Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 39 – 40

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️

Chapter 39 & 40


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

#[email protected]¢kS
Pr!nce Norman stood fac!ng th£ w!ndow….. h£ kept on pound!ng on h¡s fath£r’s word

“Giselle is !n th£re gett!ng tortured yet I can’t do anyth!ng ” h£ thought rough!ng h¡s hair !n frustration.

“j√$t some hours from now fath£r is gonna kill h£r ” h£ thought aga!n and sigh£d

“Marry Ch£ryl…… become th£ h£ir and s£nd h£r away” h£ thought ab©vt h¡s fath£r words

“I thought I could be able to save you but how will I do it wh£n I’m bl!nd. I fv¢k!ng hate myself….. I hate th¡s partial bl!ndness…… I fv¢k!ng hate fath£r for putt!ng me !n th¡s condition ” h£ mumbled, ball!ng h¡s fist

Some hours later*****

(Even!ng of th£ previous day)

Immediately th£ sun went d©wΠ, Pr!nce Norman left h¡s room with©vt wait!ng for h¡s escort,,,,, h£ walked !nto h¡s fath£r’s study and with©vt knock!ng h£ barged th£ door opened

“Why will you barged !n th¡s way,,,,, have you lost your sanity Norman???? “h£ asked and Pr!nce Norman scoffed

“I’m gonna do it Fath£r,, I’m gonna s£nd h£r away” h£ muttered !n one breath
A shrill laughter came from th£ k!ng, mak!ng pr!nce Norman wondered why th£ laughter

“$h£’s your mate fath£r,,,,, you can’t possibly come up with a quick decision of s£nd!ng h£r away,, what eventually are you plann!ng??? “Th£ k!ng asked and Pr!nce Norman too h¡s l¡p !n

“are you def!nitely gonna throw th£ love you both share ©vt of th£ w!ndow……..Tell me Norman, what are you plann!ng with that bastard of a girl ” Th£ k!ng asked stand!ng up from h¡s seat

“Answer me! What is your plan with that bastard”Th£ k!ng roared hitt!ng h¡s fist on h¡s table

“fath£r…… I’m not as selfish as you are…….. I love Giselle and thats why I’m gonna love you…… I can’t sit d©wΠ and watch you kill th£ woman I love……. If I truly love h£r I’m gonna let h£r go for h£r safety ” Pr!nce Norman muttered

“Are you really sure?”h£ asked

“Th¡s night I’m tak!ng h£r ©vt of Louisiana never to return aga!n………. Try gett!ng your men to !nvestigate”h£ said and th£ k!ng smirked

“F!ne, but if you ₱|@y a smart one on me,im gonna hurt h£r badly, Trust that Norman”Th£ k!ng uttered

“I wouldn’t even dare, After all are life is !n your [email protected] ” Pr!nce Norman said

“Glad you still know that,Now go get h£r ©vt of Louisiana as promised ,Tomorrow even!ng you’re gonna get married to Ch£ryl and as soon as you get to sign up th£ do¢vment as th£ new h£ir th£n everyth!ng is completed

“Don’t you feel guilty fath£r, you seriously wanna wipe an entire family….. Don’t you have one feel!ngs??” Pr!nce Norman asked

“Guilty!”Th£ k!ng scoffed

“Don’t try to preach to me,My soul have been sold to th£ devil a very long time ago”

“Don’t concern your self with me son,Go, gath£r ©vt of h£re cuz I might have a second thought ”h£ said and Pr!nce Norman nodded s1©wly, walk!ng to th£ door

“j√$t a rem!nder ” Th£ k!ng stop h¡m as h£ was ab©vt to open th£ door

“Don’t try to ©vtsmart me” h£ said

“I know and i will try my best not to do any th!ng stupid”h£ replied and th£ k!ng smile
As Pr!nce Norman walked to th£ torture chamber, h£ brought ©vt h¡s phone and s£nt a message to h¡s personal guard

“Prepare a car,,,,, I’m br!ng!ng someone right now and you will be tak!ng h£r to my Grandma…..Please be extremely ¢ar£ful cuz fath£r will be watch!ng our m©v£s ” Pr!nce Norman typed and s£nd th£ message across

h£ opened th£ door to th£ torture room and [email protected] at what h£ saw

“Pr!ncess!! ” h£ [email protected] see!ng th£ way $h£ laid on th£ ground with blood gestur!ng ©vt of h£r [email protected]¢k

h£ hurried h¡s pace and walked towards h£r

h¡s eyes widened see!ng h£r cloth£s filled with blood

h£ quickly raised h£r dress and h¡s eyes almost pump ©vt of it’s socket see!ng h£r peeled sk!n

h£r sk!n could [email protected] be recognized,it was peeled amd covered with blood.

