Epic Of A Yahoo Boy

EPIC OF A YAHOO BOY – Final Episode


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“You did well guys, I didn’t expect you’d do to that extreme” Charles commented while Louis clapped. “That was nothing bro, its one of our easiest job ever done but by the way how were you even arrested in first place?”

“Leave that alone Alex, its was Charles idea, you know he’s always the craziest among us”
“Call me goddamn thing you like bro, the message has been passed across already and that is what matters. You can tune to your news channel or visit your browser to figure out the craziest” Charles said and burst into laughter, leaving them all stunned.

“My God what have you done Charles?” Starex asked and immediately get to switch the tv on and tuned to the Alltig news channel. They all gazed at the Tv as the reporter started the news in full, the highlights had been read minutes earlier.

“Its was a shock earlier today at the court when a proceedings was desrupted by armed gangsters who scattered the people in court by throwing stones in,side, as a result, everybody including police officers who are ought to protect the people ran for safety. The four guys, Louis Smith, Frederick Stilinson, Starex Gold and Charles Martins who were charged with theft, different levels of fraud, deceit, drug abuse, hacking and committing internet fraud called Yahoo Yahoo disappeared after the incident as none knew about their disappearance. The Judge was severely wounded when he tried to run for safety along with some people who collide with themselves when they attempted to run out from the court hall. Report says a lot of properties worth millions were destroyed and vandalized as a result of the incident.

Not less than an hour later, a video was released on the Internet, steps to trace the real source of the video proved abortive as at the report reaching us now, the video which comprised on the accused and proceedings in the court has gotten more than 5k views as at the time its was posted and has been the present discussions all over different places. Our reporters however are still on the verge to find out more and get the details of the incident, stay tuned for more”

“My God !! Charles what is this you’ve done? Did you just disclose us wanted? Louis shouted at Charles who was just laughing.
“Louis why is that you’re the only one here who reasons like a fool?” Charles joked.

“Alex, scorpion, the both of you can leave now, I think we need to discuss privately within ourselves before things become more uglier, that is your money in that briefcase. You can take it and settle the rest of the boys” starex interrupted before Alex made to get the briefcase, noticing the tensed situation in the sitting room and walked out.

“Now Charles tell me what’s the wh0le plans and how to keep out from this situation” Starex said slowly after seeig the looks on Fred who seemed to be aware of the wh0le thing.

“Are you scared you’re declared wanted or scared that you’ll end up in jail?” Charles asked playfully.
“Hey bro, what the hell are you telling me? Firstly you didn’t tell me about the method of desrupting the court by hiring men to scatter the hall, that was extremely different to what you told me and second, what the **** are you doing by uploading videos? Get your ass seated right now, I’m not joking here Charles” Starex shouted after he made his fist and ran to attack Charles In annoyance when he tried to sleep but Fred stopped it.

“Hey chill bro, what’s the issue with you? You want to really attack your brother?” Fred questioned and pushed him back before Charles sat properly after seeing that Starex meant it. “Take your hands off me mehn” Starex said and fling Fred’s hands away from his chest.
“You know already about this and you never told me, instead you agreed to sell us out Fred, I can’t really belief this” he flared up and turned to face Charles again.

“Do you know the reality of what you helped us into?”
“Common Starex, what the hell is happening to you? We were only having fun, you know we all have our own ways of having crazy fun as we often do, what the **** is exactly your problem?”
“What crazy fun are you having Charles? What do you we intend to do now? Stay indoors till the rest of our lives? Or what you mother****er” he shouted and made to fight again but Fred stopped it the second time. Starex couldn’t calm himself, he thought of why he had gone with the plan in the first place, what Charles told him was entirely different to what eventually happened.

“Who brought the idea of having fun with under-age girls? Was it not you? Common you almost got us into trouble, you almost got Fred into trouble, afterall you knew what happened, you almost got yourself into trouble likewise if not that we quickly handled the situation in a hærd way. What the hell are you……”

“Its was Fred who brought the cracy idea, tell me, was he not?” Starex shouted in anger.
“Its wasn’t me, it was Louis who brought the idea” Fred defended.
“Fred don’t point that to me, ‘abeg don’t make me vex’” Louis who had been quite also voiced out in anger.
“Now what the **** did you just do?”

“I made us popular mehn, everybody is talking about the four of us right now guys. Imagine us being the wh0le talk of the town, don’t you like it?” Charles said and smiled, making it more ridiculous for Starex to see. Starex moved forward angrily the third time and Fred tried to push him away again but he stepped on one of the chairs instead and jumped right behind him.

A punch landed on Charles face instantly before he could defend himself, another blow landed on his belly before he could get over the first punch and before Fred could draw Starex back, a fight broke up.

Louis who had been silent rushed to push Charles back and Fred pulled Starex back, separating the two of them.
“Now what huh !! you put my life in danger? Huh, you f****** act like the boss here and as if you’re the richest, you think you can f****** do as you wish without an apology to anyone?” Starex said in anger.

