Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 21 – 22

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost❎

Chapter 21&22

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“Are you through dress!ng up …. ” Pr!nce Norman asked as h£ |¡¢ked on h¡s lower l¡p

“Shit!! ” Giselle mumbled feel!ng so nervous to m©v£

Gosh! Th£ moment was awkward for h£r

“I’m turn!ng @r0vnd ” h£ said and Giselle eyes widened

“please don’t….. ” $h£ spoke ©vt and hastened h£r pace to th£ b£d. $h£ picked th£ dress that laid on th£ b£d and started putt!ng it on and with!n two m!nutes $h£ was done

“you can turn [email protected]¢k now! ” $h£ said feel!ng uneased…. $h£ dropped h£r face as Pr!nce Norman turned [email protected]¢k

$h£ gulped d©wΠ as $h£ h£ar h¡s footsteps mov!ng towards h£r. h£ got to h£r and lifted h£r jaw with th£ tip of h¡s f!ng£rs

Giselle tried to look d©wΠ but h£ h£ld h£r face up firmly

“You got a perfect b©dy you know ” h£ mumbled but Giselle had to gulped d©wΠ aga!n

$h£ tried to look away but !nstead h£ ₱u$h£d h£r to h¡mself

“It doesn’t matter if I had seen you that way…….don’t feel shy @r0vnd me. Noth!ng changed and you’re still my royalty”h£ said and hugged h£r t!ghtly

$h£ shut h£r eyes as $h£ allowed th£ pr!nce to $tr*me h£r hair

Th£y dis£ngaged from th£ hug and th£ir eyes locked with each oth£r

“let’s go to th£ bridge and spend some time togeth£r…… Trust me you will like it !n th£re” h£ said and Giselle nodded s1©wly

Th£ir [email protected] locked with each oth£r as th£y walked ©vt of th£ room. Pr!nce Norman opened th£ door and th£y both walked ©vt

Hilda came ©vt of h£r hid!ng corner and balled h£r fist as $h£ stared at th£ir [email protected]¢k view till th£y were ©vt of sight
Pr!nce Darrel sat at h¡s study. h£ was hav!ng a word with pr!nce Kristen

Yeah pr!nce Kristen was a pr!nce from Baton Rouge city !n Louisiana

S!nce h£ was also th£ h£ir to h¡s fath£r throne, pr!nce Darrel !nvited h¡m over probably to make h¡m h¡s best friend

“it’s nice meet!ng with you pr!nce Darrel ” Pr!nce Kristen said

“Thank you for honor!ng my !nvitation ” pr!nce Darrel replied as both pr!nces stood up

“It’s gett!ng late…. I should get alone….. Once aga!n it’s my ₱1ea$vre ” Pr!nce Kristen said and shook [email protected] with pr!nce Darrel, like a gentleman

h£ said and walked ©vt of h¡s studies. h£ shut th£ door beh!nd and bumped !nto Pr!ncess Cel!ne

“I’m sorry…… I was look!ng ” Pr!ncess Cel!ne said

“oh.. It’s th£ pr!ncess…….. I have h£ard alot ab©vt you but trust me you look m©r£ beautiful !n person” h£ said and h£r ch£ek flu$h£d

“Thanks” $h£ said ₱|@y!ng with h£r hair

“so sorry for bump!ng !nto th£ pr!ncess…. I’m sure a jerk” h£ muttered and |¡¢k h¡s lower l¡p seducely

“no it’s f!ne” Pr!ncess Cel!ne said

“I th!nk I like you pr!ncess……. Why not go on a date with me….. See it as a proper apology” h£ said smil!ng cutely

Pr!ncess Cel!ne face dropped as $h£ blu$h£d secretly

“how you !ndirectly ask!ng th£ pr!ncess ©vt” $h£ asked ₱|@y!ng with h£r f!ng£rs

“I have to get puni$h£d for ask!ng th£ pr!ncess ©vt right??” Pr!nce Kristen w!nked and $h£ chuckled

“you’re so funny….. Of course I will ” $h£ muttered

“j√$t let me know wh£n you’re ready….. I will !nstruct my guards to come get you” h£ said

“Sure….. ” $h£ replied

“I need to take my leave…… Bye my beautiful pr!ncess ” h£ said and smirked. h£ took a glare at h£r before walk!ng away

“h£’s cute” pr!ncess Cel!ne said and walked ©vt too

Pr!nce Kristen walked a distance before look!ng [email protected]¢k…… h£ couldn’t see h£r th£re aga!n. h£ clench£d h¡s jaw and smirked evily

“You’re go!ng to pay my pr!ncess…… Your broth£r used my sister and dumped h£r…… You’re gonna pa$$ through th£ pa!ns $h£ went through ” h£ said and smirked before walk!ng away


Pr!nce Rex couldn’t catch a sleep….. h£ kept th!nk!ng of Giselle as h£ rolled on h¡s b£d

“$h£’s a crazy jerk” h£ muttered touch!ng h¡s l¡p

“Even h£r l¡ps are a tempt!ng. I can’t wait to get a taste of it ” h£ thought

“Eww did i j√$t th!nk ab©vt h£r p!nk beautiful cute l¡ps” h¡s ch£eks flu$h£d [email protected]

“Okay i th!nk I’m officially go!ng crazy. “h£ mumbled

A maid entered h¡s room…… $h£ was wear!ng a very short nightie…… $h£ smiled walk!ng to h¡m

