nd ” $h£ said

“We will leave right away……. It’s been two days s!nce I left my city and lots must had happened…… I can’t afford to stay one week… We need to go [email protected]¢k immediately ” h£ muttered

“I’m always ready my majestic…….. Anytime ” $h£ replied ₱|@y!ng with h£r hair

“Good……. Let’s see how th£y get mated togeth£r ” h£ thought and smirked

AT Th£ PALACE *********

!n Th£ EVEN!nG

Pr!nce Norman knocked on Giselle room door not even sure if it was th£ right door

h£ j√$t needed to see h£r….. $h£ didn’t come to see h¡m aga!n as promised . It was even!ng already and h£ wish to spend it with h£r

h£ knocked aga!n but no respond. h£ ₱u$h£d th£ door opened and walked !n. h£ shut it beh!nd and lean on it.

h£ stared at th£ room and found it empty. h£ kept star!ng at th£ room remember!ng how h£ usually sneak to see h£r !n th£ past

h£ smiled and bit on h¡s lower l¡p. Th£ door to th£ bathroom opened and Giselle walked ©vt

Pr!nce Norman eyes almost ₱v||ed ©vt of its socket. h¡s m©vth opened slightly as h£ felt someth!ng rush!ng ©vt of it

Giselle was [email protected]£d……. Giselle turned [email protected]¢k and saw h¡m

“My pr!nce!! ” $h£ s¢r**med ©vt as $h£ froze on h£r spot. $h£ stared at th£ towel on h£r b£d and th£ distance

Pr!nce Norman gulped d©wΠ still not ready to look away

“My pr!nce turned [email protected]¢k ” $h£ s¢r**med

“Do I really have to do that” h£ said still star!ng

“Stop star!ng” $h£ s¢r**med

“sure…. Lemme turn [email protected]¢k now”h£ said clench!ng on h¡s jaw and turned [email protected]¢k…. h£ didn’t leave th£ room but !nstead face th£ door

“You can dressed up”


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