Entangled – episode 8

Entangled episode 8

“So early after our wedding?” She sounded unhappy, “that will not be ideal. I don’t even have any children yet. Apart from that fact, nowadays there is a lot of nasty reports about house maids on the social media, I don’t want to take the risk.”
Then learn how to cook. He almost told her aloud. He did not say anything more about the topic but he was sure she would think about it.
Today was special, they had to host the Sojis in their home. Mr Bankole Soji was a colleague of his at the hospital. He worked along with Lancelot in the Pediatrics ward though he was more advanced in years and had more experience. The wife, Mrs Bankole Soji was a seamstress who owned a big tailoring outfit in Lugbe. They were coming along with their three kids to spend the Sunday evening with them in their house.
Rahila was at loss on what to cook and how to cook it. There were vegetables in the refrigerator which she could use to garnish fried rice with, but the problem was she had never made it and was sure it will be a mess. Then there was flour and eggs in the store and she had an excellent idea to make sponge cake for dess**t but she was afraid that will also turn out bad even if she followed the recipe. She was not just good with recipes. The only thing she had done so far was to cook goat meat pepper soup under the supervision of her husband and that had turned out good. She decided that will be appetizer. But Lancelot was away to buy ice-cream for the children and left her to take care of the other preparations. Then the thought came to her to call Angela to come over. Angela was not on duty this afternoon and may be available to help her, but what if she refused.
She left the kitchen and came to the dining table where her phone was placed, her long green chiffon skirt sweeping the tiles as she paced. Lancelot had forbade trousers and shorts for her. He told her he will not have his wife wear things that will draw men’s attention to the shape of her bottom.
The phone rang, Angela’s voice spoke on the other line. “Hello Freno.”
“Hello Dearie, do you have chance to come and help me out?”
“I do, but not so much time, I have fellowsh¡p to get to by five p.m.”
Rahila checked her white coloured wrist watch that her husband was crazy about her wearing.
“Babe, it’s 1p.m na. Surely you could assist me for some hours.”
“Food matter abi?”
“Guessed right. Please be here ASAP, no time left.”
“Kay, I’m on my way.”
Rahila danced around briefly and made her way to the refrigerator to remove the carrots, peas and green beans she had bought. Then she threw them in the sink and ran water on them before putting them in her green bowl for vegetables. She went to the store to fetch another bowl and ended up staring at all the gifts that were still partially wrapped. These were kitchen utensils that were not needed at the moment: ceramic plates, cups, glass bowls, plastic bowls, baking pans, manual blenders, electric blenders, an electric kettle and so many others.
There were other gifts still wrapped lying in the guest room, there had been so much gifts that the couple had grown tired and bored of opening. The most useful of them which were 2 gas ovens and a freezer had been opened as soon as they were brought. Pam had sent a Toyata Camry to her after their honey moon. She had been so shocked and disturbed while Lancelot had simply been flabbergasted.
There was a knock at the door, she opened and Angela came in wearing a silly smile. She was putting on a sky green blouse that was so tight fitting and old looking jeans that was ripped on the knee area. On her hair was a blue bandanna. Rahila had never seen her rugged looking before. All nurses she knew wore smart and pretty looking clothes.
Rahila led the way to the kitchen and tried to show her everything they were to use but Angela seemed to know better. “That pot is too small for the food to go in,side, we are cooking for seven mouths you say? And don’t forget I have to eat as well.” She bluntly
told Rahila. “These seasoning cubes will not be sufficient, the secret to a tasty food is less salt and more seasoning… Don’t tell me you forgot to buy the thyme, just rush and get it before it is late… Add more butter to this mixture, I will teach you how to make tasty scones… Where is the liver? Fried rice without liver is not fried rice at all.”
By the time they were through with the baking and the cooking, Rahila was glad she had come to help, she let Angela dish as much fried rice as she wanted and take out as many scones as she could. Her husband entered just then, he was shocked to see another woman coming out of the kitchen.
“You remember Angela don’t you? My colleague.” Rahila addressed Lancelot.
“Oh, of course.” He said waving his hands by way of greeting and quickly turned his eyes away and went about placing the things he bought in the refrigerator.
A wry smile played on Angela’s face. All these Mountain on Fire men, behaving as if they don’t see other women. Now that his wife can’t cook, he is sure to see me in his house more often, then we’ll see how he will avoid contact with me. She thought.
“Thank you so much Angela, you saved the day.” Rahila gushed.
“Ki ni kon? What’s that? E jare, any time you need help feel free to call me. I have to go now, fellowsh¡p will soon start. We’ll see at the hospital.”
“Oh, let me walk you.”
“Ah, no. Your visitors will soon come, set the house in order. Bye.”
“Bye, thanks.”
Lancelot finished arranging the things and looked at his wife. She was looking so pleased. He knew the lady who had just walked out had come to help with the cooking. He did not like her but he could not blame his wife.
“Is everything ready, dear?” He asked.
“Yes, every single thing. I just need to clear up a few plates, I don’t want Mrs Soji coming in to see dirty plates in my sink.”
She made to pass him and enter the kitchen but he held her close to him and pecked her on the forehead. They stayed that way for seconds, he sniffing the sweet scent of her hair and she enjoying the warmth that emanated from him so close to her. Finally they got disentangled and she entered the kitchen. He watched interestingly as she walked, taking one step after the other like a peac*ck on his display walk, shoulders straight and head er-ct. She walked like a princess in a movie, in a manner that made one think she had not the slightest worry on earth.

To be continued

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