END TIME HORROR – episode 1

Episode 1

I saw myself in the middle of the street, with people running here and
there helter skelter. I looked up and the sun was still up and hot as

Me: strange, I thought I was in my room sleeping?

I asked myself in confusion. One minute I was in my room sleeping and the
other, in the middle of a street. Just then, my phone rang. I checked who
the caller was and it was Tina calling, my born again girlfriend.

I smiled and picked the call. I have already made up my mind to sleep with
her and win the trophy.

Some months earlier, my friends made up a challenge between me and them.

Tina was a good and faithful Christian. She stay away from boys as if they
were plague. This was the reason why my friends made a challenge with me
that if I can sleep with her, they will give me the sum of thirty thousand

I was very glad and decided to take up the challenge. It was hærd, very
hærd for her to agree to date me but she later became my girlfriend. Step
one accomplished, step two now is to lure her into bed.

Me: hello my love.

Tina: Idris, where are you now?

Me: am close to your house.

Tina: my house?
Me: yes, or are you not at home?

Tina: am at home.

Me: ok, am coming to your house right now.

Tina: that will be good, I have something for you.

She said and ended the call. I was very happy and headed straight to her
house. Truth is, I was far from her house but thank God, I may have the
chance to sleep with her today.

I arrived at her one room self contained house, already made sure I both
enough packets of c-ndom before entering in,side.

She came and hugged me, gave me cold juice to drink and sat opposite me
with her Mary Amaka cloth.

Me: so what do you have for me?

I asked impatiently hoping its her…..you know!

Tina: baby, don’t you think its high time you accept Jesus?

Ok, it has begin or, her usuall accepting Jesus preaching has began.

30 minutes later.
She was still preaching when tacticaly stood up, closed and bolted the
door. Got closed to her and started to touch her br-ast.

Tina: what are you doing?

I didn’t answer her, I tried k-ssing her but earned a hot and annoying slap
from her.


The slap really pained me and I was vexed to an extent that my human
sympathy were all gone. Like I wild lion, I grabbed her, tore her cloth and
threw her on top of the bed.
I started removing my belt.

Tina: *crying* please, please don’t rape me, please.

I didn’t hear her. I removed my trouser, got closed to her wanting to
remove all her cloths and raped her when, when, when she disappeared.

Me: Iyeeeeee!!!

I shouted as I heard a loud trumpet from above. I ran out of the house and
behold, the came a heavy earthquake that shook the ground. The sun was
instantly blacked out, there was total darkness, sorrow, anguish and
bitterness upon the earth. oh, what a sad day it was.


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