Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 27 – 28

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 27&28


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Audrey kept h£r arms crossed @r0vnd h£r ch£st as some guards ru$h£d towards th£m

“My pr!nce ” Th£ guards s¢r**med !n unison as some of th£m ¢rov¢h£d d©wΠ to h¡m

Pr!nce Darrel was roll!ng on th£ floor, hold!ng h¡s bleed!ng nose mak!ng Audrey to wondered if it’s j√$t h£r punch that got h¡s nose bleed!ng

“How weak” $h£ thought as a guard carried h¡m

“Go call th£ doctor” Th£ guard yelled carry!ng h¡m !n

A guard m©v£d to h£r and h£ld h£r [email protected]

“let go of me !”$h£ yelled try!ng to ₱v|| h¡s grip away from h¡m but th£ guard h£ld h£r wrist firmly

“you need to come with me miss…. You j√$t hit th£ k!ng. Th£ k!ng will be !nformed and trust me you’ll be so dead cuz th£ penalty for th£ action you j√$t dis₱|@yed is death” Th£ guard said but $h£ scoffed !nstead

“Your pr!nce is so weak….. j√$t a punch from a lady got h¡m [email protected]!ng on th£ floor……. How funny”$h£ said and chuckled

“let go of me now that I’m still nice and go treat th£ bada$$ you called your pr!nce…… h£ should have learned to accompanied h¡s t0Πge with some powers…… I hate weakl!ngs, h£ should have shut that trash up wh£n h£ knew h£ was one” $h£ ranted !n one breath and th£ guard had to role h¡s eyes

“Second offence…… m©r£ reasons you need to get puni$h£d ” Th£ guard said ₱v||!ng h£r along

“stop you’re hurt!ng me! “$h£ grunted and th£ guard stop. $h£ took it as a chance to set h£rself free

$h£ raised h£r leg quickly, giv!ng h¡m a kick on h¡s face

“Jeez!! ” Th£ guard s¢r**med lett!ng go of h£r …….Audrey chuckled and stick ©vt h£r t0Πge.

“Serves you right……. Gabbage” $h£ said, remov!ng h£r shoes from h£r leg and ran off

“come [email protected]¢k h£re witch!! ” Th£ guard said, h£ spat ©vt th£ blood that was rush!ng ©vt of h¡s m©vth due to th£ kick h£ got from h£r

“if I get you….. I’m go!ng to kill you before th£ k!ng kill you h¡mself “h£ said after wip!ng h¡s m©vth by th£ [email protected]¢k of h£r [email protected] and started pursu!ng h£r

“fv¢k!! ” Audrey [email protected] look!ng [email protected]¢k and see!ng th£ guard runn!ng after h£r

$h£ turned to anoth£r direction and bumped !nto someone

“Shit!! ” $h£ cursed look!ng up to see it was Giselle

“Audrey! ” Giselle uttered

“h£lp me …..a guard is after me” $h£ muttered loudly

“what….. what are.. you do!ng h£re” Giselle asked

“Stop ask!ng questions and h£lp me already “Audrey said hitt!ng h£r foreh£ad slightly

“so rude” Giselle muttered

“My room is j√$t come meters away…… Come with me “Giselle said and ₱v||ed h£r along as th£y ran togeth£r to h£r room

$h£ got to h£r room and opened th£ door…… Th£y both ru$h£d !n and $h£ shut it beh!nd lean!ng on it

$h£ breath£d h£avily due to th£ little race th£y ran

“That was closed ” Audrey said try!ng to catch h£r breath

“What are you do!ng h£re and why was a guard after you?? ” Giselle asked

“Stop act!ng like an annoy!ngbig sister….. Not like I love to be h£re” $h£ said and Giselle rolled h£r eyes

“Do you know what’s called respect at all” Giselle [email protected]

“Fath£r ask me to s£nd for you and that’s why I’m h£re” $h£ said and Giselle eyes widened. $h£ knew Audrey, h£r sister will never br!ng h£r to fath£r

$h£ raised h£r eyebrow giv!ng h£r a suspicious look

“And why will you br!ng me to fath£r wh£n you have always wanted h¡m to yourself ” Giselle asked and Audrey scoffed

“I wish I could but h£ will forever love you……..so, don’t be fvll of yourself… I’m only do!ng fath£r wish” Audrey replied

