Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 31 – 32

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 31 & 32

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Giselle eyes widened as Pr!nce Norman l¡p slammed aga!nst h£rs

“my……. Pr!nce” Giselle muttered !n b£tweeΠ th£ klzz

“j√$t two m!nutes ” pr!nce Norman wh¡spered klzz!ng h£r deeply. $h£ stood still not know!ng if $h£ should reciprocate th£ klzz or not

Pr!nce Norman b¡t£ h£r lower l¡p mak!ng h£r [email protected] slightly as $h£ opened up. h£r eyes shut on th£ir own accord as $h£ started klzz!ng h¡m [email protected]¢k

Pr!nce Darrel couldn’t stare at th£ scene anym©r£….. h£ j√$t couldn’t take it.

h£ h£ld h¡s ch£st as h£ felt pa!ns…… Its like a sword had been piercered !nto h¡s h£art

h£ balled h¡s fist and walked away !n pa!ns.

“Two m!nutes exhausted “Pr!nce Norman said remov!ng h¡s [email protected] from h£r [email protected]¡$t after break!ng th£ klzz

“You shouldn’t have done that” Giselle said ₱|@y!ng with h£r f!ng£rs

“But you klzzed me [email protected]¢k…. I’m not gonna apologize pr!ncess”h£ w!nk touch!ng h¡s l¡p

Giselle slapped h£r foreh£ad and shook h£r h£ad

“you shouldn’t have done that….. What if someone had sees us” $h£ mumbled and Pr!nce Norman stared at th£ way $h£ m©v£s h£r l¡p

“luckily no one did “Pr!nce Norman muttered and $h£ rolled h£r eyes

“your l¡ps are so red right now……. We should klzz often you know” h£ said bit!ng on h¡s lower l¡p seducely

“you’re so naughty swear “$h£ muttered and before $h£ knew it h£ ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself aga!n

“Anoth£r five m!nutes “h£ w!nk and Giselle [email protected] ₱ush!ng h¡m slightly away from h£r

“You’re seriously gonna be th£ end of me ” $h£ muttered after mov!ng some meters away from h£r

“so cute” h£ p©vted h¡s m©vth ©vt cutely

“Gosh!! I’m so dead with you” Giselle mumbled and ran off immediately
Pr!nce Norman ₱|@yed with h¡s hair as h£ watch£d h£r leave

“my pr!ncess” h£ smiled to h¡mself before walk!ng ©vt

Ch£ryl came ©vt of h£r hidden corner and h£ld h£r ch£st

h£r h£art was palpitat!ng as $h£ couldn’t get th£ scene that j√$t happened earlier ©vt of h£r h£ad

“Th£y klzzed….. Like th£y fv¢k!ng klzzed”$h£ s¢r**med |ns!de h£r h£ad as $h£ gripped on h£r own hair

“Th£y actually klzzed…… Th¡s is fv¢k!ng crazy “$h£ said star!ng at th£ picture !n h£r phone


$h£ had snapped th£m

“That bitch is th£ reason h£ don’t want me……. I fv¢k!ng hate h£r th£ m©r£ ” $h£ s¢r**med

“I wanna get rid of h£r….. I wish I could j√$t kill h£r right now ” $h£ thought still star!ng at th£ picture

$h£ kept star!ng at it as an idea popped !nto h£r h£ad

“Th£ k!ng! ” $h£ thought

“I need to show th¡s to th£ k!ng ” $h£ said and smirked

$h£ stared at th£ picture aga!n and b¡t£ on h£r lower l¡p

“lemme see how you wouldn’t be killed “Ch£ryl smirked
Pr!nce Darrel hit h¡s fist on th£ wall cont!nuously. h£ [email protected] !n pa!ns as blood gestured ©vt of h¡s fist

“why is h£ always lucky??” Pr!nce Darrel yelled still hitt!ng h¡s fist on th£ wall

“h£’s [email protected]….. Have th¡s look any girl will die for…… Always lucky @r0vnd people. Why can’t I be lucky?? Aren’t I [email protected]??? Why can’t I be noticed. Why must it be h¡m?? ” h£ s¢r**med as h£ hit [email protected] on th£ wall

h¡s door opened and a maid walked !n…….

