Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 57 – 58

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 57& 58


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️


Highly Rated 18+

“fv¢k me!!”Giselle s¢r**med still chas!ng h¡m….. Th£y kept runn!ng round th£ room, climb!ng on th£ b£d

It seems almost impossible for Giselle to catch me

K!ng Norman giggled and stuck ©vt h¡s t0Πge at h£r

“It’s not funny,,, I’m f**k!ng h**Πy !!”$h£ s¢r**med try!ng to catch h¡m but as usual $h£ couldn’t

“I’m sorry “$h£ said seriously or maybe at th£ edge of cry!ng

K!ng Norman smile before walk!ng towards h£r

h£ covered th£ space b£tweeΠ th£m…… Th£y both stood !n th£ middle of th£ room….. h£ h£ld h£r face !n h¡s [email protected] as h£ stared at h£r very reddened l¡p

“should I fv¢k you?? “h£ asked and $h£ nodded !nsanely

“fv¢k me!! Do crazy th!ngs to me”$h£ replied star!ng directly at h¡s eyes

“I’m gonna go [email protected] on you”h£ said aga!n

“I want it [email protected]”$h£ breath£d breathlessly

“I will make you forget your name”h£ said mov!ng h¡s [email protected] under h£r nightie

“I mustn’t remember my name everytime “$h£ replied s£nselessly

$h£ couldn’t h£lp but $h!very as h£ rubb£d th£ surface of h£r honetpot

“I bent you won’t be able to walk well tomorrow “h£ said and took possession of h£r l¡p

h£r l¡ps went partly open klzz!ng h¡m [email protected]¢k as th£y both ₱|@y on each oth£r t0Πge

$h£ felt h¡m m©v£ h£r dress upwards ……$h£ raised h£r both [email protected] up giv!ng h¡m fvll access to take off th£ dress

h£r breath was go!ng so deep and rough. h£ tossed h£r nightie and stared at h£r b©dy

Once aga!n h£ couldn’t h£lp but appreciate th£ perfect b©dy God has given h¡m

h£ raised h£r up and Giselle coiled h£r legs @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t. Th£y engaged !nto a klzz aga!n as k!ng Norman walked h£r to th£ b£d with©vt dis£ngag!ng th£ klzz

h£ laid h£r on th£ b£d and parted h£r legs opened and h¡s eyes cr!nkled up wh£n th£ beautiful sight gazed [email protected]¢k at h¡m

h£ touch£d h£r honeypot and t£@$ed it with h¡s f!ng£rs

“Oh…” Giselle muttered as waves and vibrations seered through h£r system and $h£ threw h£r h£ad [email protected]¢kwards !n ecstasy..

h£ leaned forward, h¡s [email protected] hold!ng each side of h£r leg and s1©wly – as usual – h£ klzzed h£r honeypot

“Mmm” Giselle had to bit h£r !ndex f!ng£r to suppress h£r [email protected]

Good lord!

h£ klzzed it aga!n, gently and tenderly, and next, h£ took th£ fvll p***y !nto h¡s l¡ps.

“Oh, please…!” $h£ shook miserably, h£r h£ad sway!ng restlessly as $h£ made an attempt to go free from h¡m.
But h£ p!nned h£r d©wΠ, mak!ng It impossible for h£r to m©v£ away..

“Please! Please!” $h£ wh¡mpered as h£r legs started shak!ng .

K!ng Norman cont!nued what h£ was do!ng enjoy!ng how w€t $h£ was.

h£ took h¡s t0Πge deep |ns!de h£r , mak!ng h£r to almost squirt.

“Hhhah” $h£ h£ld h£r breath high and lifted h£r h£ad to look at h¡m, amazed at th£ sort of magic h£ was do!ng d©wΠ th£re. For God’s sake…!

“Norman $h£ wh¡mpered, whipp!ng h£r h£ad [email protected]¢kwards wh£n h£ added m©r£ tension.

Giselle cried ©vt as h£ t!ngle th£ t!ny ₱vb !n h£r ₱vzzy with th£ tip of h¡s t0Πge.

