Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 33 – 34

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 33& 34

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“Norman!! ” Giselle [email protected] aga!n as Norman soft l¡ps touch£s h£r shoulder

h£r breath!ng was so !ntensifies as h£ cont!nued do!ng what h£ knows best

“You’re a pr!ncess. Th¡s throne……, Fath£rs throne belongs to you”Pr!nce Norman wh¡spered still plac!ng klzzes on h£r bare shoulder

Giselle shut h£r eyes t!ghtly as h£r h£ad cont!nued sp!nn!ng…… $h£ gritted h£r eyes due to th£ cold and wr*₱ped h£r arms @r0vnd h£r

$h£ started see!ng lots of uncleared vision. h£r little self be!ng tortured by th£ guard

“I killed your parents and I’m gonna do th£ same to you ” $h£ could h£ar th£ terrified voice !n h£r h£ad

Th£ thunder struck. $h£ fl!nch£d and shrieked !n fright as $h£ turned and jumped on Pr!nce Norman

Th£ thunder struck aga!n and lighten!ng followed almost immediately. $h£ sniffed and buried h£r face on Pr!nce Norman shoulders

“I’m s¢ar£d ” $h£ muttered and shut h£r eyes m©r£ t!ghtly as $h£ s1©wly lost consciousness

“pr!ncess” Pr!nce Norman called as h£ felt h£r still !n h¡s arms

“pr!ncess!! ” h£ called aga!n break!ng h£r from th£ hug but Giselle fell freely on h¡s b©dy mak!ng h¡m [email protected]

“No! No!! ” h£ s¢r**med and quickly carried h£r !n a bridal style

“Don’t ever th!nk of leav!ng me……. Not now! Not ever!!! ” h£ yelled as h£ walked ©vt of th£ rooftop !nto th£ palace

h£ !ncreased h¡s pace as h£ walked through th£ corridor to th£ [email protected]¢k exit

h£ got ©vt of th£ palace and walked straight to th£ gate …. It’s a good th!ng is not too dark

h£ split th£ gate open h¡mself and walked ©vt. Fortunately, h£ came !n contact with a cab driver immediately h£ stepped ©vt of th£ palace gate

“Lafayette city” h£ said to th£ cab driver as th£ water !n h¡s hair dripped d©wΠ h¡s face

h£ opened th£ car door and entered with Giselle

“please be save” h£ muttered immediately th£ driver started th£ car

h£ ₱v||ed h¡s hoodie,exposig h¡s bare ch£st and wore it on h£r

h£ placed h£r h£ad comfortable on h¡s ch£st and started strok!ng h£r hair
Th£ K!nG SUITE***

“How’s it go!ng?” Th£ k!ng asked th£ doctor

“I j√$t !njected h£r with th£ antidote,lets hope for h£r to wake up” Th£ doctor replied

“how many days will it take h£r to wake up” K!ng jasm!ne asked

“Three days I guessed .” Th£ doctor stated

Th£ k!ng sigh£d and nodded

K!ng Jasm!ne touch£d Queen Emily hair and sigh£d…..h£ began pac!ng round th£ room.

“I miss you ” h£ muttered

Not like h£ wanted h£r death…… Yeah h£ knew ab©vt th£ poison

h£ had planned to exchange it wh£n Hilda told h¡m ab©vt Ch£ryl plans but unfortunately h£ wasn’t @r0vnd wh£n Giselle brought th£ coffee

“That little devil has bitten m©r£ $h£ can ch£w…its k!ng to make a m©v£… K!ng. Jasm!ne ” Th£ k!ng said and smile to h¡mself
Ch£ryl was work!ng to h£r room wh£n some mighty [email protected] ₱v||ed h£r to th£ wall

$h£ [email protected] and raised h£r h£ad to see it was Pr!nce Rex

“h£y my pr!nce”$h£ said bit!ng h£r lower l¡p

“I saw you com!ng ©vt of fath£r room earlier….. What th£ fv¢k are you plann!ng with h¡m” h£ asked and Ch£ryl chuckled

“I like you……. Let’s be fv¢k buddies while I get married to your broth£r” $h£ said try!ng to touch h¡s ch£st

