Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 53 – 54

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 53 & 54


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️


Tanisha entered h£r room. $h£ walked straight to th£ table located at th£ edge of th£ room

$h£ picked up h£r husband picture and that of h£r son. Tears gestured ©vt of h£r eyes as $h£ stared at th£ both picture

“I miss you both”$h£ said klzz!ng th£ ph°tos

“I fv¢k!ng miss you jim!n…… Why did you have to leave me! “$h£ muttered and sobb£d [email protected]

$h£ took h£r l¡p !n as h£r tears rolled d©wΠ h£r ch£ek

“my baby…. Mummy missed you very much…. Pls come [email protected]¢k to mum”$h£ cried focus!ng on jim!n picture wh£n h£ was a kid

$h£ looked at th£ both picture and hugged th£m on h£r ch£st

“I love you both….. A wh0l£ part of me is gone”$h£ cried [email protected] gritt!ng h£r teeth and [email protected]||!ng to th£ ground

h£r leg hit someth!ng [email protected] and $h£ looked d©wΠ to see a scattered phone………$h£ picked it up and arranged it

“who has th¡s phone!” $h£ thought and powered it up

$h£ waited and wh£n it has f!nally turned on….$h£ [email protected] see!ng Giselle picture on th£ screen

“it’s true….. Giselle was h£re”$h£ said gett!ng up from th£ ground

“wh£re could $h£ be and why will $h£ leave h£r phone th¡s way, shattered all over…… Was $h£ abducted”$h£ thought and shook h¡s way

“it’s K!ng Norman,,,,, h£ said Giselle came h£re and h£ seems to be search!ng for h£r” $h£ remembered h£r daughter’s words

h£r eyes roamed allover th£ room

“someth!ng isn’t right”$h£ said and sprang up and j√$t th£n Audrey walked !n

“mom…. “$h£ called

“Giselle is !n danger”$h£ replied

“huh??”Audrey asked

“$h£’s !n danger and I need to save h£r “$h£ replied and Audrey furrowed h£r eyebrows

“you aren’t mak!ng s£nse moth£r……. How do you figure ©vt $h£’s !n danger”$h£ asked !nstead

“it isn’t time for question!ng,,,,, I will be [email protected]¢k dear “h£ said plant!ng a klzz on h£r foreh£ad mak!ng h£r m©vth dropped

“mum….. “$h£ called aga!n walk!ng after h£r

“can I at least come with you”Audrey asked

“stay right h£re”h£r moth£r replied before walk!ng ©vt through th£ exist

“weird “Audrey muttered on th£ [email protected]
Jim!n eyes widened see!ng Giselle b©dy go!ng ablaze as $h£ s¢r**med !n pa!ns and unknow!ngly a tears dropped off h£r eyes

“s¢r**m!!!That’s th£ melodious voice I want to h£ar right now….. s¢r**m you bitch!! “k!ng Jasm!ne s¢r**med and laugh£d ©vt like th£ lunatic h£ was

Jim!n shook h¡s hair…. Th¡s wasn’t want h£ wanted

Yes $h£ had to pay for h¡s fath£r death but was th¡s how h£ supposed to go ab©vt h!n

“Revenge doesn’t pay son….. Is best to let go…… You’ll only hurt yourself wh£n you avenge “h£ replied want h¡s fath£r always tell h¡m

h£ ran h¡s f!ng£rs through h¡s hair roughly and [email protected]

Th¡s man h£re has kept h¡m hostage for years,,,,,, h£ had tortured h¡m and deprive h¡m from see!ng with h¡s parents

But yet,

h£ had listened to h¡m and did as h£ had !nstructed

“m©r£ like h¡s toy or slave”h£ thought

“No!! “h£ suddenly s¢r**med and Gritted h¡s teeth

K!ng jasm!ne turned and saw jim!n with a knife

“Jim!n”K!ng Jasm!ne uttered as jim!n ran towards h¡m

K!ng jasm!ne tried dodg!ng but !nstead jim!n stuck th£ knife !nto h¡s [email protected]¡$tl!ne

“You devil ?” jim!n smiled but it was short. Th£ smile vani$h£d from h¡s face and got replaced with a [email protected] frown.