“did fath£r wish to see me” $h£ asked and Audrey rolled h£r eyes

“Now $h£’s tak!ng it personal “Audrey wh¡spered hitt!ng h£r face

“if you only came h£re to say th¡s, th£n why will a guard be after you! ” Giselle asked

“That’s because I punch£d th£ pr!nce dummy! “$h£ said and Giselle [email protected]

“You say what!! ” $h£ s¢r**med

“jeez I hate dummies !! What part of I punish th£ pr!nce you don’t understand ” $h£ asked and Giselle b¡t£ on h£r lower l¡p

“are you aware that I’m your elder sister and why will you even punch a pr!nce ” $h£ asked

“h£ wouldn’t let me get to you…… Never knew h£ was a weakl!ng, j√$t a punch from me got h¡m [email protected]!ng on th£ floor ” Audrey said laugh!ng ©vt

“You’re so dead if th£ k!ng f!nds ©vt………. Stay ©vt of trouble you won’t obey” Giselle said

“look who is talk!ng… Enough with th£ lectures and f!nd a way to get me ©vt of h£re…… ” $h£ mumbled

“j√$t sit you a$$ on that b£d and allow me figure ©vt a way to get you ©vtta h£re with©vt gett!ng caught” Giselle said and !nhale deeply

“Not like I have a choice…… ” Audrey mumbled under h£r breath go!ng to sit on Giselle b£d
Hilda wr*₱ped h£r arms @r0vnd Pr!nce Norman [email protected]¡$t as h£ made h£r favorite

“it smells nice……. I’m sure it will taste yummy too” Hilda said still wr*₱p!ng h£r arms @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t

Pr!nce Norman chuckled and turned @r0vnd to face h£r

“I love you swearz” h£ said touch!ng h£r ch£eks

Hilda blu$h£d as $h£ shuddered !n sweetness….. h¡s touch was h£aven itself

“for prepar!ng my favorite with©vt ask!ng th£ guard to do so is a big guarantee that you love me……. I love you too my pr!nce”$h£ said

“come h£re” pr!nce Norman said ₱v||!ng h£r to h¡mself. h£ ₱v||ed h£r face up and wh£n be was ab©vt to slammed h¡s l¡p on h£r, someone started ₱v||!ng Hilda by h£r leg

“c’mon wake up trouble bug” Hilda could h£ar th£ fa!nt voice but $h£ didn’t want to wake up…… $h£ was desperate to klzz th£ pr!nce !n h£r dreams

“wak!ng! Wak!ng!! ” Th£ voice said much loudly th¡s time and $h£ [email protected]

“go away ” $h£ s¢r**med [email protected]¢k try!ng to sleep aga!n but it obvious $h£ couldn’t catch [email protected]¢k th£ sleep

$h£ raised h£r h£ad and frowned wh£n $h£ saw it was Giselle that j√$t woke h£r up

“damn!!!! are you bl!nd….. Can’t you see I was sleep!ng ” $h£ yelled mak!ng Giselle furrowed h£r eyebrows

$h£ had never seen Hilda th¡s angry

“oh…. I’m sorry for disturb!ng “$h£ said and Hilda scoffed

“j√$t tell me what you want already ” $h£ said gett!ng fed up

“please can you tell me wh£re th£ maids wears are….. I j√$t wanna get one ” $h£ said

“Th£re’s one over th£re” Hilda said po!nt!ng to h£r wardrobe and Giselle nodded

$h£ went to h£r wardrobe and saw it, $h£ picked it up and went [email protected]¢k to h£r

“Thank you! ” $h£ mumbled before walk!ng ©vt of h£r room

“isn’t $h£ not j√$t a witch…… $h£ can’t let me have h¡m !n reality and now $h£’s stopp!ng me from hav!ng h¡m !n my dream…… I hate you Giselle!!!! ” $h£ s¢r**med throw!ng th£ pillows away

‘”Tell fath£r I will come see h¡m soon…… I need to take permission ” Giselle muttered and Audrey rolled

“Go th¡s way……. make sure you look d©wΠ and don’t talk to anyone till you’re ©vt of th£ palace…..I won’t save your a$$ if you get caught. Obey all I j√$t told you ” Giselle !nstructed and Audrey b¡t£ on h£r lower l¡p

$h£ hate receiv!ng !nstruction from Giselle but what can $h£ do….. $h£ doesn’t have a choice right now

“f!ne! ” $h£ replied before walk!ng ©vt….. Giselle sigh£d and watch£d h£r sister who was dressed !n a maid wear leave through th£ [email protected]¢k exit

$h£ sigh£d aga!n before walk!ng away.

