Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 51 – 52


(His personal taste from another world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 51 & 52


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“I love you Nora…….f-cking much”Prince Rex said after breaking the k-ss

“I love you more”Princess Celine replied and captured his lip again

He pulled down her dress slowly without disengaging the k-ss……He car-ssed her bare back and a mo-n escaped princess Celine

“holy moly!! “A maid scre-med as the tray of food which she held fell off her hands

As if that what’s the magic they needed at that moment, the alcohol left their eyes and mouth went agape as they both stared at each other

“What have I done”Prince Rex muttered shutting his eyes

“holy God”Princess Celine exclaimed as she saw her dress on the floor. She stared down her body and Geez!!! She gasped

“f-ck! F-ck!!! “She scre-med

She was just on her p-nties and b-ra….. She quickly picked up her gown

She wore it hurriedly and left the room

“What have I done…..”Princess Celine uttered as she ran to her room. She got there and opened the door. She entered and shut it behind as tears rolled down her eyes

“I almost slept with my brother” she cried.


“my princess”King jasmine checked his wristwatch again

“Five good hours, she left home and she isn’t back”king Norman muttered as he stared down from the rooftop

He tried reading her mind wasn’t walking…..
The distance seems to be long

He tried her normal again but it still wasn’t going through

“my princess…. Where are you? “He uttered. He sighed frustratedly and ran his fingers through his hair roughly

Then it drawn on him……. She didn’t even go there to with a guard

He had begged her to go with a guard but his stubborn wife wouldn’t listen

According to her, she loves driving herself …….of course she was once a driver

“My wife might be in danger”He said rushing out of the rooftop

“Father is still out there and anything is bound to happen “He thought and bite on her lower lip. His check his pocket and confirmed his car keys

Even if it was late already……. He’s gonna searched for her.


“it’s late….. Who might be knocking “Audrey thought getting up from the sofa she laid at the sitting room

“mom is home and sleeping soundly on her room…..who might it be”she uttered wearing her flip flops slippers

The barging on the door became loudly making her frowned

“who’s it???……only witches knocked at this hour of the night” She yelled

The knocked on the door became unbearable as she got to the door

“Easy,,,,, Don’t break the door “She muttered as she tried to open the door

The door came again and she gro-ned out

“f-ck! Are you a lunatic or what?? ” She said angrily as she finally spoke opened the door…..
She gasped and w¡dened her eyes. She gulped down as she stared at him

“king Nor……ma…. n”She stuttered

“Giselle came here earlier…. “He said and Audrey furrowed her eyebrows

“No one was at home at day”She replied making king Norman frowned

“I’m sure she left after seeing no one…… You seem to be searching for her…….. Isn’t she back to the palace “Audrey asked

“My wife left home since morning…… What do you mean !” He asked. He seems so be the most confused human right now

“You should give her a call….. Who knows she might have stopped somewhere “Audrey said

“her line is f-cking not going through!!! “He yelled suddenly making her shrieked in fright

His eyes were darkened now….. If only eyes could kill she might be dead

King Norman shut his eyes and heaved. He balled his fist and nodded slowly

“I should take my leave “He replied and walked away

Audrey shuggered and shut the door….. She turned and met her mom, Tanaish

“Who’s that?? “She asked

“it’s king Norman. He said Giselle was here and it seems he’s presently looking for her. I guessed Giselle is missing and I’m kinda scared”Audrey said in one breath

“Weir..d “Tanaish said in shaking voice and without uttering any further word she turned back and heed to her room

Somewhere in Louisiana******

Giselle eyes opened slowly…… She gro-ned as in pain

Her head was spinning and for a moment she couldn’t think of anything

She tried to move but she couldn’t and that’s was when she down on herself

She gasped as she noticed she was been chained against a pool

“F-ck!! “She snorted and in a second she recalled everything

She was abducted

“king jasmine “She gasped

“Someone get me outta here!! “she scre-med and struggled with the chains as she tried to free herself

“stop struggling….. It’s a waste “She heard a voice and thats what’s when she raised her head

She saw him….. He leaned his back on the wall…. His hands were dipped into his p-nt pocket

Giselle frowned his brows

“who was him”She thought……she had never met him once

“You’re Giselle……The real princess of New Orleans….. Adopted by Elder Kay…… Tanaish is your mom and your sister is Audrey….. Those were your family, I mean fake family that took care of you” He said and Giselle mouth went agape

“had she met him before “She thought

“You don’t know me ,so stop trying to think if you had met me somewhere….”He said and Giselle twisted her mouth

“who are you?”Giselle found herself asking

“The question should be what do you want from me” He corrected

“What do you want from me,,,,, the last time I checked, King jasmine was the one who abducted me….. So why are you here”she asked

“isn’t it obvious…. I’m working for him. Nope I should correct that….. I’m working for myself “He smiled

“lemme introduce myself better” He said and took slow steps towards her

“I’m the biological son of Elder Kay and Tanaish….. I’m Jimin “He said and Giselle gasped gasped

“From the look on your face, someone might have told you about me”He said

“Yes…… Your father,,,,, he told me to look for you before he died”Giselle said happily

Gosh! She was kinda happy……. Maybe for fulfilling his father’s wish

“You’re jimin,,, now that I stared at your face….. You look so much like father”She muttered

Jimin didn’t say a word but instead slapped his fingers and in a minute some guards appeared

“torture her”He ordered and Giselle eyes w¡dened

“Are you crazy….. Why will you order that!! “She yelled as the guards moved towards her with wh¡p on their hands

She shrieked in fright and shook her head

“This isn’t funny,,,,, please stop the joke right now”She scre-med

“stop it!! “She yelled but instead the wh¡p landed on her skin

She gave a loud growl…… Another one lashed on her body and another follows

She accompanied each of the lashes with her cries as she scre-med and struggled with the chains

King jasmine guards, greeted him when he stepped in the basement. He nodded at them.

