Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 23 – 24

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 23&24

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“What th£ shit are you do!ng h£re ” Th£ k!ng voice retorted

Giselle breath£d !n s1©wly try!ng to recover from th£ klzz $h£ j√$t share with Pr!nce Norman. h£r eyes widened see!ng th£ sun ray as it shone !nto th£ room. $h£ stared at th£ k!ng and quickly lean beh!nd Pr!nce Norman

“I’m dead” Giselle wh¡spered as th£ k!ng got to h£r

“j√$t amaz!ng…… You j√$t klzzed my son… Th£ sun is ©vt and now you know h£’s bl!nd……. Two reasons you need to be dead” Th£ k!ng muttered and ©vt of no wh£re a sword appeared !n h¡s [email protected]

“no!!! no!!! ” Giselle s¢r**med cl!ng!ng on pr!nce Norman as $h£ shut h£r eyes t!ghtly

“please don’t hurt me…. Please! ” $h£ said bitterly as cl!ng onto h¡m t!ghtly, penetrat!ng h¡s sk!n with h£r f!ng£rs

“Royalty….. ” Pr!nce Norman F!nally spoke

“please my k!ng… Please don’t kill me, I beg of you ” $h£ s¢r**med still shutt!ng h£r eyes

“h£y…… No one is h£re…. It’s j√$t me” Pr!nce Norman said touch!ng h£r ch£eks.

$h£ opened h£r eyes s1©wly and stared @r0vnd. Truly, no one was !n th£ room. It was j√$t th£ two of th£m, th£ same position th£y stood while klzz!ng

“Th£ k!ng wasn’t h£re?? ” Giselle asked feel!ng weird

“You mean my fath£r?? ” Pr!nce Norman asked and $h£ nodded s1©wly still feel!ng s¢ar£d

“Yes th£ k!ng, h£ was h£re….. h£ saw us klzzed and th£ sun….. Wait why are you still see!ng me? ” $h£ asked and stared at th£ w!ndow to see it was still dark

“You were only day dream!ng “h£ said and $h£ gulped d©wΠ

“Pr!ncess” h£ says !n m©r£ like a wh¡sper as h£ touch£s h£r ch£ek trail!ng h¡s two f!ng£rs up and d©wΠ s1©wly and $h£ couldn’t h£lp but $h!very !n sweetness.

“No one was h£re my pr!ncess “h£ said and lifted h£r from th£ floor. $h£ wr*₱ped h£r legs @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t as h£ walked to h¡s b£d

h£ dropped h£r on th£ b£d and made h£r sit on h¡s room. h£ stared at h£r cute face and touch£d th£ scar s1©wly

“From royalty to pr!ncess……. Cool” $h£ m©v£d h£r l¡p cutely

“you’re cute” h£ mumbled and rem©v£d th£ str!ng of h£r hair from h£r face

“You’re as sweet as you l¡p” h£ said trac!ng h¡s f!ng£rs on h£r l¡p.

Giselle f!nally let go of th£ breath£ $h£ was hold!ng…… A moment $h£ thought th£ k!ng walked !n and wanted to kill h£r but all was j√$t h£r imag!nation

“imag!ne if th£ k!ng was actually h£re ” $h£ thought and !nhaled deeply

“I can’t even th!nk of it” $h£ said !nwardly and touch£d h£r ch£st

“my pr!nce I need to leave….. Th£ sun will come ©vt any moment from now and it wouldn’t be right for me to be h£re”$h£ mumbled

“Sure…… See you at even!ng. And stay ©vt of trouble ” h£ said seriously and $h£ chuckled

“Becom!ng possessive huh? ” $h£ asked rais!ng h£r la$h£s

“You’re my friend and I wouldn’t want harm to come to my friend…. ” h£ said and $h£ smile

“I will jerky h£ad” $h£ muttered and h£ |¡¢ked h¡s lower l¡p

“Jerky h£ad….. Seriously ” h£ asked

“Yeah….. That’s what I will be call!ng you ” $h£ said

“Get ready to be puni$h£d for call!ng me that” h£ smirked and th£y both bursted !nto un¢©Πtr0|lable laughter.

$h£ stood up from h¡s lap and sticked ©vt h£r t0Πge cutely

“I will love to get puni$h£d by my jerky h£ad…….. Bye jerky h£ad” $h£ m©vth£d before leav!ng h¡s room
Giselle walk !nto h£r room and slump on h£r b£d. What j√$t happened ?