“My pr!nce……. D!nner is se…….”

“fv¢k!! Get ©vt!! ” h£ sneered and th£ maid fl!nch£d and ran ©vt

h£ dipped h¡s [email protected] !n h¡s hair, rough!ng it

“I love h£r…… Why h£r…… Why Norman??? ” h£ asked shutt!ng h¡s eyes

Pr!ncess Cel!ne room*********

Pr!ncess Cel!ne was done dress!ng up for th£ date. $h£ was putt!ng on a t!ght short gown

It fitted h£r perfectly reveal!ng those long legs of h£rs

$h£ picked up th£ red l¡p gross aga!n and applied m©r£. $h£ looses th£ hairband from h£r hair and let it [email protected]||s to h£r [email protected]¢k

“Cute! ” $h£ mumbled star!ng at h£r reflection !n th£ mirror

h£r door opened aga!n for th£ fifth time mak!ng h£r [email protected]

“Don’t tell me you’re h£re to persuade me…….. Tell fath£r I don’t wanna eat d!nner” $h£ said with©vt turn!ng, th!nk!ng it was th£ maids

“Gross!!! And wh£re are you go!ng dressed like th¡s” $h£ h£ard th£ most annoy!ng voice, $h£ wouldn’t like to h£ar at that moment

$h£ turned and met h£r broth£r, Pr!nce Rex

“What are you do!ng !n my room” $h£ snorted

“fath£r asked me to call you for d!nner” h£ said dipp!ng h¡s [email protected] !nto h¡s [email protected] pocket

“Tell your fath£r I don’t want to eat” $h£ retorted

“not like h£ actually ¢ar£s ab©vt me “$h£ thought

“you still haven’t told me wh£re you’re go!ng th¡s night dressed like th¡s?? ” Pr!nce Rex asked and $h£ rolled h£r eyes

“I’m go!ng on a date…. Happy” $h£ said pick!ng h£r bag

“Seriously!! ” Pr!nce Rex said and burst !nto an un¢©Πtr0|lable laughter

Pr!ncess Cel!ne rolled h£r eyes and fold h£r arms on h£r ch£st

“are you seriously kidd!ng me?? !!! what does an Eighteen years old kid like you know ab©vt date…… “h£ asked try!ng to hold h¡mself from laugh!ng aga!n

“an eighteen years old girl is an adult not a kid… Dummy! ” $h£ sneered

“is late Cel!ne and who will want to look at your froggy b©dy to have !nvited you on a night date”Pr!nce Rex asked and Pr!ncess Cel!ne [email protected]

“screw you Rex…… I got th£ perfect b©dy and you know that” $h£ replied

“oh! So….. Who’s th¡s date of yours”Pr!nce Rex asked emphasiz!ng th£ word date

“None of your bus!ness ” Pr!nce Cel!ne said walk!ng towards th£ door but Pr!nce Rex blocked h£r way

“are you even aware it’s late ” Pr!nce Rex asked.
“what now?? ” Pr!ncess Cel!ne asked

“j√$t……be. c….areful…. ” h£ stuttered touch!ng h¡s hair

“I will…. Happy?? ” $h£ said

“m©v£ away!” $h£ said and Pr!nce Rex sigh£d before mov!ng away

“Bye ” Pr!ncess Cel!ne said and walked ©vt of h£r room
Ch£ryl kept walk!ng through th£ corridor……. actually $h£ was go!ng to see th£ k!ng

$h£ turned !nto anoth£r direction and bumped !nto Giselle.

h£r h£art started palpitat!ng as $h£ swallowed th£ lump !n h£r throat

$h£ tried walk!ng away but Giselle ₱v||ed h£r [email protected]¢k

“I know you’re th£ one that told Hilda to set me up” Giselle said with©vt m!nimiz!ng h£r words and Ch£ryl furrowed h£r eyebrows

“I don’t know what you’re talk!ng ab©vt “$h£ lied

“Th£ fright !n your voice means someth!ng Ch£ryl”$h£ said and walked much closer to h£r

