Entangled – episode 11

Entangled episode 11

Dayo was a great talker, all through the way he kept on blabbing about literature, music, Hollywood and several other topics that interested him. Jane endured his talks because she could do nothing about it, she even tried sleeping, but Dayo roused her saying he hoped she did not want to leave him to enjoy the sound of his own voice. At last they entered Abuja, Jane became hopeful. She enjoyed seeing the view of the Capital. Dayo took notice she had lighted and asked:
“It is like you are just coming into Abuja for the first time in your life?” His greasy teeth were smiling down on her awkwardly.
“No.” She answered.
“It happens dear, you will get used to the place”. He patted her on the back.
Jane growled. She could not wait for the bus to reach Gwagwalada and stop so she could leave this man and his annoying ways. Abuja was vast, they had to wait for another longer period before they eventually reached Gwagwalada. By the time they did, it was 11:20 a.m. Jane had phoned Rahila and Lancelot to tell them she will soon be arriving. Lancelot called to tell her he was at the park and that immediately she got down she should beep his phone.
“We are here travel mate.” Dayo nudged her gently when they got to the park.
One by one people started stretching, yawning and saying their gratitude. The door opened and they came out one after another. Jane went to the boot to pick out her box and was followed by Dayo. He helped her remove it and carried it to a place where people sat to wait for their relatives.
“Can I have your number my dear?” Dayo beamed at her.
“You know, to keep in touch.”
Jane waited for some minutes figuring what to do. She finally removed her phone and told him to give her his own number, he did. She typed it and in offhand way declared she would call him. He left her.
“Brother, I am at the park. I am standing where people wait for their relatives.” Jane told Lancelot on phone. Two minutes later he came to meet her, he was wearing a black and white stripped shirt and a black plain trousers. Jane smiled when she saw him. She had imagined how she will feel when they met, now she felt just plain glad.
“Good morning Brother.”
“Good morning Sister. How was your trip? Marvellous, thank God for the safe trip. I bet you are tired. Let me take this bag of yours while you follow me.” He said and collected her suitcase from her.
Jane planned on stopping him from doing so but immediately his hand came upon the bag, she knew it will be hopeless. She just followed him to his car. It was a red Toyota Camry. She hopped in,side when he opened the door. He put on the radio and started the car, while he drove out, the amazing breeze from the air con filled the car, welcoming her to Gwagwalada.
Lancelot left a few minutes after he had brought her to the house. He told her he had to catch up with work. Her cousin will be back by 3:00 p.m and she could shower and rest for the main time. Shower and rest? She thought, she had assumed her duties were to begin immediately she entered the house but she was being told to rest for now. Don’t get too comfy Jane, she advised herself out loud. She smiled as she thought her cousin had really married a wonderful man. He had driven her from the park to a beautiful restaurant where she had eaten a satisfying meal of pounded yam with vegetable soup that had every kind of niceties: stock fish, dry fish, hide and goat meat. After the meal she had drank a small bottle of malt. He had then driven to the house and helped her with the suitcase once again.
Her room was near the other guest room. It had en suite a toilet and bathroom that had everything in it the colour blue: blue toilet seat, blue sink, blue tiles and blue tiled wall. The only thing that was a different colour was the shower. The bed was big, bigger than her bed in Aunt Gloria’s house. The sheets were a nice pink and white, designed with lovely pictures of flowers; they smelt of a sweet fragrance. There was a wardrobe in the room and Lancelot put her suitcase into it when they entered.
He did not show her the kitchen; maybe her cousin would do that. She decided she would do exactly what he told her to do. Shower and rest, it was 12: 30 p.m, enough time before her new madam will come.
The afternoon passed slowly, Jane had showered and laid down on the bed. Excitement did not allow her to sleep so she called Planang to tell her she was in town and listened as Planang shrieked instructions for her. Next she called her aunt who told her she was happy she had arrived and that Isaac was in her room sleeping. Jane smiled as she thought of her son sleeping.
Jane smiled as she thought of her son sleeping. She then got serious and started mapping out a plan in her mind on how she would conduct herself, earn her degree and go back to Jos to be with her son. Soon she drifted to sleep and in her dream she saw herself wearing a matriculation gown, her aunt, son, Lancelot and Rahila were smiling at her with admiration.
“You are here?” Rahila’s voice trailed.
Jane woke up to find Rahila looking at her. “Sisiter.” She said hurrying out from the bed.
Rahila embraced her, she smelt a mixture of medicine, vanilla essence and sweat. She wore a yellow satin pinafore on a white cotton blouse. On her hair was a white satin head band that nurses wore to stand out.
“How is everyone? Your mum, Aunt Gloria, her two daughters and your son,” she asked in Hausa.
“They are all well. Mum and Aunt Gloria send their regards.” Jane replied in Hausa.
“I am glad you came, you are highly welcome to our house. Let me change into my casual dress and we will discuss some more,” Rahila patted her shoulder and ambled gently.
Later that night, Jane wrote an entry in her diary:
27th July 2013
Hello Diary, I am writing today’s entry from Abuja. Can you imagine? Abuja! It is my first time coming here, don’t blame me for not being so exposed, but hey, I am in Abuja now. I arrived here around 11:20 a.m, four and half hours of enduring an annoying seat partner that had garlic breath. My cousin’s husband was there at the park to pick me up, he was so handsome.
I told you before that I am fascinated about him, don’t get me wrong, not that I have a crush on him or something like that, I just like him, plain as that. Imagine, I had been dreaming and imagining how I could ever get to be close to my dear cousin and her handsome husband when fate just blew my way and here I am in their house.
Aunt Gloria said it is not luck, she says luck does not exist, that what happened is just the result of opportunity meeting preparation. Maybe she is right, except that I don’t still understand what I did to prepare for this.
Aunt Gloria lectured me thoroughly yesterday night; she said I really needed Jesus in my life. I think I am good. I do my best not to hurt anyone; I don’t steal or cheat, ever since my mistake with Pamshak I have not been with any other man. Is that not enough? I don’t think I can go any deeper in religion, all that commitment and strict adherence to dos and don’ts just does not appeal to me. I will try my best of course to remain a good girl, but I do not think I can walk that way my aunt wants me to go.
Cousin Rahila and Lancelot treated me today like I was very special, I hope the treatment continues. I must do my best to please them, I must do my best to get to school next year. I have to stop and go to bed now so I can wake tomorrow by five for my chores.
Two weeks later, Jane had learned the etiquette of the household. She learned that most times, the couple’s day started at five in the morning. Lancelot liked to drink coffee or Lipton tea with toasted bread while Rahila had pancakes with orange juice. Lancelot left the house most days by 6a.m while Rahila sometimes stayed back till twelve noon.

To be continued

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