$h£ couldn’t h£lp it anym©r£ and had to squìrt miserably

“Oh…” $h£ sobb£d like a child.

K!ng Norman chuckled and looked at h£r.

“I told you I’m gonna make you forget your name” h£ wh¡spered.

h£ took off h¡s cloth£s afterwards

h£ came [email protected]¢k to h£r and t£@$e h£r p***y with th£ tip of h¡s d**k

“Oh God…” h£r grip t!ghtened @r0vnd th£ $h£ets.

h£ !nserted two f!ng£rs !nto h£r mak!ng h£r [email protected] loudly unable to suppress th£ [email protected] aga!n

h£ made th£ f!ng£r go deep, th£n brought it ©vt to th£ tip and made it go deep aga!n.

“Oh…Norman”$h£ cried ©vt
h£ withdrew h¡s [email protected] and raised one of h£r leg to h¡s shoulder

h£ t£@$ed h£r cl**t mak!ng h£r begged h!n

“No. Please… Please…fv¢k me” $h£ said impatiently

$h£ was damn w€t for h¡m

Th£ ₱1ea$vre was j√$t too much for h£r. j√$t too much, $h£ felt $h£ might explode.

h£ ₱ush h¡s d!¢k !nto h£r mak!ng it go deep a bit.

“Ha!” $h£ [email protected], f!nd!ng th£ feel!ng ©vt of th¡s world.

h£ brought it ©vt and went !n aga!n, but th¡s time @r0vnd, h£ didn’t ₱v|| ©vt but went really deep !nstead.

“Oh…God. fv¢k Norman…!’ $h£ h£ld h£r breath as $h£ felt h¡m mov!ng |ns!de h£r

$h£ left th£ $h£ets which $h£’d been hold!ng th£ entire time and took h£r [email protected] to h¡s [email protected]¢k !nstead, hold!ng h¡m t!ght.

“Please…” $h£ quivered, h£r legs shak!ng due to h£r [email protected] h£ had started bang!ng h£r

“Oh…” h£r breath couldn’t stop hitch!ng.

$h£ wr*₱ped h£r legs @r0vnd h¡m, t!ghten!ng h£r p***y and sqv££s!ng h¡m t!ght, it made h¡m [email protected] m©r£.

“Damn you, pr!ncess!! “h£ grunted as h£ pounded so [email protected] !nto h£r, so [email protected] like h£ wanted to split h£r apart.

h£ drew closer to h£r neck and gave it a t!ny little b¡t£ with©vt alternat!ng th£ fun tak!ng place below.

“fv¢k!!…… fv¢k!! “$h£ s¢r**med

Th£ f*st thrv$t of h¡s d**k |ns!de of h£r and h¡s l¡ps on h£r neck s£nt cold $h!verys d©wΠ h£r sp!ne.

“Uh….Norm…” h£r voice was caught off by a f*st thrv$t.

Th£y changed position and $h£ [email protected] on h¡m.. $h£ po!nted h£r knees to th£ b£d… h£r raised h£r b©dy and slammed d©wΠ on h¡s await!ng d!¢k mak!ng a [email protected] escaped K!ng Norman’s m©vth

“oh…. fv¢k pr!ncess! “h£ yelled. $h£ bent and klzzed h¡s m©vth as $h£ stared rid!ng on h¡m

[email protected] ©vt grabb!ng h£r hair

h¡s m©vth traveled to h£r br£@st while h¡s right [email protected] ma$$age h£r right br£@st

“Ah!” Giselle [email protected]
Th£y fv¢k that way for an hour till Giselle stood up.

K!ng Norman stood up too and walked beh!nd h£r
“Give me your [email protected]¢k, pr!ncess” h£ spoke hoarsely and impatiently as h£ made h£r h£ad [email protected] sideways on th£ b£d with h£r àss po!nted ©vt to h¡m – j√$t like h£ wanted.

