Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 69 – end

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(His personal taste from another world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 69 & 70



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✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️


“I don’t wanna die now” She sobb£d profusely

“I’m sorry if I was rude. I just needed some money and a ride. I thought if I begged you wouldn’t have given it to me. I’m not bad…. Please I’m sorry….. Stop the car” She cried

“I can do anything. It’s best we say our last Prayer”He said and Cassie immediately shut her

The car kept taking off to the direction of the wood. Jimin too also shut his eyes

“I’m seriously gonna leave mother. I haven’t even spend a year with her….. It’s seriously not fair ” He thought

Suddenly the car abruptly stopped on its own

Jimin felt the car not moving again. He opened his eyes slowly and saw it had stopped on his own

“it stopped ” He said and that was when Cassie opened her eyes

“dammit…! It stopped!! ” She scre-med out and throw her hands in the air

She came out of the car and same with Jimin

The car was some inches to the tree

“Thanks for stopping the car…..i promise to be nice henceforth” She said

” I didn’t stop…… ” He was cut off as she ran out

“she’s crazy” he muttered and ran his f-ngers through his hair


“it’s nice….. I want everything to be perfect for Celine arrival” Queen Emily said

” yes my Queen” They replied in unison

“Hey you, supervised the coming. I will be right back ” Queen Emily said

” Yes Queen” the maid replied and she sighed

“Be fast everyone, we must be done in the next thirty minutes. Princess Celine will soon be here” Queen Emily said and they all nodded

Thirty minutes later**

The maids line up waiting for the arrival of Princess Celine

They were all in a straight line. The royal families were also included

The royal gate spilt opened and Five cars drove into the palace….. Three of the cars opened and some guards came out

They were guards from Baton Rouge city

Another car opened and some maidens walked out

They all walked towards the last car…..the guards rushed towards the boot and brought out a wheel

Another guard opened the door and Prince Kristen came out. He adjusted his royal wears and moved to the other side of the door

He opened it like a gentleman would. He assisted Princess Celine and placed her on the wheel chair. He wheeled her towards the awaiting Royal family

“Welcome home baby ” Queen Emily said and k-ssed her cheek.

“I really missed you” She said in shaking voice

“don’t you dare cry mum. I’m still breathing not like I’m dead” She said

“stop teasing ” Queen Emily replied and she flushed

“Good day my Queen ” Prince Kristen greated

“Good day son” She replied and touched his hair

“welcome home princess!! ” The guards and maid said in unison

They all made way into the palace

Princess Celine already sniffing the air before they got to the dinning where the different dishes are waiting

“Whoa!” She exclaimed, smiling beautifully

Prince Kristen helped her out of the wheel and placed her on the chair

“I love you mum, these looks delicious even without tasting it” she said, feeding on the food with her eyes already

“Staring at it alone I’m satisfied ” Prince Kristen teased and everyone laughed out

“you two are crazy….. You will definitely make a great couple ” The Queen said. Prince Kristen stared at her and their eyes locked up with each other

She smile and looked away shly

He picked up the chopsticks and started feeding her, and she tasted each dish with relish



She kept saying in between the food in her mouth

“I’m glad you like them” she said, watching her eat

“You should eat too” she said to Prince Kristen

“that’s when I’m through feeding my princess mum” He said and princess Celine cheek flushed again

“you’re so sweet. You should eat too” Queen Emily said

” No, I’m good” he smiled and continued finding her

He stopped feeding her and stared at Queen Emily

“mum I will like to asked for your daughter hands in marriage ” He said suddenly and Princess Celine choked on her food

“w….ater!! ” she stuttered and the maids around the royal dinning table rushed to give her some water

“I want her beside me already and wouldn’t want anyone to cast their eyes on what’s mine. We can get married tomorrow if you approve us” He said and Princess Celine pinched his cheek

” silly you!! ” She mouthed

“I love you” he said

“Awwww so sweet!! ” Everyone scre-mee

“Much more my kitten” she smiled and blew him a k-ss

“How can you both be so cute…..my God!” Queen Emily said, blinking

“Naughty you mom” They both laughed.

“I love you” He whispered and pinched her nose

“I love you more” she replied lovely



Five years later**

How times flies…… It’s five good years already

Prince Rex and Nora are legally married

Their baby baby Brandon was five years already same with Giselle child

Nora was already carrying their second baby

Prince Kristen who was now a king was happily married to Celine

They married five years ago but Celine just put in this year and they were both expecting their first baby after five years of marriage

Prince Darrel and Audrey was also happily married and blessed with twin Samantha and Samuel

Jimin also got married to Cassie last year

Yeah! Their love story was a quick one. They kept dumping at each other every slight minutes

They fell in love and eventually h-ot married
Let’s not forget about our king Norman and Giselle.