$h£ couldn’t believe th£ fact that $h£ j√$t klzzed Norman…..its l¡p were someth!ng else

$h£ bury h£r face b£tweeΠ h£r pillows and [email protected] as $h£ felt h£avy weight on h£r b©dy

$h£ opened h£r eyes s1©wly to f!nd hilda smil!ng mischiviously

“hilda” Giselle sneered and $h£ laugh£d

“Good morn!ng to you my favourite ” $h£ chuckles and Giselle roll h£r eyes ₱ush

“What’s up with h£r ?” Giselle mumbled

“Common get up ducky h£ad…… Th£ k!ng will soon arrived at th£ palace and everyone is expected to wait ©vtside and give h¡m a welcome ” $h£ said and Giselle frowned

“Is h£ com!ng today?? ” I asked and $h£ nodded

“Th£ news came late last night and I was look!ng for you….. Tell me, wh£re did you go last night?? ” $h£ asked

“I was with…… ” Giselle know!ngly swallowed h£r rema!n!ng words

“It doesnt matter wh£re I was….. Let’s go prepare for th£ k!ng arrival….. You wouldn’t want to be on h¡s bad side” Giselle said and ₱v||ed h£r ©vt of th£ room before $h£ could uttered


Pr!nce Kristen took s1©w steps to pr!ncess Nora room


Pr!ncess Nora that was th£ name of h¡s baby sister

h¡s crazy sister that has been traumatized for a month now. ….h£ kept wonder!ng which day $h£’s gonna get over th£ trauma

“Don’t come close to me you rapist!! “Th£ loud sound was com!ng from pr!ncess Nora room mak!ng h¡m f*stened h¡s pace

Pr!nce Kristen ₱u$h£d th£ door opened and met h¡s sister by th£ edge of th£ wall. Look!ng at h£r, one might th!nk $h£ has gone !nsane

h£r hair was !n a mess, h£r tarred cloth£s and no doubt $h£ was look!ng unkept

$h£ cl!ng onto th£ pillow $h£ was hold!ng and swiveled h£r h£ad

“Rex is gonna rape me aga!n, that moth£rfv¢ker is gonna defiled me!! ” $h£ s¢r**med as h°t tears rolled d©wΠ h£r face. A tears dropped off pr!nce Kristen eyes see!ng h¡s sister that way

Th£ doctor tried to get to h£r but $h£ climb£d up on th£ b£d

$h£ picked up th£ gla$$ of water on h£r b£d and sma$h£d it on th£ wall. $h£ jumped d©wΠ and picked th£ pieces

“I’m gonna hurt myself if you come any closer” $h£ s¢r**med try!ng to penetrate it !nto h£r sk!n

“Stop Nora… j√$t stop already!! ” Pr!nce Kristen cried

“Gosh! Those tears won’t m©v£ me…….Get th£ fv¢k ©vt of my face and ©vt of my room! ” $h£ sneered

Pr!nce Kristen gulped d©wΠ nervously and shook h¡s h£ad.. ……Th¡s wasn’t th£ Nora h£ used to know

That moth£rfv¢ker rape my sister.Its a good th!ng $h£’s wasn’t !nfected but how was h£ go!ng to tell h¡s baby sister that $h£’s pregnant

$h£ was carry!ng pr!nce Rex child

“it hurt…. It hurt ” pr!nce kristen cried leav!ng th£ room and unable to bear th£ sight

“I can’t wait any longer…… My baby sister is suffer!ng and h£’s sister must pay for it” Pr!nce Kristen muttered
!n Th£ EVEN!nG

Some of th£ maids and guards hurried to th£ k!ng empire while some went !nto pr!nce Norman room to escort h¡m


Th£ k!ng came [email protected]¢k th¡s morn!ng with an unknown girl…… h£ refused to disclose h£r identity till its even!ng and everyone seems to be anticipat!ng

Pr!nce Norman was escort ©vt by th£ guards and as usual h£ was stunn!ng. Hilda ₱|@yed with h£r hair from th£ corner $h£ stood watch!ng th£ pr!nce made h¡s walked to th£ empire

How can a human be th¡s [email protected]

” I curse h¡m for hav!ng a h*g£ affect on me” Hilda thought

“Why can’t h¡s purple eyes leave my m!nd ? Why is h£ so cute to be th£ one I should take ¢ar£ of…….. Are my ancestors f!nally haunt!ng me”Hilda thought smil!ng $h£epishly

“I will get you my pr!nce ” $h£ m©vth£d before walk!ng away



“What th£ bullshit”

“is Norman now a kid that you make decisions for ”

“I can’t believe th¡s…… are you seriously gonna get my broth£r married to th¡s unknown fake bitch£s ” Pr!ncess Cel!ne snorted. Yeah!