Ch£ryl fl!nch£d !n fright….. Gett!ng b**ten by Giselle is th£ last th!ng one will wi$h£d for

“even if I’m……. th£ one.. no one is gonna believe you “$h£ stuttered

Ch£ryl [email protected] as Giselle p!nned h£r arm on th£ wall

“Really…. “Giselle chuckled
“yeah!! Watch your [email protected]¢k Giselle cuz I’m go!ng to get rid of you”Ch£ryl gr!nned

“That’s what you are good at anyway ” Giselle replied mak!ng h£r scoffed

“j√$t a warn!ng Ch£ryl… Stay away from me and know your boundaries …… I won’t warn you twice ” $h£ said and rem©v£d h£r grip from h£r [email protected]

$h£ gave h£r a fake smile before walk!ng away

“Bitch!!! “Ch£ryl sneered

“Come closer to me aga!n and I’m gonna teach you th£ stuff I’m made of ” $h£ yelled wh£n it was obvious Giselle was far gone

“I must get rid of h£r ” $h£ [email protected] walk!ng towards th£ k!ng study

Ch£ryl entered th£ k!ng study with©vt knock!ng.

$h£ shut th£ door beh!nd and turned to see th£ k!ng fac!ng th£ w!ndow

“I’m feed up my k!ng…… I can’t cont!nue th¡s anym©r£….. Your son don’t like me and will never agreed to marry me cuz h£ has someone else “Ch£ryl said throw!ng h£r [email protected] !n th£ air

“Stop b**t!ng @r0vnd woman and go straight to th£ po!nt. ” K!ng Jasm!ne said

“Your son is fv¢k!ng !n love with a maid….. h£ klzzed h£r !n my pres£nce “Ch£ryl said [email protected]!ng th£ phone to th£ k!ng

Th£ k!ng collected it and smirked star!ng at th£ picture

“j√$t want I wanted ” h£ said mak!ng Ch£ryl frowned

“what do you mean?? Why act!ng like you aren’t surprised?? “Ch£ryl asked

“That’s because I’m not surprised”h£ said mak!ng Ch£ryl confused

“Everyth!ng happen!ng !n th¡s palace I watch under my very own eyes” h£ said and smirked evily

“What do you mean…… You’re keep!ng me !n th£ dark ” $h£ mumbled

“$h£’s Norman soulmate……. On h£r wrist is a red mark that’s means someth!ng !n th¡s city……… $h£’s my doom and that’s why I brought h£r h£re so I can watch£d h£r every m©v£s”K!ng Jasm!ne said and turned to face Ch£ryl

#[email protected]¢k

“Th£ mark……. Th£ red mark that had to do with Norman…… I saw it on h£r wrist” k!ng jasm!ne said to th£ priest

“impossible…….! ” Th£ priest retorted

“$h£ got a scar and th£ !ncident that happened years [email protected]¢k fla$h£d !nto my memory………….. Priest ! Who’s $h£??….. Is $h£ one of my nightmare??……is $h£ th£ revelation! ” Th£ k!ng asked !n a shak!ng tone

“Th£ red mark means one th!ng….. Th£ scars means anoth£r ….. I will go [email protected]¢k home and arranged th¡s riddle. I will get [email protected]¢k to you…. My k!ng” Th£ priest said

END OF [email protected]¢k


Yeah th£ k!ng had waited for th£ priest to arrange th£ riddle. Th£ priest did and later got [email protected]¢k to th£ k!ng

“$h£’s th£ one… $h£’s Norman soulmate ” K!ng jasm!ne remembered th£ priest words

“I brought h£r !nto th£ palace on purpose. I wanted to know if $h£’s truly th£ one……”h£ said star!ng ©vt of h¡s w!ndow

“I also know $h£ had seen Norman at day time…… h£r friend Hilda told me everyth!ng. I was th£ one that s£nt h£r to be friends with h£r. I also knew you asked h£r to poison me…… ” K!ng jasm!ne said and $h£ [email protected]

“Yeah!!! I knew of it. $h£ told me everyth!ng. $h£ was my spy but it’s a pity you had to poison h£r and $h£ die like a fowl ” Th£ k!ng sneered mak!ng Ch£ryl m©r£ surprised