“Fath£r!! ” h£ wh¡spered ball!ng h¡s fist

“No,,,man” $h£ called fa!ntly

A [email protected] escaped h¡s l¡ps, see!ng some visible scars on h£r [email protected]¢k

“I was worried,,I thought you wouldn’t come for me” Giselle said and smiled weakly

“If anyth!ng happen to you,,it’s go!ng to be th£ end for me” Pr!nce Norman said try!ng to ¢©Πtr0| h¡s tears

“I’m gonna get you ©vt of th£ mansion th¡s night….. Trust me ” Pr!nce Norman said and $h£ managed to nod

“Climb on my [email protected]¢k ” h£ mumbled

Giselle managed to lift h£r b©dy and climb£d on h¡s [email protected]¢k

Pr!nce Norman positioned h£r on h¡s [email protected]¢k before stand!ng up

Th£y walked ©vt of th£ torture chamber as Giselle kept [email protected]!ng

Pr!nce Norman made sure no one was look!ng as h£ walked through th£ corridor

“All will be well ” h£ thought sadly

Th£y made ©vt of th£ palace and luckily no one saw th£m

“wh£re are we go!ng ” Giselle managed to speak

“we are leav!ng Louisiana and go!ng to a place far away from th¡s nightmare “h£ muttered

“Are we elop!ng?? ” $h£ asked aga!n

“Someth!ng like that”h£ replied and positioned h£r on h¡s [email protected]¢k aga!n

Giselle shut h£r eyes and [email protected] pa!nfvlly.

“My pr!nce…. I have been wait!ng for you “Th£ guard whom h£ had messaged earlier said

“is h£ th£ one tak!ng us” Giselle asked s1©wly feel!ng sleepy already

Pr!nce Norman couldn’t reply……. h£ nodded s1©wly and opened th£ car door

h£ dropped Giselle !n th£ car and shut th£ door with©vt enter!ng

“Make sure $h£’s save and take h£r far away from h£re” Pr!nce Norman said loudly cuz h£ believes th£ k!ng might be watch!ng from somewh£re

“aren’t you….. com!ng…. with me” Giselle said weakly and Pr!nce Norman tried h¡s possibly best to avoid h£r eyes

sure,,, h¡s fath£r might be watch!ng and h£ needs to make th¡s real

“No pr!ncess……… “h£ said and shook h¡s h£ad

“Maybe our dest!ny ends h£re…… Not everyone has a happy end!ng…….i love you pr!ncess ….. I fv¢k!ng do but I guessed its time to say goodbye….. I want you to be happy. I wish you can get [email protected]¢k your fath£r throne but it seems impossible……. Bye Pr!ncess” h£ said seriously

“No Norman!!! no don’t do th¡s to me……. We can mate right now and br!ng your fath£r d©wΠ…… Please don’t s£nd me away ” Giselle cried

Pr!nce Norman gave h£r a soft smile

“It’s all over pr!ncess, be happy and start afresh” h£ muttered and almost immediately th£ driver started th£ car

“Norman please…… You promise not to leave me…… I don’t need th£ throne….. You’re th£ one I need please don’t s£nd me away ” $h£ said as m©r£ tears gestured d©wΠ h£r face

h£r tears weakened h¡m….. h£ wanted to run to h£r and tell h£r h£ never left h£r

h£ needed to hug h£r right now and wh¡spered !nto h£r ears how h£ loves h£r but h£ j√$t couldn’t

If h£ really wants fath£r to believe th£n h£ needed to make it real

“Tomorrow is my wedd!ng with Ch£ryl….. I should focus on that” h£ thought and wiped off h¡s tears,before gr!nn!ng to h¡mself
[email protected], LOUISIANA

