Enemies (18+) – episode 2


Episode 2

I am shell shocked! What did i just do? I k-ssed Smith?! I ran away from him
and entered my car. I zoomed off like the hounds of hell are chasing me..
“Oh, my God! What didi I do?” I agonized.. This is so stupid of me!
How will I face him tomorrow?! I briefly considered not going to work but I ditched the idea.. Why won’t I go? How will I be! What will happen?!
I drove into my parking lot and got down from the stairs.. I packed my jacket
and handbag and entered the house. My thoughts kept on choking me..
What will I do now? I feel so idiotic.. For crying out loud, I k-ssed him back..
I called my mom to tell her whats going on..
She’s my bestfriend and
she gives the best advice.. Also, she’s just 16 years older than I, so she’s like an elder sister..
Her phone rang and rang but she didn’t pick..
I wonder where she is. I panicked at not being able to speak to her! She knows all about our hatred and she’d know what to do..
I moved through the house like a zombie.. I did nothing.. I just wandered
aimlessly.. I totally forgot about the soap opera i wanted to watch..
I decided to go to bed.. I took a shower and la!d on my bed.. As I drifted off, my memories began to betray me, and I replayed the taste of smith on my l-ips.. His l-ips were so Delicious and he tasted like mint and Man.. I shivered in remembered arousal..
He’s totally the best k-sser I’d ever had in my life.. The way he grabbed me, so dominant and Sekxy.. I felt so feminine and womanly..
He towered over me in even my heels..
And he’s k-sses made me w-t… I ran my hands down my puckered Tips and
sq££zed.. Oh my God… I love that egostical bastard’s k-sses…
I looked at her car drive off and I grinned.. This is just the beginning.. I’m going to thoroughly s£duce her, and put her right where she’s supposed to be- under me.. What a Bleeping Lovepeddler.. A Sekxy hot Bytch.. I remembered the first time we were introduced. I smiled at her and she looked at me in such a haughty and cold manner like i was beneath her. I chalked it off to the fact that it’s probably because we just met, but her attitude persisted. I tried to be friendly with her especially because we had to work together and I didn’t want any friction between us, but she continued to act towards me in disdain.. Im naturally a patient Man, so i kept being cordial to her.. And even asked her out on a date.
She’s easily one of the hottest women to walk the planet.. She makes suits looked like lingerie.
Big br-asts, tiny wa-ist and a curvy butt0ckz tightly fitted to mold her body.. She doesn’t help matters with the 5 inches stilettos she wears to work everyday.. In different shades and colors..
On the day I asked her out, she blew up at me and called me a Man-Lovepeddler.. That was the day i decided to make her life a living hell.. I boycott her ideas everytime and paint her as incompetent in the presence of the CEO’s; but she’s absolutely intelligent. She’s a brilliant genius and I grudgingly accepted that her idea that was presented is awesome, but she went behind my back, lied, and changed the wh0le plan. She’s going to get punished alright, but not in the usual way I’m sure she thinks..


I got to work today feeling tremulous.. I didn’t know what to expect from smith.
Will he act all smug?! Or rub it in my face?!..
I entered my office and sat down.. I couldn’t concentrate on anything.. I continued to fret.
I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped.. I looked up and saw smith.. I expected to see his usual annoying grin, but what i saw shocked me.
Tenderness. I looked at him, my mouth bobbing like a fish out of water. How did i not hear him come in?
“Sam, good morning..” He rubbed his hands down my back softly.. What game is he playing? I wondered.. ”why did you just leave like that yesterday?” He asked me like that’s the usual way we act towards each other.
“Get out of my office this minute Smith. And be rest assured that im not interested in whatever games you are playing,. Get out this minute!” I scre-med. I stood up and pointed at the door ” leave now, we’ve always been enemies and I’d trust a snake before you, now get out.” I said..
He just continued to look at me, saying nothing and started advancing slowly.. I looked around in worry and started shifting back until i felt the wall hit my back.. ”what are you doing?” I whispered..Why am I whispering? Im supposed to be scre-ming at this bastard.. What game is he playing???
He continued to crowd my space until his chest was touching mine.. ”if you scre-m for help, nobody can hear you..You know its only our office’s that’s on this floor..” He murmured.. As if he read my mind.
He looked into my eyes, and i felt something spark in me..he gently and slowly lowered his head, with the obvious intention of k-ssing me.. He gave me plenty of time to escape, but i couldn’t move. I feel rooted to the ground. He gently took over my l-ips and k-ssed me slow and deep.. He was coaxing me to open up.. I slowly opened and k-ssed him back..
We continued k-ssing for what felt like an eternity, but im sure was just some few minutes.. He slowly withdrew his l-ips and k-ssed my forehead.

you go out to dinner with me? He whispered.
I looked into his eyes and felt desire swirl through me.. I feel so torn. I don’t know what’s happening.. It’s like everything is changing without my knowledge.. I can’t believe i never noticed the beautiful brown flecks swirling with his iris.. They look so stunning.. I looked at his l-ips and felt like biting them..
I tried my best not to burst into laughter.. Oh my God, she looks so adorably confused and indecisive.. Im sure she can’t decide yet if im being serious or just toying with her.. I decided to tip the scales in my favour because my wh0le plan hinges on her accepting this date tonight..
“How about we just stay in at my place and i cook your favourite food? I asked. She looked at me in shock.. “How do you know my favourite food?” I smiled inwardly.
Samantha is a course I’ve studied for the 2 years we’ve been working together.. I know every thing about her, her emotions, expressions, nuances, moods and everything.. I convinced myself it’s because i know the way to hurt her better.. The more you know someone, the h-rder the pain when you hurt them..
Of course, i didn’t tell her all this.. I just said offhandedly… ”You’ve mentioned it once before at an office party..” She shrugged it off and i saw the moment she capitulated.. ”ok, i will come for dinner tonight”.. I felt like shouting but i just maintained my cool..and i smiled beguiling..” thanks for accepting dear, i wish we can get over this rivalry and make something better out of our relationsh¡p.. ”
She just looked at me strangely and i know she suspects something, but hey, The trap has been sprung.
Go, Bytch.


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