“its my palace and I knows everyth!ng that’s happen!ng ……i want th£m to be so close, I want th£m to feel th£ bond….. I want to strike wh£n th£y seems !nseparable. I’m gonna hurt h£r badly and Norman wouldn’t have any choice than to do what I want. h£’s gonna marry you and be th£ k!ng……But !n all, th£y must never mate…….. That will be th£ very day I will loose th£ most valuable treasure I had worked for” h£ muttered

“What not hurt h£r now before th£y get !ntimidated and can you tell me th£ precious treasure you’re afraid $h£’s gonna take from you?? ” $h£ asked but k!ng jasm!ne shook h¡s h£ad

“I can’t tell you that……. I don’t trust anyone. ” h£ said and Ch£ryl felt hurt

“My son Norman is very smart.. …I know h£ might had figure ©vt who $h£ is. I’m act!ng cool and avoid!ng Norman cuz a moment with h¡m will get h¡m to know my plans”K!ng jasm!ne said

“You mean $h£ doesn’t even know who $h£ is?” Ch£ryl asked

“Yes!!! h£r foster fath£r betrayed me and took h£r as h¡s son…… I had been nightmare !n h£r past, I’m also th£ one !n h£r pres£nce and I’m gonna be th£ one !n h£r future ” h£ said and Ch£ryl chuckled

“You’re h£re to marry Norman and that most take place before h£ get h£r to remember h£r past. Your marriage is tak!ng place th¡s week and no one is gonna stop that” h£ said and Ch£ryl smile widely


Th£ ride to Baton Rouge city was a quick one due to th£ speed th£ driver had used

Th£y f!nally got to th£ palace and Pr!ncess Cel!ne was lead |ns!de by th£ guard

“Stay h£re my pr!ncess….. Th£ pr!nce will meet with you shortly ” Th£ guard said and bowed before walk!ng away

Pr!ncess Cel!ne stared at th£ mansion. It was bigger, j√$t like h£r palace

$h£ stood up and started walk!ng round th£ sitt!ng room….

“Everywh£re is beautiful “$h£ said touch!ng th£ wall

Curiosity took th£ best of h£r as $h£ climb£d up th£ stairs

“Don’t come to me you rapist!! ” Pr!ncess Cel!ne could h£ar a loud voice.

“Nora calm d©wΠ and let th£ doctor do th£ir job ” $h£ could h£ar anoth£r voice that $h£ recognized as Pr!nce Kristen voice

“Shut up and stay away from me……. You’re gonna rape me like h¡m…… You all are animals!! ” Pr!ncess Cel!ne could h£ar h£r cry

Soon a loud cry followed mak!ng h£r h£art b**t rapidly

“what’s happen!ng?? ” $h£ thought mov!ng to th£ door th£ voice was com!ng from

$h£ got to it and all of a sudden th£ door burst opened

Pr!nce Kristen eyes widened see!ng Pr!ncess Cel!ne at th£ door

Anger, pa!ns, hatred and agony ac¢vmulated over h¡m as h£

“my…. Pr!nce ” Pr!ncess Cel!ne called ₱|@y!ng with h£r f!ng£rs

“Bitch!! Who !nvited you h£re!! ” h£ sneered hold!ng h£r shoulders as h¡s f!ng£rs penetrate !nto h£r bare shoulder

“you’re hurt!ng me! ” $h£ cried ©vt

Pr!nce Kristen suddenly shut h¡s eyes and let go
“I’m.. Sorry” h£ said even wh£n h£ didn’t mean it

Pr!ncess Cel!ne stared at h¡m eyes…. It was dark and red by now…… Never had $h£ see someone th¡s angry apart h£r fath£r

“I’m sorry too…… I shouldn’t have crossed my boundaries…. I will wait for you at th£ sitt!ng room ” $h£ said all !n one breath and walked ©vt of h¡s pres£nt

Pr!nce Kristen balled h¡s fist and gr!nned to h¡mself know!ng th£ plans h£ had !nstalled for h£r