$h£ came on top of h¡m and klzzed h¡m deeply

” Touch me aga!n, do all what you did to me last night” $h£ said with seductive eyes


“Shhhh, I want you aga!n, please” $h£ said plead!ngly and b¡t£ on h£r lower l¡p

$h£ grabb£d h¡s manhood next

” please…

” I want it |ns!de me now” $h£ said, ¢ar£ss!ng h¡s c*ck gently and h£ became [email protected] !n a matter of seconds

“I can’t do th¡s” h£ said suddenly and yanked h£r [email protected] off

“$h£’s th£ one I want ” h£ said rough!ng h¡s hair as h£ sprang up from th£ b£d

“my pr!nce ” th£ maid said gett!ng off th£ b£d too…. $h£ made to hold h¡m but h£ m©v£d away

“Touch me and I will hit you” h£ said seriously before leav!ng th£ room

“Gosh I want scar girl……h£r [email protected] are th£ only ones I wanna shift ” h£ said seriously as h£ walked through th£ corridor


Giselle and Pr!nce Norman kept star!ng d©wΠ at th£ river from th£ bridge

“it’s beautiful….. ” Giselle muttered. Pr!nce Norman chuckled and ₱v||ed h£r closer to h¡mself

To Giselle it was th£ most beautiful sight to behold at night

As hilarious as it sounds. $h£’ve never been to th£ bridge . Only Audrey is allowed and h£r dad had warned h£r never to go th£re

$h£ was suprised that $h£’s th£ only one not allowed to go …….$h£ might be stubborn but $h£ can’t disobey h£r fath£r

“do you know we both sneak ©vt to come over to th£ bridge at night…… You love star!ng at it” Pr!nce Norman suddenly broke th£ silent

“my pr!nce….. I don’t know why you keep mistak!ng for a girl !n your past…… Like seriously I have never come h£re” $h£ said still star!ng at th£ water.

Pr!nce Norman chuckled and stared at th£ view with h£r. h£ rough£d h£r hair slightly as $h£ giggled


Pr!nce Norman and Giselle laughter could be h£ard !n th£ wh0l£ room

It’s surpris!ng that th£y both didn’t sleep at night……. Th£y kept gist!ng and hav!ng fun till it was morn!ng and still th£y didn’t feel sleepy

“let’s ₱|@y a video game……. ” Pr!nce Norman said

“Yes I’m !n” Giselle s¢r**med

“m!nd you royalty…… If I w!n I’m gett!ng a klzz” h£ w!nk and $h£ chuckled

“And if you loose” $h£ asked

“Th£n you do anyth!ng you want” h£ said

“I’m gonna kill you if I w!n ” $h£ said as pr!nce Norman brought ©vt th£ ca$$ette. h£ !ns**ted it !nto th£ disc

Th£y both sat on th£ floor ready to start with th£ video game

Th£y both battled to w!n. Giselle seems to be good at it too

“I bet I’m gonna w!n….. Ready to get killed” $h£ giggled mak!ng h¡m chuckle , dragg!ng h£r nose ₱|@yfvlly

“I never knew you were good” Pr!nce Norman admitted

“bett!ng with me was a mistake ” $h£ said……

It was morn!ng already but it was still dark….. Th£ sun wasn’t yet to rise

Pr!nce Norman made it seem like h£ was loos!ng , even wh£n h£ never looses to someone unless it’s will!ngly

“I’m w!nn!ng” $h£ gr!nned happily because $h£ had n!ne lives left while Pr!nce Norman had only two left

h£ smirked and chuckled know!ng fvlly well that it’s time for h£r to lose

h£ started fight!ng h£r so roughly until $h£ had only one live left

“How is that possible ?” $h£ [email protected] look!ng at Pr!nce Norman giv!ng h£r an easy w!n

“I never lose until it’s will!ngly pr!ncess”h£ w!nked and $h£ frowned star!ng !nto space

$h£ was ab©vt stand!ng up but Pr!nce Norman h£ld h£r

“You owe me someth!ng Royalty ” h£ w!nked and $h£ [email protected]

Th£ klzz!

“No way!” $h£ s¢r**med and jumped off h¡s grip

“Yes way royalty ” h£ w!nked and m©v£d close while i [email protected]¢ked away till $h£ hit th£ wall

“my…..pr!nce” $h£ stammered as h£ p!nned h£r [email protected] to th£ wall

“I won pr!ncess” h£ w!nked tak!ng h£r breath away and before $h£ could protest h£ slammed h¡s l¡ps on h£rs
$h£ stood still !n h¡s arm but h£ used one [email protected] to p!n h£r [email protected] above h£r h£ad

$h£ denied h¡m entrance !n h£r m©vth but h£ bit h£r lower l¡p caus!ng h£r to [email protected], giv!ng h¡m fvll access !nto my m©vth. $h£ opened up and klzzed h¡m [email protected]¢k

$h£ shuddered !n sweetness as h£r f!ng£rs dipped !nto h¡s hair

Th£ door burst opened suddenly and th£y both broke ©vt of th£ klzz, breath!ng h£avily

“What th£ SHIT j√$t happened!! ” Th£y h£ard a thunderous voice and Giselle raised h£r h£ad

h£r eyes widened as $h£ saw th£ k!ng

“h£’s [email protected]¢k”$h£ said as cold $h!verys ran d©wΠ h£r sp!ne

Th£ sun rise s1©wly and th£ ray shone !n pr!nce Norman room

“Th£ sun” $h£ sneered and fl!nch£d as th£ k!ng started tak!ng steps towards h£r


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