ERUKA (episode 10)

© Oby Chinyere
I was having a terrible headache the following morning, Julio have a first aid box in the house, so I went to the box and took some drugs, a serious headache and body pain, I felt pain all over, my hand injury after several punch on the wall and on Bazil’s door it left me with wound, I did not feel the pain then until this morning.
After taking safe medication and sleeping tablet I went back to sleep, I slept to the mid afternoon, when I finally stood up, I was really tired, the headache was still there but not so serious like before,
I thought of Bazil and shakes my head, everything about him now disgust me, even a mare thought of him, I became so angry again and my head started pounding in my ears, I suppose to eat something but I don’t have the appetite, I lost it since yesterday, I felt dizzy as the medicine took full effect, I have to eat, even if is small, I can’t kill myself because of Bazil.
I remembered the last night girl, Mara, I’m still surprise why she was so willing to help me deal with Brazil, it was as if she was waiting for the offer, or is her job going around and looking for people to deal with. I silently wonder
there’s something strange about her, I don’t trust her, I wondered why she has not called me like we have agreed and my phone has not even ring all day, I can’t remember where I kept the phone, I began to search the wh0le house for my phone, I couldn’t go to shop that day so I was home through out.
It was in the night I remembered that I forgot my phone in the shop, my phone has being in my shop all this while and I was searching all around the house for it.
Since it was already late to start going to the market to go and get the phone, I will get it tomorrow morning.
I remembered Dave, will he ever forgive me for hurting him, choosing a useless man over him, that’s my biggest regret, I will go and check him at his place this week, I will really beg him this time to forgive me, I have learnt my lesson, enough lessons that will serve me a life time, I just hope he will forgive me.
The next day as I was in,side preparing to go to the shop I hærd a knock, somebody was calling my name and without a mistake to the voice it was Bazil, I breathed deeply, just to calm my heavy heart, I have to try to be on top of my game, When I was calm enough I went to open the door with a fake smile
“My love, how are you doing…my most handsome…the love of my life..
I watch him smile and I knew I got the foolish guy as always
“I’m fine Ruka, I have being trying your line…what happened to your phone… I almost had a heart attack, you know I love you and I can’t live a day without hearing from you…you are all I have…my heart has being beating so fast ever since yesterday that I couldn’t reach you…are you alright…you have injury on your hand…what happened to you…
“I lost my phone, somebody came to my shop and stole it, so I need to get another phone now and getting another phone is seriously not in my budget now because I have to pay my suppliers, I could have come to your place yesterday but you said I should always call before coming, I have being praying that you will come down here…and I’m glad you came, I sustain a serious bruises yesterday from the motorcycle that I entered, it almost threw me into a ditch…it was terrible my love, I used the last money with me to go to the hospital to treat myself, and I seriously need to pay my suppliers now and I don’t have enough money…
“oh…am sorry Ruka…you would have called me through a pay phone…and now that you don’t have enough money what are we going to do…and I don’t also have money, that business that you loan me money is not yet yielding profit, infact we encountered some loses but don’t bother I will sort it out…and I need some cash now to buy food stuff and few other things…I don’t even have a dim…what are we going to do now…I pray hunger will not kill me this period…
I looked at him and just wishing my eye was a gun, I would have shoot him down, shameless fool, he still have the nerve to tell me he needs money even after telling him of my fake predicament, Bazil is a bastard, what covered my eyes that I couldn’t see the real beast in him, if it was before I would have find a way to make sure I get money to give to him, and after which he will go and spend it on a woman, I was indeed foolish and blind not to have seeing the beast in him.