!n Th£ EVEN!nG…………

Th£ Royal family gath£red at th£ir empire sitt!ng for d!nner

Giselle stood amidst th£ maid s!nce $h£ decided to h£lp jo!n th£m prepare d!nner

Hilda was also with h£r and th£y both laugh£d secretly at th£ joke th£y were wh¡sper!ng to each oth£r

Yeah ! Hilda had apologize towards th£ way $h£ acted !n th£ afternoon……… accord!ng to h£r, $h£ usually has mood sw!ngs if woken from th£ bad side of th£ b£d

Giselle understood perfectly and forgave h£r

Everyone was pres£nt ,eat!ng th£ir d!nner silently except Pr!nce Darrel who was still receiv!ng treatment

Surpris!ngly, th£ k!ng had h£ard of h¡s son be!ng punch£d by a lady but h£ didn’t unleash any order

Giselle eyes caught with th£ pr!nce, star!ng
at h£r…….. h£ gave h£r a cute smile and $h£ quickly looked away blush!ng [email protected]

Hilda saw th¡s.. h£r anger ac¢vmulated with jealousy and hatred as $h£ balled h£r fist

Ch£ryl stared at Giselle from wh£re $h£ sat….. $h£ ate from h£r plate of food not tak!ng h£r eyes away from Giselle

Yeah! $h£ didnt !nformed th£ k!ng, to h£r it will show $h£ was a weakl!ng

$h£ wanted to deal with h£r badly !n h£r wh0l£ way

$h£ stared at th£ girl with Giselle see!ng th£ way th£y were smil!ng at each oth£r

“Th£y might be closed ” $h£ thought and smirked evily, hav!ng come ©vt with a perfect plan
Some hours later…….

Hilda made h£r way to h£r room after h£lp!ng th£ oth£r maid to clear th£ d!nn!ng room

$h£ was tired and needed to get some rest……… $h£ was still walk!ng wh£n someone ₱v||ed h£r to a corner

$h£ [email protected] as h£r [email protected]¢k cra$h£d h£avily on th£ wall…….$h£ wanted to s¢r**m but someone wr*₱ped h¡s [email protected] on h£r m©vth

$h£ raised h£r h£ad and saw it was Ch£ryl…….

Ch£ryl let go of h£r m©vth and hilda frown

“what do you want from me ” Hilda asked star!ng d©wΠ

“I want you to poison th£ k!ng” Ch£ryl blurted ©vt and Hilda [email protected]

$h£ looked @r0vnd and wh£n $h£ didn’t see anyone $h£ !nhaled deeply

“Ma’am why will you ask me to do that and how will I poison th£ k!ng wh£n I’m not th£ one serv!ng h¡s meal” $h£ said and Ch£ryl rolled h£r eyes

“Th£ ugly th!ng with you earlier is Giselle right? “Ch£ryl asked and Hilda nodded confusedly

“I can see you both are closed and $h£’s work!ng for th£ k!ng right?” $h£ asked and hilda nodded aga!n

“Good… It’s so much easy th£n…… Let me get th¡s straight with you. You’re gonna manipulates your way and get hold of th£ coffee $h£ usually serves th£ k!ng !n th£ morn!ng…… Poison it and let h£r take it to th£ k!ng…….. “$h£ expla!ned and Hilda eyes widened

“don’t be s¢ar£d…… th£ k!ng won’t die cuz th£re’s an antidote for it but th£ doctor it’s gonna tell everyone h£ was poisoned and all f!ng£rs will be po!nted at Giselle. $h£ will be so dead” Ch£ryl smirked

Hilda smirked too

“was th¡s th£ best way to get Giselle ©vt of th£ way? “$h£ thought

“With that smile you j√$t confirmed to me that you want h£r dead too……. Forget ab©vt th£ payment…… You will be [email protected] rewarded” $h£ said and Hilda smirked

“Sure” $h£ replied

NEXT MORN!nG *********

Giselle entered th£ kitch£n to meet Hilda mix!ng a coffee

“Good morn!ng ” Hilda smile at h£r which $h£ reciprocate

“Guessed what???…. I j√$t h£lped you !n mak!ng th£ k!ng coffee ” Hilda said

“you shouldn’t have both£red……i don’t wanna stressed you with my chores. You got yours to do as well” Giselle said and Hilda shook h£r h£ad

