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Enemies – episode 4


Enemies episode 4

4 weeks later
I don’t even understand myself anymore.. I think im irrevocably in love with smith.. He’s been the greatest gentleman of all time.. Telling me how much he loves me even without S£x. We’ve gone through all the date spots in lagos.. Something new and exciting each day. Our rivalry is now a thing of the past and our work is moving better and faster since we now agree on everything and see each other’s point of view without any problem.. He speaks to me with respect and stopped all his whoring around.. I get all his attention and stolen kisses.. He’s been turning me crazily on by fevered touches and in the office and around.
I’m so ready to Fork him haaard.. But, i don’t know why he’s hesitant.. He keeps on telling me to be patient and that we’d do it at the right time.. I didn’t even know how time flew soo fast..
I can’t believe its been a month.. It’s almost like things have always been this way.
Imagine having a man, both at work and always around you.. It’s soo awesome.
This is working out better than I thought.. She’s practically falling for me so hard. I’ve been a gentleman, building her arousal to the peak.. And mine too..
I thought I’d be indifferent to her, but she’s breaking down all my defences.. I just hope I’d be able to go along with my plan tonight.
I’ve broken down her walls.
Rejection is what is left.
He told me tonight is totally special.. We’re going to celebrate our 1 month anniversary tonight..
I’m totally on cloud nine. I went to the spa; i got thoroughly massaged and sweetly waxed today..
I bought new lingerie for this special night.
A strapless Black bustier and thong.. A soft stocking held up with garters..


I took a shower, wore the lingerie, lightly spritzed myself with perfume and applied light gloss to my lips.. I wore my red stiletto’s to give myself a boost. At exactly 8pm, I heard the bell and i opened the door to Smith.. He didn’t even say anything to me..
He grabbed me and kissed me hard and deep.. Trailing his hands down my body and touching me in all the right places.. He carried me to my bedroom and threw me on the bed.. He tore off my thong and went down on me like a hungry beast.. He gave me the full force of his attention.. I kept on m0an!ng like a Bytch in heat and held on to his head for my dear life.. When i felt myself approach orgasm.. He pulled off and stopped.. I m0aned in disappointment and felt like a strung up ball..
He gently removed my bustier and sU-Cked my Tips and i felt a finger slowly penetrate me..
I cried out…
He withdrew his fingers and rubbed my cunt with his J0yst!ck head.. He pushed in a teeny tiny bit and I felt his hugeness.. I feel soo full and he thrust deep.. I screamed in joy and completeness.. It’s been soo long..
He withdrew and instead of plunging in deep for the 2nd stroke, he held my face tenderly, smoothing the hair from my face and said
“Payback Bytch” and stood up.
I felt all the blood drain from my face.. ” What do you mean by that?!” I screamed! Im dying of arousal here!! “You got your payback. Now, we can resume our hatred from where we stopped”. He said, stuffing his erection into his trouser.. I almost weeped.. I felt my heart broke into pieces as his words registered in my mind..
He wore his clothes and padded out of my room. . “Was all this a lie Smith?! You deceived me?! What?!” I asked.. My voice clogged with tears and I’d never been this humiliated in my life.
He just smiled wickedly and said nothing. “See you at work tomorrow, Samantha..”
He always call me Sam. He left.
I fell on the floor in shame.. Tears streaming down my face.. He built my arousal to unbearable peaks and then left.. What a bastard.. I didn’t know how long i sat on the floor crying.. I can’t believe i fell for my greatest enemy.
My phone pinged a message alert and it read:
An emergency meeting is going to hold tomorrow..
“A new Chief Financial Officer will be elected.. Between you and Smith.. My dear, I want you to get this Job. Prepare.”
This message is from my CEO.
I wiped my tears and my spine straightened. I’m going to beat you. You stinking bastard.


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