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Endless Love – episode 4

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Endless Love
Episode 4

It feels right to be with this handsome man.I really love him and I’m afraid of losing him.
We cuddled,his legs between my thighs as l giggled.
“Good night Blue”
“Good night handsome”
The next morning when l woke up He had breakfast in front of me.
“Good morning”,as he gave me the sweetest smile.
“Good morning “
He feed me with the meal..
“What are going to do this morning?”,l asked him.
“We are staying in bed all day”
“But..you have to go to work..”
“No I’m staying right here with you”,he said as l kissed him.
I went for a bath as he washed the plates.
We returned sitting on the bed watching television.
It was getting to afternoon and we watched about 5 movies already.
l looked at his face for a while..
“What?”,he asked
I moved close to him and kissed him deeply.
“Blue..are you doing this to turn me on..?”
He rose me to his feet as he brought me into his arms and kissed me deeply while l responded.
l want him so bad.
l wrapped my arms around his neck. He lifted me off my feet holding me to him.
My n!poles teasing his hard chest and l felt his er£ction on my belly.
“Are you sure?”,he asked hoarsely.
He brought me low as we stood beside the bed.I reached for my shirt but he held my hands and kissed them.
“l want to undress you”,he said.
He did slowly. Raising my shirt as l raised my hands.
He pulled it over my head and tossed it aside.
He kissed my [email protected] then suddenly l felt the heat if his mouth on my n!poles.
l m0aned..
l grabbed his shirt as he shook his head.
“Not yet…”,he whispered as l felt his hands in my panties.

High rounded [email protected],slender waist. A woman hips lush and lovely. Those long elegant legs.
“Blue… you are beautiful”
She reached for my shirt. At least it was half unbuttoned and now she undid the rest,her eyes never leaving mine.
l shrugged off the shirt while her hands were at my belt.
l pushed her hands side gently but there was nothing gentle in the way l undid my zipper stepped back into her arms.
l sucked her n!poles. Her soft cries were music to my ears.l kissed her navel and then kissed her lower till her thighs parted and l watched her beautiful famine part.
Her cries came fast.
Her hands dug into my hair
l kissed and licked her s£x till she screamed and came against my mouth.
Then l rose moved up to her body and kissed her till she tasted herself.
She m0aned.
Raised her hips and arched against me.
l pinned her hands as l entered inside her and she gasp.
“Are u okay….?”

“How are u feeling”
“Abit painful bit I’m okay…”,and l moved again till we became one being.
She slept in my arms as l stroke her hair. She was really beautiful and l can’t
 wait to propose to her the next morning.
The next morning when l woke up she was gone.
Why did she leave on the first place? or has she regretted loving me?
l dressed up as l went to the office. The employees wished me a happy birthday but then l didn’t mind.
l was only thinking of her.
“How was your night with her Gabriel”,l got distracted by a voice.
“What are you doing here?”, l yelled.
“l came to pay you a visit..”
“l came to pay you a visit..”
“l don’t need your visit… just get out of my company..”
“okay l will leave”,as she took a gun on me.
“What are you doing?”
“What does it look like I’m doing. l love you Gabriel but what did u do? You betrayed me and took that good for nothing girl… if l can’t have you then she can’t have you too”
“Don’t do this?”
Goodbye Gabriel”,as she shot my left chest and my stomach.
l fell on the floor breathlessly. l can’t believe this is the end of me. How is blue going to cope without me.
“Blue…”,l whispered as she appeared.
“No no…Gabriel”,as she knelt in front of me.
“Who did this to me…”
“That woman has no heart”
“Stay with me Gabriel please…”


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