Endless Love

Endless Love – episode 11

Endless Love

Episode 11
l was stunned at his words as l looked at him in the eyes. My body was tensed.
“What did you say…”,l asked as his hands was playing with my hair…
“I love you Blue…”,his eyes was teary.
“Do….. you ….remember me….”,l asked sobbing.
“l do remember you. I remember every inch of you… l love you Blue… and l don’t want you to live me… please”,as he rest on my chest…
His legs tangled with mine. My hands moved through his curly hair.
“l’m not leaving … I’m always with you”,l whispered but l knew we both can hear it…
“Blue… l….”
“Shh.. .just rest. I’m here… right here with you”
suddenly we both kept quiet as l watch him sleep.
He was so handsome and his sleep was peaceful as if he had peace.
l continue to play with his hair…suddenly l heard the door crack and l realised it was Rosalie..
She gasp and smiled at me as l smiled back…and slowly she closed the door.
l pulled him slowly of me as l went to the bathroom to wash himself of me.
Every place l washed remind me of where l touched…
l got out as he was at the edge of the bed smiling at me..
“I thought you were sleeping”
“l couldn’t since you weren’t with me…”
“Come here…”,l pulled him on top of me.
He k-ssed my chest as he slowly released my towel…
“Gabriel….”,l whispered
“Let me make love to you… please”,as he s-cked my n-pple while he twist the other n-pple.
l felt his er-ction between my thighs…
“Gabriel I’m really sore…. l can’t”
“I’m glad l made you sore but l still want you…”
l surrendered as we made love slowly till we were both tired.
“l love u”
“l love you Blue..”,as we cuddled together.
He was asleep …. I still couldn’t sleep and l don’t know why
l heard his phone beeping as l answered..
“Baby l missed you. l can’t wait for us to get married tomorrow..”,l heard the voice and l knew it was Alicia.
l hang up right away.. Gabriel is getting married this is really impossible.
l have to stop this wedding .. l will not lose Gabriel.
He is mine.
l stood up as l left him.
My plan was to see Alicia and break this marriage of theirs.
The next morning at 9am… l set off to Alicia’s home..
l saw her maids around her as she was giggling.
I stood there for a long time waiting for them to leave..
And a while later my wish came true .. She was wearing her veil as l stood by the mirror.
“Blue…. l thought…”,she trailed off
“I’m not dead…”,as l pushed her on the bed and tried to remived her gown and  tie her up..
l was dressed in her gown and l apply a bit of make up.
After l was done, l passed through the window.
l called Rosalie as she texted me the place of the wedding.
Finally l was there…. while a woman shouted.
“The bride is in..”
l walked slowly as the wedding song began…
I walked slowly on the aisle as l saw Gabriel.
He was very handsome and his smile is the s€×iest.
l walked to meet him as the the priest started..
“ladies and gentlemen we are all gathered and blah blah…..”
l just wanted the priest to be fast…
“Do you Gabriel Sanchez take this woman as your lovely wedded wife to have and to hold till death do you apart”
“l do…”,he said and the priest said the same to me..
“l do… “,l answered.
We wore the rings as Alicia walk towards us..


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