Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 49 – 50

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 49& 50


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“was happen!ng “Jasm!ne uttered loudly

“why can’t I see”h£ s¢r**med and th£ fact that h£ came with no guards s¢ar£d h¡m

“my eyes”h£ yelled shutt!ng h¡s eyes,, h£ opened th£m aga!n but yet met with darkness

h£ ran h¡s f!ng£rs through h¡s hair rough!ng,,,,, Only God knows how s¢ar£d h£ was right now

“I’m I really go!ng bl!nd…… “h£ s¢r**med,

“no! no!!! “h£ yelled aga!n.

“I can’t go bl!nd….. No not now,,,, Please someone h£lp ” h£ yelled and before h£ knew it tears dropped off h¡s eyes

h£ was h£lpless. So so h£lpless that h£ couldn’t figure ©vt a way to h£lp h¡mself

“I’m bl!nd,,,, I’m bl!nd”h£ muttered rest!ng h¡s [email protected]¢k on th£ chair as h£ cont!nued cry!ng
[email protected], LOUISIANA
(Still at night)

Giselle tried h£r best not to limp as $h£ walked ©vt of Grandma Flores hut

“Bye Grandma! “$h£ could still h£ar K!ng Norman’s voice

$h£ f!nally got ©vtside and [email protected] as $h£ waited for k!ng Norman

Gosh! $h£ had been feel!ng unbearable d©wΠ th£re on h£r legs, but tried h£r best to ¢©Πtr0| and get over it.

h£ was absolutely right wh£n h£ said $h£ wouldn’t be able to walk [email protected]¢k home

It was so late but th£y both decided to h£ad [email protected]¢k home…… Th£ cool breeze blew h£r h£ad up and $h£ wr*₱ped h£r arms @r0vnd h£r b©dy

“it’s cool”$h£ murterred

“My pr!ncess” K!ng Norman said beh!nd h£r as h£ wr*₱ped h¡s arms @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t

“don’t touch me you devil son! “Giselle yelled hitt!ng h¡s [email protected] away from h£r [email protected]¡$t slightly

“I’m sorry,,, th£ pa!ns is gonna go away”K!ng Norman replied

“I asked you to go easy,,,, now I can’t walk properly “$h£ told h¡m and k!ng Norman only hummed !n response

“hop !n”h£ said and bent !n front of h£r. $h£ jumped on h¡s [email protected]¢k wr*₱p!ng h£r arms @r0vnd h¡s neck

h£ adj√$ted h£r on h¡s [email protected]¢k before walk!ng ©vt,,,,,,, Th£y both walked to th£ direction wh£re h¡s car was parked


Somewh£re !n Louisiana……..

K!ng jasm!ne grunted as h£ opened h¡s eyes and to h¡s amusement h£ could see

h£ quickly shut [email protected]¢k h¡s eyes due to th£ sun ray…. h£ opened th£m s1©wly as h£ adj√$ted to th£ sun ray

“what happened”h£ said look!ng @r0vnd as h£ noticed h£ was still !n h¡s car

h£ was shocked that h£ was able to see….. j√$t yesterday night h£ couldn’t see and surpris!ngly th¡s morn!ng h£ could see

h£ looked @r0vnd aga!n and h£aved……h£ was !n th£ middle of h¡s journey

“What ever happened last night was a bad omen or maybe a warn!ng that I have to act f*st before my son does anyth!ng stupid “h£ thought before start!ng h¡s car aga!n and drove ©vt of th£ road
Th£ doors opened !n a very loud bang, caus!ng jim!n to yelped

h£ was afraid…… So s¢ar£d of th£ guards and th£ k!ng h¡mself

Anytime th£y pay h¡m a visit th£y always hurt h¡m apart from th£ maids br!ng!ng h¡s food


Good fifteen years h£ had been locked up with©vt see!ng h¡s family….. h¡s fath£r, moth£r and th£ unborn baby h¡s moth£r was pregnant with

“Fath£r!! “h£ cried

Each pa$$!ng day h£ had hoped to see h¡s fath£r,,,,, life was cruel towards h¡m

Be!ng separated from h¡s family ………hav!ng to live each days of h¡s life with torture from th£ k!ng

Th£ door opened widely and th£ k!ng walked !n accompanied with some guards

“Jim!n”Th£ k!ng said and smirked walk!ng towards h¡m from wh£re h£ stood

“You devil!! Have you come to torture me aga!n “h£ yelled

“I’m not go!ng to hurt you aga!n but I’m tak!ng you to fath£r”h£ said and jim!n face lifted up

“But h£’s dead…..you’re only gonna see h¡s corpse”k!ng jasm!ne uttered and h¡s jaw dropped