Pr!nce Rex scoffed and grabb£d h£r by h£r neck

“I don’t know what you’re plann!ng with th£ devil but let’s make someth!ng clear h£re.
Don’t ever flirt with me that way aga!n. I’m m©r£ dangerous than you th!nk,,believe that” h£ said

“I have respect for anyth!ng that have to do with my broth£r possessions. Even if h£ won’t agree to marry you, I still can’t fv¢k you cuz I don’t fv¢k bitch”Pr!nce Rex sneered and let go of h£r neck

“you bitch….. You wanna kill me?? ” Ch£ryl said !n a teary voice, hold!ng h£r neck

“Oh,,,is $h£ cry!ng?? I thought you’re one [email protected] girl but I guess I am wrong” Pr!nce Rex mocked and chuckled

“leave th¡s palace before its too late”Pr!nce Rex said before walk!ng away


A Bar !n New Orleans *******

Th£ ra!n wouldn’t stop ₱0ur!ng h£avily and th£ night was gett!ng m©r£ dark…. At th£ corner of th£ bar was Pr!nce Darrel

h¡s table was fvll of different alcoholic dr!nks. h¡s hair was messy and no doubt, h£ was reek!ng of alcohol

“it fv¢k!ng hurt” Pr!nce Darrel cried as h£ kept dr!nk!ng from th£ bottle of alcohol

“Why can’t I be happy…… I’m I that useless” h£ said cry!ng bitterly

“Baby! ” Pr!nce Darrel h£ard a familiar voice….. Th£ voice sounded so familiar that h£ was curious to know who owes it

h£ looked up and even if h¡s vision was blurry, h£ was able to capture th£ face

“Silver! ” h£ said with h¡s jaw dropped

“Yeah…… Your one and only bitch ” Silver said and chuckled , as $h£ walked to h¡s [email protected]¢k

“What…. what are you do!ng h£re? ” Pr!nce Darrel stuttered

“You miss me huh???…… Is that why you’re dr!nk!ng yourself to stupor ?”$h£ asked |¡¢k!ng h£r lower l¡p and th£ same time ¢ar£ss!ng h¡s [email protected]¢k

“Get your [email protected] off me….. You devil” h£ sneered and $h£ only chuckled

“Tell me you miss my honey pot ” $h£ said dipp!ng h£r [email protected] !nto h¡s shirt,

$h£ ¢ar£ssed h¡s bare ch£st and rubb£d h£r f!ng£rs @r0vnd h¡s br£@st

Pr!nce Darrel felt h¡s vision becom!ng m©r£ blurry

h£ wanted to ₱ush h£r away but it seems h£ got no strength !n h¡m anym©r£

Silver gr!nned secretly……..

“I’m gonna fv¢k you till you ₱0ur those sp**m !n me….. I’m gonna be th£ one to carry your first son and no doubt you’re gonna marry me “.Silver thought

“Stop silver….. Stop it already “Pr!nce Darrel asked h¡s eyes shut !n th£ir own accord….. Damn!! h£ was feel!ng so sleepy

Silver gr!nned as $h£ kept do!ng what $h£ wanted

“Th£ young man said you should leave h¡m alone” Someone said beh!nd h£r and gave h£r a punch mak!ng h£r loud on h£r butt

“You’re such a bitch……. Why try!ng to force yourself on h¡m know!ng h£’s drunk” Audrey said


It was Audrey that j√$t punch h£r. Actually $h£ works !n th£ bar and ch£ep slut are people $h£ doesn’t tolerate

“fv¢k…. Who are you to !nterfere! ” Silver yelled as $h£ [email protected] !n pa!ns

“are you go!ng to leave or you want me to make you toothless” $h£ said fold!ng h£r fist ready to give anoth£r punch

“screw you” silver said and wiped th£ little blood that gestured ©vt of h£r l¡p before walk!ng ©vt of th£ bar !n a haste

Pr!nce Darrel stood up and smile $h£epishly at Audrey

h£ ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself and $h£ [email protected]

“You shouldn’t have done that! ” h£ said position!ng h¡s h£ad on Audrey ch£st

“fv¢k!! ” Audrey s¢r**med br!ng!ng attention to th£m

“it hurt!!! It’s so hurt see who you love with someone else…… It fv¢k!ng hurt!! ” h£ mumbled s1©wly and with!n a few m!nutes, h£ fell asleep

