Epic Of A Yahoo Boy

EPIC OF A YAHOO BOY – episode 3


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Here they are, girls in cloth without p-nts, rolling their small butt like a spin wheel, girls in the age of 13, 14, and 15 with their l-ips painted, their long hairs curled backwards, their high heels making tock sounds with each steps they took and their b-obs dancing with their movement.

They’re young but has more experience, they’re small but more rom-ntic, more attentive, more agile, stronger and more attractive, willing to do whatever you ask them in as much the cash is theirs, they are willing to strip themselves for pleasure as much as the dollars will be theirs. Their tops are above their laps, closely between their legs, some of them are high on drugs, already drenched with alcohol and obviously ready for whatever pleasures demanded from them.

“I said you can’t join us, what the hell are you doing here? You’re small, go back into the hostel”
“I’m not small Gloria, I’m 10 years and will be 11 years old next month, I’m not staying back, I’m going with you girls”

“why don’t you let her join us Gloria, let her explore herself and have some fun since she insisted, I’d started this when I was 9 years, common !! why are you been so stubborn?”
“Waoh !! I never knew you’d be much like this, any problem with you girls here?” fred interrupted after talking with the security man.

“I want to join you guys but Gloria insisted I stay back”
“Shut the **** up and get back into the hostel now” Gloria shouted.
“Hey common Gloria, let her come along, whatsup with you? Its just fun”
“No uncle Fred, she can’t, she’s small, she doesn’t even have a b-ob, let her stay back”

“Of course I have a b-ob, here is my b-ob” the little girl flared up and unzip her blouse off totally, surprising them.
“Wow !!” Fred exclaimed, staring at her bare chest and the bushy hair between her legs.
“You aren’t even wearing a p-nt, what the goddamn are you”
“ Yeah, I’m not wearing p-nts just like the rest of you all”

“Wow you mean all of you are not on p-nts? Wow let her come along Gloria, she just wants fun, she’s a big girl after all”
“No she’s not” Gloria still insisted. “she’s a V-rgin, she doesn’t even know what catching fun is” she whispered to Fred who was giving her looks.

“V-rgin !! you mean she’s a V-rgin?”
“Yes, you see reason why she can’t follow us now?”
“Of course not, more reason I want her to join us, lets go meet my friends up there in the car first, common girls”

“What the **** is Fred doing? These are little girls, what the hell does he want us to do with them?”
“Common Louis, these girls are better off to those ladies who slays, who could imagine there’s still a V-rgin and I’ll ever have chance to have fun with one?”
“Cut the crap Charles, the V-rgin girl is mine”

“Don’t tell me bulls*** man, this V-rgin girl is for me this time around”
“Don’t start this now, atleast not here, Fred already have her, and I don’t think he’s going to let any of you change that, see him hold her hands already” Louis shouted at them while they looked forward.
“This is a bad idea, this girls are way too small”

“Small but carry bigger measures, Fred is the real baddest, 15 girls in one time”
“I’m quite amazed none of them are on p-nts, what the **** is happening?”
“Of course to make things easier, what’s the point in wearing p-nts when they know what they’re coming for”

“Hmmm I’m sure Lucifer will be delighted already”
“Yeah sure”

On our way to Tour VGA club, the most extravagant club in the capital city of the country, the best place to see extra – ordinary, built like paradise, endowed with pure gold and diamond, visited by President and unlikely Senators who want to see beyond the dept of the world and reality of the bright day.

A place clothes are forbidden, underwears a great taboo, the law is to be with nothing, both men and women, parked with people of different states, counties and unlikely ethnics. We are sure Devil is the real owner but who cares? Yes we know of the presence of God according to our religious beliefs and what we were made to accept, but who cares? Of course we don’t care.

Our cars came to an halt at one police check-point surprisingly, we were instructed to stop by the bunch of the cops. “May I ask where you are going to” one of them asked, staring at our faces and the girls at the back seat, another policeman went to the second car and the same questions were asked.

“We are going to the club” Charles replied the policeman.
“Going to a club with under-age girls and Becky Bonnal college girls precisely?”
“What” !! Gloria exclaimed, following the officer direction only to discover one of the girls had the school badge on her dress. “How come you have that?” she shouted while they all fixed their gaze on her.

“I… I… I didn’t know I had it on, I… I..” she stammered without any posible answer to give before covering the badge with her hands. “You don’t know? Who the hell are you? Gloria flared up.

