Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 29 – 30

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost❎

Chapter 29 & 30

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

[email protected]¢k


Pr!nce Rex sat at one of th£ chair !n h¡s lounge tak!ng a sub

After d!nner, h£ came h£re straight……. h£ didn’t know why h£ needs to come h£re

But to h¡m, it felt h£ missed it alot…… Don’t be surprised. Pr!nce Rex has always hold a secret lodge

A lodge wh£re h£ always visit at night to defile girl and screw anyth!ng under th£ir skirt

Yeah! h£ stopped com!ng th£re. That was th£ same place h£ rape a pr!ncess

“h£r !nhuman right? ”

h£ stared at th£ wh0l£ place as h£ took a sub from h¡s coffee……. h£ could still h£ar th£ pr!ncess cry!ng and plead!ng as if it was happen!ng.

“Please! Please!! Don’t do th¡s….. I’m not ready. Please Rex you said you love me, let’s get married and you can go d©wΠ with me anytime…….. Fath£r is gonna kill me if h£ f!nds ©vt I had s£× before marriage it’s forbidden !n our custom.. …….please don’t don’t defile me and make me unholy “h£ could still remember h£r words

“Shut th£ fv¢k up Nora!!!! and open those damn legs” Pr!nce Rex could remember th£ way h£ had yelled at h£r that faithful day

” I remember how I tried to get you…… You proved so [email protected] and stubborn. I had to pretend that I have changed…… I dont do th£ shit called relationship but because of you I did…….. A long one at that and now you’re f!nally h£re with me do you th!nk I will let go of you……. Of course not Nora!!” h£ remember yell!ng that faithful day as h£ torn th£ long gown $h£ has wear!ng

h£ parted h£r legs opened roughly and that was how h£ bang h£r [email protected] despite h£r plead

Pr!nce Rex sigh£d as h£ drank from h¡s gla$$ aga!n. It’s been a month s!nce h£ raped Pr!ncess Nora and s!nce th£n h£ haven’t s£nt eyes on h£r

“What’s my broth£r th!nk!ng ab©vt that h£ couldnt noticed wh£n I walked !n” Someone said beh!nd h¡m……. h£ looked up to see Pr!nce Norman

h¡s [email protected] were dipped !nto h¡s !nner pocket….. h£ took a chair beside Pr!nce Rex and ₱0ured a gla$$ of dr!nk for h¡mself

“isn’t it obvious that you’re aware already……. You know everyone thoughts Norman” h£ said and Pr!nce Norman chuckled slightly

“I don’t want to read your m!nd……. So you tell me ” Pr!nce Norman said

“I’m j√$t th!nk!ng of Nora…….. Th£ pr!ncess I raped h£re…….. Th¡s wh0l£ place is fill with our memories that happened th£ faithful night” h£ muttered and Pr!nce Norman sigh£d

“Rap!ng a pr!ncess is so bad of you……… Trust me if that had to happened to Cel!ne…… I’m gonna kill th£ bastard that did it………What you did is h£artless. have you ever thought of what $h£ will be go!ng through now…….. h£r pride, th£ trauma?? ” h£ asked and Pr!nce Rex sigh£d

“I know……. You don’t need to rem!nd me I’m a bastard……. If th£ urge comes I j√$t can’t ¢©Πtr0| it…… I fv¢k anyone available that moment ” h£ said and clench£d h¡s jaw

“You will be f!ne broth£r……… Is a good th!nk you’re hav!ng a reconsider and I’m go!ng to h£lp you get over it” Pr!nce Norman said and tap h¡s shoulder

“You guys shouldn’t be discuss!ng with©vt me…… I’m th£ eldest among you two”Pr!nce Darrel said walk!ng towards th£m

“Th£ oldest that always act stupid…… Daddy’s boy how are you ” Pr!nce Rex said and Pr!nce Darrel balled h¡s fist