“you….. you… you killed h¡m” Jim!n said as tears rolled d©wΠ h¡s eyes

“I didn’t….. $h£ killed h¡m,,,,, Giselle killed your fath£r “K!ng jasm!ne said br!ng!ng ©vt a picture of Giselle

“Your fath£r served me well….i planned to take h¡m to you both th£n h£ died brutally…… h£ was killed by h£r…. $h£ killed your fath£r”K!ng jasm!ne said and m©r£ tears gestured ©vt of h¡s eyes

Anger ac¢vmulated with hatred filled jim!n

h£ stared at th£ picture !n h¡s [email protected] and sqv££sed it

“$h£’s gonna pay,,,,,,, $h£ will pay for kill!ng my fath£r…… “h£ said !n pa!ns and k!ng jasm!ne smile


That’s what h£ wanted…… h£ j√$t had to sit [email protected]¢k and watch£d jim!n hurt Giselle h¡mself




Yeah! it’s two weeks already but th£ palace seems to be !n a grief

Queen Emily was moody and sobb!ng un¢©Πtr0|lably

“its two weeks already….. Wh£n will h£ comes ……wh£n will my husband comes [email protected]¢k “Queen Emily lamented

Th£ maids were @r0vnd h£r,,,, mak!ng effort to stop h£r from cry!ng

“th£ former k!ng will come [email protected]¢k,,,,,, please my Queen stop cry!ng” Th£ maids consoled

“mom you better stop cry!ng…… “Pr!nce Rex said

“How will I stop cry!ng wh£n your fath£r has been away from home for two weeks now….. What if someth!ng worst had happened to h¡m…….what if h£’s so sort of danger, h£ didn’t even go with h¡s guards”Queen Emily said mak!ng Pr!nce Rex rolled h¡s eyes

“I believe fath£r is f!ne,,,,, h£’s away from home cuz h£ can’t bear Norman k!ng over h¡m or maybe because everyone now knows that Norman is bl!nd…….. You know after hid!ng h¡m from years and j√$t for h¡m to come ©vt at day will br!ng h¡m shame….. Maybe that’s why h£’s hid!ng”Pr!nce Darrel said

“Fath£r is f!ne,,,,,, h¡s evil deeds won’t let h¡m show h¡s face to us….. Stop cry!ng mom. h£ doesn’t deserve your tears”Pr!nce Rex said wip!ng th£ Queen tears

“Mummy”Pr!ncess Cel!ne called with h£r jaw dropped

Pr!nce Darrel and Pr!nce Rex raised th£ir h£ad to see h£r dressed !n a short red gown and a purse to match

Probably $h£ was h£ad!ng somewh£re

“Don’t tell you’re still cry!ng cuz of h¡m”$h£ said ¢rov¢h!ng d©wΠ to h£r

“I can’t h£lp it”Queen Emily replied

“I don’t wanna sound bad but it’s a good th!nk h£’s away…… “$h£ mumbled

“stop cry!ng moth£r….. Your h£alth matters a lot….. Please stop $h£dd!ng those tears “$h£ said and stood up

“Today is Pr!nce Kristen birthday and I wouldn’t love to miss it…… I don’t wanna meet you th¡s way wh£n I’m [email protected]¢k” $h£ said and klzz h£r foreh£ad before walk!ng away

“$h£’s someth!ng else ” Pr!nce Rex mumbled under h¡s breath and sigh£d

Pr!nce Norman’s Room****

Giselle came ©vt of th£ bathroom…. $h£ has been !n th£re throw!ng up

h£r m©vth had been sour and s!nce morn!ng $h£ couldn’t eaten anyth!ng

It’s afternoon already.

$h£ touch£d h£r foreh£ad, $h£ was feel!ng k!nda dizzy and th¡s is th£ fifth time $h£’s throw!ng up

$h£ entered th£ room and saw K!ng Norman by w!ndow…. $h£ smiled widely before walk!ng towards h¡m

“my k!ng…… “$h£ smiled hugg!ng h¡m from beh!nd

K!ng Norman sigh£d. h£ was disturb£d and even anyone @r0vnd h¡m that moment could feel it

“what now?? ” Giselle asked

“My pr!ncess…. I’m so sorry confused right now….. Granny said I’m gonna see immediately we mate…. It’s two weeks already and I’m still bl!nd and fath£r, h£ had gone hid!ng….. Maybe plann!ng someth!ng worst. h£ knew if h£ had to be @r0vnd me I’m gonna know what h£’s plann!ng and that’s why h£ decided to go hid!ng”h£ said and Giselle sigh£d

“Everyth!ng is gonna be f!ne darl!ng…..even if you’re still bl!nd I’m never gonna get tired of tak!ng ¢ar£ of you….. I love you and with you by my side we’re gonna overcome your fath£r’s plans “$h£ said

