Enigma – episode 1

Chapter 1

Princess Alberta clutched the ends of her arm-rests as the small, private jet began its descent. Takeoffs or landings – she wasn’t sure which she hated more.”May I get you something, Princess?”Alberta looked at the man seated directly across from her. Mike … her bodyguard.
“No, thank you. I’m fine,” she replied and turned her attention to the window where the island of Calista had come into view. If things went as she planned during this visit to Calista, she wouldn’t need her father to provide her with a bodyguard. She would have a husband to provide all that she needed. Surely all her dreams were about to come true. She and Lexis would marry and hopefully live happily ever after.
“Princess…there is a car waiting to take you to the palace.” “Yes, of course.” She stood and allowed Mike to esc-rt her off the plane and into the limo with a miniature Calista black, white and gold flag flying from its antenna. Within minutes they had passed through the guarded gates of the palace grounds. The car pulled up in front of the impressive entrance to the grand palace.
As they stepped out of the car, a butler, who introduced himself as Addo, led them up the grand staircase to the private quarters of King George and his wife, Queen Deborah.
“Princess Alberta.” The lovely Queen Deborah took her hands and greeted her warmly.”It’s such a pleasure to have you here as our guest.””Thank you,” Alberta replied, then looked at the white-haired king who stood next to the queen. “King George, my father sends his regards.””And they are returned,” King George said. “I understand you’ve come to explore the beauty of our island.”
“Yes. I was quite captured by the beauty of Calista the last time I was here and thought it would be a perfect s₱0t to spend a week of vacation time. I’m also eager to visit with Princess Ange.
“Unfortunately, Ange is not in residence at the moment. She and her new husband, Eric, are spending some time in the United States.” Alberta had known before she left Aristo that Ange wasn’t in Calista, a fact her own father had been unaware of.
When she’d told her father, King Edward that she wanted to go to Calista to visit Ange and to explore, the sights of the island, he’d given his blessing, knowing how much she enjoyed Princess Ange’s vivaciousness and enthusiasm for life.
“I’m so sorry to learn she isn’t here,” Alberta exclaimed, hoping she sounded genuinely surprised at the news.”However, the beauty of Calista awaits you and we have put you in one of the
Private guest quarters on the ground. We hope you’ll be most comfortable,” King George continued.
“The driver is waiting to take you to your quarters,” King George finished. A few moments later Mike and Alberta were back in the car, being driven to the private cottage where they would stay for the rest of the visit. “Oh, how nice,” Alberta exclaimed as they got out of the car in front of the guest house.
They walked into a luxurious living room decorated in blues and golds.
“I think I’ll just freshen up and unpack,” Alberta said to Mike. He acknowledged her words with a curt nod of his head and she disappeared into the master bedroom and closed the door behind her.
She was ready … all she needed was an escape route. She knew without a doubt that Mike would not be in his room with the door closed. He was far too conscientious for that. He would be sitting or standing in the living room, like a shadow, watching her movements and anticipating danger at every corner.
Her heart gave a joyous leap as she realized the window had a latch, which meant it opened and closed. As she turned the latch and pulled it open, she recognized that what she was about to do was completely out of character for her.
She was not adventurous or bold. But love gave her courage, hope made her bold, and once the window was open, she removed the screen and climbed out.
Escape had been ridiculously easy, and she felt as if fate was making it simple for her to claim the future she so desired. The next step was to find Lexis. She knew he had quarters on the palace grounds, but unsure in which direction to go.
After only a few minutes, she ran into a palace guard who gave her
directions to Lexis’s private quarters. She had met Lexis, King George’s handsome nephew, almost three months before at her brother Lafoo’s wedding to Ella. Lexis had swept her off her feet with his incredible looks and sed-ctive charm.
He’d spent a week in Aristo and during that week he and Alberta had met whenever possible, snatching glorious moments in secret trysts.
She had surrendered her innocence to him. They had made love twice.
Would Lexis be happy to see her? This trip had been an impromptu one and she hadn’t told him she’d be arriving tonight. But he must have heard she was coming. Of course he’ll be happy to see you, she told herself firmly. Her heart quickened once again as she came to the guest house where the guard had told her Lexis lived.
The small house sat just off the sidewalk. She hesitated a moment on the sidewalk and drew a deep breath to steady herself. At that moment, she heard the soft murmur of voices drifting out from a partially open front window. He wasn’t alone. She didn’t want to burst in on him and deliver her exciting news if he wasn’t alone.
She moved to a position just behind a large, neatly trimmed bush where she could easily peek into the window. She just wanted to get a glimpse of the man she planned to spend her future with. Just a quick peek at his beloved, handsome face.
She froze as her mind grappled to make sense of the scene before her. Lexis stood directly in her line of vision. He definitely was not alone. Locked in his arms was a long-legged, tawny blonde wearing a short red dress that exposed long, shapely legs.
A sister … a cousin… Alberta’s mind worked for a logical explanation. But, as she saw Lexis’s hands move sensually down the woman’s back to grab her buttocks, as he lowered his head and took her mouth with his, Alberta knew the woman was no sister or cousin. She was obviously  Lexis’s lover.
His lover.

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