Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 51 – 52

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 51 & 52


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“I love you Nora…….fv¢k!ng much”Pr!nce Rex said after break!ng th£ klzz

“I love you m©r£”Pr!ncess Cel!ne replied and captured h¡s l¡p aga!n

h£ ₱v||ed d©wΠ h£r dress s1©wly with©vt dis£ngag!ng th£ klzz……h£ ¢ar£ssed h£r bare [email protected]¢k and a [email protected] escaped pr!ncess Cel!ne

“holy moly!! “A maid s¢r**med as th£ tray of food which $h£ h£ld fell off h£r [email protected]

As if that what’s th£ magic th£y needed at that moment, th£ alcohol left th£ir eyes and m©vth went agape as th£y both stared at each oth£r

“What have I done”Pr!nce Rex muttered shutt!ng h¡s eyes

“holy God”Pr!ncess Cel!ne exclaimed as $h£ saw h£r dress on th£ floor. $h£ stared d©wΠ h£r b©dy and Geez!!! $h£ [email protected]

“fv¢k! fv¢k!!! “$h£ s¢r**med

$h£ was j√$t on h£r [email protected] and bra….. $h£ quickly picked up h£r gown

$h£ wore it hurriedly and left th£ room

“What have I done…..”Pr!ncess Cel!ne uttered as $h£ ran to h£r room. $h£ got th£re and opened th£ door. $h£ entered and shut it beh!nd as tears rolled d©wΠ h£r eyes

“I almost slept with my broth£r” $h£ cried.
8pm……. Th£ PALACE


“my pr!ncess”K!ng jasm!ne ch£cked h¡s wristwatch aga!n

“Five good hours, $h£ left home and $h£ isn’t [email protected]¢k”k!ng Norman muttered as h£ stared d©wΠ from th£ rooftop

h£ tried read!ng h£r m!nd wasn’t walk!ng…..
Th£ distance seems to be long

h£ tried h£r normal aga!n but it still wasn’t go!ng through

“my pr!ncess…. Wh£re are you? “h£ uttered. h£ sigh£d frustratedly and ran h¡s f!ng£rs through h¡s hair roughly

Th£n it drawn on h¡m……. $h£ didn’t even go th£re to with a guard

h£ had begged h£r to go with a guard but h¡s stubborn wife wouldn’t listen

Accord!ng to h£r, $h£ loves driv!ng h£rself …….of course $h£ was once a driver

“My wife might be !n danger”h£ said rush!ng ©vt of th£ rooftop

“Fath£r is still ©vt th£re and anyth!ng is bound to happen “h£ thought and b¡t£ on h£r lower l¡p. h¡s ch£ck h¡s pocket and confirmed h¡s car keys

Even if it was late already……. h£’s gonna search£d for h£r.


“it’s late….. Who might be knock!ng “Audrey thought gett!ng up from th£ [email protected] $h£ laid at th£ sitt!ng room

“mom is home and sleep!ng soundly on h£r room…..who might it be”$h£ uttered wear!ng h£r fl¡p flops sl¡ppers

Th£ barg!ng on th£ door became loudly mak!ng h£r frowned

“who’s it???……only witch£s knocked at th¡s hour of th£ night” $h£ yelled

Th£ knocked on th£ door became unbearable as $h£ got to th£ door

“Easy,,,,, Don’t break th£ door “$h£ muttered as $h£ tried to open th£ door

Th£ door came aga!n and $h£ [email protected] ©vt

“fv¢k! Are you a lunatic or what?? ” $h£ said angrily as $h£ f!nally spoke opened th£ door…..
$h£ [email protected] and widened h£r eyes. $h£ gulped d©wΠ as $h£ stared at h¡m

“k!ng Nor……ma…. n”$h£ stuttered

“Giselle came h£re earlier…. “h£ said and Audrey furrowed h£r eyebrows

“No one was at home at day”$h£ replied mak!ng k!ng Norman frowned

“I’m sure $h£ left after see!ng no one…… You seem to be search!ng for h£r…….. Isn’t $h£ [email protected]¢k to th£ palace “Audrey asked

“My wife left home s!nce morn!ng…… What do you mean !” h£ asked. h£ seems so be th£ most confused human right now

“You should give h£r a call….. Who knows $h£ might have stopped somewh£re “Audrey said

“h£r l!ne is fv¢k!ng not go!ng through!!! “h£ yelled suddenly mak!ng h£r shrieked !n fright

h¡s eyes were darkened now….. If only eyes could kill $h£ might be dead

K!ng Norman shut h¡s eyes and h£aved. h£ balled h¡s fist and nodded s1©wly

“I should take my leave “h£ replied and walked away

Audrey shuggered and shut th£ door….. $h£ turned and met h£r mom, Tanaish

“Who’s that?? “$h£ asked

“it’s k!ng Norman. h£ said Giselle was h£re and it seems h£’s pres£ntly look!ng for h£r. I guessed Giselle is miss!ng and I’m k!nda s¢ar£d”Audrey said !n one breath

“Weir..d “Tanaish said !n shak!ng voice and with©vt utter!ng any furth£r word $h£ turned [email protected]¢k and h£ed to h£r room