Th£ night was already thick wh£n th£ guard arrived [email protected] city with Giselle

Th£ driver came ©vt of th£ car and went to th£ [email protected]¢k sit to f!nd Giselle sleep!ng already

h£ carried h£r ©vt of th£ car !n a bridal style, Giselle $h!veryed and sigh£d before sleep!ng aga!n

Th£ driver came to th£ little hut and knock on th£ wooden door

Don’t be surprised on how h£ knew Pr!nce Norman Grandma hut

h£’s Pr!nce Norman personal guard and h£ usually br!ngs h¡m h£re

“Come !n”A fa!nt voice was h£re

Th£ guard entered and met an elderly woman sitt!ng on th£ bare floor, fold!ng h£r legs and h£r eyes were also shut

“Drop h£r on th£ mat and leave” h£ said !n a bit of authority

Th£ guard did as !nstructed before leav!ng. Immediately h£ was gone, Grandma Flores opened h£r eyes . $h£ stood up and m©v£d to wh£re Giselle was laid on th£ mat

$h£ ¢rov¢h£d d©wΠ to h£r and shook h£r h£ad……. h£r dress was already torn slightly due to th£ whip that was used on h£r

Grandma Flores sigh£d and torn th£ dress completely

A [email protected] escaped from h£r m©vth see!ng h£r [email protected]¢k. It was filled with blood and some visible scars could be seen,,

“Holy Christ!! “Grandma Flores exclaimed

“My son has bitten m©r£ h£ could ch£w all because of a damn throne,,,, all because of a throne that doesn’t belongs to h¡m” $h£ muttered

$h£ traced h£r f!ng£rs @r0vnd th£ corner of h£r !njuries and Giselle [email protected] !n pa!ns before [email protected]||!ng sleep!ng [email protected]¢k aga!n

“$h£’s hurt” ” Grandma Flores said and brought ©vt th£ first aid box that was beside th£ mat that Giselle laid on

Grandma Flores too th£ wipes from th£ first aid box and began to clean Giselle ‘s wound with th£ wipes and alcohol

Giselle let ©vt a s¢r**m and gritted h£r teeth !n pa!ns

$h£ later took an Antibiotics and applied it on h£r wounds

$h£ took th£ bandage and dressed h£r wounds up…….$h£ watch£d h£r sigh£d and cont!nued sleep!ng aga!n

“You’re such a sleepyh£ad….. You will be f!ne child” Granny said strok!ng h£r hair

$h£ later covered h£r b©dy with th£ blanket

Grandma Flores was !nterrupted by th£ sudden knock on th£ door,,

Grandmum,,,is me” Pr!nce Norman said from ©vtside

“Come !n”

Pr!nce Norman went straight to wh£re Giselle and Grandma Flores wh£re

“I’m sorry for com!ng th¡s late,,,,,, I needed to sort ©vt everyth!ng with fath£r and th£ Elders ab©vt be!ng th£ next k!ng,,,,, how is $h£ Grandma” h£ asked ¢rov¢h!ng d©wΠ and sitt!ng beside h¡s Grandma

“Why did you allow your fath£r hurt h£r so much??” Grandma flores asked !n a cold voice

“You can’t blame me Granny,,,,,you know that I’m bl!nd and I wouldn’t be able to h£lp ” h£ mumbled

“$h£ will be f!nd” Granny muttered and h£ h£ave

“Thank you for sav!ng h£r,,,” Pr!nce Norman said and rem©v£d th£ str!ng of h£r hair from h£r face


Some hours later**

Giselle managed to sit up on th£ mat as $h£ woke up,,$h£ touch£d h£r [email protected]¢k a little feel!ng th£ Bandage,th£ pa!n was so bad
that $h£ almost wish h£r [email protected]¢k isn’t th£re.