“It’s j√$t a way to apologize for yell!ng at my best friend yesterday ” Hilda said and Giselle smile widely

“Thank you ” $h£ m©vth£d and Hilda smile

$h£ watch£d as Giselle walk away with th£ tray of coffee

“What an easy way to get rid of someone ” $h£ thought, gr!nn!ng to h£rself

Giselle h£art started b**t!ng rapidly as $h£ walked to th£ k!ngs room…… See!ng th£ k!ng th¡s morn!ng aga!n was h£ll to h£r

h¡s cold expression and th£ way h£ spoke s¢ar£d th£ sh°t ©vt of h£r

It’s like $h£ had been s¢ar£d of h¡m for long now and anytime $h£ sees h¡m, $h£ got s¢ar£d of be!ng tortured aga!n

$h£ entered th£ k!ng room and let ©vt a relieved wh£n $h£ saw only th£ queen

“Good morn!ng my Queen ” $h£ greeted and bow

“Morn!ng pretty damsel… Is that th£ k!ng coffee?? ” $h£ asked and Giselle nodded

“Drop it my dear” $h£ said and Giselle did as !nstructed

“how is your fath£r do!ng….. Hope you’re ch£ck!ng on h¡m” Th£ Queen asked

“no my Queen, want!ng to ask for permission first” $h£ said

“C’mon you don’t needs permission to see your fath£r…… Of course you can see h¡m anytime” $h£ said and Giselle smile not believ!ng h£r eyes

“Thank you so much my Queen ” $h£ said feel!ng so excited

“No big deal dear ” $h£ said

“Thanks once m©r£…. I will take my leave now” Giselle said. $h£ bowed and walked ©vt of th£ room


“Are you okay? You’ve been w!nc!ng s!nce ” K!ng Jasm!ne !nquired star!ng at h¡s wife

“I don’t th!nk so,I j√$t feel uneasy a little …..like someth!ng crazy !n my system. I j√$t can’t expla!n it …..i feel so restless ” Queen Emily replied feel!ng unease

Ever s!nce h£ drank h£r husband coffee $h£ had been feel!ng that way

Yeah $h£ had drank th£ coffee and made anoth£r one !nstead for th£ k!ng

“I should go call th£ doctor” K!ng jasm!ne said

“Gosh!!!! I feel I’m gonna die”
Queen Emily [email protected] with h£r eyes closed,

“stop act!ng….. I’m sure it’s j√$t a slight sickness….. Th£ doctor would be h£re right away” h£ said but th£ Queen [email protected] and started vomit!ng blood

“Emily” k!ng jasm!ne s¢r**med and ru$h£d toward h£r,h£ grabb£d h£r b©dy as $h£ lost consciousness

“Emily!!! ” h£ yelled as a sudden wave of fear gripped h¡m

With shak!ng [email protected] h£ put a call across th£ doctor
Everyone stood !n th£ k!ng empire….. All th£ guards and maids were pres£nt

Pr!nce Rex and pr!ncess Cel!ne were th£ only one among th£m s!nce Pr!nce Darrel was still receiv!ng treatment and Pr!nce Norman wasn’t allowed to be ©vt yet

“Th£ Queen was poisoned! ” Th£ k!ng said !n anger star!ng at th£m

Everyone [email protected] and fear gripped th£m as h£ took s1©w steps to th£m

“How dare you…… A traitor !n my palace!!” Th£ k!ng yelled

“Th£ queen was poisoned…… Th£ last th!ng $h£ took what’s a coffee met for me…… Can’t believe someone will stoop so low to poison my coffee “h£ said and stopped !n front of Giselle mak!ng h£r h£art skipped

Pr!ncess Cel!ne furrowed h£r eyebrows see!ng Giselle !n th£ palace for th£ first time

After h£lp!ng h£r ©vt of pr!nce Norman room, $h£ hasn’t set eyes on h£r……. So see!ng h£r amidst th£ maids was surpris!ng

“What th£ h£ll is go!ng on” pr!ncess Cel!ne thought

“Murderer! I knew you were never trusted…. I knew you were go!ng to betray me like your fath£r ” Th£ k!ng thundered s1©wly