“You son of a devil!! “K!ng jasm!ne [email protected]

“after all I have done for you….. You betrayer!…..Guards get h¡m”K!ng jasm!ne spat ©vt

Th£ guard stood, watch!ng !n awe. Th£y were too confused at what was happen!ng

“Giselle….. “jim!n ru$h£d towards and picked up th£ thick blanket…… h£ soaked it !n th£ drum of water….. h£ didn’t wait for a second before tak!ng it ©vt and wr*₱p!ng it over h£r b©dy

Th£ blaz!ng fire subsided and Giselle cough£d ©vt before los!ng consciousness

“Get h¡m”K!ng Jasm!ne snorted ©vt. Th£ guards made to attacked h¡m but Jim!n quickly brought ©vt a gun

“m©v£ a bit closer and I’m gonna b!0w off your h£ad”Jim!n threatened with©vt smil!ng

Th£ guards froze unable to m©v£….Jim!n kept steal!ng quick glances at th£m as h£ carried Giselle !n h¡s shoulders

“you will regret th¡s jim!n! “K!ng jasm!ne yelled hold!ng h¡s [email protected]¡$tl!ne as blood kept gestur!ng ©vt profusely

“What I’m gonna regret is ever listen!ng to you”Jim!n said mak!ng a m©v£ to shoot at h¡s legs but k!ng jasm!ne was quick to flew ©vt of th£ room through th£ w!ndow

“Bullshit! “h£ spat ©vt and turned h¡s gaze [email protected]¢k to th£ guards

“You better not m©v£! “h£ said still po!nt!ng h¡s gun at th£m as h£ walked [email protected]¢kward to th£ door. h£ opened th£ door and walked ©vt with Giselle

Immediately h£ was ©vt. h£ shut th£ door beh!nd with©vt look!ng twice h£ raced ©vt……

Jim!n kept runn!ng d©wΠ th£ lonely road of New Orleans city with©vt look!ng [email protected]¢k

Th£ blanket was still wr*₱ped @r0vnd h£r b©dy as h£ kept runn!ng with h£r on h¡s shoulders

h£ looked up and saw th£ flash light of a far away com!ng vehicle

“you’ll be safe h£re”h£ muttered before dropp!ng h£r !n th£ middle of th£ road

Th£ car was f*st approach!ng and h£ quickly ran !nto th£ bush

Th£ car abruptly stopped and Tanaish came ©vt

“jim!n”$h£ muttered star!ng ©vt !n space.

“I thought I saw Jim!n”Tanaish said touch!ng h£r ch£st and looked at th£ direction wh£re th£ unknown had ran to

$h£ took h£r l¡p !n before star!ng d©wΠ at th£ lifeless b©dy of Giselle

“oh my God!! “$h£ [email protected] ¢rov¢h!ng d©wΠ to h£r

h£r oth£r face was burnt but $h£ couldn’t see h£r b©dy s!nce it was rapped with th£ blanket

“holy christ” $h£ s¢r**med before lift!ng Giselle !nto h£r [email protected]

$h£ staggered as $h£ carried Giselle to h£r car. $h£ shut th£ door beh!nd and m©v£d to th£ driver seat

$h£ entered before driv!ng ©vt

“Mum! “jim!n muttered from wh£re h£ was hid!ng !n th£ bush

Tears gestured ©vt of h¡s eyes as h£ kept star!ng ©vt th£ car till it was ©vt of sight



“Cel!ne you need to open th£ door, you skipped meals th¡s morn!ng and I had no oth£r option than to br!ng th£ food h£re, you need to eat” Pr!nce Rex said, stand!ng by Pr!ncess Cel!ne door with a tray of food.

“I’m not hungry” $h£ replied weakly from |ns!de.

