Entangled – episode 13


Episode 13

He hesitated, if there was nothing wrong with her he did not need to go into her room. But her voice had sounded heavy, as if she was in pains. He opened the door cautiously and entered. Jane was curled up on the bed like a cat, her eyes were watery and her face was contorted.
“Are you okay? You look sick.” He said.
“I have a stomach ache.” She replied not wanting to disclose her real ailment.
Lancelot looked closely at her. “Are you on your period?”
Jane could not hide it any longer, he was a doctor and sooner or later he would deduce the truth. “Yes I am.” She said and looked away as quickly as possible.
He grunted and walked away. Minutes later he came back to the room producing some tablets and capsules. “Drink this.” He said, “Your cousin keeps them for her own menstrual cramps, it will make the pains subside in no time.”
Jane accepted them with thanks, she left the room and went to kitchen to get a glass of water and swallowed the drugs. She turned to go back, Lancelot was at her back looking intently at her, his face wore a frown and he was cracking his knuckle absentmindedly.
“You need to rest for some time, I will help you do the dishes so your work will not pile.”
“Sir? No Sir, that won’t be necessary, if I rest for some minutes I will come and finish the dishes and do other things.”
“You need to rest for hours not minutes, besides, washing dishes are not new to me; before you came I had been washing dishes together with my wifey. Just go and sleep now.”
Jane looked at him amazed, what sort of man was this? She thanked him and slowly left the kitchen while he went over to the sink and began washing. Jane slept for two hours straight, she woke up at 1 p.m. She got up from the bed nearly in a hurry and would have knocked herself over. In the kitchen, the plates were already cleared and the tiles and looked like they had been mopped. She went back to her room where the dirty clothes had been kept for washing but did not see a single clothe there. Lancelot had already put them in the washing machine and they were drying outside in the sun.
Her cramps had subsided greatly, she was thankful to Lancelot. She picked up the money Rahila gave her for the shopping and locked the door. Lancelot was no longer at home so she assumed he had reported at work. Her shopping only took her 30 minutes; she bought some beef, seasoning cubes, fresh pumpkin leaves and water leaves and some stock fish. She came back home and started doing the cooking before Rahila came back home.
One week after the incident, Jane was drying out the clothes in the backyard while Lancelot was making calls in his room. Suddenly he felt bored and decided to look for something to amuse himself. He trudged to the living room and sat down to access the DSTV since the little L.G television in his room was not connected to the satellite. He put on Zee World, a popular soap opera was going on but he could not bring himself to watch it. He put on Discovery Channel but soon got bored of the dinosaur the scientists were an-lyzing. A thought came into his mind, he thought it was crazy and tried to wave it aside but the thought persisted. He got up and made for Jane’s room.
He entered and looked around; soon he found what he was looking for. He took the brown hærd covered book he had seen the last time he was in her room and flipped it open. Jane Dung’s Diary, it read. He flipped pages and read excerpts of the things she wrote, he knew this was unethical and wrong, but something kept compelling him to continue. He came to the excerpt she wrote on the 2nd September 2013.
2nd September 2013
Hi Diary, time is flying really fast. Remember by this time last year I was in Jos with my aunt and son. They are doing very fine by the way, Aunt Gloria tells me she will be taking Isaac to Play Class next week. Yes, that’s right. Isaac will be staring school. Since his birthday fell on August 13th, he became 3 years. The dude is old enough. It is only a shame that I would not be there to witness his first day of school. I sent my aunt three thousand naira out of the money Lancelot gave me for my allowance. I told my aunt to use it to buy a fine lunch box and water bottle for Isaac’s schooling.
Thank God for the allowance Lancelot gives me every month. I thought there will be nothing like that for me since they take care of my feeding, clothing and miscellaneous expenses, but to my surprise, Lancelot said he will give me 10 thousand naira every month. Is that not great?
Planang has not yet visited me, but we talk on phone. We are both on Facebook, but you know, I hærdly have time to chat on Facebook and I am trying my best to avoid all those aprokos from my secondary school who want to show off they are doing better than anyone else.
Haruna has been bombarding my phone with calls in the night, these days I simply switch my phone off to avoid him. I do not even know what his problem is. I asked my cousin, Rahila, to explain our relationsh¡p and she told me he was adopted by my aunt who is a second cousin to my late father. So technically, we are not related by blood. No wonder he has the effrontery to tell me he has feelings for me. You know what I did? I just locked up!
I need space. I do not need any boyfriend now. My main aim is simply to get admission into the university and graduate successfully. I have already started warming up for my JAMB, since my cousin and her husband are medical personnel, they have a lot of books on science and biology, I have been going through them.
I planned on asking Lancelot for help, since he is a doctor he might be able to advise me on the right course to study. But he seems always sombre and in a grave mood. To think I had been head over heels about his physical appearance, anyway, he seems like a good husband though; he talks about his wife all the time and praises her beauty 24/7. I’m still in love with his physique (not him), and I could give anything just to have a husband with his exact structure. I got to go to bed now. See you tomorrow.
Lancelot closed the diary and chuckled. He kept the diary back in its place and left the room. Jane is a crazy girl, [/i]he thought. [i]Crazy people are always interesting individuals

To be continued

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