“You’re j√$t so annoy!ng “Pr!nce Darrel said tak!ng a sit beside th£m and also ₱0ured h¡mself a gla$$ of dr!nk

“Norman I’m sorry……. For th£ way I have been treat!ng you…. I guessed I haven’t been a good broth£r ……Forgive me broth£r ” h£ said and Pr!nce Rex widened h¡s eyes

” whosoever that has punch you had reset your bra!n too” Pr!nce Rex said and chuckled

“I hold no grudges aga!nst you broth£r……… Let bygones be bygones ” Pr!nce Norman said and pat h¡s shoulders

“I j√$t get j√$t two questions to ask you both” Pr!nce Norman said

“sure,,,, ”

“sure,,,, ”

Th£y both replied !n unison

“what are th£ th!ngs that can make you hurt those you love ” h£ asked and th£y both raised th£ir la$h£s

“Trust me I can never hurt my broth£r for anyth!ng ” Pr!nce Rex said

“Even if it takes th£ woman you love away from you….. Will you still hurt h¡m ” Norman asked and Rex shook h¡s h£ad

“I can never hurt my broth£r…… !n as much th£ lady !n question loves h¡m [email protected]¢k….. I’m gonna let go…..” h£ replied and Pr!nce Norman nodded

“And you Darrel?? ” h£ asked and h£ sigh£d

“I can hurt anyone who tried to take th£ woman I love away from me and most importantly my throne……. I can do anyth!ng to rema!n th£ h£ir apparent to th£ throne” h£ said and Darrel nodded s1©wly

“You speak like fath£r…… Gross” Pr!nce Rex muttered

“I’m ©vtta h£re……. Need to catch some sleep ” Pr!nce Rex said and walked ©vt

“let’s take a scroll Norman….. Is been long we had a broth£rly talk…… j√$t two of us” Pr!nce Darrel said

“sure “Pr!nce Darrel said. Th£y both walked ©vt of th£ lodge and started tak!ng a stroll @r0vnd th£ palace

Def!nitely,,,,,, it’s gonna be a long night

“You really gonna hurt anyone for th£ throne….. Huh” Pr!nce Norman asked

“Don’t take it personal…. Besides, I’m th£ h£ir apparent to th£ throne…… See,,, I’m not gonna hurt anyone ” h£ said and Pr!nce Norman nodded s1©wly

Hilda walked pa$$ed th£ two pr!nces subconsciously……. $h£ was so engrossed on what $h£ was th!nk!ng that $h£ didn’t notice th£m


$h£ was th!nk!ng of what Ch£ryl told h£r……… $h£ was th!nk!ng of how to carry ©vt th£ plan perfectly with©vt gett!ng caught……a way to flame h£r up and make everyone believe

“a girl with a scar will be flamed up tomorrow ” Pr!nce Norman mumbled to pr!nce Darrel

“with a scar! ” Pr!nce Darrel said remember!ng th£ girl h£ was look!ng for

$h£ also got a scar

“how do you mean $h£ will be flamed up?”Pr!nce Darrel asked

“No broth£r………. Th£ question should be how can you save h£r……. By tomorrow morn!ng I would have gone bl!nd…… You’re th£ only one that can save h£r from fath£r death……. You know what to do ” Pr!nce Norman said and pat h¡s shoulders before walk!ng off

END OF [email protected]¢k


Hilda kept tak!ng s1©w steps towards Ch£ryl….. $h£ was almost closed to h£r wh£n $h£ suddenly gripped on h£r stomach

Fear gripped everyone as $h£ started vomit!ng blood,,,,,,$h£ felt $h£ was gonna pa$$ed ©vt any moment from

“ch…….”$h£ couldn’t f!nish h£r statement as $h£ fell to th£ ground, loos!ng consciousness

“oh my God!! ” Everyone s¢r**med

Ch£ryl smirked from wh£re $h£ stood

“I know $h£ was gonna implicate me but of course Ch£ryl is smarter ” Ch£ryl thought and smirked star!ng at th£ lifeless b©dy of Hilda that’s [email protected]!ng on th£ floor

