Epic Of A Yahoo Boy

EPIC OF A YAHOO BOY – episode 4


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“Why do you spend this money lavishly? Why not help the less privilege people?” Judge Wilson questioned.
“Money are meant to be spent Mr Judge, and we spent it whichever way we seem fit. Tell me what else we need? The latest Cars? Chains endowed with pure Gold? Mansions? expensive wears that cost a fortune an average man will never see for his lifetime? high class babes? respect given to us in wh0le and during red-carpet? is it to tour round the world? meet with world heroes and influential people across the universe? We’ve seen all this mehn and we’ll continue to live it to the greatest core”

“Why do you still don’t help the less privilege out there with this money?” Judge Wilson repeated.
“Hey judge we aren’t the government and nobody aren’t paying tax to us but to only the government, we are the less privilege people and there wasn’t help from those who took our taxes, instead they filled their truck with our farmer’s hærd earned harvest, they burst in laughter and refer to our people as ungrateful sets of people, they travel out and spend money lavishly under false pretence when they are ought to help we less privilege”

Judge Wilson smiled with the response they gave, what he doesn’t understand was the confidence they had despite knowing they were about to be prosecuted. “I can see you’re indeed happy doing this yahoo scam”

The first very biggest fraud in this country happened at Dec. 15 1989 by a politician who embezzled a lot of money for himself and changed his identity thereafter. He sent his children far away to a foreign country with some of this money but remained here in order not to call for suspicion.

He built mansions, parking garage that could take more than 5 thousand cars, built extravagant hotels both here and foreign countries, bought several expensive cars and built different manufacturing companies.

Due to instinct, conscience and that nobody knew, he employed thousands of people into these companies and gave them heavy Salaries, of course some people appreciated him, some talked against him, some were jealous of his success, some gave up their lives for him just for how kind he was to them.

The illiterate and low people benefitted majorly from him, he changed their stories and gave them a sustainable job that bring them heavy pays, his success grew and he was known and recognized all across the country.

Over the years, fraud became the biggest means to survival, predators became more powerful and fierce against their preys, there were lots more fraud and crimes caused by politicians and government officials across the country. Agitated and patriotic members rose against the turmoil and the heavy wind reduced its powers for awhile. Eze Jude who changed his identity to John Will was apprehended and charged with theft, he was sentenced to life imprisonment but Citizens flared against it, they demand his immediate release somehow because of his contributions to the less privilege and the poor”

“And was he released?” The judge questioned, getting more interested in their story.
“He was released the second day and what do that caused? More and more bigger fraud. Government officials elude with money meant for general purpose, more bigger money disappeared with no trace, the agitated and patriotic members were cleared at their slight movement”

“The wh0le system turned red and beyond anyone control, better lives changed otherwise, jobs were lost, robbery and assassination increased beyond anticipation and measures, people turned dubious, fake and unregistered companies produced more fakes than the original, brutalized and in-justice roam around vicinities and every corner of the County, all majorly caused by this government”

“And what happens?”
“eating three square meals became the hærdest, disaster and diseases roamed around low levied class who lost their jobs, majorly taken by govermental relative who receives money in different companies in offices they never managed.

A direct yahoo scam bounty, seen by everyone but nobody talked, they roam freely under the high sun, they spray the cash in high classic parties to gain respect and loved to be addressed his Excellency all round the square of the city.

“Is that the reason you are involved in yahoo scam?”
“A President spends hundred thousand dollars weekly on aircraft parking terminal alone, £250 for medical services per hour, what greater fraud could be more than that? They caused heart-breaking sum of tax payers money and lots more money spent illegally without fear, they are group of immense, high predators that feed on their citizens and less cared if they wail in tears.

“What punishment was detached to them? Only to be seen spending more cash lavishly, building more mansion for themselves, enjoying a life of luxury while beggars roam round the corners of the city.

“You still haven’t answer the question” the Judge said again while there were murmurs in the court before the clerk shouted for order, Judge Wilson knew he was wasting time but he felt the need to let them speaks.