Giselle wr*₱p!ng h£r arms @r0vnd h£r b©dy as $h£ walked to th£ rooftop


$h£ j√$t woke up after hav!ng h£r usual nightmares

Always hav!ng nightmares of someone tortur!ng h£r wh£n $h£ was little

$h£ got to th£ rooftop and $h£ got th£ feel!ng that th£ place was familiar to h£r

“But th¡s is j√$t th£ first time I’m com!ng h£re “$h£ thought walk!ng !n fvlly

$h£ climb£d on top of th£ roof and stared d©wΠ at th£ city of New Orleans

Th£ cool breeze blew h£r hair up and $h£ felt th£ cold on h£r bare shoulder

“Come d©wΠ….you’re gonna [email protected]|| royalty “$h£ could h£ar a t!ny voice !n h£r h£ad as $h£ kept star!ng d©wΠ

“no! no!! no!!! I’m not gonna [email protected]||….. Let’s have some fun before your fath£r comes [email protected]¢k….. You know h£’s gonna torture me aga!n”$h£ could h£ar little voice reply!ng

“you love th£ view right?? “Someone said behide h£r mak!ng h£r staggered

$h£ turned and saw Pr!nce Norman

“you s¢ar£d me!! ” $h£ said touch!ng h£r ch£st

“how do you know I was h£re?? ” $h£ asked

“Pr!ncess you love com!ng h£re wh£n you were little……… Wh£n I didn’t see you at your room, I figured ©vt you might be h£re” h£ said and Giselle furrowed h£r eyebrows

“I told you we haven’t met before……. I’m not th£ girl !n your past ” Giselle replied and Pr!nce Norman chuckled

“come d©wΠ….. You’re gonna [email protected]|| royalty. Do you remember wh£n I usually tell you that words” Pr!nce Norman said,walk!ng round h£r and Giselle felt h£r h£ad sp!nn!ng

That was th£ same word $h£ remembered wh£n $h£ had walked h£re earlier

“no! no!! no!!…. I’m not gonna [email protected]||. That’s what you usually say cuz you were stubborn ” Pr!nce Norman said and chuckled at h¡s own words

Giselle h£ld h£r h£ad as $h£ felt a slight h£adach£

“Do you remember th£ torture, th£ b**t!ngs given to you by th£ guards” Pr!nce Norman said and stopped beh!nd h£r

“My pr!nce….. Stop” Giselle wh¡spered hold!ng h£r h£ad due to th£ pa!ns $h£ was feel!ng

“What ab©vt th£ fire accident!! ” h£ said rais!ng h¡s voice and Giselle felt h£r h£ad is gonna explode

“Arghhhhhhh stop!!! ” $h£ suddenly s¢r**med as h£r breath!ng became tensed

“No!!! I’m not gonna stop….. Don’t tell me you fv¢k!ng don’t know who you are” h£ yelled and !n a sudden th£ ra!n started [email protected]||!ng

Giselle breath£d h£avily as th£ dropped h£avily on th£ir b©dy……

“Stop….my h£ad is sp!nn!ng “$h£ said not turn!ng [email protected]¢k to Pr!nce Norman

A tears dropped off h£r eyes as th£ ra!n kept lash!ng on th£m

Pr!nce Norman raised h¡s [email protected] and $tr*med h£r w€t hair

h£ rem©v£d th£ str!ng of h£r hair from th£ left to th£ right side of h£r neck

h£ bent h¡s face to h£r neck and Giselle could feel h¡s h°t breath fann!ng on h£r shoulders

h£ placed a klzz on h£r shoulders mak!ng h£r shuddered !n sweetness

“Norman…. “$h£ [email protected] call!ng h¡s name for th£ first time

“You’re a pr!ncess…. th£ right h£ir of New Orleans city “h£ wh¡spered and slammed h¡s l¡p on h£r shoulder aga!n


Oppression is a s!n🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

Norman j√$t kee me with love🙄😥😥🙃😁😂😂😂

Pr!ncess Cel!ne 🙆☺🙆🙆.

So th£ k!ng knew all th¡s why. Abeg gath£r h£re if e shock you🤧🤧🙃🙃🙃

Giselle 🤐🤐🤐

Don’t be among those cry!ng !n my dm now

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Love you all

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