“Poor th!ng is pa$$!ng through alot” Audrey said strok!ng h¡s hair



Pr!ncess Cel!ne kept look!ng at th£ w!ndow as Pr!nce Kristen kept driv!ng

Pr!ncess Cel!ne stared at th£ time aga!n and [email protected] It’s been three hours s!nce pr!nce Kristen had been driv!ng yet th£y haven’t gotten to th£ir dest!nation

“My pr!nce aren’t we th£re yet?? ” $h£ asked for th£ fifth time

“j√$t be patient…. We will soon be th£re” h£ said and Pr!ncess Cel!ne rolled h£r eyes

“You’re scar!ng me,,,,it’s been hours you started driv!ng and besides its gett!ng m©r£ dark ” $h£ muttered

Th£ thunder struck and $h£ fl!nch£d a bit
Pr!nce Kristen stopped th£ car and looked at h£r

“You don’t have to be s¢ar£d” h£ said and gr!nned secretly

“Come h£re” h£ said and leaned towards h£r and placed a soft klzz on h£r nose

“Trust me baby doll “h£ said and Pr!ncess Cel!ne nodded slightly


“No! No!!!! It hurt……!! “Giselle kept cry!ng as th£ guards kept us!ng th£ whip on h£r b©dy

“Shut th£ fv¢k up!! “Th£ guard yelled

h°t tears rolled d©wΠ h£r face…… It was damn hurt that $h£ wi$h£s for death !nstead

K!ng jasm!ne walk!ng !nto th£ room that Giselle was be!ng tortured
“keep lash!ng on h£r….. $h£ must die alongside with h£r parents…… Yes! I stole th£ throne… I’m not go!ng to give it [email protected]¢k and that’s why $h£ deserves to die” Giselle h£ld th£ pr!nce said

“I hate you….!! You’re evil…. You’re wicked ” little Giselle cried ©vt

And th£n a sudden fire accident occurred !n th£ build!ng $h£ was locked !n. $h£ found h£rself struggl!ng to leave th£ build!ng but to no avail

Th£ fire was burn!ng h£r already and $h£ felt m©r£ pa!ns on h£r get face as th£ first consumed h£r

Wh£n $h£ thought $h£ was ab©vt to pa$$ed ©vt….. Some mighty [email protected] carried h£r and $h£ pa$$ed ©vt !n th£ [email protected] of th£ one that have saved h£r

Giselle eyes fla$h£d opened immediately as $h£ started breath!ng

“it’s a dream ” $h£ said look!ng @r0vnd. $h£ felt someth!ng cool on h£r foreh£ad . It was an iceberg

“fath£r…. fath£r saved me from th£ fire….. I remember everyth!ng now. I’m a pr!ncess “$h£ muttered as tears dropped off h£r eyes.

“You’re awake” Pr!nce Norman said as h£ walked !nto th£ room

$h£ looked @r0vnd but it th£ place doesn’t seem familiar……

“Wh£re I’m i”$h£ asked

“You’re at my grandmoth£r hut” Pr!nce Norman replied cover!ng th£ space b£tweeΠ th£m.

“Water please” $h£ requested

Pr!nce Norman ₱0ured ©vt th£ water for h£r,,$h£ drank everyth!ng and breath£ ©vt

“How did I get h£re?? ” $h£ asked aga!n

“You pa$$ed ©vt”Pr!nce Norman replied and $h£ nodded s1©wly

$h£ shut h£r eyes s1©wly and opened th£m aga!n

“I…… remember now” $h£ mumbled s1©wly and Pr!nce Norman eyes widened

“Are you serious…?? ” h£ asked and Giselle nodded

“Gosh….. Moth£r medic!ne works” h£ exclaimed

“Gosh….. You don’t know how happy I am ” h£ said and embrace h£r

h£ kept hugg!ng h£r and wasn’t even ready to let go

“If you cont!nue hugg!ng me th¡s way,it may lead to someth!ng else” Giselle t£@$ed and h£ chuckled

“Like what?” h£ asked

Giselle ₱v||ed [email protected]¢k from th£ hug and h£ld h£r ch£eks,,$h£ captured h¡s l¡ps and klzzed it tenderly and softly.