“I love you”K!ng Norman said

“I love you “Giselle replied as $h£ t!ghtened h£r grip @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t and rest h£r h£ad on h¡s [email protected]¢k
Pr!nce Rex could be seen |ns!de th£ club…… h£ was sitt!ng !n a corner hav!ng some dr!nk

“Nora”h£ mumbled under h¡s breath and sipped from th£ bottle of h¡s alcohol

“h£r smile”h£ thought and smile sadly. If someone had told h¡m h£ will be seated h£re th!nk!ng of Pr!ncess Nora h£ wouldn’t have believed

Yeah! h£ had slept with so many but Pr!ncess Nora own seems to be haunt!ng h¡m

“was it because $h£ was a pr!ncess”h£ thought dr!nk!ng directly from th£ bottle as h¡s f!ng£rs ran through h¡s hair roughly

h¡s hair was so messy and h£ was gradually gett!ng drunk


Giselle stared at th£ door h£sitat!ng to give it a knock

$h£ was s¢ar£d….. What if h£r mum get mad see!ng h£r h£re aga!n

What if Audrey hate h£r m©r£ for be!ng th£ cause of th£ir fath£rs death

$h£ !nhaled deeply before knock!ng at th£ door

$h£ knocked countless times and th£re was no respond….. $h£ b¡t£ on h£r lower l¡p before open!ng th£ door

To h£r surprised it made way….. $h£ took a deep breath£ before enter!ng

“What ever th£ ©vtcome might be $h£’s ready to face th£ consequences “$h£ thought

Th£y are still are family and it’s h£r responsibility to take ¢ar£ of th£m

“mom!! Audrey! ‘”$h£ called loudly but th£re was no respond

“mom!!! Is anyone home “$h£ yelled walk!ng through th£ corridor but still th£re was no respond

“mom…. “$h£ called open!ng th£ room door and to h£r surprise $h£ met someone fac!ng th£ w!ndow and from th£ bad view $h£ can tell it was a male

“who are you and what are you do!ng h£re ” $h£ asked but th£re was no respond

h¡s [email protected]¢k view seems familiar but $h£ furrowed h£r eyebrows not want!ng to believe h£r !nst!nct

!n a s1©w motion $h£ walks to th£ w!ndow.$h£ placed h£r [email protected] on h¡s shoulders and turned h¡m @r0vnd to behold…..

h£r eyes widened and $h£ stopped breath!ng as $h£ stood !n front of K!ng Jasm!ne

“K!ng jasm!ne”$h£ called s¢ar£d and quickly turned want!ng to run ©vt but some [email protected] grabb£d h£r

A scarf was placed on h£r m©vth,,,,,, $h£ was suffocat!ng as $h£ f!nd it [email protected] to breath£ and s1©wly $h£ pa$$ed ©vt
8pm…. Th£ K!nG PALACE

Pr!ncess Cel!ne staggered as $h£ entered !nto th£ palace……. Gosh! $h£ had m©r£ than enough to dr!nk at Pr!nce Kristen birthday party

How $h£ managed to walk was a miracle cuz $h£ wasn’t see!ng cleary

$h£ walked through th£ hallway and bumped !nto pr!nce Rex who was still drunk

Pr!ncess Cel!ne looked up and smile th!nk!ng it was pr!nce kristen

“Pr!nce Kristen ” $h£ said tipsy touch!ng Pr!nce Rex face

Pr!nce Rex smiled touch£d h£r face

“Nora! ” h£ said runn!ng h¡s f!ng£rs on h£r l¡p……

“I’m sorry…..i love you nora “h£ muttered and pr!ncess Cel!ne smile

“I love you kristen”Pr!ncess Cel!ne replied and shut h£r eyes as pr!nce Rex ₱v||ed h¡s face closer to h£r

h£ slammed h¡s l¡p on h£r…. $h£ wr*₱ped h£r arms @r0vnd h£r neck

Th£y kept klzz!ng hungrily……. Pr!nce Rex raised h£r up and $h£ encircled h£r legs @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t

h£ walked towards th£ closed room…. With©vt break!ng th£ klzz h£ opened th£ door

h£ walked !n with h£r on h¡s arms….. h£ broke th£ klzz and stared at h£r face aga!n

“I love you Nora….. fv¢k!ng much! “h£ said and took possession of h£r l¡p as h¡s [email protected] travelled to th£ zip of h£r gown and s1©wly h£ zipped it d©wΠ


Fear alcohol 😏😏🙄

Pr!nce Rex and pr!ncess Cel!ne are wasted🙆🙆

Giselle 🤐🤔😥

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