Endless Love

Endless Love – episode 10

Endless Love

Episode 10

There’s a scre-m from behind us, and I’m jerked back to reality.
 I turn back to the scene and find the man has reached her p*ssy with the wax. He’s letting it fall right on her cl*t, drop by drop.
One of Gabriel’s arms snakes around my wa-ist, and the other hand slides over my h¡p, over my p-nts, lower and lower until his finger is pressing against me. Right through the thin fabric, his finger is on my cl*t.
 He presses in time with the drops of wax.
“Every drop he brings the candle a little closer to her skin,” his l-ips are at my ear, and I shiver.
“The closer the candle, the less time the wax has to cool. Every drop just has a little more bite.”
He’s car-ssing me, and I’m getting wetter by the second.
 I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I soak through my p-nts to his fingers.
“The only games we play here are s€×ual ones,” Gabriel says.
“If we want something, we’re direct. I want you, Andrea.”
 He punctuates his words with fingers, moving in circles, sending sparks of pleasure coursing through me.
 “Come with me?”
He chuckles.
“One of the rooms upstairs. Your choice. You saw them earlier, which one would you like?”
He spins me away from him like we’re dancing.
 “I have to check in with my partners, make sure our clients left and let them know I’ll be unavailable for the rest of the evening. Go pick out whatever you’d like. I’ll send someone to help you get ready.”
He k-sses my hand, and then he’s gone, leaving me breathless and shaking.
 Oh god. This is happening.
A day ago nothing like this would ever have been a part of my reality, and now there’s nothing I want more.
I shake myself from the thoughts, making my way to the stairs and up towards the des**t room.
Just like earlier, no one is in the des**t room. I duck in,side the little costume room, and look around.
I assume that when he told me to pick out whatever I’d like that this is what he meant.
A petite woman about my age appears at the door to the dressing room, and I pull one of the other costumes out from the rack to cover myself.
She smiles.
“I’m Emily, one of the scene attendants here. Mr. Sanchez sent me to help you get ready.”
“Oh.” I relax, though I don’t drop the costume that’s covering my br-asts.
“I can do your hair if you like,” she says and l nod.
“The only thing Mr. Sanchez asked is that I blindfold you and make sure you’re in place before I leave.”
“A blindfold? Why?”
She grins at me.
 “I think he wants to keep his entrance a surprise. Oh, and he’ll make sure you two are not disturbed in here. All the rooms are monitored by security, but no one else will play while you’re here.”
She retrieves what looks like a long blue silk scarf the same color as my costume.
“He said something about not wanting it to be too overwhelming.”
I laugh. I’ll have to emphasize a different word next time and see how he uses it. I wonder what would have happened if I had told him that it was ‘hot’ or ‘s€×y’ or any other word.
Emily is in the center of the room.
 “I think here will be the best view, if you want to do some surprising of your own,” she says with a wink.
I kneel down on the thick carpet, and Emily wraps the scarf around my eyes. It’s soft, but I can’t see through it at all. “I’ll let him know you’re ready, and Mr. Sanchez will be with you shortly,” she says with a hand on my shoulder.
And then I’m alone and I hear the outer door click shut.
The door opens with a soft click, and it’s him. I can feel it. Suddenly I feel everything, the clothes and air on my skin, the anticipation in my gut, and the movement of him in the room. His footfalls are soft and steady, and I hear him enter the dressing room and the rustle of fabric.
 Then he’s coming towards me, and my heart rate speeds up. An odd thought strikes me.
“They told me a gift was waiting. You are not what I expected.”
And just like that, reality drops away. I swallow.
“No.” The air moves around me, and I can feel him walking slowly around me. I think about just how much these clothes reveal and blush.
He completes his circle, stopping in front of me, and I feel fabric brushing against my knees.
Fingers are in my hair and I stiffen, and relax, realizing he’s undoing the blindfold.
Everything seems bright now, and I blink trying to regain my vision. When I do, I lose something else—my breath. Gabriel  stands before me and he was gorgeous.
He walks over to one of the low couches, sprawling across it with lazy grace.
A command.
 There’s nothing in his voice that doubts I’ll obey. I stand, the clothes catching the light and sparkling.
 The split in the skirt falls open with the movement, exposing my leg. I see the corner of his mouth tug up into a ghost of a smile. Barely there.
I look up into his eyes, dark green and
fiery, and I feel that desire again.
“I’m a passionate man, and having somebody as beautiful here with me for the night is more temptation than I can bear.”
I look down, away from him, and he his fingers find my chin, lifting my gaze back to his.
“Give me tonight, to explore u.”
His l-ips touch mine. Softly at first, then not so soft.
 The world disappears and I can’t remember anything but the feeling of his l-ips on my mine, the swooping of my stomach in free fall.
 For a breathless moment every part of my body is alive, fire spiraling through me and burning me up, turning me on, making me frantic with need.
He pulls back from me, just an inch, enough to see my eyes.
 “Is that a yes?”
“Yes, your majesty.”
“Undress. You won’t be needing those.” He gestures to my clothes with a sultry smirk.
He doesn’t move, just stands there waiting, expectant.