Their baby girl Axle had grown more beautiful. She got a gentle face and truly gentle face deceives, and that’s the right s£ntence to qualify princess Axle

She’s so stubborn and a h-rd nut to crack

She’s just five but her second name is trouble

Loves sneaking out. When it comes to fighting, she’s talented

She’s beautiful.. everyone loves her so much despite her troubles

King Norman entered his room. His little princess and his wife were both fast asleep

Axle had come to her parents room last night. She woke up at the middle of the night and when she doesn’t find her mom or her dad beside her, she eventually comes to their room and lay inbetween them

King Norman smile and moved towards them in the b£d

He went to Axle first first and k-ssed her forehead, she sighed and went back to sleep making him smiled

Even in her sleep, she looks so gentle and beautiful

He moved towards Giselle. He bent over and k-ssed her l-ips . she moved her l-ips as if she just ate something delicious

He chuckled and left the room afterward.

Some minutes later…..***

Axle was the first to wake up. She slowly removed her mother’s grip from her wa-ist.

She stared at her mum who was still sleeping peacefully

“you’re so beautiful mummy….. Daddy is lucky” She said. She pecked her cheek and Giselle sighed in her sleep

She ran her f-ngers in her face to make sure she was still fast asleep

When assured, she jumped down from the b£d

She peeped out of the room and when she saw no guards, she came out fully

She ran out of the palace through the back exist just in her pajamas.

She was heading to the fountain when two guards caught her

“I’m in trouble ” She whispered and started running. The guards started chasing her

She was so fast and they wondered how a little girl like her could be this strong

The guards finally had her in between them and made to catch her at the same time……but she bent over and ran passed them

The two guards collide with each other and fell to the ground

She stopped running and turned to face them… She stuck out her t0ngue at them

She turned to continue but dumped into someone

She stared from his toe….. The person was tall and she had to raised her head just to see his face

“Dad….. “She called and touched her hair nervously

“leaving the palace without having your bath right? “He asked

” No your highness….i only wanted a stroll but this guards wouldn’t let me…”She pouted out her mouth

“Kitten!! ” They both held a loud voice

“oh my God!!! It’s mum….. Please daddy don’t tell mum I sneak…. She’s gonna scold me” She said, blinking her eyes

Queen Giselle covered the space between them and stared at Axle

“you sneak out again right? “She asked

“I love you more ” She replied and King Norman had to bite his lower l-ip to suppress his laughter

“it won’t work on me….. ” Giselle said and pulled her by her ears

“ouch mum…. It’s hurt ” She scre-med out as they both walked into the palace

King Norman smile watching the mother and child

It has been five years of peaceful and beautiful rule,

The people of New Orleans lived in harmony

Tanisha got a new accommodation……. The children had begged her to get married again but she refused

Not like she was old but because she still wanna have elder Kay memories

Getting married again is the last thing on her mind

Prince Darrel and Prince were out of the country

While Audrey rule Baton Rouge with her husband, King Norman

Jasmine and Sheila died five years ago after some months of suffering and pains

“We’re the best royal family on Earth”King Norman thought and smile as he trailed behind his wife and daughter



“Giselle !”

A very loud panicking voice invaded my sleep,

I didn’t want to wake up but the voice came again and my eyes snapped opened

I rubb£d them slowly and I sat up abruptly.

My eyes frantically scanned around me, searching for Norman and my daughter

“What are you searching for?” I heard a voice and I turned to see a maid. She seems so familiar

Like she was my best friend

“my husband and my daughter ” She replied and the maid furrowed her eyebrows

“you’re silly princess. The last time I checked, you aren’t married or alone have a child. Even when your father talks about your marriage with his best friend son you hate it. So what husband and child are you talking about my princess ” The maid asked

I turned to her, I held her hand and scanned around us, I realized I was in a room…. A room that seems to be mine

“Are you ok?” she asked me.

What’s going on? Wasn’t I married

How come I’m in this room…. Where’s my husband

Where’s my daughter

“are you sure you’re ok….you were smiling all over in your dreams?. My princess !” she said.

“I’m fine. w….. water please” She said
I nodded.

The maid brought out a can of water. She p-oured it into the glass and handed it over to me

Without wasting a second, i started gulping it down.

I dropped the can water, then took breaths to calm myself down.

“Where is father ? Elder kay” I asked the first question that came to my mind.

“You’re funny my princess. Elder Kay is not your father. He’s just your father best friend and he’s pres£ntly with him now planning your engagement party with the prince of Lafayette city. Are you really okay?? “The maid said

“He’s alive?” I asked.

“yes he’s alive or her you planning his death ” She said and I rolled my eyes

“dad and mom alive? “I asked and she stared at me strangely

“My princess ” She called and I rolled my eyes

“Answer me!! “I said

“Your parents are alive…. King Mendoza…. Our king is alive ” She answered

“no jasmine that killed them” I asked

She leaned away from me slightly, giving me a weird look.

“who’s jasmine ?” She asked me back.