“What’s go!ng on ” Pr!nce Cel!ne wh¡spered gripp!ng onto pr!nce Rex

Pr!nce Darrel walked to Hilda still b©dy and ¢rov¢h£d d©wΠ…… h£ stared at h£r and shook h¡s h£ad

“$h£’s dead everyone!! ” h£ mumbled

“I guessed $h£ was poisoned too” h£ added and murmur!ng arose

“I knew th¡s was gonna happen…….. After ask!ng h£r to poison th£ k!ng you also poisoned h£r so $h£ wouldn’t implicate you right….. Th¡s is your plan Giselle…… I know from th£ onset” Ch£ryl suddenly yelled and everyone turned th£ir attention towards h£r.

“Shut up ch£ryl” Pr!nce Rex yelled

“didn’t you h£ar th£ maid said someone s£nt h£r to flame Giselle up or you no longer make use of your ears”h£ added and Ch£ryl gritted h¡s teeth

“Gosh! $h£’s annoy!ng as well” Pr!ncess Cel!ne muttered

“Everyone should demise……. ” Th£ k!ng suddenly thundered

All th£ guards and maids ran towards different directions

“Traitor !n my palace….. Amaz!ng ” K!ng jasm!ne muttered clench!ng h¡s jaw

Ch£ryl got to h£r room and shut th£ door………

$h£ s¢r**med suddenly, hold!ng h£r h£ad

“That ugly th!ng!! ” $h£ roared

“I was so closed to get rid of h£r…… I was damn closed” $h£ said mov!ng to h£r wardrobe and scatter!ng all th£ cloth£s !n it

“I hate h£r!!!! I fv¢k!ng hate h£r! “$h£ s¢r**med

“Can’t believe that stupid maid almost implicate me…….. Its a good th!ng I poisoned h£r…….. I can’t even imag!ne what th£ k!ng will do to me”$h£ mumbled and shook h£r h£ad

“I won’t stop till I get rid of h£r…… completely ” $h£ thought and gr!nned evily


“What do you mean I can’t see my moth£r” Pr!ncess Cel!ne yelled at th£ doctor……..

“it an order from th£ k!ng………..”Th£ doctor said

“To h£ll with h¡s order” Pr!ncess Cel!ne said and th£ doctor [email protected]

“$h£’s my mum…….. Why will fath£r forbidden everyone from enter!ng !nto th£ room???…. Gosh! I hate h¡m… I hate h¡m so much ” $h£ yelled fight!ng [email protected]¢k th£ tears that threatened to [email protected]||

$h£ snapped h£r feet on th£ floor before walk!ng away

$h£’s got to h£r room and fell on th£ b£d……..

“I j√$t wanna see moth£r…… I want to be beside h£r……….. I wanna be a$$ure if $h£’s
gonna be f!ne………why is fath£r do!ng th¡s!! ” $h£ thought cover!ng h£r face with h£r palm

h£r phone vibrated also immediately. $h£ ch£cked it and a message popped up on h£r screen

It was a message from Pr!nce Kristen..

“Sweeth£art how are you today?????…….. Can you go on a night date with me???…… Please don’t say no,,,, I really wanna surprise you ” Th£ message read

h£r sad face beamed with smiles…….. j√$t see!ng h¡s message got h£r happy

“Maybe go!ng ©vt will h£lp ease th¡s pa!ns that’s suffocat!ng me ” $h£ thought

“sure ” $h£ replied th£ message

“Thanks sweeth£art…….. My guards will come picked you” Anoth£r message came up almost immediately

“h£ loves call!ng me sweeth£art even wh£n we aren’t a th!ng……. Gosh!! I’m go!ng gaga ” $h£ said blush!ng [email protected]

Some hours later*****************

Giselle walked ©vt of th£ palace and sigh£d.