And !n that position, h£ went so deep !nto h£r honeypot, mak!ng Giselle forget h£r name
“oh mum! th¡s room is h£aven itself “Audrey said throw!ng h£r [email protected] !n th£ h£ll

“I will give ©vt everyth!ng j√$t to rema!n h£re “$h£ said and throw h£rself on th£ b£d

“wait…. It’s clomzy…. Gosh!! I th!nk I’m go!ng gaga with everyth!ng h£re”$h£ s¢r**med not m!nd!ng if it’s late now

“Mum….. “$h£ called stand!ng up from th£ b£d. h£r mom haven’t been say!ng a wall

$h£ saw h£r star!ng ©vt th£ w!ndow. $h£ sigh£d and walked to h£r

“mum….. “$h£ called but h£r mom didn’t made any effort to turn to h£r

“You have been sad lately….. always moody and sometimes cry”Audrey said

“I miss h¡m….. I miss h¡m so much “$h£ replied and it’s obvious $h£’s ab©vt to cry

“Fath£r is f!ne wh£never h£ is…… Believe that and I’m h£re for you also”$h£ replied

“Not your fath£r but your broth£r “h£r mum uttered and $h£ furrowed h£r brows confused

“what broth£r?? “$h£ asked

“I have a son before you were born but h£ left….. my son was taken away from me”$h£ Cried

“I have a broth£r… ” Audrey wh¡spered unbelievable

But someth!ng wasn’t mak!ng s£nse to h£r. “How come $h£ never knew?”$h£ thought

“who took h¡m mum and why”$h£ asked m©r£ confused. Tanaish sobb£d [email protected] unable to replied. Audrey sigh£d and ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself.

“it’s gonna be f!ne moth£r”$h£ wh¡spered strok!ng h£r hair.
Pr!ncess Cel!ne was dropped at th£ palace by Pr!nce Kristen h¡mself

No doubt $h£ love be!ng with h¡m always

“is that what th£y call love “$h£ thought

h£r h£art was always pound!ng each time $h£ sees h¡m

h£ klzzed h£r foreh£ad as usual before go!ng [email protected]¢k to h¡s car. h£ entered and wave h£r from th£ car before driv!ng ©vt


$h£ walked on th£ road……h£r aim was th£ PALACE


$h£’s [email protected]¢k after so many months at th£ hospital with©vt anyone com!ng to see h£r !nclud!ng th£ [email protected] called pr!nce who brought h£r to th£ palace.

But now $h£’s [email protected]¢k with a new face and a new name. $h£’s gonna get [email protected]¢k at everyone of th£m….mostly th£ k!ng (k!ng jasm!ne)

Ch£ryl got to th£ palace gate and smirked before knock!ng on it

First step is to be a maid…… That’s how $h£’s gonna get closed to h£r enemies and kill th£m

$h£ smirked evily as $h£ knocked on th£ gate. A middleman came ©vt and stared at h£r

“who are you miss?? “h£ asked

“ivy….. I’m h£re for th£ post of a maid”$h£ said and th£ guard said at h£r from h£ad to toe

“come !n”h£ said and widened th£ gate for h£r


“We have been walk!ng for an hour now….. wh£re are we go!ng Giselle”Tanaish asked as $h£ kept follow!ng Giselle

$h£ had told h£r someone wanted to see h£r early th¡s morn!ng

“we’ll soon be th£re mom”$h£ said and limped as $h£ walked

h£r legs were still hurt!ng. Th£ s£× last night was someth!ng else

Tanaish looked at Giselle and sigh£d

“I’m sorry Giselle “$h£ suddenly said and Giselle stopped walk!ng and stared at h£r

“I have done so many wrongs to you child. Please can I be forgiven?”$h£ asked as a tears dropped from th£ corner of h£r eyes

“mom”$h£ muttered and ₱v||ed h£r to a hug

“I love you mom”$h£ $tr*me h£r hair

“I’m sorry child,,,,, so so sorry”$h£ cried on h£r shoulders

“stop say!ng those words mum. You did noth!ng wrong. Trust that”$h£ said as $h£ kept cry!ng

Giselle kept strok!ng h£r hair and let h£r cry on h£r shoulder

“we are h£re mom “Giselle said and Tanisha chuckled.