Loud scre-ms could be heard

His eyes searched around for Giselle , until they landed on him at the extreme.. She’s tired up against a pool and the guards kept lashing the wh¡p on her body
He stared at jimin.. His laughter was cheerful….. He giggles stilted. It was obvious he was having fun

King jasmine moved his gaze to Giselle again….. She looked worse, .

Her dress was slightly torn due to the continuous lashes on her body causing blood to run down her body…even her face was a bit unrecognizable.

“Yo! Is this Giselle…… Our Qieen?” king jasmine asked mockingly. The guards stop wh¡pping her and turned to King Jasmine

Giselle raised her head and simply gro-ned in pain, she’s breathing heavily and hot tears run down her eyes

“Jimin, you’re so cruel, I can hærdly recognise our Queen…. “He said and chuckled silently

“you devil”Giselle spat out

“haven’t you done enough “She yelled as more tears gestured out of her eyes

King Jasmine Chuckled and walked towards a table, he looked around and smiled when he saw some chili powder in a bowl.

He carried the chili powder and walked back to Giselle

“These cuts are so deep, they’re gonna leave scars” he complained. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you”

“no! no!!!….. Don’t do this”Giselle scre-med

He smiled and packed a good amount in his hand and rubbed it on Giselle ‘s body

Her mouth opened l very wide, as she released a loud scre-m and closed her already covered eyes tightly.

Her chained up fists balled as she struggled against the chains, as she felt an excruciating pains on her body

Adding chili powder on her fresh injury, is like setting her chest on fire

King jasmine nodded in satisfaction at her scre-ms, he laughed heartily.

“Great! Great! Now this is what I wanna hear!” He said.

He rubbed more chili on her body making her scre-m louder

“you gonna regret this jasmine….. Trust that”Giselle yelked

“Wait… don’t waste your energy,…” king Jasmine said pitiably

Giselle gro-ned and coughed

“your darling husband should be looking for you now” He said and murmuring gibberish words under his breath and shaking his head

“…. how about I play with you a little, in case you haven’t noticed, I love torturing people before killing them” He said and laughed out

He lashed his wh¡p on the ground, Giselle’s eyes grew wide in fear when she saw the wh¡p is an electronic wh¡p.

“I.. I…” she couldn’t even make up any words.

“If this wh¡p land on it, it’s gonna electrify you and cause you an excruciating pain…”he laughed out

Giselle folded her swollen l-ips on her mouth, but quickly released it because of the pain.

“you’re evil…… After killing my parents you still wanna kill me….. You will die jasmine “Giselle said and spat at his face…. Angrily, he landed the wh¡p on her body

She scre-med as her body started shaking

“fire!!!! “She scre-med…… It was f-cking hurt…… She was going through hell

More and more tears kept rolling her eyes as she gritted her teeth in pain

King jasmine stopped and threw the wh¡p away

“unchained her! “He ordered and within a minute Giselle was unchained

Giselle fell freely to the ground as she falls freely to the ground

“Tie her to the bench with rope……. History it’s about to repeat itself

A guard grabbed her hair but instead she raised her leg, kicking him at his face

The guard gro-ned and many guards rushed towards her…… She balled her fist and stood up as she gave each of them a punch flying them across the room

“f-ck!! “King jasmine gruntes and brought out a knife…

He rushed towards Giselle, wanting to stabbed her

She dodged and kicked it off his hands…… The knife fell to the ground and she quickly picked it up

She charged towards him like a mad woman and stabbed his arms

“you devil…. I hate you…. I hate you”Giselle scre-med stabbing his arms countless times

King jasmine gro-ned in pains and tried pushing Giselle off his but she seems to be srronger

A guard came to his rescue and pulled Giselle away

Jimin just stood there scared,,,, he never knew she was this strong

“She has gone crazy!!! She’s a motherf-cker!! “king jasmine growled and held his bleeding arm as he struggled to get up from the ground

“F-cking tired her up”He ordered. Giselle kept struggling as she was tied by the guards….. Up to ten guards held her hands and legs

She was finally tied up again but this time on a bench

King jasmine staggered towards her and slapped her hærd on her face making her lip burst

“you fool!!! You’re gonna die like your parents ” He yelled and opened the gallon of petroleum

He ordered the guards to raise it up and poured it on her body allover

The guard did as instructed and Giselle spat out as she tasted it

“I’m definitely gonna end you today by setting you ablaze…..”He said and laughed like a lunatic before picking a wood burning with fire
Giselle shut her eyes and sobbed h-rder

“Norman!! “she scre-med as king Jasmine threw the word at her and almost immediately it went ablaze