“Lives were losted, citizens became homeless and hopeless, boys rose to be used as political weapons when there were no hope, the future became shattered and uncertain, only political scambug had their way to survival and only with illegal means.

“Government officials embezzled gathered taxes and yet no arrest warrant were levied against them, why should there be any on Yahoo boys? We generate foreign exchange majorly for the country, we had to help ourselves or remain as slave for the rest of our days under the seige of selfish and cruel leaders.

“We are at war, its takes only the wise to understand the best strategy to win the bloody ****ed war. To survive, you have to eliminate your counterparts, to live for a long time you have to never stop quenching for the blood of your neighbor, either beloved or otherwise.

The street of Lagos is showered with warriors who desires to remain alive and survive no matter how bloody the war front could be, black and the whites race, entwined with cell phone, tablets as a basic weapon to attack and protect, survive and to live for a long time, leaving the affairs of the Gerontocracy who were the first yahoo scam and the very existence of the scam act.

We are wise warriors, we upgraded the fraud excellently with the very help our greatest source, the sort beginning of our generation ‘Internet’ which can never elapse. We await the day we shall enshrined Yahoo into our constitution as it generates foreign exchange majorly for the country.

We shall enshrined Yahoo education into syllabus and curriculum activities of the young children, each one of them will be entitled to a programmed Laptop and cellphone from the very beginning of their education. They will be trained as warriors, both boys and girls will be equipped with more powerful and updated weapons as they w¡dened and grow in knowledge.

They will survive by their laptop and fight these wars with their cell phones, they will have an un-desrupted network services and access to unlimited data to surge the Internet for as long as they wish. They will have access to facilities and will be trained as best and great warriors, they will tour round the centre of the world to get diverse knowledge in hacking and generating internet fraud.

We will be respected around the world and our boys will be regarded as fierce and Lord Baron regardless of their age. We will change this country, we will develop it into a better one and cleanse Gerontocracy off our lands, we shall repay those who used our fathers as slaves without paying their dues, we shall demonished the unwarranted public schools they built which their children and relatives would never attend and change it to Yahoo Institute.

Yahoo will be made as a major course in institutions across different levels and regarded the main priority, there will be levity in every spectacular arena in the country. The educated will be trained to be expert in their fields, the illiterate and life cast will be put into business that wouldn’t be compromised by anyone whatsoever. The wh0le system will be cleared and replaced with the truth we’ve forseen”

There were murmurs in the court immediately following the question asked by the Judge. “Order” the clerk shouted to control the noisy murmurs which went down immediately.

“How do the four of you intend to achieve this” the Judge questioned again after there was silence.
“We are already on the path, and its await its fulfillment”

“Are you aware of the gravity for your offense and the punishment for it?” the Judge asked.
“Whichever one you name it, we don’t give er damn”
“I can see your hærdened heart and it is all clear to this court you are not ready even if there’s a royal pardon for your crimes, your ability to hack, create and manipulate softwares could be in other ways be helpful to this country. This will serve as a lesson to others who are into illegal acts and all sorts of crimes to stop and drop down this act before they’re caught and dealt with the law.

Its still so devastating more people fall victims of this fraud act despite several warnings and series of information passed across every day to people on different platforms but nevertheless you shall be punished in order to make boys on the urge to involve themselves into act that is against our constitution stop before embarking on it”

“Therefore the four of you Louis Smith, Frederick Stilinson, Starex Gold and Charles Martins are all sentence to life imprisonment for theft, different levels of fraud, deceit, drug abuse, child abuse, assassination, raping and all sort of criminal act acquainted to you and…..”

“Shut your mouth this minute old man” Starex shouted while they burst into laughter all of a sudden, the people in the court were getting more confused and the judge himself was left agape. There was more confusion when their laughter increased, some thought they’ve gone crazy and some thought they fastly need to be attend to by a doctor before one of them speaks up.

“We are sorry to disappoint you all and especially the Judge, you’ve made a mistake here” Fred uttered in laughter before the wh0le court scattered almost instantly, everybody including some police ran for their lives immediately when heavy stones were thrown in from different angles.

To be continued.

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