“Was Giselle ₱|@y!ng games cuz th£y were pres£ntly !n front of a church

“Go !n mom…… Someone is wait!ng for you”$h£ replied

“if you say so”$h£ replied

Tanisha walked |ns!de after cover!ng h£r hair with a scarf. $h£ entered and saw someone stand!ng !n th£ middle of th£ church fac!ng th£ alter

$h£ furrowed h£r brows cuz th£ [email protected]¢k view seems familiar

$h£ took s1©w steps to h¡m with h£r h£art on h£r m©vth

j√$t before $h£ got to h¡m, h£ turned

$h£ almost s¢r**med ©vt as if $h£ j√$t saw a ghost

Th£ hair color… h¡s blue eyes…..th£ red l¡p and all was still th£ same. j√$t that h£ had grown so big and matured

“ji…im… n”$h£ stuttered as if $h£ had lost words to say

$h£ couldn’t overcome th£ shock and had to pa$$ ©vt

“mom!! “Jim!n called rush!ng towards h£r

Tanisha opened h£r eyes s1©wly…. $h£ immediately shut it [email protected]¢k due to brightness of th£ sun ray

$h£ opened th£m s1©wly and adj√$ted to it

“mum…. You’re awake”$h£ h£ard Audrey voice. $h£ ru$h£d to h£r and h£ld h£r [email protected]

“jim!n….. Is h£ alive or I was only dream!ng “$h£ muttered

“I’m alive mum”$h£ h£ard th£ mascul!ne voice. $h£ turned h£r gaze to th£ direction of th£ voice and th£re h£ was j√$t beside h£r

h£ m©v£d closer to h£r by sitt!ng on th£ b£d. h£ took h£r [email protected] and klzzed it

“I’m alive mum…. “h£ said as tears dropped off h¡s eyes

“my son”$h£ cried. Jim!n klzzed h£r [email protected] aga!n and h¡s tears dropped on th£m

“I miss you mum…. I miss you so much mummy. I’m [email protected]¢k now. I’m [email protected]¢k”h£ said and Tanisha cried [email protected]

“I still can’t believe it mom….. It’s so shock!ng to be real….. Is th¡s you jim!n????. Someone Pls wake me up or I’m gonna pa$$ed ©vt “$h£ said and jim!n smile sadly

“you aren’t dream!ng mum…. Jim!n is h£re “h£ said and Tanisha ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself

“I miss you son….. I miss you ……dont you dare leave me aga!n “$h£ said and klzzed h¡s foreh£ad. $h£ shut h£r eyes and let th£ tears rolled d©wΠ freely

“I won’t “h£ sobb£d too

“is th¡s a cry!ng competition or what?? “Audrey asked and chuckled

“d!¢kh£ad…..come h£re” Jim!n said and ₱v||ed h£r

“I’m I miss!ng someth!ng?? “Giselle asked as $h£ entered th£ room mak!ng everyone chuckled

Everyth!ng seems to be go!ng well for everyone. No doubt Tanisha was th£ happiest !n th£ world hav!ng h£r three children beside h£r


Jim!n was stay!ng !n th£ palace too

“h£y” Ch£yl blocked jim!n as h£ made h¡s way d©wΠ th£ stairs.

h£ turned to see a maid. h£ furrowed h¡s brows wonder!ng why h£ stopped h£r

“I’m ch£r…..no I mean Ivy. A new maid h£re”$h£ said and jim!n huffed

“did I asked?” h£ said mak!ng h¡s voice [email protected]

“Shh” $h£ shu$h£d, plac!ng h£r po!nter f!ng£r on h¡s l¡ps

“you’re [email protected]”$h£ said rubb!ng h£r f!ng£rs on h¡s l¡p. Jim!n [email protected] and slapped h£r f!ng£rs off h¡s l¡p
“I like you….. Can we be fv¢k mate?? “$h£ asked and jim!n choke on th£ confidence $h£ had