$h£ was go!ng to see h£r fath£r…… Th£ k!ng left some hours ago after demis!ng everyone and $h£ thought that’s th£ perfect time to go see
Everyth!ng that happened toward still mesmerized h£r

“what if th£ pr!nce haven’t show up……. Will th¡s have been my end”$h£ thought and sigh£d softly

“I trusted h£r like a friend and $h£ did th¡s to me…….. Screw h£r!!!!. No m©r£ friends and thats gonna be th£ rule h£nceforth “Giselle thought

“Someone s£nt me ” $h£ could still remember Hilda words before $h£ died

“Who could that be” Giselle thought remember!ng how Hilda was walk!ng towards someone before h£r sudden death

“Ch£ryl!! “$h£ suddenly said figur!ng who th£ unknown was

“That bitch!!! “$h£ sneered ball!ng h£r fist

“$h£ made Hilda do it….. Can’t believe $h£ will do that j√$t to get rid of me”

$h£ was so engrossed !n h£r thoughts wh£n $h£ bumped !nto someone

$h£ almost felled but some mighty [email protected] encircled h£r [email protected]¡$t, protect!ng h£r from [email protected]||!ng

$h£ looked up and saw it was th£ pr!nce……. Th£ one had saved h£r from be!ng killed……$h£ quickly stood up and bow h£r h£ad

“I’m sorry my pr!nce….. I wasn’t look!ng ” $h£ said

“I wasn’t look!ng too” Pr!nce Darrel replied dipp!ng h¡s phone !nto h£ pocket. Giselle b¡t£ on h£r lower l¡p f!nd!ng th£ right word to use !n show!ng h£r gratitude

“Thanks” $h£ blurted ©vt suddenly

“for what” Pr!nce Darrel asked furrow!ng h¡s eyebrows

“For sav!ng me…… If you haven’t come with th£ prove at that time , my h£ad would have been caught off” Giselle muttered ₱|@y!ng with h£r f!ng£rs

Pr!nce Darrel chuckled slightly and stare at h£r nervous face

Of course silver beauty was noth!ng compared to th£ girl right !n front of h¡m

“what if I want someth!ng !n return ” Pr!nce Darrel asked and Giselle eyes widened

“what if h£’s like th£ s£× freak pr!nce ” $h£ thought as h£r jaw dropped

“j√$t kidd!ng “Pr!nce Darrel said and $h£ h£aved

“it seems you’re go!ng somewh£re?? ” Pr!nce Darrel asked

“yeah…..! I’m go!ng to see fath£r ” $h£ replied

“oh,,,, I got noth!ng do!ng…. I can drop you and br!ng you [email protected]¢k too” Pr!nce Darrel said and $h£ quickly shook h£r h£ad

“No my pr!nce….. I’m f!ne I can j√$t stroll th£re….. Is not that far” Giselle said

“Th£n let’s both stroll th£re togeth£r……. It’s been long I took a stroll with someone ……beside, I got noth!ng do!ng at home ” pr!nce Darrel said

“But…. ”

“common I !nsist…….. That’s th£ only way you can appreciate me for sav!ng your life” h£ replied

“you’re someth!ng else” Giselle muttered and th£y both giggled
Giselle and Darrel kept walk!ng f!nd!ng it [email protected] to start a conversation b£tweeΠ th£ir two

“Gosh!! My legs are hurt!ng me “Pr!nce Darrel blurted ©vt

“I told ya…… You should have j√$t stayed !n th£ palace but you wouldn’t listen “Giselle said

“you said it wasn’t far”pr!nce darrel compla!ned

“I can j√$t carry you on my [email protected]¢k ” Giselle said and h£ Chuckled

“seriously…….. You wanna carry a man?? ” h£ asked, f!nd!ng it so funny

“I’m stronger than you know ” $h£ gr!nned

“Tadda!!!! We’re h£re” $h£ said as th£y got to a little house @r0vnd th£ neighborhood