He doesn’t make a move to help me. Just watches with that intense green stare that I can’t seem to look away from. I’m shaking. I’m not sure if it’s nerves or anticipation.
Reaching back, I undo the ties on the top, and the weight of it makes it slither off my skin, landing in a heap at my feet.
I push the skirt off my h¡ps before I can change my mind, and it joins the pile of the fabric on the floor.
Suddenly he’s there, hands running across my skin, k-ssing me hærd.
 He leads me to the cushions on the floor and guides me down until he’s laying over me. He’s bigger than I realized, he’s everywhere.
 His c*ck is hot and hærd between us as he presses me down into the pillows, and that heat is spreading through me, downwards.
My skin is so sensitive that every move he makes sends shivers across it—the product of an entire night waiting for this, for him to touch me.
His fingers trail down my chest, the tips of fingers circling my br-asts before flowing down and between my legs.
He draws through the wetness there and I mo-n, arching my h¡ps up and into him.
He doesn’t push into me, not yet, just teases, running light strokes up and down my opening and circles around my cl*t.
Just enough to make me want more. To make me want everything.
And then he k-sses me, and it’s everything.
 Fire explodes between us and I reach out, pull him closer, run my hands over his ribs, feeling the hærdness of his muscles and the faint trace of a scar. Pleasure, deep and real, is running through me, and god, if just k-ssing him is like this…
He inches down my body, and it feels like he’s k-ssing every inch of my skin. I get lost in the s-nsation of his l-ips, of the chills he’s giving me, of the way my n-pples hærden as he brushes his l-ips across them before taking them into his mouth. Oh god yes.
Yes. The suction of his mouth is a direct line to my cl*t, and I think that if he just kept doing this I might come.
But he has other plans, moving down and down and down until he’s right there, and I can feel his breath on my cl*t. There’s something so intimate about that feeling.
I look down to find him watching me, like he was waiting for me to look.
And I’m looking as he slowly licks me, the feral sound he makes sending a gush of wetness onto his tongue. He seals his mouth over me in response, s-cking deep, and oh god…
He’s barely touched me and I’m almost there. I must have said it out loud because suddenly his l-ips are around my cl*t, tongue working it with a singular focus.
Every stroke takes me a little higher, a little closer, and I reach out for something to hold onto and find nothing solid. Just silk and pillows. It’s too much and just enough, and I’m writhing as he holds my p*ssy again, trying to get away, to make it last longer, but god I want it.
He lifts my h¡ps off the ground, pulling me higher and makes me his.
He’s feasting like the king he is, and the pleasure washes over me in a wave. I know that he’s not going to stop, not going to let me get away until he gives it all to me.
His teeth graze my cl*t, and with a last flick of his tongue, I come. I cry out, my voice muffled by all the fabric surrounding us, and it feels like fire, and if it is, then I don’t want to ever stop burning.
He drinks me up, licking me deeper until I’m shaking and begging, until every last tremor has left me.
Letting my h¡ps down, I see his mouth glistening with my juices, and I’m ready to come again just to see more of that. It’s so strange, such a blatant image of lust.
Reaching to his p-nts on the couch, he pulls out a c-ndom, and I’m jerked back to reality by the sight of it. It’s jarring, seeing it in this fantasy, and now I know why they have the rule of absolutely no exceptions. I would have forgotten entirely.
I’m staring at him as he rolls the c-ndom on, the tightness of it making him look even bigger.
For a moment, it’s Cole grinning at me with wicked intent, and next it’s the king grabbing my h¡ps again and flipping me over on the pillows.
He settles between my legs, and he doesn’t wait. He’s there, entering me, splitting me open in the best way.
Oooh. Yes.
It feels like he slides in forever before he’s all the way in, seated so deep I can feel his h¡ps pressing into mine.
 He stretches himself over me, skin to skin, grabbing my hands in his, entwining our fingers.
 I’m trapped here by him. Pinned down and impaled, I’m utterly taken. Something clicks in my brain, and pure, dazzling arousal rushes through me. I gasp, not expecting something like that. My p*ssy clamps down on his c*ck, and he growls in my ear.
He pulls back and slams in, spreading my legs even w¡der with his knees and showing me just how vulnerable I am—how he’s in control.
“You like this, don’t you.”
Not a question.
He slams into me again, and I can barely breathe, the friction of his c*ck in me making me shake.
 “Yes, majesty.”
“I should have bargained for more than one night,” he says.
He thr-sts into me, and I go blind. There’s nothing in the world other than this s-nsation, this complete pleasure of being f-cked.
His mouth is at my ear, and the sounds he’s making as he pushes into me again and again just make me wetter, bring me closer.
“You feel so good.”
His voice is raw. I feel l-ips on my shoulder and then my neck, and his fingers tighten around mine.
My orgasm is impossibly building again—I’ve never had it happen this quickly. But the way he’s sliding against me, this quick, brutal rhythm has me hovering on the edge again.
“Blue….,” he says my name, and I’m there. Gabriel  is f-cking me. This gorgeous specimen of a man that I barely know is hitting that s₱0t deep in,side of me that makes me see stars.
“l love you Blue…. l have always loved you”,he says as tears filled my eyes.


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