Enemies – episode 1 (18+)

Episode 1

My problems began the moment our hotel’s merged. My life came to a crashing halt and started revolving around my hatred for Him.! I’m the personal assistant to the CEO of a big chain of hotels. Everything was going fine until the CEO decided to merge with another chain of hotels.
The weirdest thing is that the new hotels (Now a big chain) has two CEO’s.. And the CEO’s each have their personal assistants.
All would have been well, but for the madness of Smith the other PA. Smith is the bane of my existence. He’s the PA to the other CEO and as such, we are usually in close quarters.. His office is directly opposite mine, and anytime I look up from my files, I see his smirking face with that annoying smile.
I hate him so much! It would have been better if he is fat and potbellied.. But No, he’s one of the most handsome men I’d ever seen in my life.
He has deep dimples in each cheeks and he’s got the most gorgeously symmetrical eyes ever..They are absolutely perfect and the only reason im not loving them is because I hate him severely.
I don’t know what I did to him.. He started acting wicked to me from the first day we met. Today, he has really gone all and out today to anger me..
“Smith!!!!!! I scre-med. I barged into his office in anger. He just approved of some products for the hotels id not approved!! I told him to wait till I completed the research but i just found out he’s approved the importation!!!! “You bastard.. You fu-Cki….” my voice trailed off as I took in the scene before me. He’s brows are furrowed in deep concentration and gasps were escaping his l-ips.. He looks so intensely Sekxual..
He’s getting a blow job from the receptionist..
I could see her mouth bobbing up and down on his J0yst!ck and i felt disgust and attraction..
I had grudging respect for her swallowing his J0yst!ck wh0le… From head to root..
” Now, if you are done staring, kindly explain why you barged in my office” he gasped out.
I gr0aπed in embarrassment to be caught staring and I left his office in anger.
I can’t believed he double crossed me and signed the imports to a delivery company I’d not approved of. What a bastard. And he’s having Sekxual affairs in his office!! I’d always about him Bleeping all the girls downstairs, but i didn’t believe.. I guess i got my answer now…
My thighs clenched at the thought of getting head from someone and i shuddered to think of the last time i got properly la!d. Even with our busy lives, smith has got a way to get women.. I can’t even do the same.
I began to hear loud gr0aπs from his office and i guess the deed is being done.. I felt intense jealousy at the girl.. I want to be Forked too!
I started thinking about how to undermine smith while he’s distracted. I rarely win against him because he’s always so focused at work..
I know what to do! I casually went to the elevators and went into his CEO’s office.. It’s currently unmanned by the bitchy receptionist.
The one smith is Bleeping.
I knocked and he said i should come in. He was surprised to see me.. I asked for some doc-ments I’ve been itching to get my hands on but he was hesitant.
” smith said both of you had made the final changes” he said.
“No sir, we need to add some things.. Infact he asked me to get it.” I blatantly lied.
He asked for my flash drive and he sent the files..
I went back and sat back down in my office and made all the changes of the power point presentation. I had the music of joyous Bleeping as a catalyst.
We have a meeting with stakeholders by 4:00pm and it’s already 3:50pm.. I smiled in glee at how he’d be so angry at all the changes I made..and the best part is that he won’t find out till the presentation starts.
Payback, Bytch.


I calmly walked into the meeting like I was not late. I gently murmured apologies and went to my seat.. Beside Sam. I spied Delicious glee in her eyes and I felt dread crawl up my spine. What has she done?! She usually sports that look on her face when she’s ready to destroy me and it’s usually effective. I could feel the endorphins from Bleeping Tina leave my blood fast.
I remembered how she barged into my office in anger and how shocked she looked at seeing me get a deep throat. I saw intense longing in her face that split second and I wished it was her l-ips wrapped around my J0yst!ck. I Forked Tina all the while imagining Sam’s K!ttyC@t hugging me tight. I sighed at the hærd on I’m getting.. My J0yst!ck wilted when I stared at the projected screen.
This isn’t what was prepared! A mistake has been made. I stood up to protest but then I heard “This is a very great approach to tackling the problem.. I approve of this model..” Others also agreed and it was approved. I wanted to die.
I looked beside me and Sam smiled at me viciously.
So this is her plan. The Bytch, she undermined all my ideas and replaced it with hers.. Bleeping Bytch!!! I looked at her with so much hate running through my blood.. She just smiled back, looking so beautiful and cold. Icy. I promised to shatter her totally. When I’m done with her, there’d be nothing left of her. She just tripped up one of the most important moves in my career!
Bleeping Bytch.
I felt the tension oozing out of him and if looks could kill, I’d be 20 feet buried right now.. I feel immense satisfaction enter me at my achievement. He totally ditched my idea but now, I won. The meeting ended and I went round to shake the hands of the SH. I got pats/words of commendation and I could feel Smith’s eyes boring into my back. I smiled in happiness. This is a better feeling than orgasm..
I left the board room and went straight to the underground garage. I have to get home quickly enough to watch my favourite soap opera and i have to battle the traffic on the island. Suddenly, i felt myself roughly grabbed from behind..
He turned me and it was Smith. I opened my mouth in shock. “Are you mad?! Are you Sick?! What gave…” I trailed off as he slammed his l-ips on mine… I was totally blindsided..
His l-ips devoured mine.. He practically shoved his tongue down my throat and I felt attraction arch between us and k-ssed him back like he’s my last meal.. He started k-ssing down my neck and mauling my br-asts..He bit my ears and I gr0aπed hærd and fast.. I leaned in h-rder into him and he grabbed my butt0ckz.. He ran a hand up my thighs and spread my legs apart by kicking them apart..
As his fingers touched the tip of my p@nts, we heard the noise of people coming down the garage and we sprung apart..


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