Somewh£re !n Louisiana******

Giselle eyes opened s1©wly…… $h£ [email protected] as !n pa!n

h£r h£ad was sp!nn!ng and for a moment $h£ couldn’t th!nk of anyth!ng

$h£ tried to m©v£ but $h£ couldn’t and that’s was wh£n $h£ d©wΠ on h£rself

$h£ [email protected] as $h£ noticed $h£ was been cha!ned aga!nst a pool

“fv¢k!! “$h£ snorted and !n a second $h£ recalled everyth!ng

$h£ was abducted

“k!ng jasm!ne “$h£ [email protected]

“Someone get me ©vtta h£re!! “$h£ s¢r**med and struggled with th£ cha!ns as $h£ tried to free h£rself

“stop struggl!ng….. It’s a waste “$h£ h£ard a voice and thats what’s wh£n $h£ raised h£r h£ad

$h£ saw h¡m….. h£ leaned h¡s [email protected]¢k on th£ wall…. h¡s [email protected] were dipped !nto h¡s [email protected] pocket

Giselle frowned h¡s brows

“who was h¡m”$h£ thought……$h£ had never met h¡m once

“You’re Giselle……Th£ real pr!ncess of New Orleans….. Adopted by Elder Kay…… Tanaish is your mom and your sister is Audrey….. Those were your family, I mean fake family that took ¢ar£ of you” h£ said and Giselle m©vth went agape

“had $h£ met h¡m before “$h£ thought

“You don’t know me ,so stop try!ng to th!nk if you had met me somewh£re….”h£ said and Giselle twisted h£r m©vth

“who are you?”Giselle found h£rself ask!ng

“Th£ question should be what do you want from me” h£ corrected

“What do you want from me,,,,, th£ last time I ch£cked, K!ng jasm!ne was th£ one who abducted me….. So why are you h£re”$h£ asked

“isn’t it obvious…. I’m work!ng for h¡m. Nope I should correct that….. I’m work!ng for myself “h£ smiled

“lemme !ntroduce myself better” h£ said and took s1©w steps towards h£r

“I’m th£ biological son of Elder Kay and Tanaish….. I’m Jim!n “h£ said and Giselle [email protected] [email protected]

“From th£ look on your face, someone might have told you ab©vt me”h£ said

“Yes…… Your fath£r,,,,, h£ told me to look for you before h£ died”Giselle said happily

Gosh! $h£ was k!nda happy……. Maybe for fulfill!ng h¡s fath£r’s wish

“You’re jim!n,,, now that I stared at your face….. You look so much like fath£r”$h£ muttered

Jim!n didn’t say a word but !nstead slapped h¡s f!ng£rs and !n a m!nute some guards appeared

“torture h£r”h£ ordered and Giselle eyes widened

“Are you crazy….. Why will you order that!! “$h£ yelled as th£ guards m©v£d towards h£r with whip on th£ir [email protected]

$h£ shrieked !n fright and shook h£r h£ad

“Th¡s isn’t funny,,,,, please stop th£ joke right now”$h£ s¢r**med

“stop it!! “$h£ yelled but !nstead th£ whip landed on h£r sk!n

$h£ gave a loud growl…… Anoth£r one la$h£d on h£r b©dy and anoth£r follows

$h£ accompanied each of th£ la$h£s with h£r cries as $h£ s¢r**med and struggled with th£ cha!ns

K!ng jasm!ne guards, greeted h¡m wh£n h£ stepped !n th£ basement. h£ nodded at th£m.

Loud s¢r**ms could be h£ard

h¡s eyes search£d @r0vnd for Giselle , until th£y landed on h¡m at th£ extreme.. $h£’s tired up aga!nst a pool and th£ guards kept lash!ng th£ whip on h£r b©dy
h£ stared at jim!n.. h¡s laughter was ch£erful….. h£ giggles stilted. It was obvious h£ was hav!ng fun

K!ng jasm!ne m©v£d h¡s gaze to Giselle aga!n….. $h£ looked worse, .

h£r dress was slightly torn due to th£ cont!nuous la$h£s on h£r b©dy caus!ng blood to run d©wΠ h£r b©dy…even h£r face was a bit unrecognizable.

“Yo! Is th¡s Giselle…… Our Qieen?” k!ng jasm!ne asked mock!ngly. Th£ guards stop whipp!ng h£r and turned to K!ng Jasm!ne

Giselle raised h£r h£ad and simply [email protected] !n pa!n, $h£’s breath!ng h£avily and h°t tears run d©wΠ h£r eyes

“Jim!n, you’re so cruel, I can [email protected] recognise our Queen…. “h£ said and chuckled silently

“you devil”Giselle spat ©vt

“haven’t you done enough “$h£ yelled as m©r£ tears gestured ©vt of h£r eyes

K!ng Jasm!ne Chuckled and walked towards a table, h£ looked @r0vnd and smiled wh£n h£ saw some chili powder !n a bowl.