“Do you want to starve till you die?, I’m sorry for whatever happened b£tweeΠ us,,,,, we were both drunk…… It won’t happen aga!n swear and no matter what you’re still my little pr!ncess ” Pr!nce Rex said

Pr!ncess Cel!ne gave no answer.

” Cel!ne please, I’m s!ncerely sorry, I want to see your face please open up” $h£ said.

” I don’t want to” $h£ sobb£d.

It’s obvious !n h£r voice that $h£’s cry!ng.

Pr!nce Rex [email protected] and rested h¡s [email protected]¢k on h£r door

“What have I done”h£ cried and ran th£ left f!ng£rs of h¡s [email protected] through h¡s hair

“what’s th¡s th£ best punishment of been a ₱|@yer”h£ thought as a tears escaped h¡s eyes

“Cel!ne!!” h£ called loudly and sigh£d !n frustration

Some hours later

j√$t some hours wh£n th£ news came to th£ royal family

Giselle had been found and $h£’s pres£ntly undergo!ng surgery

Pr!nce Norman had search£d for h£r anywh£re h£ could th!nk of….. h£ arrived [email protected]¢k to th£ palace j√$t wh£n th£ sun was ab©vt com!ng ©vt

h£ j√$t got th£ news and right now h£ was been led by Pr!nce Darrel s!nce h¡s vision has already got blurred

Pr!nce Darrel a$$ist h¡m ©vtside and immediately th£y got ©vtside th£y met th£ Elders and th£ people

“We demand to see th£ your fath£r! “Th£ people roared

“Your fath£r stole th£ throne! ”

“was it true h£ killed th£ previous k!ng to atta!ned th£ throne? ”

“Any royal blood found bl!nd means it’s a punishment of exceed!ng th£ throne wh£n it’s obvious you’re th£ wrong h£ir,,,, That’s what we believe !n…… Is that why your fath£r always hide you from com!ng h£re??? ”

“Wh£re’s th£ previous k!ng….. We need to see h¡m!! ”

“Is it throne your wife is th£ real h£ir…….is $h£ th£ daughter of k!ng Mendoza??”

“do you marry h£r so you could rema!n k!ng?? ”

m©r£ and m©r£ uproar kept com!ng from th£ people

Th£ last question made k!ng Norman furrowed h¡s eyebrows

Yeah! h£ knew a day like th¡s will come wh£n h£ had to give [email protected]¢k what h¡s fath£r had stolen but h£ never married Giselle j√$t to rema!n th£ k!ng

Th£ guards tried th£ir very best to get th£m ©vt of th£ way. Pr!nce Darrel led h¡m !nto th£ car. h£ entered with h¡m and th£y drove ©vt

Th£ Maxillofacial surgeons came ©vt of th£ operat!ng room

Pr!nce Darrel quickly ru$h£d to th£m

“doctor ” h£ called

“How’s my broth£r wife do!ng?” h£ asked.

“h£r condition is still critical though we did th£ facial surgery for h£r burnt face and b©dy…. you should keep be!ng optimistic ” h£ replied.

” Will $h£ be ok?” Pr!nce Darrel asked anxiously.

” I can’t promise” th£ doctor replied and walked ©vt

Pr!nce Darrel walked [email protected]¢k to k!ng Norman who sat on one of th£ chair

“Will $h£ be f!ne?? “h£ asked star!ng !nto space

“Th£ doctor can’t promise that but I believe $h£ will be f!ne….. $h£’s a fighter “Pr!nce Darrel a$$ured

Tears dropped from h¡s eyes as h£ kept star!ng !nto space

“I feel so useless…. Can’t do anyth!ng to h£lp th¡s moment. Day and Night I hope to receive my sight but it seems I will forever rema!n bl!nd……. I’m cursed”h£ said try!ng so [email protected] not to break d©wΠ

“Everyth!ng will be f!ne broth£r “Pr!nce Darrel said hugg!ng h¡m slightly



It was even!ng already and K!ng Norman sat beside Giselle

Yeah! Th£ doctor had gave h¡m permission to see h£r

It was night already and h£ could see h£r b©dy

h£r wh0l£ b©dy had been bandaged and see!ng h£r right now is very pitiable

“That monster is gonna get it from me”k!ng Norman said ball!ng h¡s fist

“My pr!ncess please open your eyes” K!ng Norman said fearfvlly. Giselle is [email protected]!ng for breath and h£r eyes are clos!ng.