“Fath£r !nsanity had gone worst” Pr!nce Rex said and h¡s fath£r banged h¡s fist on th£ table, gritt!ng h¡s teeth

Th£ k!ng j√$t gave th£ shock!ng news that pr!nce Norman is gonna get married to th£ Ch£ryl girl

“You need some respect…… I’m your fath£r” h£ snorted but Pr!nce Rex rolled h¡s eyes

“You’re not gonna do th¡s to h¡m” Queen Emily retorted

“My decision is f!nal and h£ doesn’t have a say” K!ng Jasm!ne said and Pr!nce Norman scoffed

Pr!nce Norman pay less enjoy!ng h¡s d!nner, car!ng less ab©vt th£ argument go!ng on at that moment

“h£’s gett!ng married to Ch£ryl and no one can stop it…. Not even h¡m” Th£ k!ng said

“wow…… was th¡s th£ new plan you came up with ” Pr!nce Norman said and chuckled.

It was damn funny to h¡m and everyone wondered how someth!ng th¡s serious was funny to h¡m

“you are nob©dy to make decisions for me fath£r…….. ”

“What were you th!nk!ng…….. ” h£ muttered

Pr!nce Norman stood up that !nstant and walked ©vt of th£ir midst

“That rude boy” K!ng jasm!ne fumed

“let h¡m be fath£r…… No one can alternate your decision ” Darrel said and h¡s fath£r rough£d h¡s hair

“That’s why you are th£ true son of your fath£r” Th£ k!ng muttered

“Common go on Ch£ryl…… Go have a word with your husband to be” Th£ k!ng said and Ch£ryl gr!nned

“Sure fath£r…… ” $h£ w!nk


ch£ryl opened th£ door that was directed to h£r……. $h£ opened it to reveal a demi god star!ng ©vt of th£ w!ndow .

Pr!nce Norman s1©wly turned and stared at th£ one that j√$t entered h¡s room

Ch£ryl wanted to sh©vt but $h£ was lost !n h¡s purple eyes

Yeah! $h£ has h£ard of how cute h£ was but th£ man stand!ng at h£r front was m©r£ than cute

h¡s face was really cute with red l¡ps,perfect po!nted nose. h¡s hair was black !n colour

$h£ ran h£r eyes @r0vnd h¡s b©dy and swallowed [email protected] h£ had th¡s great abs…….At th£ d!nn!ng room, $h£ wasn’t able to drool on h¡m well but now $h£ could

“Wh£n you are done drool!ng tell me what you want and also take knock!ng lessons” h£ says br!ng!ng h£r [email protected]¢k to reality

h¡s accent was j√$t so good and $h£ didn’t know what k!nd of accent is that

“h¡s voice is so cool and calm” Ch£ryl thought and gulp d©wΠ nervously star!ng at h¡s [email protected] face

Pr!nce Norman gave h£r a cold glare but $h£ smiled really widely

“h£y I’m Ch£ryl ” $h£ w!nked and h£ rolled h¡s eyes

“Did i ask ?” h¡s voice was [email protected] as if h£ was talk!ng to a common maid

$h£ gulped d©wΠ nervously but tried to hide h£r embarra$$ed face with a smile

“I was th!nk!ng you know who we are already . You’re gonna be my husband soon and we gonna make a perfect couple….. I mean I’m beautiful and you are [email protected]”$h£ w!nked and tried to touch me and h£ h£ld h£r [email protected] twist!ng it

“You’re hurt!ng me” $h£ cried ©vt and h£ rolled h£r eyes

“First of all don’t ever don’t touch me with your st!nky [email protected] and secondly go marry my fath£r ” Pr!nce Norman sneered with so much disgust and ₱u$h£d h£r roughly not car!ng if $h£ [email protected]||s or not

h£ stared d©wΠ at h£r as $h£ landed on h£r butt

“What’s that your name aga!n….. Oh ch£rry, I don’t hurt ladies but you’re gonna be th£ first if you try someth!ng funny @r0vnd me……… Go [email protected]¢k to wh£re fath£r took you from…… I might not j√$t be nice next time ch£rry” h£ uttered and clench£d h¡s jaw before walk!ng away

“Argh!!! ” Ch£ryl cried ©vt immediately h£ left th£ room….. h£r butt was dam hurt!ng due to th£ result of th£ ₱ush



Pr!nce Norman 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

So Giselle was only dream!ng……. How many people has h£art attacks???

Pr!nce Kristen 😥😥😥😥

Pr!ncess Nora🤧🤧🤧🤧

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