Th£y broke th£ klzz and Giselle looked d©wΠ !n embarra$$ment

“h£re, wear th¡s” Pr!nce Norman said and Giselle furrowed h£r eyebrows

“Why?? ” $h£ asked.

“cuz you’re [email protected]£d pr!ncess and you’re tempt!ng me right now” h£ said ,

$h£ raised th£ blanket that was used to cover h£r b©dy and looked d©wΠ, I that was wh£n $h£ discovered that $h£’s [email protected]£d

$h£ immediately wr*₱ped th£ blanket on h£rself aga!n

“should I h£lp you?” h£ asked and $h£ nodded shyly

“h£lp me” $h£ smiled

h£ put th£ shirt on h£r and h£lped h£r bottoned up
“Grandma….. So I need to mate with h£r before fath£r can be brought do ” h£ said and h¡s grandma Mrs Flores nodded

Giselle swallowed [email protected] h£ar!ng th£ word mate…….
Pr!nce Norman stared at h¡s grandma…… Mrs Flores was a priestess !n h£r city and $h£’s one of th£ best soothsayer

“Mate now cuz I perceived danger ah£ad……. And you my child. Your throne will be restored [email protected]¢k to you” $h£ said touch!ng Giselle hair

“I need to go granny….. It’s almost morn!ng and I don’t want fath£r to f!nd ©vt I came h£re”.Pr!nce Norman said and Granny Flores nodded
[email protected]¢k !n Th£ PALACE

Pr!nce Norman and Giselle arrived !n th£ palace as early as possible

Pr!nce Norman escorted Giselle to h£r room and klzzed h£r foreh£ad

“I won’t force you….. Wh£n ever you are ready ……I’m ready” Pr!nce Norman said and $h£ nodded

“Bye!! ” Pr!nce Norman muttered before walk!ng away

Giselle sigh£d and went |ns!de h£r room

Pr!nce Norman entered h¡s room and tossed h¡s top ©vt of h¡s b©dy. h£ stared ©vtside th£ w!ndow and sigh£d

j√$t less than two hours, h£ will be bl!nd aga!n

Th£ door of h¡s room suddenly open and h£ turned to see it was Giselle

“Pr!ncess” h£ called surprised

Giselle turned and shut th£ door before turn!ng to face pr!nce

“Pr!ncess what’s wrong” Pr!nce Norman said and walked to h£r s!nce $h£ wasn’t mak!ng any step to peace th£ door step

“Pr!ncess”h£ called as h£ got to h£r

“Let’s do it…. “$h£ f!nally spoke

“Are you sure?? You know I can always wait “Pr!nce Norman said

“I’m ready …….two hours for you to loose your sight. Let’s do It before th£n” $h£ said and wr*₱ped h£r arms @r0vnd h¡s neck

$h£ klzzed h¡m [email protected] and soonest th£y were both reciprocat!ng each oth£r klzz

Pr!nce Norman transferred h£r to th£ b£d and made h£r [email protected] d©wΠ on h¡s arms while h£ stayed on th£ top

h£ touch£d h£r face gently and $h£ h£ld h¡s wrist, mov!ng h¡s [email protected] on h£r face, h£ stared at h£r l¡p and klzzed it deeply

“Norman ” $h£ wh¡spered

h£ kept klzz!ng h£r l¡p as h¡s [email protected] traced h£r [email protected]¢k zip. h£ zip it d©wΠ s1©wly and ₱v|| th£ gown ©vt of h£r b©dy

j√$t wh£n h£ was ab©vt to cupped h£r br£@st, a loud knock was h£ard at th£ door

“Open th£ fv¢k!ng door Norman…… I know your mate is !n th£re”.Th£y both h£ard th£ k!ng voice mak!ng th£m [email protected]

“Th£ k!ng!! ” Giselle wh¡spered pick!ng up h£r gown

“Don’t panic” Pr!nce Norman a$$ured as Giselle worn h£r gown [email protected]¢k

“I’m us!ng th£ spare key if you don’t open up” h£ said and Giselle gulped d©wΠ

Pr!nce Norman ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself and h£ld h£r face

“Th!ngs is ab©vt to get tough£r but no matter what happens I’m always h£re”h£ said and placed a klzz on h£r l¡p

h£ hugged h£r t!ghtly and almost immediately th£ door opened


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