“forget about him….. Tell me how I ended up on this b£d” She said and the maid heaves

“After breaking the news of your engagement, you were furious and you sneaked out of the palace as usual. You used your car as a means of transportation…. Like a cab driver. You fought some boys on the street and caused some few trouble. The guards caught you and brought you back to the palace. You were locked up and that’s how you fell asleep ” The maid explained

So… it’s was just a dream?

“Wait…did I say anything about not wanting to get married”I asked anxiously.

She frowned immediately at my question, then nodded her head.

“Yeah you hated it….. Getting married to someone you barely know. You believe you wouldn’t be able to caused more trouble if the king get you married. You said its gonna full of pains for you. The Queen had tried convincing you but the stubborn princess I know wouldn’t listen ” she said

She touched her face and saw no scar

“wierd” She thought

“did I say that .. I guessed I’m wrong. Marriage is full of love and happiness ” I said

She reached forward and touched my forehead, as if she’s trying to feel my temperature…

“I’m fine” I said

Just wanna be sure all what I experienced and it was mere a dream

” “What’s up with you?” she asked

“I just had a sweet dream, hopes it becomes reality ” I replied.

“my princess , what’s going on? You seem like a different person after waking up..what did you dream about?” she asked me.

I simply stared at her, not knowing what to say. I mean, how am I going to tell her

I wondered how long I have been dreaming to had dreamt all that

“Come on, princess , tell your best friend about it” she urged me.

But I shook my head.

The door opened and mum walked in dressed in her royal rope

Just staring at her I know she was my mom

She never died….its all a dream

I’m still the princess I am

“mum” I called and sprang out of the b£d. I covered the space between us and hugged her t¡ghtly

“it’s almost an hour and you haven’t taken your bath. Today is your engagement party…… I don’t know how to convince you anymore. Do you wanna caused trouble all your life and remained unmarried ” She asked after i pulled out of the hug

“I’m sorry mum…. I’m sorry for being a d-ckhead. I promise not to caused any more trouble cuz I wouldn’t want my child to behave like me. Still can’t believe you’re here with me” She said and hugged Queen Lila Medoza

“I can’t believe you just said those words ” She said stroking my hair

“Your husband to be will soon be here any moment from now. Your father had told me to come ask you if you don’t wanna get married. He’s not gonna force you anymore since its a life time decision….. What do you think? “He asked and the door opened again to revealed Elder kay

“Elder Kay!! ” I shouted and rushed towards him

“you’re alive…. You didn’t die” i said and started crying

“What’s wrong with her? ” I heard mum and I’m sure she was probably asking the maid

“I don’t know my Queen…. She had been acting weird after waking up

“my princess as you can see I’m fine” He replied and that’s when I pulled from the hug

“your father asked me to s£nd for you. The royal family from Lafayette had arrived and everyone wants to know your thought” he said and I immediately rushed towards my window

I opened it and stared down….. I saw lots of Car. I also saw a big limousine

It opened and two elderly people came out dressed in their royal attire

“King Jasmine…. Queen Emily. I can’t believe it” She said and wasn’t aware of when her mother stood behind her

Another car open and two couples came out

“Prince Darrel and Audrey. This is definitely crazy “i whispered

“it’s that Rex and Nora?? ” i asked no one in particular

The last door open and i froze on her spot

He was beautiful and handsome just like in her dream or even more handsome

Those purple eyes he still got them

“N…. norman” i stuttered

“How come you know his name when you haven’t even met him once? “my mother asked and a tears escaped my eyes

“That’s because I know him more than you do mum…. Is he my future husband? ” i asked

“Yes my Princess” mum replied

I looked down again and saw King Jasmine hugging his son and the way they both stood you’ll be well assured they were a lovely family

The way he hugged him was passionate

The Jasmine i was staring at doesn’t look like the one in my dream

This one was a lovely one. Just staring at him from the window, I can tell

“So my princess, are you still going on with this engagement “Elder Kay voice

“I have spent half of my life with him in my dreams….. And I will still love to spend the remaining of my life with him in reality ” She thought

“yes mum. I will marry him and even in my next life he will still be my husband. ” i said

“what the sudden change of mind” mum asked

” nothing mum. I just realized something ” she replied and turned to face Elder Kay

“go tell father to continue with the preparation. I’m gonna marry him…. I’m gonna marry him!!! “I scre-med out

“no doubt . My Giselle seems different ” Her mum said

“Bring in the maid that will get her ready. I wouldn’t want her to change her mind” The Queen said to the maid

I dashed into the bathroom. Well I’m kinda happy that it was a dream maybe because my love ones were still alive

A dream about that came as a revelation. Dad and mum have been choosing the best for me and all I could do was to reward them my making troubles everyday

“now I know what I would have passed through if I had lost mum and dad

“Forgive me dad and mum” I muttered

It’s my fate, I won’t try to change it, and I believe even in my next life , I will still get married to him and together we’ll birthed our Axle

“I love you Norman!!! ” I scre-med out



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