“What did you just do you f****** b******?” Charles said and tried to break away from Louis grip but Louis held him tight, he touched his swollen face and equally felt the pain from the punches. He looked at Starex and immediately wanted to drag himself away to fight but Louis held him tighter.
“Why are guys doing this way? Is this issue beyond this?” Fred asked in frustration when he saw both of them really wanted to fight.

“You ask him, ask the goddamn ingrate, I bought you out from poverty and I turned your life better Starex, have you ever appreciated all I did one single day? No, I say a big No You haven’t, you ignorant ungrateful son of a b****”

“You dare not Charles, you’ll always remain the b****** son of your fathers, you were the dullest and don’t you dare repeat you turned my life you fool. You had the opportunity, your little b****** father inherited one f****** property from robbery and he made himself rich and for that you’re bragging? Your old father ended up in jail and you still goddamn claim of taking me from poverty you b******” Starex cursed too and tried to fight but Fred held him back.

Charles pushed Louis away In annoyance and forcefully from his grip, he pushed Fred who was trying to prevent him from fighting Starex by staying in between them, Fred fell on one of the chairs as another fight broke up again. Charles made to get the empty bottle of champagne they drank the day before behind one of the chairs and attacked Starex who had knew what he was after, the bottle shattered to pieces on the wall Starex had rushed to but was lucky it missed him.

He took the mug on the mini-table beside the entrance to the dinning table and threw it back at Charles who had taken another bottle and threw it likewise before the two of them made few punches on each other. Louis and Fred watched with bewilderment, things was getting more uglier than what its semed.

The two of them rolled and landed several blows on another without any second thought but Starex had more upper hand due to his bold and huge stature. “We need to separate them Fred, we can’t just watch, we need to do something before this guys get themselves killed” Louis voiced out.

Fred nodded and moved forward instantly without responding, he rushed towards Starex who had taken a sharp metal object already and pushed him forcefully away before he could hit Charles. “What the **** you doing? You’re going to kill him mehn”

“Step away Fred if you don’t want to die” starex said angrily even though he was catching his breath.
“No this has to stop this minute Starex, I would not allow you kill him” Fred shouted and turned back at Charles who was just standing up.
“You guys should stop this right now” Fred voiced out loudly again.

“Why huh? We’re just getting started Fred, we are popular aren’t we? One of us must surely die today so stay out of this” Charles said and rushed forward in annoyance to fight but was desrupted when the door opened widely all of a sudden, five suited gunmen entered and pointed their pistols each at them.

“You are all under arrest” one of them shouted, carefully stepping on some broken bottles. “Check out for anyone else In the rooms” he ordered.

“Take off the cover on their faces, let me see them” a black American man in shiny suit ordered. The cover was taken instantly as instructed.

The four guys squinted their faces even though a lamp placed on the desk was the only light in the darkness. They made quick glances around them and at the Black American before the man standing behind him.

“Are they more than this?” the Black American questioned
“No sir, its only the four of them” the man behind answered.
“Wow I must say I’m impressed if its only the four of you” he said, looking at their faces.
“Why is this one wounded?” he asked Charles who was dumbfounded until the man behind spoke up, they don’t know what happened or how they got there but were sure they were shot when some men bang the door and point guns at them.

“We met them rather in an uneventful manner” the man responded again.
“Don’t bother asking yourselves questions, you’re not dead, the bullet shot at you were to make you unconscious for few minutes and not to kill you” the black American answered their critic questions when he saw their reaction.

“I’ve studied your record and I must say I’m quite amazed, you’ve been the talk of the town and the major hits news on different platforms and news channels but whatever it is you’ve done wasn’t planned well. The men you hired has been caught and apprehended, you were lucky we reached you on time before you are caught by the law enforcement, they must have gone to your place already in a search for you”

The four of them glance at each others faces as the black American man spoke. That means they weren’t arrested by the police or what? The question reflect on their faces.

“You are under arrest but not yet by the police, first I might want you to answer this question with delay” he said again and stared at their faces, noticing their uneasiness.

“What do you know about Eze Jude?” he asked without taking of his gaze. Louis, Fred and Starex turned instantly at Charles who seemed to be the one who knows about the name because he mentioned it earlier in court.
“What a common man would know about him” Charles answered, staring back at the black American and confused about the question.

The Black American rested his back on the chair and crossed his fingers together. He looked at their faces again one by one before speaking again. “You are all already declared wanted everywhere in the country, the videos you uploaded made things more easier and your faces easier to recognized, you’ll be arrested at the very sight once you are out. Every single thing you had will be seized along all your bank accounts but I have a proposition for you which will help you from the mess you created out of having fun as you do claim”

Starex stared an angry looks at Charles immediately, he felt like strangling him that moment but remained silent.
“who are you men firstly?” Fred asked fearfully even though he tried to sound confident.
“I suggest you stick to what we have here Frederick Stilinson, more bigger trouble might come to you if we decide to change our mind and plans but we do have something greater if you stick to our instructions” the Black American interrupted before the man behind him instantly dropped a file on the desk.