h£ carried th£ chili powder and walked [email protected]¢k to Giselle

“Th£se cuts are so deep, th£y’re gonna leave scars” h£ compla!ned. “Don’t worry, I’ll h£lp you”

“no! no!!!….. Don’t do th¡s”Giselle s¢r**med

h£ smiled and packed a good amount !n h¡s [email protected] and rubb£d it on Giselle ‘s b©dy

h£r m©vth opened l very wide, as $h£ released a loud s¢r**m and closed h£r already covered eyes t!ghtly.

h£r cha!ned up fists balled as $h£ struggled aga!nst th£ cha!ns, as $h£ felt an excruciat!ng pa!ns on h£r b©dy

Add!ng chili powder on h£r fresh !njury, is like sett!ng h£r ch£st on fire

K!ng jasm!ne nodded !n [email protected]!$faction at h£r s¢r**ms, h£ laugh£d h£artily.

“Great! Great! Now th¡s is what I wanna h£ar!” h£ said.

h£ rubb£d m©r£ chili on h£r b©dy mak!ng h£r s¢r**m louder

“you gonna regret th¡s jasm!ne….. Trust that”Giselle yelked

“Wait… don’t waste your energy,…” k!ng Jasm!ne said pitiably

Giselle [email protected] and cough£d

“your darl!ng husband should be look!ng for you now” h£ said and murmur!ng gibberish words under h¡s breath and shak!ng h¡s h£ad

“…. how ab©vt I ₱|@y with you a little, !n case you haven’t noticed, I love tortur!ng people before kill!ng th£m” h£ said and laugh£d ©vt

h£ la$h£d h¡s whip on th£ ground, Giselle’s eyes grew wide !n fear wh£n $h£ saw th£ whip is an electronic whip.

“I.. I…” $h£ couldn’t even make up any words.

“If th¡s whip land on it, it’s gonna electrify you and cause you an excruciat!ng pa!n…”h£ laugh£d ©vt

Giselle folded h£r swollen l¡ps on h£r m©vth, but quickly released it because of th£ pa!n.

“you’re evil…… After kill!ng my parents you still wanna kill me….. You will die jasm!ne “Giselle said and spat at h¡s face…. Angrily, h£ landed th£ whip on h£r b©dy

$h£ s¢r**med as h£r b©dy started shak!ng

“fire!!!! “$h£ s¢r**med…… It was fv¢k!ng hurt…… $h£ was go!ng through h£ll

m©r£ and m©r£ tears kept roll!ng h£r eyes as $h£ gritted h£r teeth !n pa!n

K!ng jasm!ne stopped and threw th£ whip away

“uncha!ned h£r! “h£ ordered and with!n a m!nute Giselle was uncha!ned

Giselle fell freely to th£ ground as $h£ [email protected]||s freely to th£ ground

“Tie h£r to th£ bench with rope……. h¡story it’s ab©vt to repeat itself

A guard grabb£d h£r hair but !nstead $h£ raised h£r leg, kick!ng h¡m at h¡s face

Th£ guard [email protected] and many guards ru$h£d towards h£r…… $h£ balled h£r fist and stood up as $h£ gave each of th£m a punch fly!ng th£m across th£ room

“fv¢k!! “K!ng jasm!ne gruntes and brought ©vt a knife…

h£ ru$h£d towards Giselle, want!ng to stabb£d h£r

$h£ dodged and kicked it off h¡s [email protected]…… Th£ knife fell to th£ ground and $h£ quickly picked it up

$h£ charged towards h¡m like a mad woman and stabb£d h¡s arms

“you devil…. I hate you…. I hate you”Giselle s¢r**med stabb!ng h¡s arms countless times

K!ng jasm!ne [email protected] !n pa!ns and tried ₱ush!ng Giselle off h¡s but $h£ seems to be srronger

A guard came to h¡s rescue and ₱v||ed Giselle away

Jim!n j√$t stood th£re s¢ar£d,,,, h£ never knew $h£ was th¡s strong

“$h£ has gone crazy!!! $h£’s a moth£rfv¢ker!! “k!ng jasm!ne growled and h£ld h¡s bleed!ng arm as h£ struggled to get up from th£ ground

“fv¢k!ng tired h£r up”h£ ordered. Giselle kept struggl!ng as $h£ was tied by th£ guards….. Up to ten guards h£ld h£r [email protected] and legs

$h£ was f!nally tied up aga!n but th¡s time on a bench

K!ng jasm!ne staggered towards h£r and slapped h£r [email protected] on h£r face mak!ng h£r l¡p burst

“you fool!!! You’re gonna die like your parents ” h£ yelled and opened th£ gallon of petroleum

h£ ordered th£ guards to raise it up and ₱0ured it on h£r b©dy allover

Th£ guard did as !nstructed and Giselle spat ©vt as $h£ tasted it

“I’m def!nitely gonna end you today by sett!ng you ablaze…..”h£ said and laugh£d like a lunatic before pick!ng a wood burn!ng with fire
Giselle shut h£r eyes and sobb£d [email protected]

“Norman!! “$h£ s¢r**med as k!ng Jasm!ne threw th£ word at h£r and almost immediately it went ablaze


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