“is th¡s your house?? ” Pr!nce Darrel asked asked

“Yeah”Giselle answered walk!ng to th£ [email protected]¢k door

“Stay h£re my pr!nce….. I would be right [email protected]¢k “$h£ said and Pr!nce Darrel nodded

$h£ walked [email protected]¢k to th£ front door, open!ng it gentle

$h£ entered to see h£r mum !n th£ sitt!ng with Audrey

h£r jaw !nstantly dropped see!ng h£r mum

Tanisha immediately dropped th£ gla$$ of juice $h£ dr!nk!ng from as Giselle walked !n completely

“Th¡s won’t end well” Audrey wh¡spered to h£rself

“Good even!ng mum” $h£ greeted ₱|@y!ng with h£r f!ng£rs

Tanisha stood up and took th£ gla$$ of juice aga!n before walk!ng to Giselle

“oh my God!!!! Mum is gonna do someth!ng worst” Audrey said star!ng at th£ drama go!ng on

Tanisha took s1©w steps towards Giselle and $h£ m©v£d [email protected]¢k with every step that $h£ came forward with

Giselle [email protected]¢k hit th£ wall as h£r moth£r got to h£r…….

Before $h£ could utter a word, Tanisha ₱0ured th£ juice on h£r hair

“ugly th!ng!!” $h£ said and spla$h£d th£ gla$$ on th£ wall

$h£ h£ld Giselle ch£ek and gripped on it t!ghtly

“listen and listen very good……..I’m tired of see!ng your ugly face…..stop com!ng h£re,,,, you’re of no use to us…….. Th£ next time you step your feet !n th¡s house, I’m gonna make your face m©r£ uglier ” $h£ barked

$h£ let go of h£r ch£ek and grabb£d h£r by th£ hair

“mum!! “Giselle s¢r**med !n pa!ns

“Mum…… You’re hurt!ng h£r” Audrey retorted

“j√$t be quiet!! ” $h£ yelled at Audrey as $h£ kept us!ng Giselle hair to ₱v|| h£r ©vt of th£ house

$h£ opened th£ door and ₱u$h£d h£r ©vt , not car!ng if $h£ [email protected]||s or now

Tanisha shut [email protected]¢k th£ door and leaned on it

“That ugly th!ng won’t see Kay not wh£n I’m still alive” $h£ grunted

“Mum that was harsh…… Giselle has done noth!ng wrong,,,, $h£ was go!ng h£re to see fath£r and beside $h£’s !n th£ palace because of fath£r……. What you’re do!ng is wrong ” Audrey blurted ©vt

“unbelievable….. and wh£n did you start differentiat!ng b£tweeΠ wrongs and right……. Has that ugly th!ng bewitch£d you too” Tanisha asked

“mum….!! ” Audrey s¢r**med

“I have always been th£ one tell!ng you what to do, so you know noth!ng ab©vt wrong or right……. Hate that ugly sister of yours, $h£’s gonna take your fath£r away from you,,,,, stay away from h£r cuz that’s th£ right th!ng to do ” h£r moth£r said and $h£ Audrey gulped d©wΠ

Audrey uttered no word as $h£ turned and walked [email protected]¢k to h£r room……..

“hate that ugly sister of yours”h£r moth£r words kept r!ng!ng !n h£r h£ad


That’s what $h£ had been do!ng…… Hat!ng Giselle j√$t because h£r moth£r want h£r to

“is th¡s right ” $h£ thought gett!ng to h£r room. $h£ h£ld th£ [email protected] and was ab©vt ₱ush!ng th£ door opened but $h£ stopped h£rself !nstead

$h£ looked @r0vnd before walk!ng to th£ [email protected]¢k exit

$h£ got to th£ [email protected]¢k door and kept look!ng [email protected]¢k to make sure h£r moth£r wasn’t com!ng

$h£ opened th£ [email protected]¢k door s1©wly……$h£ walked ©vt still look!ng [email protected]¢k

$h£ was ab©vt star!ng at h£r front wh£n $h£ bumped !nto someone and h¡s phone fell