“in other not to waste more time, we have an ongoing internet job that requires your services which you might be granted pardon for all of your crimes if you do, there’s a man called Thomas Silvester, he’s a computer engineer and was once a professor, he’s an expert in programming and developing malwares. Just about awhile ago, he hacked into one company in Washington and get a hold of the company’s secret database and cleared off the company biggest cool cash through the help of an in,sider who gave him necessary resources.

He made himself invisible afterwards and made no internet transactions in order for him not to be traced, few days ago, we huh caught a signal of a transaction he made in Kenya and we started working on tracing it and we however found out the transaction he made only appeared to be in Kenya but was not. The transaction was perfectly done through a trick he used in changing the location of the transaction, its was done here in Nigeria” the Black American spoke nd looked at their faces if they were getting him.

“This information is classified and there is little that can be disclosed to you, we want you to take up the job due to some profound reasons here in Nigeria and trace him for us”

“Who exactly are you and why do you want us for this?” Starex asked in a stern voice.
“Questions are not to be asked and answers are not to be given, the Senate President and the Minister of Finance knows about this and they are willing to help with some issues we may have. You might want to help yourself, the only questions allowed and which I could help you with and will be of help is telling you I’m the in,sider who helped Thomas Silvester get all access to the database and my name is Ajax, it’s a Greek name that means Powerful Eagle and its reversible to every password you may need to get accessed or come across.

You will trace Thomas Silvester and we’ll give you everyhelp you may need, so what do you say?” The four of them glance at their faces more stunned and unsure before Charles spoke up after two minutes of silence.

“Tell us why we should do that” he asked.
“This job contains billions of dollars”
“And so? We have money already, we are rich, what else do we want?” Fred interrupted.
“Hmm, if you think you are then you rot in jail and everything you have seized. The org-nization named EFCC are already on your tail and on the verge as to how you have millions of dollars in your account and I can tell you don’t really understand the mess you’ve put yourselves and”

“We’ll do it”
“What !!”
“I said we’ll do it” Charles repeated but made a quick glance at Starex who was at the last seat, he could have received a double slaps if he was beside him, he waited for Starex to interrupt but he didn’t say anything.
“We’ll do it but we have two conditions” Charles continued further.
“Conditions? And which is” the black American asked.

“We’d want our account secured and we’d want the Senate president to make yahoo education a compulsory law in syllabus and curriculum activities of all schools and yahoo should be enshrined as major discipline in higher education to interested students in higher institute” Charles responded.

“That is no problem, it will be done”
“No, we’d like to have the senate president word and confirmation” Charles argued. He noticed Louis was giving him an awkward looks, Fred probably agreed with him but Starex kept quiet without any word. Maybe he’s satisfied with the decision, he thought.

“Alright get in touch with the Senate President immediately” the black American order. There was silence for three minutes before the door to the small room opened, another suited man walked in with a laptop, he placed it at the right edge of the desk after pushing aside the small lamp on it. The Senate president appeared on the laptop and the live stream began.

“What is it you want?” he asked.
“We don’t have much to ask but firstly We want you to secure our accounts for us and secondly make a law on Yahoo education, make it compulsory course and let every members of students study it as a major course in schools” Starex voiced out before Charles could. He knew Charles was waiting for him to talk but he intentionally kept quiet without speaking.

“That is impossible, we have critics procedures in making laws, its has to have major support in the house and has to pass through some readings before its made law, its equally must go through the presidency desk before anything, that cannot happen I’m sorry but you can be rest assured of your accounts” the Senate president answered.

“You have to make it possible senator, you have all the access, you only don’t have to call it Yahoo, I’m really in a hurry to get my hands on Thomas for betraying me. You have to do what they demanded” Ajax spoke as if he was ordering the Senate president and he stopped the live stream instantly without letting the Senate president speaks.

The man behind me will instruct you on what to do” Ajax added and stands to leave the room along with the suited man who carried the laptop back.

They were stunned when the man behind the black American sat down and acted in a suspicious way instead of following Ajax outside.

“we are going to find Thomas and get the money back but Mr Ajax wouldn’t be a part of it” he said and glance at their faces, knowing they still don’t understand.

“This was all my plans from the start, I need one of you to kill Mr Ajax for me in three days, I’ll give you bigger share of the money and tell you more classified information he didn’t share with you, if you want to know more, get back to me” he added immediately and stand to walk out.

Money is an entity, a big mystery no one can understand why and how ugly its works. It is definate to say countless will loose and few to survive, what happened to Frederick Stilinson, Starex Gold, Charles Martins and Louis Smith on their path of acquiring wealth and equally having fun none ever has? Watch out next for “UGLY PART OF MONEY”

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