Endless Love

Endless Love – episode 6

Endless Love
Episodes 6

Everywhere I look there are c*cks being s-cked and mouths being used and pussies being f-cked and it’s…hot. I thought I would be uncomfortable but instead I’m w-t.
 It’s mesmerizing, and I don’t want to look away.
A girl who’s giving a blowjob looks up at me and grins.
 I blush, remembering that I’m here to refill the supplies.
If this room can accommodate this many people, no wonder it goes through the most supplies. Rosie was correct, these shelves need a ton of refilling, and it takes several trips to get the shelves full again.
I don’t think I would like being in that crowd, but watching so many people connect and do what they want with each other is amazing, and arousing. Damn.
 I wasn’t counting on being ho-ny on the job. I guess that’s why they made the ’no s€× on the clock’ rule. I’m curious to know how many times that happened before they had to make it a rule.
The next room is cold stone and torches, with chains and wooden tables and equipment that’s mildly terrifying. But not so terrifying that it doesn’t fill my mind with images that make me squirm in the best way.
 There’s a cross obviously meant to spread someone open, and even though I’ve never really thought about that kind of thing, the sight of it sends tingles of desire across my skin.
 Being bound and vulnerable, the idea makes my breath go short.
 As I look around, there are some people playing in here, and I’m curious, but the atmosphere in the room is so intense that I don’t feel like I can watch without intruding.
I refill the shelves as quickly and quietly as I can before moving on. It ends up being a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.
And less weird. It takes me a little more than an hour to finish all the rooms. Someone could probably just keep going in circles doing refills. But since Rosie didn’t tell me to do that, I put my last numbers in the computer and head down to the dance floor.
I don’t see Rosie as I make my way towards the main bar, and the bartender doesn’t know where she is either.
 I decide to wait because I don’t want to do something I’m not supposed to on my first day.
. I keep looking for her though, looking across the room to the other bars and seeing if she’s there.
“So what do you think of my club?”
The deep voice comes from behind me, and I turn to find Gabriel.
Wait…. he owns this club but since when.
He’s leaning against the bar, totally at ease, and now that I’m not an adrenaline-filled mess, can appreciate more fully how f-cking hot he is. I note the way his shirt stretches a little around his chest and arms, like it can’t quite contain him.
 He has a small smile on his face, like that mysterious stranger in the movie who you know is going to change the plot.
He asked me a question. Suddenly my mind catches up, and I think my mouth drops open.
 “Your club? You’re the owner?”
“Wow ….its amazing “
“You didn’t know what it was, did you?” His words are punctuated by that maddening little smile.
I press my l-ips together, hoping that it’s dark enough in here that he can’t see my blush.
“How did you know?”
“Because l saw how you were uncomfortable….”
“oh that  ….”
“I’m Gabriel ,” he says, offering me his hand.
I take it, my hand dwarfed by the size of his.
 “Blue . But you probably already knew that.”
His full smile is dazzling, almost glittering in the chaos of the club lights. “I hope you’re not too uncomfortable.”
“No…. I’m fine”
“Everything going all right so far? Even though it’s overwhelming?”
“Yes, Sir.”
His face grows serious, and I see a flash of something hot and dark in his eyes. “We’re relatively informal around here. All employees are free to call me Gabriel. But,” he says with a meaningful glance at me,
“I very much enjoy being called ‘Sir.’”
I swallow, my mouth going dry under the intensity of his gaze.
 “I’ll remember that. Sir.”
Gabriel  pulls away from me, and suddenly I can breathe again.
“I’m sure I’ll see you soon….”
Hmmm…. l only wish he remembers me…
l just can’t straight but I’m sure he likes me and he kinda attracted to me.
Rosie move towards me..
“Are you done with the stock rooms…”
“Erm… one of the owners wants to see u”
l turn back.
“Rosie, you said one of the owners? Why would they request me?”
“No idea,” she says, shrugging.
 “He just said he wanted you up there.”
There are butterflies in the pit of my stomach. Am I right?
“Which one.”
“Gabriel Sanchez. Stop asking questions, they’re waiting.”
I hurry towards the elevator, trying to pull my jaw up off the floor. Oh God!


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