$h£ raised h£r h£ad and saw h¡m

“Arrgh!!! “$h£ s¢r**med almost pa$$!ng ©vt but $h£ h£ld h£rself

“You!! ”

Pr!nce Darrel and Audrey s¢r**med !n unison

“what are you do!ng h£re ” Th£y both s¢r**med at th£ same time too

“have you been stalk!ng me!! ” $h£ asked rais!ng h£r brows

“of course not,,,,, I wouldn’t want to get punch£d by a witch”h£ said and Audrey scoffed

“Giselle!! ” Audrey mumbled before runn!ng ©vt of pr!nce Darrel pres£nce

$h£ ran to th£ front exist of th£ir house and met Giselle lean!ng !n front of th£ door with my h£ad placed on h£r lap

Audrey b¡t£ h£r lower l¡p and took s1©w steps towards h£r…. $h£ got to h£r and ¢rov¢h£d d©wΠ at h£r

$h£ brought ©vt h£r favorite scarf and started wip!ng th£ juice ©vt of h£r hair

Giselle h£ld h£r [email protected] and raised h£r face

“Audrey” $h£ called surprised

“That’s…. that’s your favorite….. Scarf” Giselle stuttered

“Don’t take it personal…… I don’t like you and I’m only do!ng th¡s because of fath£r” Audrey replied and started wip!ng off th£ juice aga!n

Giselle smile as a tears escaped h£r eyes

“I will look for a day wh£n mom isn’t @r0vnd before !nform!ng you to come “$h£ said still wip!ng h£r hair
“You need to go before moth£r comes ©vt…… $h£ might do someth!ng worst” Audrey said stand!ng up from h£r sister

$h£ glared at h£r for a m!nute before walk!ng ©vt

“Giselle” Pr!nce Darrel suddenly called walk!ng towards h£r

“let’s leave ” $h£ replied gett!ng up and h£ nodded

[email protected]¢k TO Th£ PALACE *********

it was already even!ng wh£n Giselle and Pr!nce Darrel got [email protected]¢k to th£ palace

“you refused to tell me why your eyes were red earlier ” Pr!nce Darrel asked aga!n

“I’m f!ne ” $h£ replied avoid!ng h¡s eyes. Pr!nce Darrel walked so closed to h£r and th£y were !nch£s away from th£ir b©dy to rub aga!nst each oth£r

Pr!nce Darrel raised h¡s [email protected] ab©vt touch!ng h£r hair wh£n th£y both h£ard a voice

“Pr!ncess ” Th£ cool voice called. Giselle quickly m©v£d away from darrel and turned j√$t to see Norman

“My jerky h£ad!! ” $h£ squeaked like a kid who j√$t saw h£r mom

$h£ ran to h¡m cover!ng th£ space b£tweeΠ th£m

“my pr!ncess….. You’re save” Pr!nce Norman said and ₱v||ed h£r to a hug

Pr!nce Darrel frowned watch!ng th£m

“Are th£y closed?? ” h£ thought

Pr!nce Norman ₱v||ed from th£ hug and h£ld h£r face

“I thought I was go!ng to loose you….. ” h£ wh¡spered rubb!ng h¡s f!ng£r on h£r l¡p s1©wly

h£ ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself encircl!ng h¡s [email protected] @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t

“only for two m!nutes…. Pr!ncess ”

With that be!ng said h£ slammed h¡s l¡ps on h£rs

Pr!nce Darrel [email protected] as h¡s m©vth parted opened


Someone should tell Darrel to closed h¡s m©vth

What do you have to say ab©vt Audrey??? 🙄🙄🙄

So Hilda died 🤧🤧🤧🤧

Say someth!ng ab©vt th£ three pr!nces….. What do you th!nk

b£tweeΠ pr!nce Darrel and Pr!nce Rex who’s gonna be your favorite


Say someth!ng ab©vt th£ chapter you j√$t read…. Is long to comment someth!ng ab©vt.

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