“Calm down girls, aren’t you truly Becky Bonnal girls? The cop only asked where we are going, don’t start arguing among yourself” Fred interrupted.
“This are girls who are ought to be in their hostels, why are they here this late and what are these under age girls going to do at the club?” the officer turned to face Charles and Fred who were at the front seat.

“We are going for fun, what else? Don’t you know anything called fun?” Fred exclaimed.
“Does the school authority know about this fun you’re going for? If so shall I put a call through for confirmation or you are bunch of kidnappers?”
“Why are you f****** disturbing us officer, I’m tired of your questions, we are going to have fun, what is your goddamn business with that?” Charles questioned.

“Come down from the car this minutes” the officer ordered without arguing.
“Hey, tell all of them to come down from that car likewise” he instructed the officer at the second car.
“Stop pinching me, what is wrong with you?” Gloria shouted on one of the girls, all of them already feeling scared of being caught.

“its doesn’t have to be this way officer, we can sort this out”
“I’m aren’t sorting out anything with you, come down this minutes”
“#2 million for you cop”
“I said come down this minutes”
“#3 million then”
“I want all of you out from the car first, I don’t have to repeat myself, you might not prefer to be forced”

“#5 million then” Charles said again but the officer remained silent, he seemed to be stubborn. All the girls were all scared except Gloria and the girl beside her who looked confident and less scared.
“Does this means we’ll be expelled from school Gloria? I don’t want to be expelled please” the 10 years girl cried out.

“Shut your goddamn mouth this minute, you’ll really dislike me for the rest of your life if I hear any more word from you” Gloria voiced out angrily.
“We don’t have to do it this way officer, let this just be between us, we’re just going to have fun, the girls demanded for it and are already under this hot atmosphere, we can sort this out” Charles interrupted the officer who was already making a call.
“We make it #10 million for you then”

“What the **** are you telling me?” the officer dropped the call and faced Charles and Fred who were out of the car already.
“Do I look like a pauper to you?”
#150 million then” Fred chuckled, surprised a policeman actually said he’s not a pauper.

“Make it #300 million and we’re done”
“#300 million it is then” Charles said while the girls made a sigh in relief.

The girls walked in Tour VGA first phase one after the other anxiously and stopped to join the moving queue, they stared forward confused with same questions on them. “What is happening over there?”

“Hey little girl, stop asking bulls*** before I bounce on you, you are to take off whatever it is you wear at that entrance or you turn back before you get there, clothes are forbidden in here, the law is to be with nothing on till you step out. You’re such a disturbance, you can turn back now if you want to”

“Leave this girl alone now, she’s new to this system, just leave her with me, I’ll put her through everything she needs to know, common let her have some fun at least” Louis said and smiled.
“This girl is for me bro, I have her already” Fred said quickly and forced her out of Louis grip.

“Weytin do you mehn? Do you want to take her alone for yourself? That’s too greedy of you”
“What the hell are you saying? You too want to take her?”
“Yeah of course, I prefer the little girl to any of the girls” Starex implied.

“Common you guys are such a damn, you’re really arguing over a 10 years old girl on who have her? This is really unbelievable, you are such a…..”
“Shut your mouth off this minute, I’ll not have you act like you’re a good ally here Charles, only one person has to disV-rgin her and that is me, I bet whatever strategy you plan to use will not work well tonight, the girl is mine and nothing will change that, so get the hell out of the way, we are close to the entrance” Fred shouted.

“Hey man cool down, what is wrong with you? You really want to have her alone for yourself?” Charles asked.
“What er saying bro? there are 14 girls left here and see them going in,side already, you can take whichever one you want and have her later when I’m done, only one person got to get her V-rginity afterall”

“I don’t seem to understand you uncles” Gloria walked up to them. “All the girls are in,side already and I’ve been here watching you deliberate over who have this little girl. Look at her, she doesn’t even understand what she’s meant to do, the girls in there are tight, more experience, know what to do, how to do it better and won’t give you problems like this girl would give, is V-rginity that valuable to you guys” She pointed out.

“How long have you been into this?” Starex made a chuckle.
“Since I was 8” she answered, walking close to him
“And how old are you?”
“I’m 15 and I have more experience, I’m more rom-ntic and will give you whichever pleasure you want, why fight over this little inexperience witch”

“And who said we are fighting? Take off your cloth and lets go in,side together, I think I like you, let him have the V-rgin girl. We need to be quick about this, we haven’t got all day” Louis said, holding her hands and loosing his shirt as he walked.

To be continued.

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