“Wh£re I am ” $h£ thought look!ng @r0vnd

Th£ last th!ng $h£ remembered was Pr!nce Norman s£nd!ng h£r away,,,,,, $h£ cried, begg!ng h¡m and eventually [email protected]||!ng asleep

j√$t remember!ng how Pr!nce Norman s£nt h£r away brought tears to h£r eyes

“Why did h£ have to do that to me????…… Have we left Louisiana for good ” $h£ thought still star!ng @r0vnd

“My pr!ncess ” $h£ h£ard a familiar voice

“Pr!ncess you’re awake” Pr!nce Norman said as h£ covered th£ space b£tweeΠ th£m

Giselle rubb£d h£r eyes softly. $h£ looked up and saw it was h£r Norman

“Norman?? ” $h£ called doubt!ng

“aren’t I dream!ng?? ” $h£ thought and p!nch£d h£r nose

$h£ growled ©vt of th£ pa!ns $h£ felt

“Norman,,,,, is th¡s you” $h£ said touch!ng h¡m as h£ sit beside h£r

“It’s me pr!ncess,,,,, common eat first, I will expla!n everyth!ng better”h£ muttered and $h£ nodded s1©wly

Pr!nce Norman took th£ tray of food that was on th£ stool close to th£ mat ,h£ opened it and Giselle tvmmy made a loud noise and with©vt th!nk!ng twice,$h£ ₱v||ed it from h¡m and started eat!ng hungrily.

“Easy,,,, pr!ncess ?” Pr!nce Norman said and $h£ managed to nod

“Your [email protected]¢k?” h£ asked

“It hurts,,alot” $h£ replied

“You will be f!ne” h£ a$$ured

“what are you do!ng h£re,,,, I thought you s£nd me away ??” $h£ asked

“I can never s£nd you away,,,,everyth!ng I did [email protected]¢k th£re was a plan to make fath£r believe I actually s£nt you away” h£ said

“we’re at Granny place aga!n,,, $h£ was th£ one that treated your wounds “h£ said

“Tomorrow you’re gonna be married to Ch£ryl right ” Giselle asked and h£ shook h¡s h£ad

“h£re,,,, dr!nk some water ,” h£ replied and place a cup of water !n b£tweeΠ h£r l¡ps

Giselle drank everyth!ng and h£aved. Pr!nce Norman lifted h£r up and placed h£r on h¡s lap

“I love you Giselle,,, I fv¢k!ng do loves you alot ” h£ said and Giselle [email protected]

“You love me??” $h£ asked cutely, avoid!ng h¡s eyes

“Ever s!nce we were kids I have always loved you and that’s why I usually sneaked to come see you,,,,, I love you Giselle. Will you marry me?? ” h£ asked and Giselle quickly used h£r [email protected] to cover h£r m©vth

“please don’t say no” h£ said p©vt!ng ©vt h¡s m©vth

Ch£ryl was done dress!ng for th£ wedd!ng,,,, $h£ kept tak!ng pictures and gr!nn!ng to h£rself

“I’m gett!ng married to th£ cutest pr!nce !n th£ world ” $h£ uploaded it on facebook

$h£ smiled widely see!ng all th£ comments that popped !n,,,,,

$h£ ch£cked at th£ time and smile,,,,of course $h£ still have some hours left s!nce th£ wedd!ng will be done !n th£ even!ng

All of a sudden h£r room door burst opened, $h£ [email protected] and looked up

$h£ furrowed h£r eyebrows wh£n $h£ noticed it was a guard that had barged th£ door opened

“are you crazy!! Why will you barged !nto my room ” $h£ snorted

Th£ guard ignored h£r question and walked towards h£r !nstead

h£ grabb£d h£r from beh!nd and quickly covered h£r m©vth with an [email protected], $h£ !nhaled whatever was |ns!de and pa$$ed ©vt immediately
Ch£ryl woke up to f!nd h£rself !n an unknown room…… $h£ h£ld h£r sp!nn!ng h£ad and sat up. $h£ wondered how long $h£ had slept s!nce it was even!ng already

$h£ looked @r0vnd and saw an elderly woman meditat!ng

“wh£re am I??,,,who are you???, what I’m I do!ng h£re?? ” $h£ asked !n one breath.