“Stay with me please”h£ cried touch!ng h£r bandaged [email protected]

[email protected] h¡s h£ad on th£ b£d sleep!ng beside h£r
K!ng Norman felt a f!ng£r touch!ng h¡s hair and h£ immediately spranged up

h£ saw h£r f!ng£rs mov!ng

“My pr!ncess ” h£ said loudly and $h£ opened h£r eyes s1©wly

“my pr!ncess ” h£ called aga!n and $h£ smiled sadly

” I missed you so much” h£ said, bend!ng over to klzz h£r hair.

” I missed you m©r£ mum, damn much, thanks for not leav!ng ” h£ replied, rubb!ng h£r [email protected]

“Baby.. “$h£ called s1©wly

“Yes pr!ncess “K!ng Norman replied

“you know I love you right?? ” $h£ asked and h£ nodded

“I miss mom and dad……i wanna stay with th£m”$h£ said

“Th£y’re dead baby….. I know th£y’re happy wh£rever th£y are…..i love you. Stay with me”h£ replied but $h£ shook h£r h£ad

“I never spent time with th£m. Fath£r died before I was born…… Mom and I was torture before $h£ died…… I miss th£m… I wanna spend time with th£m. Th£y’re wait!ng for me”$h£ replied and tears dropped off K!ng Norman’s eyes

“was is $h£ say!ng “h£ asked hold!ng h£r [email protected]

” I’m so sorry baby , but it hurts so much, my b©dy hurts ” $h£ said

“you’ll be f!ne…. I love you “h£ rubb£d th£ [email protected]¢k of h£r bandage [email protected]

“I love you but I had to go “$h£ cried

” You can’t leave me aga!n please” h£ said , $h£dd!ng m©r£ tears.

“I love you my k!ng “$h£ hiccuped and shut h£r eyes as h£r [email protected] fell freely from h¡s grip

h£r neck went sidewards and h£ tried read!ng h£r m!nd but it was blank

“my pr!ncess !”h£ called fearfvlly

“you can’t do th¡s to me….. Pr!ncess wake up!!!” $h£ s¢r**med.

“Giselle!!! “h£ s¢r**med call!ng h£r by h£r name
h£r monitor started rac!ng .

$h£’s wasn’t breath!ng .h£r b©dy is pale and is chang!ng colour already.

h£ laugh£d ©vt loudly before frown!ng aga!n

“it’s not funny…. Wake up pr!ncess?” h£ said and m©r£ tears keep flow!ng d©wΠ

h£ laugh£d ©vt loudly aga!n and jump up

“My pr!ncess is ₱|@y!ng games with me”h£ laugh£d !nsanely and sat on th£ ground

“I don’t wanna ₱|@y….. Wake up!”h£ said cry!ng s1©wly

“K!ng Norman! “h£ could h£ar a fa!nt voice

“K!ng Norman!!! “Th£ voice came loudly aga!n as h£ felt a tap on h¡s shoulder

“K!ng Norman!! ”

That was it and h£ jerked up. h£ rubb£d h¡s eyes s1©wly and looked @r0vnd

h£ was still !n th£ hallway wh£re h£ was wait!ng for Giselle to wake up…….it was dark already

“it was all a dream” h£ thought

h£ looked up and saw th£ doctor smil!ng

“I have good news my k!ng”h£ said and k!ng Norman furrowed h¡s brows

“You wife is awake and $h£’s two weeks gone”h£ said and k!ng Norman grabb£d h¡s caller

“What did you say”h£ said mak!ng th£ doctor s¢ar£d

“$h£’s pregnant “Th£ doctor stuttered


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