Giselle shrieked star!ng at th£ way h£ m©v£s h¡s m©vth

“I don’t know what you’re talk!ng ab©vt,,why will I try to kill you,,I can’t do that” $h£ defended h£rself

“shut up! ” Th£ k!ng yelled

“Believe me my k!ng. …….hilda was th£ one that made that coffee… I can’t harm th£ k!ng please believe me ” $h£ said cry!ng [email protected] by now

$h£ m©v£d toward Hilda and h£ld h£r [email protected]

“Tell th£ k!ng I didn’t do it……. Tell h¡m you were th£ one that made th£ coffee “Giselle cried ©vt shak!ng hilda

“what are you splitt!ng now…. Why try!ng to flame me wh£n it’s obvious you were try!ng to kill th£ k!ng” Hilda said and Giselle [email protected]

Hilda [email protected]|| to th£ ground as $h£ started cry!ng profusely

“My k!ng….. I didn’t make any coffee and besides wh£n did I start mak!ng your coffee ……$h£s j√$t try!ng to flame me up” Hilda said cry!ng so [email protected] and Giselle couldn’t believe h£r eyes

“Enough!! ” Th£ k!ng yelled

“Guards!! ” h£ s¢r**med and th£ guards immediately ru$h£d to h¡m

“Take h£r to th£ torture chamber……….. Tie h£r up and prepare h£r to be killed…… h£r h£ad must be cut off before midnight ” h£ said gritt!ng h¡s teeth

“I’m !nnocent…. Please spare me…… I can’t die with©vt see!ng my fath£r….. Please I j√$t can’t die” $h£ cried [email protected]

$h£ ru$h£d towards Hilda and grabb£d h£r dress

“please Hilda don’t do th¡s to me….. I’m your friend…… Please say th£ truth….. I didn’t do it and you know that ” Giselle cried

“Let go of me….. I don’t know what you’re say!ng ” Hilda lied

“Take h£r away already ” Ch£ryl f!nally spoke

“You devil!! ” Giselle suddenly s¢r**med ₱ush!ng hilda to th£ floor mak!ng everyone [email protected]

“I trusted you with all I got and th¡s is how you decided to repay me” Giselle yelled sitt!ng on Hilda stomach

“if you have eaten anyth!ng…… You’re gonna split everyth!ng ©vt right now” Giselle yelled and started throw!ng punch£s on Hilda stomach

“holy moly ” Everyone s¢r**med

$h£ kept throw!ng punch£s at h£r stomach…… Hilda kept [email protected]!ng roll!ng on th£ floor

Giselle h£ld h£r face sqv££se it and HILDA hair !nto h£r m©vth

$h£ unleash anoth£r punch that landed on Hilda face mak!ng blood gestured ©vt of h£r nostrils

“Get h£r away from h£r…… $h£’s go!ng to kill h£r “Ch£ryl yelled

Hilda was now unrecognizable as Giselle kept punch!ng it [email protected]

Giselle stood up and kicked hilda face very [email protected]

“Argh!!! ” Hilda [email protected]

“Take h£r away now” Ch£ryl ordered as th£ k!ng watch£d h£r !n disbelief

“$h£’s !nnocent ” Pr!nce Darrel suddenly s¢r**med walk!ng towards th£m with a laptop !n h¡s [email protected]

h£ walked to h¡s fath£r and [email protected] h¡m th£ laptop

“Th£ devil h£re was th£ one who poisoned you…. Th¡s is a video of it” Pr!nce Darrel said po!nt!ng at Hilda who was try!ng to get up

Th£ k!ng eyes widened as h£ stared at th£ video of how Hilda was poison!ng th£ coffee

“it was you! “Th£ k!ng star!ng at hilda

“I’m sorry my k!ng…. Please spare my life,,,, someone s£nt me ” Hilda said
.”who??? fv¢k!ng speak idiot”pr!nce Rex yelled

Ch£ryl h£art started b**t!ng as hilda took steady steps towards h£r

Ch£ryl staggered lean!ng on th£ wall as h£r wh0l£ b©dy started shak!ng as if $h£ was go!ng to pa$$ ©vt soonest


E plenty 😁😎😎

Who got s¢ar£d at first 😉😉

May we never have friends like hilda

I swear e choke Ch£ryl😂😂😂

b**t!ng na your mate…… Hilda and Ch£ryl how market

how can you describe Audrey and Giselle relationship???

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