So I smile before saying
“don’t worry Bazil…you know I can do anything for you… ones I have money I will send it to you, but I don’t have any now and I don’t know when I will have but just be praying for me that my market will sell more, the problem now is even if I have the money how do I reach you, I don’t have a phone to call and I can’t leave my market and go to a pay phone, and you also know I can’t be borrowing people’s phone just to call you, that’s very embarrassing…ohh! don’t worry about that I will just come straight to your place anytime I have the money…I will bring the money and other stuffs to your place unannounced…get ready to expect me anytime…
“No…no don’t come to my place without calling me…because I may not be around, or i may even be with my business associate, if you come like that you may interrupt us and that won’t be good…you know what…I have a plan, I will go and borrow money and get you a small phone, so that it will enable you to call me before coming down…i will borrow from my business partner…and get a small phone for you…
“that’s so sweet of you…my love, but I don’t want a small phone…can you please make it a little big…you know I have customers on social media that I need to follow up…so please make it a big phone and I will really appreciate…I can’t be using the same kind of phone with my sales girls, that will be an insult to my personality and also to yours because they know you are the only man in my life…I have another thought Bazil, why not borrow the money and give me so that I can go and get the kind of phone I like, i don’t want to stress you my love, just bring the money then ones I get to the market I will go and get the phone and I will also call from there to let you know I have gotten the phone…
“Okay…if that’s what you want, is just that I have to borrow the money because I don’t have any money…and I don’t want you coming to my place unexpectedly, you know that I don’t like unpleasant surprises, I will do anything possible to get you a phone because I love you…but when do you think you can send the money back to me…
“As soon as I get it…but it will be soon my love…
He stood there looking so lost and I realized that apart from him being so greedy and a liar he
was also very ugly, why couldn’t I see all this before now, the love I had for him covered my eyes and he was all pure and perfect but the cover is off and Bazil is not even attractive or even a good liar, I know he wasn’t going to borrow any money, it was still my money he want to borrow me to buy phone just to call him so that he won’t be caught in the act, Bazil is a foolish man, anyway he should go and borrow the money and give me I will be here waiting, we are in this together now.
He later left and returned back within an hour to give me the cash, I checked the money it was big enough to buy a good phone, Bazil then said
“like i told you earlier that somebody loan me this money and he wants interest whenever I want to return it back, you know I don’t have a job I would have pay it up, I would have proven my love for you in a multiple ways but I don’t have money to do all that now…so maybe if you want to pay the money back try as much as possible and add some interest to it, Ruka ….please hustle more hærd and give me the money to pay up because the longer it takes the more the interest is adding up…and the money you promise to give me for upkeep and other things please add it up…I’m so lucky to have you as my woman and I can’t love you any less, don’t worry ones my business start yielding profit I will make it up to you, I will pay back the loan I owe you and I will shower you with so much gift and you will travel to any part of the world you so desired…I love you…
“I love you more Bazil…I will do exactly as you say…
We were in,side and he wanted to start all the touching and rom-nce thing which I couldn’t resist before but I stopped him, I told him we can do all of that next time because I’m not really feeling too well after the accident, he said okay I should make sure I get the phone and call him, I smile and hugged him and even k-ssed him before he left, I rinse my mouth with water after he left, even his little touch felt so cold and disgusting,
After he left within few minute I hærd another knock, I was getting irritated already as I thought it was Bazil again, I opened the door and a young lady in a sun glasses stood a head taller than me, she waved her car key to my face and smile before removing the big shade from her eyes
“you look like a real human now…Eruka and your so called Bazil almost turned you into a crazy woman, you look better now anyway, beautiful but I’m more pretty than you…don’t get jealous is Gods gift to me…. how can you allow that he goat do that to you, but wait a second…is that him, as I was driving down your street I saw him but he did not see me, I saw him coming out of this gate as I drove in so I have to drive past your house and reverse back when I was sure he is gone…my instinct never fails me…that must be him right, hope you are still in on the game lover girl or did he came to connect his last Bluetooth …hahaha… lover girl, leave the road let me pass and stop staring at me as if I’m a ghost…
She pushed me aside and went in,side, she sat at my living room and crossed her leg, I recognized her, Mara, the young lady who willingly volunteered to help me deal with Bazil, why is she giving me attitude and acting like a boss in my house, I went to stand in front of her with a frown
“I guess in your village they don’t greet, they are all arrogant and you are a bad product of your village people…correct me if I’m wrong…
“you have to be nice to me remember you need my help so even if I slap you…all you have to say is “thank you Mara…please slap me more”… because I’m rendering my services to you free…don’t insult me or I will spoil your business…
I must agree that despite she is very rude she is equally funny
“Welcome to my place Mara, yes that was Bazil, he wanted more money but I got nothing for him…so what’s the plan
“I have being trying the phone number you gave me since yesterday, it rang severally no respond and this morning is switched off, I decided to come over with the help of the address… I’m glad you are no more insane…are you ready, go and sit down, stop standing in my front like an unstable pillar, be fast about it let’s begin, no wasting of time…let the show begin
I looked at her and shake my head before going to sit down, I tried not to say anything, Mara probably did not realize who she was dealing with, I can act two roles at same time, crazy and sane, it all depends.
It may be difficult working with Mara if she keep insulting me this way, let me not end up slapping the witches out of her head. But I was ready for the show.
Bazil has already started paying even without knowing it.
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