“One question at a time ” Grandma Flores replied

“Speak already,,,, I got no patience “$h£ yelled

“you’re !n [email protected] city and th¡s place you are is my hut” $h£ replied mak!ng Ch£ryl frowned th£ m©r£

“And what I’m I do!ng h£re,,,, th£ last th!ng I remember is me prepar!ng for my wedd!n…..oh my gosh!! ” Ch£ryl suddenly s¢r**med

“My wedd!ng ” $h£ yelled gett!ng up from th£ floor $h£ sat. $h£ looked d©wΠ at h£rself and saw $h£ was putt!ng on a bloody torn dress

$h£ [email protected] remember!ng it was th£ same dress Giselle had worn th£ day $h£ la$h£s th£ whip on h£r

“What th£ fv¢k is my wedd!ng gown and why I’m I dressed th¡s way?? ” $h£ asked rais!ng h£r voice

Grandma Flores eyes were still shut as $h£ cont!nued meditat!ng

“Answer me you witch!! ” Ch£ryl [email protected] but !nstead Grandma Flores rema!ned silent

“You’re such a waste,,,,, Th£y might be look!ng for me now,,, I need to get [email protected]¢k ” Ch£ryl muttered and walked to th£ door

“Th£ pr!nce would be gett!ng married to Giselle th¡s very even!ng….. You can’t stop it cuz you’re late already. Th£ rightful owner of th£ throne will take h£r fvll responsibility. Giselle is a queen and a queen $h£ will forever rema!n” $h£ muttered

“What nons£nse are you splitt!ng now??? “$h£ asked

“look h£re I’m th£ queen not that ugly th!ng,,,, what so ever you have planned with h£r I’m gonna stop it today……Trust that ” $h£ uttered

“Don’t you th!nk it’s late already?? ” Grandma Flores asked

“fv¢k your old age!! ” Ch£ryl grunted and opened th£ door before leav!ng

#End of [email protected]¢k


“No!!!! ” Ch£ryl s¢r**med as Pr!nce Norman klzzed Giselle !n front of everyb©dy

“I can’t let th¡s happen to me,,,,,! ” Ch£ryl said and shook h£r

Pr!nce Norman and Giselle broke th£ klzz

Th£ k!ng breath!ng became so !ntensifies,,,, h£’s still !n shock and couldn’t believe Pr!nce Norman had placed a smart one on h¡m

“I have made h¡m k!ng” h£ wh¡spered to h¡mself

h£ can’t believe h£ had been ₱|@yed !n h¡s wh0l£ game

“Th£ witch is gonna take what’s rightfvlly belongs to h£r,,,, no !!! I can’t take defeat! ” h£ muttered

Pr!nce Norman ₱v||ed Giselle to h¡mself as th£y turned to face th£ crowd

“My Elders,,,, th£ coronation can now beg!n”Pr!nce Norman uttered

“You lie!! ” A loud s¢r**m could be h£ard

Th£ crowd splitted th£mselves !nto two as Pr!nce Darrel walked ©vt of th£ crowd

h£ hair was so messy and h£ was reek!ng from alcohol

h£ brought ©vt a cigarette from h¡s m©vth and light it before putt!ng it !n b£tweeΠ h¡s l¡p

“Do you th!nk you can be made k!ng wh£n I’m still alive??” h£ said and burst !nto an un¢©Πtr0|lable laughter

“of course not broth£r” h£ replied and blew ©vt th£ smoke that was com!ng ©vt of h¡s m©vth

Pr!nce Norman stood transfixed watch!ng h¡s broth£rs . Pr!nce Darrel was th£ type that [email protected]!ng dr!nk or smoke but see!ng h¡m th¡s way right now, means h£ was very hurt

“I have worked so [email protected] for th¡s throne,,,, I even became a daddy’s boy but th¡s old k!ng decided to stabb£d me beh!nd,,,, do you th!nk Norman will rule th¡s k!ngdom wh£n I’m still alive?? ” h£ asked and Shook h¡s h£ad

“s!nce I can’t become k!ng wh£n Norman is still alive th£n I got no choice than to end everyth!ng ” h£ said and quickly brought a gun ©vt of h¡s [email protected] pocket mak!ng everyone [email protected]

“Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Giselle s¢r**med but h£ ₱v||ed th£ trigger and a loud sh°t was h£ard



Who’s still breath!ng???

Who got sh°t???

Any guessers 😁😁😁😁😁

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