“You’re a lunatic “h£ said and walked ©vt on h£r

Ch£ryl smiled secretly and looked @r0vnd

“I’m gonna fv¢k you… Swear”$h£ said before walk!ng ©vt too

Giselle couldn’t h£lp it but laugh h£r a$$ ©vt

“you mean a maid said that “$h£ said to Jim!n as $h£ suppress h£r laughter

Th£y were actually ©vtside th£ palace

“swearz it’s not funny”Jim!n rolled h¡s eyes

“I’m sorry….. $h£s crazy”Giselle said

“$h£’s a lunatic “Jim!n replied seriously and j√$t th£n th£ maid h£ met earlier walked !n

“h£y ivy “Giselle called

“yes my queen”$h£ replied and stared at jim!n !nstead

“get my broth£r and I a dr!nk”$h£ said and Ch£ryl smirked

“on it”$h£ replied and w!nked at h¡m. Jim!n balled h¡s fist as $h£ walked away

Immediately $h£ left, th£y resume th£ir chat.

Giselle couldn’t but laugh as jim!n crack jokes to h£r

“$h£’s wast!ng so much time”Giselle muttered

“oh….. I will go get th£ juice !nstead”Jim!n replied and left
Ch£ryl ₱0ured m©r£ of th£ poisonous substances !nto Giselle dr!nk

$h£ smirked evily…… j√$t th£ same way $h£ poisoned Hilda and $h£ die, that’s th£ same way $h£ is go!ng to poison Giselle

“That fool has caused me so much pa!ns….. I can’t believe $h£’s go!ng to bleed to death “$h£ smirked
Th¡s was h£r revenge…. $h£ won’t stopped until $h£ destroy th£m all

$h£’s gonna kill th£m all

Th£ k!ng deceived h£r and !nstead of marry!ng th£ third pr!nce and become a queen…….. h£ ended up allow!ng Giselle be h¡s bride

Jim!n stopped by th£ door see!ng Ch£ryl putt!ng th£ substance !nto th£ juice. $h£ gr!nned to h£rself as $h£ mixed th£ dr!nk

Jim!n cough£d and that’s wh£n Ch£ryl quickly hid th£ substance under h£r dress and turned.

“h£y [email protected]”$h£ flirt

“h£y beauty”Jim!n t£@$e and h£r ch£ek fu$h£d

“do you j√$t call me that….. “$h£ said widen!ng h£r eye

“yeah I did…..i th!nk I like you and I want us to be fv¢k mates as you had said”h£ said and Ch£ryl m©vth dropped

“why”$h£ asked suspiciously

“never m!nd…. I should j√$t leave “h£ said and turned to leave but Ch£ryl stopped h¡m

“I knew you’ll taste so good, I wondered how you’ll taste d©wΠ th£re” $h£ said, |¡¢k!ng h£r l¡ps seductively.

“I’m gonna give you all of me, I want you to make s¢r**med your name as you fv¢k me [email protected]” $h£ said but jim!n frowned

“I don’t fv¢k those who cant last 2 hours !n b£d”h£ said clench!ng h¡s jaw

“of course I do last”$h£ said and jim!n smile

“I don’t th!nk so but I do know what will make you last hours……. Immediately you take it th£n were good to fv¢k”h£ said

“what’s that “.Ch£ryl asked

“A juice….. It h£lps someone last longer” h£ replied and Ch£ryl smile

“I never knew…… Of course I have one juice h£ar”$h£ said breathlessly and picked up th£ juice $h£ poisoned and with©vt th!nk!ng $h£ gulped it d©wΠ h£r throat

“I have take it….. Can’t wait to fv¢k you”$h£ said and jim!n smiled

“it should be… You can’t wait to die”h£ said and wonder!ng what h£ meant

$h£ [email protected] as $h£ j√$t became aware that $h£ had drank th£ same poisoned dr!nk

$h£ suddenly ran to th£ s!nk and started cough!ng blood at th£ same time blood flows from h£r nostrils


Someb©dy smell MUMU for Ch£ryl 😂😂😂

Can someone def!ne karma for me…. I th!nk I have forgotten 🤣😎😉

Evil that men do lives with that……. Th¡s k!nd revenge th£y sweet

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